Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quick Take Reviews for February 25

The Brave & the Bold 1
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Heidi Meeley.
Wonder Woman #4- NOT WORTH THE WAIT. Pretty. Interesting. Hardly Mind blowing. Does the writer think he farts daisies that he can take this long? Thank God they have pushed him aside and are carrying on. Let the end of this be a special. Grade: C-.

Checkmate #11: A worthwhile look at Fire’s back story. The excellent story telling on this book has kept be baited at the hook, and continues to do so. Having noteworthy and surprising characters take on high end roles in Checkmate has really revved my interest in the DCU. Grade: B.

Powers #23: Can we just get to the climax of this story already? This latest story arc, and in fact this reboot of Powers as a whole has felt like it is dragging. I love the lead characters and the universe that Brian Michael Bendis has built so I am patiently awaiting the big pay off, BUT IT HAD BETTER COME SOON. Michael Avon Oeming does his usual masterpiece of a job on the art, so I try to be calm. Grade: B-.

The Brave & the Bold #1: The book I had to buy for George Perez’ masterpiece art. I wasn’t disappointed, and in fact am quite pleased that I picked it up. The storytelling by Mark Waid is excellent, and the cohesiveness of the creative team warms my heart. This is a quality new title. Grade: A.

Silent War #2 (of 6): The Inhumans are pissed so they are going to war with the United States. Just what the country needs with that whole Civil War nonsense going on, right? The interplay between crazy Pietro, the US government, and the Inhumans makes the book worth picking up. The art is pretty decent too. I would rather follow this tale then Civil War any day. Grade: B.

Girls #22: The madness ensues as Girls speeds towards its final issue #24. These people’s lives have been shattered, and the Luna Brothers haven’t blinked yet. For a wonderfully creepy look at what happens when strange nude girls come to town, this is the book to read. It is definitely horror at it’s finest. I want to look away but find that I can’t. Grade: B+.


Gordon said...

First, I definitely have to agree with you on Wonder Woman - in fact, I don't even know if I'm going to pick up # 5 (with a new writer). It seems like most of 1 - 4 was exposition, and to be honest...the ending of this one felt like it was all one big origin/update issue.

Also, what did you think of the latest 52? I thought that it was probably the best use of Ralph Dibny since....possibly the 1960's, if not satellite-era JLA.

Heidi Meeley said...

Gordon, Wonder Woman has been such a disapointment for me that I can hardly vocalize it. It is total and complete crap to take this long to create such mediocrity. Sure the art is nice, but it isn't a deal maker.

The latest 52 kicked butt. I loved it. I could hardly stand the thrill I felt after reading it. Excellent Ralph Dibny characterization. It made my heart swell with gladness.