Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Isn't This Man a Superstar?!?

When Jim and I went to the Tri-Cities Comicon a few months back, we were fortunate enough to see our friend Jason Metcalf. He is a talented artist who was working with Jim on Space Goat Fine Arts, and continues to pursue a career as a comic book artist. Jason was doing sketches for $20, so I slapped my money down and asked him for a sketch of my hubby as a super hero.

Fast forward a bit, and the idea soured in my head. I told Jason just to not worry about it, but he was kind enough to ask me if I had an alternative in mind. For whatever random reason, the Marvel character Darkhawk was selected. I sent Jason a mildly decent example and didn't worry about it again.

Last week Jason was talking to my hubby and Jim mentioned his birthday was this week. Jason teased him a bit, telling him a surprise was on the way. Bless his heart, Jason paid the shipping and sent Jim the sketch you see before you.

Amazing. Incredible. Fantastic. Awesome.

Those were some of the words my hubby and I used to describe this gorgeous work of art. Jason went far beyond the call of duty and made magic happen. This piece is wonderful.

Which made me wonder, why isn't he a star artist working on a major book? He has the chops and his flare for redesign and detail are mature and well reasoned. Jason can handle a book, and he is talented. What is wrong with this picture!!??!!

At any rate, I wanted to share Jason's wonderful work for Jim's birthday with you. What an amazing gift from a class act. Thank you Jason!


Saranga said...

That's a pretty lush picture. And a great present!
Happy birthday James :-)

James Meeley said...

Thanks, Saranga! It was a pretty sweet surprise to get this piece. let me tell you. Jason Metcalf is an incredible talent, who will be a star in this industry. Mark my words.

John Holland said...

That's a great piece of art. If he's ever looking for a writer....

Kirk Jarvinen said...

Killer pin-up! Jason rules! His inking is bad ass!