Monday, October 11, 2004

Big week in comics for me

I printed the Diamond list for this week, and could hardly believe how many titles I am getting on Wednesday. Thank God I got paid last week!

Stuff I am getting:

100 Bullets 54
Action Comics 820
Astro City A Visitors Guide
Authority More Kev 4
Fables 30
Fallen Angel 16 BUY THIS BOOK!
Gotham Central 24
Green Arrow 43
Hawkman 33
JSA 66
Justice League Elite 4 (this is decision issue for me to keep getting)
Nightwing 99
Ultra 3
Bullseye Greatest Hits 2
District X 6
Emma Frost 16
Marvel Knights 4 11
Marvel Knights Spider-Man 7
Powers 5 (YAY)
Secret War Book Three
The Punisher 12
Ultimate Nightmare 3
Ultimate X-Men 52
X-Men The End 4

Holy Crap, my wallet hurts just thinking about it, and next week isn't much better.

Hopefully this weekend I will feel better and can get some reviews done. I am training a new assistant at work, so I am praying that she can help me get back to normal 8 or 9 hour days in the next six weeks. These are things to look forward to!

Have a great comic book week!


Carl said...

Ugh, I try to not think of what I get each week. At my shop, I think I am 2nd or 3rd top customer (have been customer of the month since ummmmm, August, ha ha!) after two military guys stuck at faraway bases and there's nothing to do there, so they get shipped comics.
Hmmmm, now that I look at the list again (on Diamond) it's actually a small week for me...
I am stoked, it's Powers/Punisher/Fallen Angel this week. Powers is one of the best books, I actually had BMB talk me into buying the first "director's cut" trade at his booth at Megacon. The Punisher is my absolute favorite character (though this IRA story arc has kind of sucked) and finally is uncut and raw like it should be in MAX. And Fallen Angel, everyone, I mean, everyone that loves a cool story, mysteries, horror and weird heroes should read this book...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, you have awesome taste. Those are books I can hardly wait to get also. Fallen Angel was just incredible, and the end to the current Punisher story arc was HARSH.