Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Make An Appearance at the Seattle Comicard Convention!

Space Needle
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Hey Everyone! The Seattle Comicard Convention is this Sunday, October 23 at the Seattle Center, which is located right in the same park area as the world renowned Space Needle! From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. you can search for comics and anime to your heart's content.

There will also be some great creators there as well. They are as follows:

Ben Hansen- artist: Dark Powers
Chad Du Lac- artist: The Gifted
David Hahn- creator/artist/writer: Private Beach
John Lustig- creator: Last Kiss, writer: Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge
Liriel McMahon- creator/writer/artist: Bad Blood
Matthew Clark- artist: Outsiders, Teen Titans, Adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman
Paul Guinan- co-creator/artist: Chronos, Heartbreakers, Boiler Plate
Randy Emberlin- artist/inker: Amazing Spider-man, Ghost, The Man with the Screaming Brain, Mr. T
Tiana Tampico- artist: pix

Committed Comics, Mocktales, QEW Publishing, and Rorshach Entertainment will all have tables as well. If you have a chance, come and check out their wares!

If you are going to be in the Seattle area on Sunday, make an appearance. Admission is just $4 or $3 with a can of food. It is worth every penny plus some!!

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