Sunday, February 04, 2007

Quick Take Reviews and a Few Musings

Teen Titans 43
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Here at Casa Meeley we just got done watching the Super Bowl. Though I do not claim to be a regular football viewer, the post-season this year has fascinated me. Watching today's game was sheer fun, and I found myself rooting for the Colts from minute one. Everything really gelled for them, so I have to give them props. I am still a bit sad that the Seahawks weren't able to make it back this year, but it really was a great day in football today.

I haven't done any reviews lately because I have been so far behind on my reading. In trying to rectify this, let me present a brief take on some of this week's titles.

Teen Titans #43 (pictured)- The Teen Titans East is an interesting concept, but that was really lost to me when I figured out what the deal with Batgirl has been. Holy crap. How are they going to explain out of this one? Is Robin going to have a chance to make things right? Since this is Geoff Johns' last story arc, it should be all out bloody battle to the finish. The art didn't impress me much, but I think the gratuitous shot of Raven didn't inspire a lot of confidence here. Grade: B.

Deathblow #3- This title continues to intrigue me. Cray has been through the ringer and it is hard to distinguish fantasy from reality. Witnessing his crack-up is a bit hard to take, but strangely compelling at the same time. For pure fascination level this book gets an A from me.

Ion #10 (of 12)- Since getting past the slow paced first story arc, Ion has really hit the right notes for me. I am still unhappy with the art, but am really enjoying the story. Having the Tangent universe come in was a nice touch. Next issue features Donna Troy so I am really thrilled. Grade: B.

American Virgin #11- I am really entranced by the lead character of American Virgin. Adam has been through so much, yet still clings to his core values. From dealing with the horrific death of his girlfriend to being exposed to a life he has been sheltered from, he has come through changed but unbroken. How Adam fares in this next story arc is anyone's guess, but I know I will be along for the ride. Grade: B+.

Hunter Killer #11- This book has been a mixed one for me. It has been hard to follow at first because of missed deadlines. Now it is really starting to cook for me, but I am not sure if 12 is the final issue or not, so I am a bit confused. Once Top Cow faced the fact that Marc SIlvestri couldn't get the book drawn, things really turned around. It is all about having to go back and dig out the first four or five issues to get re-acclimated. Mark Waid's scripting has been on point and that has been the strong point for me. Grade: C+.

That is it tonight. It is almost 8 p.m. so it is time to go start getting ready for the work week and relax after being so pumped during the big game.

Have a great evening!

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