Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quick Check In

Crap. I missed three days in a row. I didn't mean to, but life got in the way.

Thursday and Friday were my company's sales meeting/trade show and I knew I would miss Thursday for sure. I just didnt' know that we would have a surprise on Friday morning that would make me miss that day and Saturday as well.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to find a leak in the ceiling by our washer and dryer. Rather then ignore it, I woke Jim up and showed him. Since Jim was home all day, I was hoping we could get someone in to look at it. A co-worker gave me a number to call, and the guy never called us back, so Jim called several numbers in the phone book and never got a live body.

Needless to say, my dad and mom came up Saturday and saved the day. They drove all the way from Oregon and Dad and Jim climbed on the roof and figured out what the problem was. A bit of repair and caulking later, and our roof is no longer leaking and the attic is dry. I just have to thank my parents prefusely for that. It was a huge favor that saved us big money and a great deal of worry.

Jim and I cleaned out part of our basement and garage Friday night and Saturday so we were quite busy. My parents gave us some valuable tips and we were able to free up quite a bit of space in both.

At any rate, I haven't even thought about comic books or the internet all weekend. Weird. I have no idea what is going on in the blogosphere and feel a bit lost here, but I definitely wanted to check in. Life carried on without technology, and it felt kind of good, though I am starting to experience some withdrawals. Hee hee.

Tomorrow night I will be back to answer comments and be back on schedule. Thank you for bearing with me. I know that all of you are very busy as well, and hope that life is treating you right.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

Geez! Glad to hear things seem to be under control.

Yeah, funny how "life" just kinda barges in on us sometimes. I've been away from blogging for a few days, but not because of anything as dramatic as your brief interlude. Just an entire weekend watching junior high basketball tournaments my son was participating in. It's fun to watch, but it doesn't leave much time for nonsensical blogging.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, thank you for the well-wishes! It took a few extra days, but life is getting back to normal... or what passes for normal in my strange world!!

I like your sense of priorities- blogging can come and go, but watching your kids as they are growing up is priceless.

Carl said...

I figured something happened, but I didn't want to get all 'nervous nellie' on ya. I sometimes get to where I need to stay off this thing 'cause of the people that seem to love to argue and nothing but. I am glad things are better. We fixed a horrible leaking sink over the weekend, one that's been leaking for years but it finally got really bad and it had to go. It actually was running down the back of the sinkwall, through the wall and flooding the rug under a bookcase in the living room. My bride did most of the actual plumbing since I couldn't squeeze under the space under there, so I was Mr. Run'n'get'it and such. Now, all we have to do is fix the leaking bathtub, jeez. Glad you are back...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, it sounds like you had a pretty big home repair yourself! Yikes. I am glad to hear you were able to be Mr. Fixit and get it back going.

Yes, we were panicked about the roof leak. God knows I was horrified that it was going to be one of those "you need to get a new roof" scenarios that I can't afford, so I was relieved that my Dad and Mom were able to come up and help. It saved us big time.

It was weird to not be able to blog and it got me out of rhythm. I am just now getting back into the groove.

Thank you for being concerned, Carl! I am happy to be back.