Friday, April 07, 2006

Emerald City Comicon: Monday and beyond- Happy Trails!

After our late night in the lounge, Monday came too quickly. I had a slight headache, and Jim was exhausted, so we slept in. Finally, we knew WE HAD to get up, so we showered, packed and headed towards home. One quick stop at McDonalds in North Bend and it was fast going from there. We made it back into town around 1:30 p.m. Whew!

A two hour workout and much laundry later, there were still many remnants of our comicon experience. It isn't just the physical remains, but also the great memories that will last a lifetime.

A quick aside- some readers have mentioned the "party" tone of my posts. Well, let me clarify. I have been on a strict Zone-type diet for the past 11 weeks. When I added any alcohol, it didn't take much to get a pretty good buzz, hence the conversation with Tony at the end of the night. Besides, it was kinda fun.... until I got on the treadmill Monday afternoon and cursed myself!! At any rate, I am back home on my strict schedule, eating clean proteins, veggies and fruit, and healthy carbs. I have a week left on my "Get In Shape" contest with a lot to prove, and would like to continue on and lose another 20 lbs. after that to get to a "six pack ab" goal weight. Heh heh.

Back to the subject at hand: I had an insanely wonderful time at this year's ECCC. Jim and I are still in awe of the whole experience. We made new friends and met up with old ones. There was a lot of kindness and genuine excitement abound, which was infectious. He and I voted that this was our top comicon experience ever. Too cool.

I will probably was philosophical tomorrow, but for tonight, it is time to relax and regroup. I came back with a slight sore throat and cough, and would love to get rid of it by Monday! Good luck, right?

Thank you again to my friends for the perfect weekend. I appreciate it more then you will ever know.

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