Monday, February 05, 2007

New Comics for February 7

Detective Comics 828
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It was definitely a Monday in my little world today. The words "hectic" and "stressful" come to mind. I guess the good news is that I made it, and keep plugging away. I only worked out for an hour tonight because I had to get bills paid. Hopefully since I haven't had a day off for over a week it won't hurt anything.

This week in comics is quite a conundrum. I am trying to make a plan to drop more titles, so bear with me. Last week was weird. I didn't pick up a few books and our bill was lighter, but it was strange to walk out without them. I guess it is withdrawals.

Here is the list:

52 Week 40
Action Comics Annual #10- we might not get because of the higher price...
Detective Comics #838 (pictured)
Helmet of Fate: Sargon the Sorcerer #1
Jonah Hex #16- my last issue (I special ordered)
Loveless #15 - my last issue ( I special ordered)
Nightwing #129
Outsiders #45- on the chopping block
Supergirl #14
Welcome to Tranquililty #3
Ms Marvel #12
Punisher #44
Ultimate Spider-Man #105
Uncanny X-Men #483
X-23 Target X #3 (of 6)
X-Men Phoenix Warsong #5 (of 5) -late last issue of mini-series... Yay!
Lone Ranger #4
Red Sonja #19

Astro City The Dark Age Book 2 #2 - this book has been really late. If I decide to get it later, I will do so in trade format.
Midnighter #4- I am just not feeling this book, so it is gone.
X-Men Annual #1- I was thinking about getting it, but the price scared me off.

That is three more titles dropped, and a few more that it will be my last issue on out of respect to the shop owners who special order the book for me.

Have a wonderful evening! I hope your week is filled with joy and happiness!


JohnH985 said...

I used to get any Astro City comic but than I found I wasn't getting them. I think they're being so late had a lot to do with it. I couldn't remember which issue I had or what had happened before. I figured that if it took that long to come out and I wasn't remembering it, than maybe it wasn't worth remembering. It's a shame I used to really like it.

Heidi Meeley said...

John, that is the way I feel about it. It got confusing to remember what issues I hadn't gotten, so I gave up for awhile.

I wanted to get this new mini-series, but it is just too hectic. I am pretty well convinced that Astro City is a book to collect the trades for.

It is a shame. We have met Kurt Busiek on numerous occasions and admire his talent. We just wish the book was more timely.

Thank you, John!

Lisa said...

Issue #3 of Astro isn't coming until April (unless it gets pushed back again). So, I don't blame you at all for dropping it. This is one of those series that has great potential, but just can't fill the shoes because of lateness.

Carl said...

Hmmmm, one of my posts got swallowed by the internet Deadites! Well, I posted originally that I love the new Astro City sets but the months, year or how long between them was just too much. I've been waiting for the tpbs and reading them then. Busiek is one of my fave writers and I have all my Astro City trades signed by him. Shame they come out so seldom...

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa and Carl- I really am convinced that with Astro City, trades are the way to go. When I collect in single issue format, I can't follow the story because I just flat can't remember exactly what went on before. I think that is why they made comics monthly- to cater to people like me with bad memories! :-)