Monday, January 19, 2009

New Comic(s) for January 21

Last week went so fast, and I blogged so little, that I am in shock. My friends and I started a new "Get in Shape" contest, and I have had changes at work, so it has been exciting to say the least. I appreciate all your comments and vow to get caught up on them soon. Tonight I had to help my friend set up his new cell phone before heading home, so I am just now sitting down to relax. It is amazing how crazy life gets.

Jim and I are doing well with very few comics. I have been going back and reading old books and perusing back issues. Jim has undertaken the thankless task of organizing my comic book collection. The whole mess hasn't been organized for at least four years, so it is a total and complete disaster. Jim is still working on getting the books that are on top of boxes into new ones in a semblance of order, so I feel sorry for him. Anyone else in the same boat?

My comic for the week is:

100 Bullets #99

This means next issue is the final one. I don't want it to end!! The only good part of that is being able to give another book a try as I maintain a level of five books a month.

Here are a few books I would have picked up before the cuts.

Birds of Prey #126- which I might actually pick up since the series is ending.

Green Lantern #37- because the different colors fascinate me.

Justice League of America #29- not excited right now about the current stuff. but I have every issue since the late 1960's.

Darkness #74- because I love the Jackie Estacado character.

Punisher Frank Castle Max #66- I miss my Punisher fix.

X-Factor #39- because the baby is being born, I think... the art is killing me here at times.

X-Men Legacy #220- for the return of Rogue storyline.

Fallen Angel #33- which I may also pick up because I believe it is the final issue of the series.

The only other bummer is that I dropped the Superman books in the middle of the storyline. Maybe someday I will pick it up in some fashion in some kind of sale... I just don't know yet.

I apologise for my lack of comment answering in a timely fashion. I am very ashamed right now. I keep promising myself to be better and I keep failing miserably!

Have a wonderful evening! See you back here soon.


Nick said...

Hey least you don't have to parse your collection down though for moolah. I went from 11 short boxes to 4. :(.

I wouldn't worry about not picking up the New Krypton stuff in Superman right now, good money they'll have it in a collected trade. It's Geoff Johns it's almost a certainty.

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, that is such a bummer! Jim and I are not far off from that. He is looking to see some of his collection and working on getting mine organized!

Good point about the New Krypton being collected into trade. That is going to work better money wise. Great idea!

Nick, I keep crossing my fingers that things get better for all of us soon!