Saturday, May 19, 2007

Random Thoughts and Musings

It is Saturday night already, and it has been a fun and interesting day. Jim and I were at the fairgrounds all day watching our nephew show his boer goats. Coming from a farm background, and being aware of several of the people there, I was pretty fascinated. I also was thrilled out of my mind to see my nephew. He is my world in a lot of ways, so it was the best feeling on earth. We are going to go back tomorrow to watch him show again, so I am happy.

We still haven't seen Spider-Man 3. God knows when we will. We are like the nerdy kids on the block because we haven't seen it.

Why can't we have a movie and entertainment magazine like Empire in the United States? I pick it up everytime I get a chance at Borders and it is pretty sweet. Premiere tries, but it doesn't get it there for me anymore. Does anyone know of any suggestions for a great movie mag that I am missing? I get Entertainment Weekly and really like it for it's content, but I am wondering about a mag that focuses more on movies.

Now for a bit of link-blogging!

Lisa at Sequentially Speaking has had one hell of a week. First they didn't get any copies of Ultimates 2 #13 and then there was a thief in the area. Scary! She does a great service by explaining the whole Mary Jane statue controversy. Good God.

Swinebread from Atomic Romance does an excellent review of Showcase: The War that Time Forgot. He adds mucho extra insight and I feel like I am there with him. Bless you, Swinebread.

Mark at Comic Coverage once again astounds me with his "All I Really Needed to Know I Learned from Comic Books and my Mom". I love it! He really knew how to make Mother's Day special.

Over at Noetic Concordance, Vaklam continues with one of my favorite new features. His awesome cover Friday highlights the always lovable Iron Man.

There are many more cool things going on the 'net, but my brain has officially shut down on me for the night. I promise to answer all my comments tomorrow and try and get my post done. God knows I feel great shame in my lack of ability to keep a solid thought.

Have a wonderful evening!

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