Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Up and Coming Females #4: Magdelena

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Magdelena is a great character for the simple fact that the entire history of the Catholic church is at her disposal. There is a certain sense of the ancient and the ways of mysticism that comes with Magdelena that is undeniable. Her outfit is pretty racy, but her quest for justice on behalf of the Lord is unmistakable.

Magdelena first showed up in The Darkness to fight Jackie Estracado and rid him and the planet of his existence. Back then, it was a different woman in the outfit then in the current books she is being seen in. The first Magdelena that was seen was roundly defeated by The Darkness, and unfortunately, killed by Vampires.

Our new Magdelena is a young girl named Patience. Coming from the closely held genetics that make the Magdelena a truth revealer, Patience is rebelling against the church at this time. She doesn't follow blindly, but chooses her own cases, guided by a priest who is also a friend.

Magdelena is a character with incredible potential. I would love to see a series of minis that highlight the history of the character through out the ages, and her role in historic events. I am not real thrilled about her whore/nun outfit, but like the concept of this heroine and her genetic background.

For potential and a sense of the otherworldy, I vote Magdelena as #4 on my list of up and coming females.

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