Monday, March 16, 2009

New Comics for March 18

Tomorrow is Saint Patricks Day, so an early "woo hoo" to all you Irish types (and big drinkers) out there. I have my green shirt in my bag so that I don't have to deal with the pretense of being completely inappropriately pinched at work. LOL. What about you?

I am quite excited as I have a new comic on Wednesday. It is Wolverine #71, which is either the next to last or last part of the "Old Man Wolverine" storyline. The cover is very cool, so enjoy.

I would also like to pick up the following if money permits down the road.

Green Lantern Corps #33

Witchblade #125

Ultimatum #3 (of 5)

What about you? Anything really fun out there that I am missing?

I know it has been quiet around here, and I apologise. I hope that in the next month I can bring my stress and my life back to a more manageable level. I miss keeping up here, and it has been torture to have to let this slide.

Have a wonderful week!

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