Monday, March 01, 2010

What Are You Reading?

It's been awhile. I have dropped a lot of books. Some I have kept because I actually like them. It is like comic book reading the way it is supposed to be, I guess.

My surprise ongoing favorite has been Incredible Hercules. I love Greg Pak's scripting, and the interaction between Hercules, Amadeus Cho, and the supporting cast is fun and fresh.

Wonder Woman and Power Girl are my "female" go-to books. Gail Simone has lit the fire on the Amazon's book, taking it from a so-so title to a great one. She has re-energized the Amazons and given Diana a new lease on life. I appreciate Aaron Lopresti's art on the book- he draws strong female characters without being too heavy on the sexy tip.

Speaking of art, Amanda Conner makes it look like she was born to draw Power Girl. Her art is fun and exciting, and I appreciate the symbiosis with Jimmy Palmiotti on the book.

The Boys is my current "favorite" read. Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson have taken a twisted concept and added heart to it. Sometimes putting a mirror up to society and mixing in the traditional association of "valiant teams" into a dark blender can be an eye-opener. It certainly is here.

The only X-Title I am currently getting is Uncanny X-Men. Though Terry Dodson and Greg Land on art chores wouldn't be my first pick, Matt Fraction is inspired as a writer. If I didn't know any better, he is having as much fun writing it as I have reading it.

I have also followed Blackest Night and enjoyed it despite not buying the tie-in books other then Green Lantern. I am anxiously awaiting the hopefully astounding conclusion.

What are you reading? Can you recommend me something that I am missing? I would certainly appreciate it as I don't go to comic book stores very often and don't have that point of reference.


MOCK! said...

My pull list has dwindled recently. Here is what I am reading:

Fables (since the beginning)
Green Lantern
Captain America
Batgirl (since the relaunch)
Red Robin (since the relaunch)
Ultimate Spider-man

Saranga said...

I would recommend the Flash Blackest Night mini.
Red Robin for definite - it's really really good.
The last Green Arrow issue, #30, was a Blackest Night tie in and was also really good.
And Supergirl, of course.

Nick said...

Most of my reading consists of whatever the library gets in stock BUT

Air (the first two trades, the first vol. is a little slow but the second kicks it into high gear)

Ex-Machina (Brian K. Vaughan, initially I avoided this because I thought it was gonna be a way to spout some rhetoric about politics, but it's actually good)

DMZ (Like Transmetropolitan, only set in more current times, and more realistic)

The Astounding Wolf-Man

Other then the above, if you haven't checked it out yet, try reading a couple of issues of the Walking Dead

Yedna said...

I lost my job in December and only recently accepted a new position. My comic book buying was put on hold for 3 months and I'm still catching up.

Just last week I restarted a pull list at my local comic shop and it includes:

Wonder Woman
Umbrella Academy
Secret Six
New Avengers
First Wave (#1 came out today!)
The Goon

I highly recommend Secret Six (Gail Simone's writing) and Umbrella Academy (the first two arcs available in TPB are great).

John Holland said...

Welcome back! I haven't been by lately and am not just noticing you're back. I've missed you!

A few comics I'm enjoying:

The new Batgirl. It's a real fun read and I like the way they've brought in Barbara Gordon to tie the two Batgirls together.

Marvel Adventures starring Spiderman is another fun read. The stories are done in one issue, but the characters and plotlines continue.

Buffy of course.

Batwoman is another great comic. I haven't been reading anything in DC in awhile and now find myself reading more than a few comics from the company.

Still reading and enjoying The Boys too.

I know there's more, but that's just off the top of my head.

Alice Thomas said...
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