Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Britney Spears: I Can't Take it Anymore!

Save this woman!
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Tonight I got home and proceeded to watch E! News while eating dinner. Once again, the rudderless Britney Spears was the opening story. Evidently she checked out of her second try at rehab in a week.


I can't take it anymore!

Will someone that knows this girl help her for God's sake? I keep having visions of her becoming the next Anna Nicole Smith, and that is horrible. Britney has two little boys at home and by God she needs to act like it.

Obviously this isn't comic book related, but I just can't stand it anymore. Britney has lost her mind for all of us to see and what do we do? We chase her around outside the rehab facility so we can get a picture of her. Isn't it time to leave her alone??

I don't want have a day-by-day take on her misery. I want her to go somewhere quiet and heal her mind. God knows she needs it.

Hey Britney, we have a lot of places to get lost in the Yakima Valley. Move your sorry butt up here and get your act together. Don't become a statistic - it isn't all it's cracked up to be.

This woman needs a lot of help and a great deal of prayer. I am crossing my fingers that she shapes up and gets it and that we can move on to hearing about upcoming movies and music instead of celebrity drama.


Carl said...

I was listening to Glen Beck (I think) and he made the observation, how sick and sad is our society when the big news of the day is a pop star buzzing herself bald, interupting the continued 24/7 coverage of the death/court case of Anna Nicole Smith?

Brett said...

The Romans had a policy of trying to keep their heroes humble, they allegedly had someone stand behind them whispering 'Remember you are mortal'. I strongly suspect our failure to remind these superstars this is a big part of why they all seem to go nuts at some point. When no one is willing to tell you 'No' you can easily become a monster.

Lisa said...

She might be a lost cause. The ones I'm really concerned for are her poor kids! I think Britney's "star maker" mother is watching them - poor things can't live with either of their own natural parents.

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, I was watching Fox news while on the elliptical tonight and over half of it was about freaking Britney and Anna Nicole. Hardly a word was spent on the upcoming elections and the war. No wonder our values are all screwed up.

Yikes. I must be getting old because all this crap is flat pissing me off.

Heidi Meeley said...

Brett, I absolutely agree. These stars surround themselves with "yes men" on their payroll and only hear what they want to hear. That isn't healthy for anyone. On the flip side, they open a magazine and see themselves called fat. Good Lord, what a wreck.

Your post is so eloquent I can't add anything of note.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I kept thinking about those poor little boys as well. What quality of life can they possibly have with this going on? I hope that their dad steps in and acts like one, or that their grandma quits worrying about her paycheck and starts worrying about her grand children.

God, it is just so sad. Those little boys are innocent.

JohnH985 said...

It's sad. And not just for Britney but for us as a society that has become so enarmored of "stars" that we have to see every move they make. And we make stars out of people that have no real talent. Some of the recent stars like Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith are more famous for being famous than doing anything noteworthy.

James Meeley said...


That's because our current society has a love/hate thing with celebrity.

We build these people up, saying how cool they are; how much we love them. Then, we just as quickly can't wait to knock them down, because they didn't live up to our expectations; because we are jealous of the fame they have, which we gave them and don't have ourselves.

It's a very sick and vicious circle. One that isn't going to stop spinning anytime soon. Not the least of which is the fact that we don't want it to. You can't help someone, who doesn't want to be helped. That's our media-soaked, celebirty-obsessed society of today. And it maks me die a little inside, every day, knowing that.