Saturday, October 29, 2005

Comics Picked up at the Seattle Comicard Show

Detective Comics 489
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I finally sat down and started looking through the wonderful comics I picked up at the Seattle Show last Sunday. I went on a tear picking up old Batman Family related Detective Comics issues. I had some of the copies already, but I had read them so often as a young girl that they were falling apart.

Pretty much all the swag I picked up was older stuff, befitting my age. Hee hee! Here is a rundown!

Adventure Comics #420 (starring Super Girl): I love the old school Super Girl comics. The resurgence of interest in her character has sparked my interest as well. I have most of her series issues, so it is fun to pick up her issues in the Adventure run. Kara Danvers was one of a kind, and still hasn't been fully duplicated in the later incarnations.

Detective Comics #399, 481, 482, 485, 486, 487, 489, 490, 491, 492, 493, and 494: Whew! What list, huh? With the exceptio of issue 399, all these issues are Batman Family style, which absolutely rules. If you have never checked out the series during this period, give it a gander. It is one of the best periods of Batgirl lore in my humble opinion, and the Dick Grayson stories are a joy.

Justice League of America Volume 1 #52 and 54: In my search to fill in my JLA issues, I have from issue 84 on up, and half of the issues before that. My ultimate goal is to get the entire run, even though I know it is spendy. I always go for "reader" copies when in doubt. I love the older JLA issues. They molded a lot of my expectations of comic books today, and that means a great deal to me.

Shanna The She Devil #1: This is the bronze age version, not the naughty Frank Cho rendering. I wanted to check out Shanna's roots and wasn't disapointed. It is a whole different point of view, and she is definitely savage back in the day.

I am thrilled with the books I picked up at the con, and am looking forward to having a chance to take my time reading them.

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