Friday, January 21, 2005

Catching up

I had the strangest bad day today. At my work we had to let go someone I really liked. It was extremely painful and has left me feeling down and out.

The other thing I had to do today is weigh in for the Gold's Fitness contest. They also checked my body fat and took pictures of me standing there in a two piece swimsuit. It wasn't exactly a dream come true as I am pretty modest to start with. I really want to win this contest though, because I need to get in better shape and boost my self esteem. This should do the trick.

The problem was that I had to go do this wonderful weigh in directly after the person was let go. I did a full hour of cardio, and it didn't even dent my emotions. Normally if I get on the treadmill or stair climber and really work out, I can start to feel the tension leave my body. Today it didn't touch it.

The other problem is that I can't even stress eat because the contest is on. Hee hee. I also can't have a drink to chill me out because alcohol isn't allowed. I figured coming here and venting was my best bet for getting it out. Aren't you lucky?

I will be boring you to death with periodic updates on my fitness contest. I will try not to let it take over the blog, and continue to bring comic book related items to the forefront.

Speaking of comics, I really liked Wonder Woman and Adventures of Superman this week. Did any of you catch those? It was interesting to see the dynamic between Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as portrayed by Greg Rucka.

Have a great Friday night! I am happy to be home so I can relax and try and de-stress some more.

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Carl said...

Yeah, I know how you feel. I really liked this gal when I worked in the wonderful wacked-out work place before I began to stay home. She was a great manager, jumped in and helped, kicked butt when we were short and then one day, *pop*, she was gone reasons we didn't find out for months. Theft of course.
Welp, good luck on the contest, I like to say my body belongs to Hershey's Gym. : D
And I haven't been able to keep up with Rucka's Superman. He's one of my fave writers and it makes me nuts, I dropped Supes back in the Redi-Kilowatt days and can't seem to get back into buying him. Oh yeah, I took my girls to see "The Incredibles" again (I wanted to see it before it's gone from the cinema) and I thought of a nickname for Buddy/Syndrome: Bloomin' Onion Head Lad. After I thought about it, watching that Uber-jerk on screen, it really fit. Welp, gonna get, hope all is well in the frozen West...