Friday, February 02, 2007

Strangers in Paradise #87: It All Comes Together

After being underwhelmed by the last half dozen issues of Strangers in Paradise, I was prepared to collect the final few and watch it all end softly. I figured I had it all worked out and that writer/artist Terry Moore was phoning it in, so to speak.

I was wrong.

Issue #87 shocked the hell out of me. It made me gasp, and it made me think. There were spoilers galore and the revelations were very surprising. I won't reveal it all here because I want you to read it for yourself. It is worth the $2.99 and the time spent reading it.

I have to apologize to Moore because I doubted him. I was feeling pretty jaded, even though a major character died. I was expecting it, along with Francine's decision. It all seemed too certain and easy.

Now Moore came along and kicked us all in the butt with shock after shock.

All I can say is "I am so sorry" and "thank you for the great read". I am looking forward to the final few issues with a whole new appreciation for the story being told.


JohnH985 said...

Now you're going to make me go and read the comic again. Which means I'll have to hunt up the last year or so of the series that I don't have. I gave up it a year or so ago, really thinking it was just going in circles.

You had to go and tell me how good it is....drat you! :)

Heidi Meeley said...

John, I hated to even tell you about it, seeing as it had been a book you dropped! :-) I couldn't help myself. It was that good, and the revelations were that shocking.

JohnH985 said...

I finally remembered to get this comic at the shop. They had taken it off the new wall, so whenever I went I would forget about it. Well I saw it the other day and grabbed it.

I haven't been reading it in awhile so I have to ask...was there a lead up to this or did this just happen? It was a lot better than the last issues I had read. Interesting, I'll probably pick up the last three issues and see how it plays out, but I think he's heading for a happy ending. Well, a happy ending as far it goes with Katachoo and Francine at least.

I'm thinking of picking up those small digest size versions of the series, they're fairly inexpensive and collect quite a few issues in each volume. It'd be interesting to see how the series reads reading it all in one big session.