Friday, February 24, 2006

Get In Shape Weigh In: Week 5

It was a hectic week at Casa Meeley, so I didn't get to post as much as I wanted to. In my mind's eye, I had a perfectly good rant about Infinite Crisis being late on tap. I also had a new musing about women in comics that I hope to get put to blog by tomorrow night. Good intentions , but crap follow through. I guess I will just blame work and working out for it all and move right along to the weekly weigh in.

Yesterday I tried two new classes that were different as night and day but compelling as hell. I did Body Combat- a martial arts/tae bo type of class that involved a lot of punching and kicking. Myself and a dozen other pissed off women got our ya-yas out during an hour of hard cardio. I was a little bit behind at times due to my attempt at learning the routines, but I really enjoyed it.

The other class I took was Body Flow, which is essentially Yoga. Holy crap, that was hard! I loved it for the difficulty level and the strength building for sure. The hardest part for me was the end when we had to lay on our mats and relax. I need a great deal of work there!

The end result was that I was so sore today that I had to take 3 ibuprofen in order to be able to sit in my chair without excruciating pain. I also decided to take today off to let my body recover, so I hope that isn't a mistake.

The good news is that I have already lost 6% body fat, so I am thrilled. As for weight loss, here is the week's results.

Week's weight loss 2 lbs

Total weight loss 9 lbs

Yay! I am back on better track, and hope to break the 10 lb. mark by next week. That would be the coolest!

Take care this evening! I will be back tomorrow to talk more about my contest and muse about random things.

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