Sunday, March 20, 2005

Musings on a Rainy Sunday

I am finally feeling better today, and getting caught up on some reviews. I hope you enjoy the stuff I put up as much as I enjoyed reading the books themselves.

I am hoping to get my hands on as many of the Alias Enterprises books as possible, as well as the Atomeka titles. I have also been fascinated by the Wachowski Brother's comics being published by Burlyman. I am crossing my fingers that I filled out Previews correctly so that I will have the opportunity soon.

I bought The Incredibles on DVD and am hoping to get to watch it today. Jim and I haven't seen it yet. For whatever reason, we just never made it.

We did go see Hostage with Bruce Willis last night, and it was worth the $7.75 a ticket we paid to get admission. Lots of drama and action, and Bruce Willis still has a certain charisma that charms the crap out of me!

Have a great Sunday all!

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