Saturday, February 24, 2007

Random Thoughts and Musings

Well, it finally happened. We saw Ghost Rider. Yay!

Jim and I liked the movie for what it was- high camp with comic book fun thrown in. One thing we both noticed was that we never saw Stan Lee. Isn't he supposed to make appearances in EVERY Marvel movie? Otherwise, we enjoyed the movie quite a bit and are pretty sure it will be a DVD "must have".

I am really cheering the news that MANHUNTER IS BACK. I love that book and have been really unhappy about it's demise. That is the best news I have heard so far from the New York Con.

Other interesting news is that Wonder Woman will be on schedule other then the fact that we will have no idea how the hell this current story arc ends until DC releases an extra sized special that does so. While being very happy about the book being back on a regular basis, I have no idea how DC is going to pull this off. Aren't we going to be confused for awhile until Heinberg decides to turn in the last of the story so the Dodson's can do the art? This I have got to see to believe.

In sad news, there is no way Jim and I can go to the Seattle ComiCard Show tomorrow. It has been snowing like crazy all day today and it is a chains mandatory ruling over the hill. I hate to be a wimp, but there is no way my nerves can handle a trip that could go badly very quickly because of poor weather. We will just have to wait and see you all at the Emerald City show.

If anyone does go to the Seattle show tomorrow, please let me know how it goes. We hate the fact that we will not be there.

No further news other then the weather being bad. I am going to monitor the New York con panels for news and try and get caught up on housework.

You all take care! Have a great night!


Loren said...

I'm so excited that Manhunter is being saved. I wonder if they're going to do a new #1 or if they'll actually just continuing the numbering. I hope the continue the numbering.

As for Ghost Rider, glad you had as fun as I did. But, how weird, I didn't notice that Stan Lee wasn't in the film either. That's sad.

Heidi Meeley said...

Loren, that is such a good question. I wonder the same thing... would they start the numbering over? I am with you that I hope they stay the course. YAY it's back!!

Ghost Rider was a kick in the pants. We giggled and guffawed our way through it. It was truly worth the price of admission!

The Stan Lee omission was weird though...

Bahlactus said...

You know, I actually dug Ghost Rider, and I suspected early on that I wouldn't. It was a pretty entertaining film, and I enjoyed the seeing my man flamed up and ridin'.

Loren, remember that Stan Lee wasn't in any Blade movie either, so, this isn't the first time he's been mystery meat. I also don't remember him being in Elektra, (but, I also try not to remember seeing Elektra)!

Heidi Meeley said...

Bahlactus, thank you for pointing that out about Stan Lee. He wasn't in the Blade movies. I hadn't even thought about that! Now it doesn't seem so strange.

Ghost Rider was a pretty good show. It was definitely worth the $5 I paid to get in, so I am happy. Now if Spider-Man 3 and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer are worth their salt, I will be really pleased.

Maybe Gahlactus will make an appearance?? :-)