Sunday, September 05, 2004

My "Heavenly Seven" comic book artists

I was talking with my hubby today and we were going through who are favorite comic artists are, when he looked at me with a grin and said "you have seven favorites Dear. It is like your heavenly seven". Since this is so true, and it made me blush a bit, I thought I would share my "Heavenly Seven" with you.

Dick Dillin- Justice League back in the day. Long since past away, God bless him. He was the first comics artist I absolutely loved.
Joe Staton- "father" of the Silver Age Huntress. I met him at a con, and Jim says I gushed like a school girl. He did the most incredible Huntress sketch for me, and made me adore him even more.
George Perez- the detail master, I especially love his stuff on Wonder Woman.
Phil Jimenez- a total sweetheart who can draw detail like his mentor Perez.
Steve Dillon- chain smoking, whiskey swilling hunk who drew Preacher. I would buy his stuff if he illustrated the phone book.
Greg Land- the man can really draw women, and his men are as hunky as it gets. I pretty much buy anything he does.
Gary Frank- I first fell in love with his work on Incredible Hulk, the bachelor party issue, and continue to enjoy his stuff on the Supreme Power series over at Max.

There's my list. I am not ignoring the works of legends like Kirby and Heck to be obtuse. This is all about personal preference.

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