Thursday, February 22, 2007

Entertainment Television... One Year Later

Britney & Paris
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Last night after damn near losing my mind ranting about Britney Spears and her strange behavior, something in the bigger picture crossed my mind.

In the past I always watched E! News for information on upcoming movies and television shows. I also enjoyed the profiles they would do on actors and creators. It was fluff to a point, but it was informative.

Now I turn on E! News and the first ten minutes are all about the drama. What happened to talking about upcoming projects that really are entertainment? When did it all turn into gossip central?

I can't stand it!

Here is my example of a half hour show back in the day:

1. Open with a breaking story- maybe a marriage or a death... some kind of passage.
2. Interview and scoop on upcoming movie. Example: Hugh Jackman talks about X3 and there are brief montages from the set. Various blurbs and trailer ensue.
3. Television shows are highlighted. We hear about what is on tonight and through out the week. Nielson ratings and casting are discussed.
4, Personality profile on an up and comer.
5. Sneak peek on upcoming movie.
6. Discussion of upcoming album from artist of note. Mention of break-through sales of week.
7. Back to host for a brief time capsule of the week or a year ago.
8. Fashion highlight
9. Show ends.

A Show NOW:

1. Star A dies of weird causes, everybody gossips.
2. Star B goes to rehab. Talk of career in toilet.
3. Star C shows their crotch. Lots of joking ensues.
4. Star D is suing about release of sex tape made while drunk a couple of years ago.
5. Star E is in lawsuit for not showing up to work.
6. Brief talk about American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.
7. Star F died- legendary talent is barely mentioned.
8. Back to Star A's strange death- much more gossip.
9. A look at what's in the tabloids.
10. Who showed nipple "accidently" today.
11. Two minutes about some random movie.
12. One minute about some random television show.
13. Last minute breaking news about Star B in rehab.
14. Dishing star's outfits and calling them trash.
15. The end.

Yikes. What a difference. No wonder I can't relax when I get home and watch entertainment news anymore. It used to be I would get to see a trailer for an upcoming movie I wanted to see and learn more about it's creation. Now I learn about who forgot to wear underwear.

No wonder society is going to hell in a hand basket. If our children are looking to the two women pictured as role models we have a huge problem on our hands.

Obviously it is time to change the channel and find something new to do while unwinding from a long day at work. Maybe I should sharpen knives or do something similar that is less harmful to my mental health!


Carl said...

Yep, I stopped watching the E! or ET type shows quite a while back. I think I reached my end when I was all excited about E! doing a "behind the scenes" story on Gilligan's Island (one of my favorite shows and I don't give a damn who knows or thinks anything about that) and tried to make this family friendly silly show into how everyone hated everyone. Or how they hated the show, how they were sorry they were ever on it or how it ruined their lives. Gilligan's Island: Island of Hate, I don't think so. I have nothing for the current set of pop stars or wannabees. Hollywood's been dead since John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Bronson, Cary Grant and other greats passed on. The last real star to me is Clint Eastwood and he pretty much only directs now. Spare me these people, boycott them like I do...

John Holland said...

I agree with you. I used to enjoy watching these shows to wind down and because I would hear about something upcoming that I wanted to see or buy. Now it's all gossip. That's why I enjoy Entertainment Weekly, it covers all the fields and lets me know what to watch out for and does it without too much gossip.

Anonymous said...

"No wonder society is going to hell in a hand basket. If our children are looking to the two women pictured as role models we have a huge problem on our hands."

Well, bringing this into comics a bit, I see this same sick mentality at work with DC's current Supergirl, as they've tried to mold her into a similarly troubled, fast-living kind of character. It's almost becoming a sick sort of "meme" that young women of celebrity are required to go through a period of extended rebellion and alienation. Even the repugnant "Bratz" dolls seem to be setting little girls up for a section of their lives where they're expected to look and act like hedonistic doxies.

It's depressing, yet I look at solid, down to earth teens like my daughter and her friends, and I realize the power of good parenting. No thanks to "E" and the clueless editorial offices of DC Comics.

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, I am certainly ready to give up on E! and ET after this week. I didn't see a damn thing that had to do with actual entertainment. That is what I miss.

Sadly, I will probably have to continue to do so...

Heidi Meeley said...

John, Entertainment Weekly is the last bastion in my book as well. It talks about the entertainment part of the business, while only mentioning passages on the one or two pages devoted to it.

That is my kind of reading.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, I am happy to talk to a person like you, who is doing such a great job of raising children in such an uncertain environment. I would even go so far as to say I admire you. Parenting is the hardest job there is, and to be successful takes constant vigilance and the heart that cares.

Too many people today sit their children down in front of the television because they are tired or stressed. Then when their child has problems, they blame everyone but themselves.

I could get on a soap box, but I don't want to go there. We all have our own choices to make today, and to see you doing such a wonderful job warms my heart.