Friday, May 20, 2005


I am so glad it is Friday! Jim and I are going to the Seattle Comicard Convention on Sunday. (See my link to the right for further details). We are hoping to find some good deals and relax.

We haven't seen Star Wars (Sith) yet, in fact we will probably wait a week to see if it slows down. There is no way in hell I can stay up and go to a midnight movie, so that was out. I told Jim he could go, but bless his heart, he wants to go with me. Because of our trip to Seattle, we will definitely wait.

Cross your fingers nobody spoils it for me. Granted, I know the end result, but watching the journey should be the fun part.

I am hoping to read my comics again tonight so I can get a review done at 4CR. We shall see how it goes tonight!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend! If you go to Seattle, look for Jim and I. He will be wearing a Kyle Rayner GL shirt, and I will be wearing something with 4CR on it.

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