Monday, March 21, 2005

New Comics for March 23

Here is the thrilling list of stuff I am picking up!

Conan #14
100 Bullets #59
Authority Revolutions #6 (I kinda miss the old Millar/Quietly days.. snif)
Batman Gotham Knights #63
Books of Magick Life During Wartime #9 - this is picking up and starting to be a good book!
Hawkman #38
Hellblazer #206
JLA Classified #5
Nightwing #106- finale of the year one story
Robin #136
Seven Soldiers Guardian #1 (of 4)
Amazing Spider-Man #518- really not enjoying this story arc
Daredevil #71
Excalibur #11
New Avengers #4
Rogue #9
Spellbinders #1 - just to try!
X-Men #168 - please God let this story make more sense!
X-Men Age of Apocalypse #4 (of 6)

Next week: The so0n to be infamous DC Countdown#1!!

Have a great day!


Carl said...

My store got an advance copy of "Countdown". The owner read it, was all set to spoil it for us and then couldn't do it. The character that was killed was a total fave of Bryan G. and Scott couldn't break the bad news. Well, then one of the others, a guy I usually really like, Adam, had already heard about it and spoiled it, by naming the character, for all of us. I got pretty hot. Then, after we calmed down and managed not to lynch Adam, it turned into dog-pile on me, trying to convince me for the 1 billionth time the Hulk movie mess was a good movie. I'm afraid I lost it, toss my chair to the floor hard and left. After someone tells you they don't like something and never will, further brow-beating is harrassment in my book. So, there's my tale of woe about Countdown with a nasty slice of odious Hulk movie pie on the side. I tell you, it's enough to make you quit either the store or comics...

Heidi Meeley said...

My hubby and I would agree with you about the Hulk movie. We both think the first 45 minutes absolutely sucked, and it was only when the actual Hulk showed up that the movie didn't suck. We did hate the lack of continuity, as all good fanboys would agree with.

That is a bummer about Countdown getting blown for you without reading it first. Our stores didn't get an advance copy, so there was no chance here. Thank God, or we would have had a brawl for sure.

I look forward to reading it on my own terms this coming Wednesday!