Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bad Weather Equals No Comics

road closed due to snow
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Because the weather has been so piss poor here lately, the mountain passes were closed yesterday and most of today. Because of this, UPS could not get their trucks over the mountains. As a result, we had no comic books today. Also, we do not know if we will even see them tomorrow.

That means I do not have the last issue of Y the Last Man yet. I am purposely not going to go to any other sites until I get it. I really don't want it spoiled for me after the long ride of enjoyment.

Don't be shocked, but I am actually not too upset about the lateness. I had something really good happen today, so it really outweighs all the bad.

Not much to say tonight. I am tired and hungry as normal. I will see you back here tomorrow with a progress report and will finally answer the comments. Take care!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rock Of Love 2: Stroller Derby

As you know, I have been avidly watching Rock of Love 2 because it has rocker Bret Michaels from Poison as the "bachelor". In my heart of hearts, I am pretty sure that he isn't going to ever settle down, so it is more for the pure entertainment value then anything that I watch this show.

This last episode about did me in. Crazy Lacey from the first season came on and helped the LA Devil Dolls in a challenge called "Stroller Derby". The object of the challenge was for each team of four women to get a "Baby Bret" doll around the rink three times with a minimum of damage. What those Devil Dolls did to the "Baby Bret" doll unfortunately didn't seem remotely funny to me. Luckily, out of the three teams, two of them managed to get their doll out of the mess alive.

The winning team went to dinner with Bret at Forty Duece, the burlesque club owned by Ivan Kane. Angelique, Inna, and Aubry had some cocktails and then were offered to do a bit of a dance themselves. Inna didn't have any rhythm, but still managed to impress Brett. Aubry did a sexy yet classy dance. Then Angelique proceeded to take off ALL her clothes and writhe around the floor doing stripper moves. It was painful to watch.

Back at the house, the women decided that they hate Kristy Joe for being a stick in the mud and tattle tale. Unfortunately, Kristy Joe had also won a solo date so she was a prime target for being picked on. She decided to cook Bret a meal and relax out in the backyard. Big mistake. Two of the other ladies, Destinee and Daisy used their "VIP" time, whatever the heck that was, and interrupted the date in progress. Kristy Joe was not amused.

In a shocking elimination, stripper Angelique was sent home, as was the very pretty and classy Roxy. It seems that Bret isn't looking for the full Monty, but that he is still enthralled with large breasts. Some things never change.

Next week should get ugly as usual. The ladies have to assemble a motorcycle for Bret, and it appears that tensions run high. Big surprise! Also, two ladies have what appears to be meltdowns. Good times.

That is it for this week. See ya back here next week for more Rock of Love 2 drama!

P.S. The women at my gym continue to confound me with their lack of manners. I could write a book but I wanted a change of pace tonight! Take care.

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Comics for January 30

Ultimate Spider-Man #118
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Today went way too fast. It started out nicely with a 6 a.m. cardio workout, but that was the highlight. Work wasn't bad, and I felt pretty okay when I left. Then I went to the club and three ladies were hogging all the dumbbells from 7.5# to 17.5#. I went from happy to bitch in about 2.5 seconds. Those are weights I use when I "run the rack" doing biceps and triceps. Because of their deal, I couldn't do my workout. I had to improvise and do my back and leg squats.

So as you may have surmised, this is yet another bad experience with women at my health club. I asked these ladies when they would be done and they told me they did this only on Monday nights. Well crap. I lift weights six times a week on a very specific schedule, so now I am screwed. Can I just go start a comic book health club or is that an ironic term? LOL.

At any rate, here is my list of books for the week.

Action Comics #861
Batman #673
Black Adam the Dark Age #6 (of 6)
Countdown #13
Death of the New Gods #5 (of 8)
Green Lantern #27
Trials of Shazam #11 (of 12)
Y The Last Man #60- last issue, very sad.
Witchblade #114
Captain America #34
Daredevil #104
Fantastic Four #553
Mighty Avengers #8
Ultimate Spider-Man #118 - pictured
Ultimate X-Men #90
X-Men Emperor Vulcan #5 (of 5)

Lots of stuff ending or getting close to ending on this week's list. I am pretty happy about that. Also, I am planning on dropping Fantastic Four when Millar and Hitch take over, so that will be one less. Daredevil is also on the fence for me.

I am not going to answer comments tonight. I am too pissed off, and I don't want to be horrible. Please forgive me. I will be back tomorrow with my two cents. Thank you for being so kind!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Breaking the "Girl" Rule

After yesterday's blog entry, I was struck by the responses I received. So many of you have dealt with the "non-reader" and the masses of those folks that equate reading a floppy ole' comic book with sheer geekery or social apathy. What is fascinating is that in general, as folks get older, they seem to get less tolerant of those who are different. They can put any kind of mask on that they want, but it is still apparent that if a person doesn't come in a cookie cutter set they will be ostracized.

One thing I have always made sure to do growing up was to observe what I call the "Girl Rule". For those of you who may be unfamiliar, there are is a bit of a code that most moms pass on to their daughters. My mother always told me that when I was complimented, I needed to find at least one positive thing to say to the person who did so in response. She felt that it was a bit of "paying it forward" in that respect. In my lifetime, I have spent a great deal of time trying to spread that positivity towards others, knowing that I would not always get it in return.

Needless to say, I have run into this more in the past couple of years then ever before. Since I use the "Girl Rule" with both men and women, what has really resonated is the fact that there are a lot of shitty people out there who really don't care about other people's feelings as long as they are getting their own gratification. If that means having the smartest kid in the class or the coolest car, so be it. That is what butters their bread.

What rubs me wrong is when I am approached like I was yesterday. I don't know these people well, but I am trying to use the politeness that my parents ingrained in me. I always try to treat folks with respect and give them the benefit of the doubt. When it isn't reciprocated, I am not very surprised but am most definitely disappointed. Having it happen at the gym while I am changing my shirt just makes it ten times worse. God knows we don't want to go down the road of my horrible physical self esteem. At the gym it is like "Average Heidi meet Barbie", you know? To get ridiculed about reading comics just makes it worse.

Reading comics isn't something I ever used to admit to. When I would go downtown to pick up my weekly pull list, I just used to tell folks I was going to the bank or doing errands. After meeting my hubby, that secrecy was out the window. Jim not only worked at the comic book store, but almost every shirt he owned had a comic book character on it. By embracing my man, I embraced my geekery in all it's glory. I haven't looked back since... until yesterday.

I think I liked it better when I kept a lower profile at the gym. My workout partner is pretty well known there and has been featured in local advertising for winning last year's "Get in Shape" contest. As a past winner myself, and one of the few women to workout in the notorious iron room in the basement, it is impossible to stay under the radar. I am at the crossroads.

From here on out, I am going to tell anyone who asks that I love reading comics and I don't care who knows it. I will be prepared for these people to break my "Girl Rule" and be rude. I don't need their validation, that is for sure. If anything, they need to work on breaking out of their small boxes that don't allow them to be anything but robots who live in the system. What fun is that?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Locker Room Talk: Real Girls Don't Read Comics

This morning as I was minding my own business, changing my shirt in the women's locker room at the gym, I was approached by a woman I vaguely recognized as a gym regular. In a manner that I believe she felt would invite polite conversation, she asked me about said shirt. Here is pretty much word-for-word the discussion.

Inquiring Minds (IM): Hey there.

Me: Hi. How are ya?

IM: Great. I just got done with my workout. I see you here quite a bit. Are you doing the contest?

::Brief conversation about the contest ensues::

IM: I always see you wearing the most colorful, interesting shirts. Do you get them on the internet? My son really likes your black shirt with the skull on it.

Me: Oh, that is nice. I like wearing my Punisher shirt while I lift weights. Mostly I wear comic book shirts because I am such a huge comic book fan. I have been since I was eight.

IM: Oh. (Makes scrunchy face of disapproval) I just thought you found them on a website. I wanted to get my son a shirt like that.

Me: Well hey, that is easy. Just go down to Ron's Coin and Collectible's. They have said shirt on display.

IM: We don't go there. It is so dirty and the staff has bad hygeine. I was really hoping I could find it on a website.

Me: I am sure you could, but Ron's really is a pretty good place. It wouldn't take long.

IM: I don't think so. Nice talking to you.

::IM proceeds to basically run away. I think I am safe. New woman approaches.::

New Woman: Did I hear you say that you really read comics?

Me: Yes. I had been in the closet about it for a long time, but I finally just decided to be proud. I love comic books and have been reading them for a long time.

NW: Doesn't your husband find that odd?

Me: Nope. He reads them too.

NW: Oh. Well, my husband used to read them but he had to stop when we had kids. He and my son talk about Spider-Man quite a bit and they love the movies but that is it. I just really thought I had misheard you.

Me: Why?

NW: Because I have just not heard of adult women reading comics unless.... (she trails off. This is not a good sign.)

Me: Unless why?

NW: Never mind. It isn't a big deal. I just thought I had heard you wrong.

::NW runs off leaving me stranded again.::

I leave the women's locker room and head upstairs. Husband of NW gives me a sympathetic look.

Husband: I miss my books. She (points to wife) made me sell them when we got pregnant with our first son.

Me: I understand. Sometimes we have to focus on the economics.

Husband: Nah, she was relieved. She just thought it took up space.

NW: (Squirming uncomfortably) It was just something I was never interested in. I always thought that comics were for boys and then when they grew up they sold them or traded them. I just have to live in reality, you know? Kids are expensive, you know?

Me: No. I don't have kids. To me it is a hobby just like buying DVD's, cook books, tools, or clothes. Everyone has something they enjoy. My husband and I don't travel or spend very much on other things. It is our hobby.

NW: Well, I just think it is wasteful. We really have to go.

Me: Have a good day. (Not meaning it.)

They walk off.

This is a good example of what I run into on a pretty regular basis. Most every woman I talk to wrinkles her nose at me or changes the subject. Most guys either think I am "weird special" or feel empathy because they can relate and have some hidden hostility about it. It really makes me buy into the survey results that Valerie at Occasional Superheroine posted, because I have to live this crap.

Am I going back into the comic book reading closet? Hell no. Does it make me mad that people are so bitchy about it? Yes. What can I do about it? I don't know. I keep defending myself and wearing my shirts. I keep spending money on the books I love. I don't know what else to do. Also, since I can't have kids, I find that some of the conversations are pretty offensive. I hate it when women pull the mom card without considering my biological issues.

What are your thoughts? Do you have this occur? I trynot to get too upset, but sometimes I just can't help it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Get In Shape: Week Two

Things are really kicking into gear this week for me in the workout department. I did two-a-day's again and lifted every night. This seems to have enough of a synergistic effect that combined with eating a clean diet, I am keeping on my weight loss path.

This week's loss: 2 1/2 lb.

Total weight loss: 6 lb.

That is good news. It means that my body is shedding the unhealthy fat and building lean mass, which helps sustain me. I also like to think that working out helps my blood re-oxygenate and keeps me from getting sick. The multi-vitamin I am taking is also a good help.

Sorry for being so obsessed with my fitness, but I just can't help it. With so many people today suffering needlessly from chronic pains and illnesses due to obesity and lack of exercise, I just don't want to take the chance of being lumped in there. With my family's medical history and the amount of stress I experience in my daily life, I worry that I would suffer a heart attack otherwise. That is a sobering thought that is enough to get me in the gym. I am 41 now. I don't want to have less then 10 years of life left. I want to live to be nice and old. Heh.

Have a great weekend! I will see you back here tomorrow for comic book talk.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Manhunter Goes to the Birds in April

Birds of Prey #117
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Tonight as I was glancing through the DC Comics advance solicitations it caught my eye that Kate Spencer, otherwise known as Manhunter, is on the cover of Birds of Prey #117. That just made my heart skip a beat, as I have been missing Kate's solo series and wishing it would be back on a monthly basis.

I am glad to see Kate take a starring role in this issue of Birds of Prey. Truly. I just wish I could take a look at how her life is going now. Her book's cast was phenomenal, and the creative team couldn't be beat.

I guess if I can't get a Manhunter solo book I will settle for this appearance in Birds of Prey. It is certaintly better then nothing.

Here is the solicitation:

Written by Sean McKeever
Art by Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood
Cover by Stephane Roux
Misfit and Manhunter are captured by the man responsible for the bizarre magical technology that has been threatening the Birds and all of Metropolis...leading Oracle to decide to relocate the team to try to take this new nemesis down for good.
On sale April 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US "


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

Today was one of those oddball days. I had good stuff happen in the fact that I have actually cut my comic book bill in half from one month ago. That is working. I also had a few nice meetings and got in my two-a-day workouts.

The bad is that I am so sore I can barely walk up the stairs. Also, I got home so late that it almost seems fruitless to get on the 'net and look around. My commitment to fitness is getting in the way of my blogging a bit, so I have to adjust things here.

I looked at Wonder Woman, and the story that is unfolding continues to have my full attention. I am going to look at Punisher Max #54 next. I am a bit nervous to read it as I don't want Ennis' run to end.

In sad news, the paparrazzi is chasing down Heath Ledger's ex-lady and their child and that makes me sad. Grief is an ironic thing. When we are facing it, we want our solitude, but when a person is famous, we lose our perspective completely.

On that note, I am out of here. It is time to eat and relax. Have a wonderful evening and I will see you here tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So Sad. Heath Ledger Dies at Age 28

Heath Ledger
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My hubby e-mailed me that Heath Ledger had died this afternoon and my heart just sank. It had to be a bad joke, I thought to myself. Ledger had such a fantastic career, full of diverse roles and I was so looking forward to his portrayal of the Joker in Dark Knight.

It just couldn't be true.

Then I went to the internet and the first thing that popped up was the headline confirming this news. The air was sucked out of the room.

That may sound a bit odd, since I never knew Ledger personally or had any stake in his life, but you know what? He moved me. I love his work in "10 Things I Hate About You". He shined in "The Patriot" and "A Knight's Tale". His work on Brokeback Mountain astounded me. As a gal who grew up around gruff old cowboys, his work really hit close to home.

Then there is the Joker.

After seeing the trailer for Dark Knight, I have been eager to see the movie. Much of it has to do with Christian Bale, to be fair. BUT... the Joker by Ledger showed such glimmers of what I always had wanted to see that it really filled me with glee.

Know Ledger won't be here to walk the red carpet. Man.

What hits most is that Ledger was the father of a young daughter and now he won't be there for her when she grows up. That is the most unfair thing about a 28 year old passing away. He surely had many years left, and spending precious time with young Matilda is now going to be a wish of sorts that never comes through.

That just crushes me. Poor little girl.

Tonight I would like to say a small bit of prayer for Ledger and his family. When a star of this talent leaves the earth too soon, I can only question what God must have planned.

So sad.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Very Good News: Aaron Lopresti to Draw Wonder Woman

I just read on Newsarama that Aaron Lopresti is going to take over art chores on Wonder Woman with issue #20. This is very exciting news for several reasons.

I have always felt that Lopresti draws strong, attractive women without making them into caricatures. His run on Ms. Marvel has been joyous to behold. My loss there will be a gain in the Amazing Amazon's title. I also think that Lopresti has earned it. He has done consistenly excellent artwork on a regular title and hit his deadlines.

On a more personal note, I think it is cool that Lopresti is drawing Wonder Woman because he grew up around where I grew up and is right around the same age I am. I believe that the high school he went to competed against my high school in sports. He also married a woman I went to high school with, whose dad is friends with my dad. Small world, huh?

Two Oregonians working on the title should keep it in the state, since the Dodson's hail from Oregon if I remember correctly. Gail Simone is an Oregon resident, and so is Lopresti. It just seems obvious to me that we have a lot of talent here in the Northwest, but I also could just be bragging. LOL.

I have posted the artwork here that was up on the Newsarama site and am thrilled with it. I can't wait to see this creative team up and running. Though I have come to enjoy the Dodson's take on Wonder Woman, having Lopresti on the book is absolutely fantastic.

New Comics for January 23

Since today was a holiday, I am sure some of you were able to take the day off and reflect on why we do so. Unfortunately, I worked so I was not able to do much more then work hard and work out. Hopefully you all had a nice day, full of reflection and meaning.

This week's comics are still a bit nasty, but some of my cutbacks are taking effect. I am pretty happy about that.

Here is the list:

Army @ Love #11
Authority Prime #4 (0f 6)
Countdown #14
Countdown to Mystery #5 (of 8)
Crime Bible the Five Lessons of Blood #4 (of 5)
Legion of Super Heroes #38
Teen Titans #55
Wonder Woman #16
Astonishing X-Men #24
Punisher Max #54
She-Hulk 2 #25
Ultimate Iron Man II #2 (of 4)
X-Men #207
Dan Dare #3 (of 7)
Red Sonja #29

At this point in time, I am considering dropping Red Sonja and Legion of Super Heroes. I also have a few mini-series that are getting close to ending, so hopefully that will help me out.

Have a wonderful evening! My tired bones are going to go prepare my cooler for tomorrow's dieting.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Take Reviews for January 20

I promised myself I would do longer reviews, but alas haven't done so yet. That being said, I at least wanted to do a few quick takes, so bear with me!

Fallen Angel #23
Originally uploaded by
Heidi Meeley
100 Bullets #87: In this stand alone issue, a new character is introduced and Graves and his players have a meeting. As always, I am in awe of the creative team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso for their genius. 100 Bullets is an exquisite tapestry of a mystery and I can hardly stand the wait between bi-monthly issues. Grade: A.

American Virgin #22: I have mixed feelings about this book. I am sad to see it ending, but also know that virginity as a plotline can be a bit limiting, especially when the character in question marries. Adam had been through a great deal in the first action packed 21 issues, so it isn’t any surprise to me that the series is reaching a logical conclusion here. Maybe a new installment called “American Husband” or “New Religion” could bring Adam back to us. This has been quite the ride. Grade: B.

Checkmate #22: I know there are a lot of mixed opinions out there, but I love this book. Greg Rucka has thrown a bit of his Queen & Country fairy dust into this comic book. The mystery and intrigue never cease of amaze me. The current storyline focusing on Black Queen’s knight Josephine and how she became “Madame Marie” is a fascinating one. The art by Travis Lanham fit the old school feel of the story being told. Grade: B.

The Sword #4: I am really enjoying this new title from the Luna brothers. It is a fresh approach on an age old concept. An ancient weapon is the secret source of an age old feud, which entangles Dara in a web she can’t escape. The drama that started with issue one shows no signs of slowing down. This is a compelling read. Grade: B.

Fallen Angel #23: ( cover pictured) The battle for Bete Noir has started and there is no turning back now. I have said it before, and will continue to preach for this book- it is outstanding. Writer Peter David and artist J.K. Woodward transport the reader into this city of mystery and let us experience what the characters are going through. It just doesn’t get much better then this. Grade: A.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Great Hera! Wonder Woman Invokes Passion!

After one week of mixed reactions to the Playboy Wonder Woman cover, one thing is clear. We all have our own perception of the Amazing Amazon based on how we discovered her and our own personal experiences learning more about her, whether it be from television or print. What amazes me most is that the amount of passion a character like Wonder Woman can stir because of that sense of ownership.

To be clear, I most definitely include myself among the passionate. God knows that I feel a sense of ownership towards a comic book character that I continually try to deny. Why bother anymore? Reading about Wonder Woman’s adventures and comic books in general helped shape the person I am today. Whether I can simply claim that reading comics helped expand my vocabulary or simply made me want to be a better person, that impact has been made.

My first exposure to Wonder Woman was in 1974 when she was going through her own version of Hercules’ trials to regain her membership in the Justice League. Because of how I was initially exposed to Princess Diana, I have always been convinced that she was brave and selfless in wanting to prove herself. She was Wonder Woman after all, and hadn’t she been fighting crime since the 1940’s in one form or another?

One thing did confuse me. When I bought the 100 page comics, there were several back up stories that reprinted Wonder Woman’s earlier adventures. The golden age ones by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter were confusing to me at the age of eight. I loved how Wonder Woman kicked butt, but the dialogue about “loving submission” was a bit odd. I also marveled at how emotional Wonder Woman was during writer Robert Kanigher’s run. She looked so vulnerable as portrayed by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, with nickel sized eyes and a tight hair style.

The child in me didn’t see past the shading provided in the storytelling. I simply enjoyed the surface of it all, which boiled down to Wonder Woman being a true heroine. She was brave and true to her friends. She was physically strong and could take care of herself. She was smarter then most and her detective skills were up there with those of the Dark Knight. How could I not aspire to such heights?

In the present, at the age of 41, my perception of Wonder Woman as portrayed in her older tales is quite different. I have come to believe that Marston created her as an antithesis of the male hero. He truly wanted her to be sexy and desirable, and had a definite vision of how she would be portrayed. As the inventor of the lie detector, her golden lasso was a key to her ability to break through the gray areas of life and get to truth and justice. If there was a bit of S & M involved, so much the better. Marston knew how to bring in readers. The titillation enthralled the men while the heroic aspect of Diana made the women enjoy her adventures. It was this incarnation of Wonder Woman that I would imagine Hugh Hefner discovered. (See furor listed at many places.)

Once the war had ended and the allies won, the overall scheme of comics changed from simply fighting the enemy to a focus on the home front. One thing to remember is that the portrayals back in the day of the Japanese, Germans, and other assorted enemies would never be tolerated today. With that in mind, is it any wonder that Wonder Woman has had to evolve as well?

There was a bit of a soft focus on Wonder Woman’s romance with Steve Trevor that especially surfaced after Marston’s association with the character ended. Diana showed more emotion, and promised to marry Steve when the world was rid of all evil. As we know now, that is a punch line that tended to get a bit old, resulting in the powers that be a DC killing Steve off and bringing him back no less then three times. In today’s book, Steve is married to Etta Candy and both are used as background characters, unless Gail Simone’s new run is planning to change that.

For the readers out there that were so invested in the Diana/Steve relationship, the end of it was a real blow. In the modern age, Wonder Woman has had a number of suitors, but none have lasted. That leads me to believe that there is a “virgin” or “untouchable” clause in her current series. Does that mean that men will lust more for her, because they can’t have her nor is it just dimming the fires even more? Many female readers would like Wonder Woman to find romance, much like Superman or Flash have. There seems to be an element missing that hasn’t been recaptured.

This all leads to the Playboy image and Wonder Woman’s portrayal as a sexual creature. Because of my introduction to Wonder Woman, I always felt she had a sex life with Steve, but a very monogamous one. Considering that she came from an island of women, I have always felt in the back of my mind that she was raised to understand a different realm of sexuality then the average person. Her “aunts” were nearly naked if not entirely so, and most certainly had relationships with each other. How Diana fit into this is anyone’s guess. One thing I have made my younger self understand is that Wonder Woman was raised to be comfortable in her skin, so that nudity and sexuality were not perceived as ugly or sinful. How she has managed to carry this all of with an air of innocence is beyond me, because she obviously isn’t.

That doesn’t mean I don’t feel proprietary about her and how she is portrayed. . Unfortunately, the younger self wins a few arguments here and there. When I watched the Wonder Woman series on television, I didn’t look at Lynda Carter as a “sex symbol” much as my male counterparts did. I wanted to go play “bullets and bracelets” and kick the bad guy’s butts. Evidently while I was busy fantasizing about being a hero, men were fantasizing a whole different way. I have been told that Lynda Carter has put a generation of men through puberty, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that statement was at least partially true.

The cover of Playboy has really been a wake up call for me. I didn’t like the comparison of Tiffany Fallon to Lynda Carter because of my youthful perception of her. Did I even stop and think about the fact that she showed her boobs in a movie back in the day? Nope. After reading the Playboy blog, I understand that they realize that the comparison to Fallon was a bit of a stretch as well, but are standing by putting her on the cover in said body paint.

Bottom line: using Wonder Woman as a symbol of “sex in America” would make her creator proud. Marston lived an alternative lifestyle before it was even talked about in hushed whispers. His portrayal of Wonder Woman to the adult reader can be quite tongue in cheek at times. God knows that when Diana was tied up, spanked, or taunted, there was always a bit of an art of the tease associated with it. How Wonder Woman ultimately won over the hearts of so many young readers like me was through a character evolution that continues to this day.

Quite simply, Wonder Woman will always mean something different to each person depending on their exposure and opinion based on said exposure. I will always think of Wonder Woman as the best heroine out there. It doesn’t matter what you do to her- god knows I have had visions of her being portrayed in a porno saying “Great Hera, its huge” since this whole debacle started. Heh. Wonder Woman will always represent what is best about women to me. I can’t help it. It has been ingrained since I was eight, and I just can’t apologize for being so passionate.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Get in Shape: Week One

I just realized that I have logged 18 hours at the gym this week. That explains why every inch of my body aches and I am pretty sure that next time I sit down I will not be getting back up. The official whining for tonight goes like this:

My arms hurt.
My legs hurt.
My middle section hurts.
My feet hurt.
My carpal tunnel is acting up.
Sob. Moan. Complain.

Nice, huh?

It is always like this the first week I do the contest. I am actually mentally prepared for this. I welcome the pain for the most part as I know it is my body telling me it is tearing up the muscle to rebuild it stronger. I also know that my body is using the clean fuel I put in it efficiently and that I am on the right path.

I also know it is working because I am so obsessed that my hubby is sick of hearing about it already. Heh.

Here is the score for my first week.

Weight Loss: 3.5#
Total Loss: 3.5#

I know that is not a "Biggest Loser" number of weight loss, but you have to remember that I work out year round, therefore my body doesn't get the "shock" the first week of water and bloat loss. Also, luckily for me, I don't have quite as much weight to lose as some of those contestants, though I have to confess to feeling jealous when they lose over 5 pounds a week. I have never done that, even with many hours logged in. I am assuming that what will happen is what always happens. I don't lose weight for a few days to a week and then I will lose two to three at once. It is just the way it works for me.

Are you totally bored to tears yet? Sorry. No wonder Jim wants me to not talk about it!! Regardless, weekly I will let you know my progress and see how close I come to hitting my goal. I want to lose 12% body fat in twelve weeks, so that is the main target. The weight coming off is a bonus.

Happy and Healthy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rock Of Love 2 : Blondes, Brunettes, and Bosoms

Rock Of Love 2 cast
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After last season's Rock of Love, I was pretty pumped to see Poison frontman Bret Michaels go for a second round, and hopefully get it right this time. After picking the young and gorgeous Jes over older and wiser Heather and getting pretty much dumped, I am hoping that Bret revamps his thought process.

After watching the season opener of Rock of Love 2, I shouldn't have worried. Bret was so overwhelmed by long hair and big breasts that I don't think he took much time with personalities. Is this a good commentary on today's society? Probably not, but Bret is determined to have it his rock star way.

The first thing that caught my attention is that potential "rock of love" Megan looks very familiar. Why is that, you may ask? It is because she was on Beauty and the Geek 3. Since I am betting that Bret didn't watch that show, and since she was so agressive, bubbly, and tall this first episode, it probably won't matter. We shall see.

I was struck by how many women stuck their tongues right down Bret's throat. I think he pretty much kissed all the ladies, and had several sit on his lap and get downright dirty. Since there is a stripper pole in the house, I am sure that is what VH-1 and Bret were hoping for.

Another cast member that struck me was Angelique. The girl is French, and is also blessed with humongous boobs. She was hot to have "ze sex" with Bret in the pool as soon as possible. Good Lord. This one isn't shy.

There were three brunettes that Bret seemed to like that were polar opposites. There was Kristy Jo, who is strikingly beautiful but germophobic. In a house of tongue kissers, this may not be a good thing. Then there is Destiney, who I believe I saw kissing another girl, and who really wants to get up on Bret. Rounding out the brunettes is Inna, who immediately comes out and says she wants to "f*** Bret". Nice. I wonder what her grandma thinks. Heh. Where these three will fit into Bret's plans is anyone's guess.

Daisy and Aubry are two blondes that strike me as enhanced. Daisy was picked as one of Bret's "VIP" girls and he is entranced by her. Aubry was a bit wilder, and seems quite cosmetic as well. I was struck by their faces and will have to continue to watch to make sure it isn't just me, and there was some work done.

In date show history, I have seen a great deal of drunk folks, but I have never seen anyone get so hammered they miss elimination. Rock of Love 2 has that first. Courtney takes a look at the competition, loses her self esteem, and decides to get wasted. She is so drunk that I don't believe she spends more then a few moments with Bret. She passes out on the couch for awhile, and then the girls try and get her dressed for elimination. Finally, she just passes out in a bed and everyone bags it. At the end of the show, Bret counsels the remaining girls to tell her that "her tour has ended" when she wakes up. Yikes. Why the heck someone would go on a reality show and then get so drunk the first night that is a complete waste is beyond me.

Quick note: there is a 45 year old on the show, and I thought she was pretty cool. Her name is Catherine, and while she doesn't have Rodeo's laugh, she seemed to connect with Bret on a mental level. If that is helpful is beyond me, but I liked her spirit. She is a lovely lady with a brain, which I was happy to see.

As for the first elimination, it wasn't too shocking. The very drunk Courtney was left to dry out. Ashley and Missy just simply didn't connect. Contestant Jackye had a panic attack and decided to go home even though Bret asked her to stay. The only real surprise was Erin, who was initially picked as a VIP and then sent packing. I guess she talked too much about how "MySpace" changed her life. Good God.

I really enjoyed the new season of Rock of Love. The girls are on the prowl and it looks like a catfight to the end. Expect visits from Rodeo, Erin, and Lacey to shake up the girl's emotions.

What can I say? It may be reality television, but I dig it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Line I Thought I Would Never See

**Spoiler Alert**

**Spoiler ahead**

I sat down tonight to read Countdown to Final Crisis #15 and got to the part where Donna Troy battles Earth 51's Wonder Girl. It seemed like a pretty good fight and then Wonder Girl badgered Donna until she couldn't take it anymore.

This is what Donna said:

"I'm Donna Troy, Bitch.



Then she kicked said Wonder Girl's ass. I couldn't help myself. I cheered. Whew!

I kid you not. Then I almost fainted. I didn't know that the magic twin sister of Wonder Woman talked like that. She must have watched some Dave Chapelle DVD's on her downtime.


My only question now is this. Did Paul Dini or Tony Bedard write this?

I have to go lay down now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

It dawned on me today that the Emerald City Comicon is coming up in May on the 10th and 11th. Because of this, I need to make a decision to get a booth or do something a bit different. I am contemplating doing "semi-live" reporting from the show if I can make it work. It is definitely something to think about. Have any of you made the decision to attend?

A quick thing about the whole "gaming forum" linking my Wonder Woman/Tiffany Fallon cover. From what I can tell, the person that linked me didn't read my post before he put it there. If I seemed like an "outraged feminist" it is news to me. Usually I don't get that kind of publicity, so I was a bit floored. I will say this- when it is all said and done, this will fade from my memory quickly.

I have a "Rock of Love 2" review in the works, but I got home so late tonight that I didn't want to post it. I also wanted to talk about Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it might be this weekend. Starting the "get in shape" contest always throws me off. Tuesday and Thursday nights are my heavy lifting programs and it takes two and a half hours to do it right. Bear with me.

My wonderful friend John has started a new blog as a comic book related companion to his main one. Go check out Life in 4 Colors. John is a very talented, good guy and I enjoy his writing immensely.

That is it for tonight. I want to go glean inspiration from the Biggest Loser couples edition, not to mention the fact that I am pretty tired tonight. Take care and have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Comics for January 16

Today has been a strange day here at Comics Fairplay. I got over 2700 visitors and it appears that I will hit 3000 before the day is over. That is insane numbers for me. Unfortunately, most of them came from a gaming forum and it was not a pleasant experience. See my other post for a link.

The good news is that I worked out twice today and burned over 1000 calories. I am tired but pleased with myself. Hopefully I can keep this up for the next 11 weeks and lose all the weight I need to while building muscle. I am feeling very ambitious. I hope that by the Emerald City Comicon I can wear a tank top and not be embarassed!

In other news, here is a list of the comics I am picking up this week.

100 Bullets #87
American Virgin #22
Birds of Prey #114
Booster Gold #6
Catwoman #75
Checkmate #22
Countdown #15
Flash #236- on the block!
Justice League of America #17
Shadowpact #21
Sword #4
Witchblade #113 (cover A pictured)
Immortal Iron Fist #12
New Warriors #8- on the block!
New X-Men #46
Penance Relentless #4 (of 5)
Wolverine Origins #21
Fallen Angel #23

Drops I have made are Robin, Amazing Spider-Man, Exiles (now New Exiles), and the World War Hulk Aftersmash Warbound. There are a couple on the block, so I am well into making progress in my drops.

On that note, I am off to try and eat before it is too late. Have a wonderful night!

Just a quick note...

Due to a bit of brouhaha this morning because of a link from a gaming forum, the images associated with the Wonder Woman/Tiffany Fallon posts have been deleted. If you want to check out the photo image, head over to Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will be back tonight to check in. Thank you!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

Today is my hubby's birthday, so we went out to dinner. It was a nice, quiet one with Jim and my friend Kerry. What I really appreciated is that we ate at Applebees and they had a great "Weight Watchers" menu so I didn't have to worry about overeating. I had a steak with portobello mushrooms, baby red potatoes, and broccoli and it was very filling without the portions being too much. We had a wonderful time.

Yesterday I finally saw the Captain America Omnibus Volume #1 and it was perfection. I wanted to buy it so bad that it hurt to walk away from it. I looked at it quite closely, and it is incredible. The specs are as follows:

"Collecting Eisner Award-nominated Best Writer Ed Brubaker's first 25 landmark issues of Captain America in one titanic tome, plus the Captain America 65th Anniversary Special and Winter Soldier: Winter Kills one-shots! This deluxe hardcover, fat-packed with extras, features the story that stunned readers worldwide and sent shockwaves through the entire Marvel Universe: the death of Captain America! Also including the return of Cap's wartime partner, Bucky Barnes, as the Winter Soldier; the death and life of his greatest enemy, the Red Skull; and the emergences of a new threat, General Aleksander Lukin, the head of one of the most powerful corporations in the world! Collecting Captain America #1-25, Captain America 65th Anniversary Special and Winter Soldier: Winter Kills. "

The collection is 744 pages and weighs almost 5 pounds. It is substantial in every way possible. The only complaint I could think of is that it might irritate my carpel tunnel. Otherwise, this is just fantastic. Ed Brubaker's work on this series is a revelation. It is available online at several places, at Borders and other book sellers, or check with your local retailer and see if they can order it.

One last word on the Playboy "Wonder Woman" cover. I am amazed at the veritable chirping of crickets around here with regard to it. I was terrified that I would have folks with their pitchforks trying to argue with me. Instead, I got my friends Swinebread and Lisa, and was very comforted and at their intelligence and grace. Whew!

I am off to spend some more quality time with the hubby and then watch the season premiere of "Rock of Love 2". Maybe rocker Bret Michaels will have more luck this time around!! Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Playboy Wonder Woman Cover: What it Says Inside!

Today I looked at the inside of Playboy to check out where the cover fit into the picture of things. It turns out that the Wonder Woman/Tiffany Fallon images are used as part of a results article entitled "Sex in America". Her image in the Wonder Woman painted outfit is at the bottom gutter of each page and as a splash shot introducing the article. Other then her image, Fallon isn't featured.

The article gives the results of a survey where 900 people between the ages of 18 and 64 were randomly selected to discuss their sex lives as well as their personal politics as it relates to the upcoming presidential election. The article talks about the fact that in the last fifty years there has been a sexual revolution, and that basically sex has won. There also statements made such as "14% of Thompson supporters and 12" of Obama supporters claim to have sex "almost every day". 5% of Giuliani and Clinton supporters have sex that frequently".

The folks surveyed also felt that Clinton was the sexiest president of the last 50 years. Also the West Coast is "the sexiest". An example of questions asked were "satisfaction with sex life", "age virginity lost", and several questions about personal preferences and past experiences with more specialized forms of naughty behavior. The results were then used to try and find correlations between candidates and sexual behavior. It was actually pretty interesting. I don't know if they came up with exactly what they hoped to find, but it was a new twist on an old polling technique.

As a final word, the presence of Fallon and her Wonder Woman body paint are a footnote. Evidently the fine folks at Playboy used the Amazing Amazon's outfit because of the American flag-like nature it represents. The fact that Wonder Woman has been at times seen as a fantasy and fetish character to some is what brought it all together. Since it is a "adult male" magazine, and it is not required reading, the cover can suggest many things. When it comes down to it, the publisher is trying to sell magazines, and putting the beautiful Fallon on the cover in body paint is surely a winner.

Did any of you read the article? What did you think? Would you have picked another iconic woman to be the focus of what is considered ::cough cough:: a patriotic image? God knows if it was Playgirl, would they have body painted a guy like Superman? Food for thought.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Lynda Carter She Ain't! The Reaction Starts.

Jeez, take a day off and look what happens. Tiffany Fallon pops up on the cover of the latest issue of Playboy and causes a furor. Good Lord. That will teach me to go work out instead of camping out in front of my computer!!

As a rabid Wonder Woman fan of over thirty years, I decided to throw my opinion into the already full pool. Fallon is a beautiful girl with a nice body. She was Playmate of the Year and is trying her hand at bettering the world while recently appearing on Celebrity Apprentice. That is nice and all, but then I read the quote from Playboy that says:

"You know the painted lady on our cover as Playmate of the Year 2005 Tiffany Fallon, but to usher you into the cover story, Sex in America, we recast her as that champion of truth, justice and American Sensuality, Wonder Woman. Tiffany, a modern-day Lynda Carter, has been honing her TV skills. She appeared on TV’s The Simple Life with Paris Hilton, became an weekly co-host for the International Fight League’s Battle Ground and accompanied her country music star husband, Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts (Still feels Good is in stores now), to numerous awards shows. What’s next? “I’ve been filming The Celebrity Apprentice,” says Tiffany. “At first I was intimidated because I was one of the youngest contestants. But I brought a fresh outlook to the tasks. I can’t tell you much more, you’ll have to watch.” If this wonderful woman is involved, we’ll have our eyes glued."

Wow. When does this lady sleep? Heh. I have no personal beef with Fallon, because it sounds like she is a hard workin' gal who has made her lot in life and seems to be doing well in it. What I think is wrong with the above paragraph is the comparison to Lynda Carter and Wonder Woman in general. I have tried in vain to think of someone who has the special spark that Carter brought to the Wonder Woman character and quite frankly, I can't think of a single person who would have the same impact.

What this boils down to is that Wonder Woman has always been considered a fantasy woman. Considering she was created by a guy with a pretty liberal sensibility for his time, it is no wonder that she continues to fascinate so many men and women. Because of the fetish nature of her origins, and Hugh Hefner's interest in old school cartoons and art, it doesn't surprise me to see her pop up here. In fact, I would be surprised if one or more of Hef's girlfriends through the ages hadn't dressed up as the Amazing Amazon to fulfill a few kinks.

I think I would be a great deal more stirred up about this if if wasn't an adult men's magazine. The fact that the character appeals to this particular audience isn't surprising either. Am I giddy with excitement? No, but that isn't a shock considering I am not the target demographic. What bothered me more then the ass shot was the comparison of the woman on the cover to Carter. Petty, but true. Oh yeah, and those boots! Hera help us!

I am interested to see the pictorial inside. It sounds like there may be a theme of sorts there, which makes me wonder if any other heroes are being portrayed in print. Have any of you seen that part of it?

Where will this lead? God only knows, but I am pretty sure that this is just the beginning of the internet reactions. I will be back tomorrow to check on the state of the blogosphere and am interested to see what you have to say.

Quick side note: Playboy is run by a woman. Christie Hefner, Hugh's daughter is an incredibly intelligent and classy female who pretty much saved the magazine and it's properties from ruin when she took over. I have always felt that the magazine is Hugh's vision with Christie's business acumen. It is an irony I have always strongly felt. What about you?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Commercial Break: How Cool is This?

Iron Man movie image
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley
I can't help myself. I am really excited to see the Iron Man movie. The more I read about it online, the giddier I get. From skeptic to clear fangirl, I have really grown to love the concept of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

The other good news is that the Tony in this movie has hopefully never heard of Civil War or ran S.H.I.E.L.D. I am ready for some old school Iron Man.

Quick Side Note: Tomorrow is my "get in shape" weigh in, so I will be home late. I will see you Friday! Have a great one!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How Much Would You Pay?

In the previous entry, I named $3.99 as being the price that would signal to me that it is time to stop collecting comic books. In my mind once comics are priced that high, I might as well either start reading novel length books again or simply buy the occasional graphic novel. $4 is almost the price of a matinee movie or a bargain DVD.

That being said, what price do you put on your entertainment? Do DVD's, movie theatre tickets, CD's, books, comics, and other forms of the medium hit a threshhold with you? I am really curious about this. I know that I will not pay more then $14.99 for a DVD anymore. Also, if I have to spend over $9.99 on a really great CD, I will just legally download the songs I like and leave it at that. As for comics, well, we have been over that.

Let me know what you think here and I will be back tomorrow night to check in with the comments from this post and the previous one.

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Comics for January 9

Have you ever worked out so hard you feel like throwing up? That is how I felt for about a half hour tonight. It was strange as I didn't feel like I worked out any harder then usual. It must have been the pre-contest belly getting in the way. Cross your fingers for me that it gets better as the week goes on because that was not a good start.

In comic books this week, I gleefully crossed Amazing Spider-Man off my pull list. I also crossed Gen 13 off. It felt pretty good. Now I just have to continue my quest to save money. I told my comic book retailer this: when comics go to $3.99 as a floor price I am going to stop reading them other then Wonder Woman. I feel in my gut that it is getting close to that, so we shall see how much longer I can go. If books go to $3.99 a pop as the bottom price, I will be officially too poor to buy them. What about you?

Here is my list for the week.

Countdown #16- the last couple of issues were pretty okay.
Green Arrow Black Canary #4
Green Lantern Corps #20
Nightwing #140- on the chopping block
Salvation Run #3 (of 7) - also on the block
Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #5 (of 8) - see pictured!
Wonder Girl #5 (of 6)
Mighty Avengers #7
Punisher War Journal #15
Wolverine #61- on the chopping block
X-Factor #27

That is it for the week. I am pretty happy with the list and hope to see how things go. Have any of you made any cutbacks?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

Today was consumed by planning my strategy for this year's "Get In Shape" contest at the gym. It is fun to focus on strength training and mix it up for three months. I am one of those nutty people that likes to exercise, and having a chance to compete at fitness is something I look forward to. I figure it is a better thing to be addicted to then drugs or cigarettes, so that is my excuse.

I want to send a belated congratulations to Lisa at Sequentially Speaking for her 1,000th blog post. She is a wonderful person, and I always enjoy hearing what she has to say. Here is to many more!

Swinebread at Atomic Romance celebrated his one year blogoversary. He is another one of my favorite folks, so I have to give a shout out! You rule, Swinebread.

Over at Eagle's Roost, Eaglewing gives his list of things that happened in 2007 that had an impact. It is very well said, so go give it a look.

The always insightful Mark Engblom has a fantastic insight on one of the truly awful covers to ever hit the newstand. I loved how well he said what needed to be said about the cover to Thor #482. Head over to Comic Coverage and check it out.

Redhead Fangirl got the coolest Batgirl gift I have seen for quite some time. I am officially jealous.

On that note, I am off to get all my stuff ready for the work week. We ordered our supplements for the contest and have the plan, so now I just have to focus on keeping work the priority it needs to be.

Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Great Storytelling: Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley
The last few days I decided to go back and re-read the Planet Hulk saga. It is one of those rare stories that is even better the second time around. Writer Greg Pak truly created a fantastic adventure in this story. The characters are compelling, the storyline fascinating, and there was opportunity for the Hulk to expand his horizons, so to speak.

After a year of hating what Marvel has done, especially Civil War and One More Day, it is a breath of fresh air to be able to read a tale that wasn't driven by the incessant need to reboot or retcon the players involved. This is what I was craving as a reader. It is an original, thoughful story that is worth the price of admission.

If you didn't read Planet Hulk prior to diving into World War Hulk, I would recommend picking it up. has the hardcover, and it is a gorgeous piece of literature.

It feels good to read a story that engages me without external interference. Reading Planet Hulk is a good way to escape while getting a rare glimpse into what the Hulk character can be without the burden of crossovers. Check it out- you won't regret it.

Before The Madness: Britney Spears - Oops! I Did It Again

How many closet Britney Spears fans do we have out there? Seriously, don't be shy. I know you secretly did a few dances to her songs in your room. Heh heh.

Seriously, this whole Britney hype is completely out of control. I found out that the pop princess was hospitalized after a police standoff while watching CNN on the elliptical at the athletic club. What is up with that? I was curious about what was going on in Pakistan, with so much turmoil there and instead I got Larry King hosting a show about Britney losing her kids. That scares the living crap out of me. When we care more about Paris Hilton being jailed or Britney acting like a spoiled rich girl, what does that mean for society?

The mind boggles.

In tribute to the madness, and giving my only say to this, I would like to play this YouTube video of Britney back in the "good old days". May she find peace, hopefuly back in Louisiana, so that the country can start focusing on something a tad more important, like the upcoming Presidential election!

Take care.

Friday, January 04, 2008

What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

It is that time of year again. Time to make well-meaning resolutions and to make a fresh start of sorts. Most folks have weight loss or toning as a resolution. Others want to quit smoking and another segment vows to spend more time with family. Resolutions are very unique to the individual, even if it is a widely used one. God knows that every year I like to start fresh and try to improve something I have taken for granted or let go of.

In that spirit, I want to briefly share my resolutions.

1. Lose weight and get continue weight lifting. I had a great year at the gym this year. I lifted three times a week for two hours a night consistently. I worked out six times a week almost every week. I feel better physically then I have for a long time. The only problem is that I gained 10 lbs. between Thanksgiving and now. I ate all the stuff I usually don't eat the rest of the year. My goal is to get that back off and keep up what I worked for last year.

2. Cut my comic purchases by half. I am going to work on that tomorrow. Simply put, I can't afford the lifestyle of a diehard fan. It is too expensive, and with so many books creeping over $3, it won't be long before I have to cut back to one to three books a week.

3. Quit swearing so much. In the last couple of years, I have really been cutting loose with unfortunate words. This is a must.

4. Find a second job or get a wage increase. Jim and I want to make several improvements to our home, including painting the outside of it. I don't want to have to get a loan to do so, so I am trying to figure out how to get enough extra income to make it happen.

5. Go through my comic collection and sell/donate part of it. I have way too many comic books. I am too embarrassed to tell you how many I have because it is ridiculous. My basement is cluttered with long boxes. Something has to give.

6. Clean my basement and closets. This has become a big problem. I am a packrat and I need to simplify things.

7. Continue to blog regularly and be more prompt answering comments and e-mails. Pretty self explanatory.

8. Do something for others rather then focus on myself so much. Maybe some of the above can help me with this. Cleaning my home and giving comics away may help. I also want to spend my time helping somehow. This is one I want to think about.

Those are my resolutions. What are yours?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Comics for January 4

Ms. Marvel #23
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley
I can tell it is a new year because when I went to the gym tonight it was hell finding a parking spot. Normally I just go park to the back, walk up and call it good, but tonight I had to circle a bit. That is a potential irritant that I have to remember to look out for in the next couple of months. Unfortunately, as a gym rat of many years, I can tell you that this group of resolution folks usually dies out by the end of March. While that is good for my parking situation, it makes me sad for the rest of these people. As an obese country, working out is no joke. It can be a life saver.

That is enough of my soapbox tonight. Last night I actually made a list of all the comics I get in a month. This is the story. I get 70 ongoing titles and 21 mini-series. I printed the list out and am making myself cut half of those before I fill out the newest Previews. That is my resolution for the year, other then losing the weight I gained during the holidays when I ate like a pig.

With that in mind, I am pretty happy that my list this week is smaller then previous weeks have been. Here is the list.

Countdown #17
Countdown to Mystery #4 (of 8)
Detective Comics #840
Supergirl #25
Teen Titans Year One #1 (of 6)
Dynamo 5 #10
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #7 (of 12)
Ms Marvel #23 - pictured
Thunderbolts #118
Uncanny X-Men #494

That is it. On my chopping block are Supergirl and Thunderbolts. This new issue will tell the tale.

I hope you all had a safe New Years and holiday season and that things went well today! Take care!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008- Things to Look Forward To!

Echo #1
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley
Happy New Year to all of you from Comics Fairplay! This year we are cautiously optimistic that it will be the best yet. Here is hoping and praying that 2008 will bring nothing but good things for you and your loved ones.

To start the year out on a positive note, I made a list of comic book related things I am looking forward to. In no particular order, here is my buzz list!

1. Starman Omnibus editions coming out: May 21 brings the first of six omnibus books from the celebrated series. Covering issues #0 through 16, this is a treat I am greatly looking forward to.

2. Consistent quality on the Wonder Woman title: With Gail Simone and the Dodsons on the book, I am really looking forward to a return to greatness this year for the Amazing Amazon. God knows she deserves it.

3. Y The last Man ends with issue #60: I will miss this series when it ends but am eagerly awaiting the final issue. Scheduled to ship this month, readers will find out what happens to Yorick and the rest of his cast. Hopefully it will be a memorable finish.

4. 100 Bullets enters its final story arc with issue #89: Scheduled to end at issue 100, this series has rocked my world from the time I read the first trade. Exceptional writing and amazing art make this my go-to book of the year. Much like Y the Last Man, I don’t want to see it end, but look forward to the ride.

5. Dark Ivory mini-series from Linsner and Hopkins: Coming out through Image Comics, the long talked about mini-series by Joe Linsner and Eva Hopkins is scheduled to begin in March. It will be a wonderful way to experience a different side of the Dawn creator and his partner in crime.

6. Noble Causes returns: Set five years in the future, Jay Faerber is bringing back the Noble family in all their glory. This underrated series is a must read in my book, and the fact that Faerber is shaking things up a bit just makes it that much more interesting.

7. Mark Bagley under contract to DC: After enjoying a phenomenal run on Ultimate Spider-Man, Bagley has switched companies and it now under contract to DC Comics. I am anxious to see where this prolific penciller turns up next. As a big fan of his, I see this move as an opportunity for Bagley to spread his wings.

8. Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic commit to Witchblade through issue #150: What fascinates me most about this news is that issue #112 of the book just came out, meaning that this will start firing on all cylinders by mid-year. It is unusual to see a creative team pledge to that long of a tenure in this day and age. Following them on this journey is a definite plan of mine.

9. Iron Man and Batman-Dark Knight movies: This is going to be such a great year for comic book movies if the trailers here are any indication. I can’t wait to go to the movies again just to see these two very different characters on the big screen. All my cynicism about Robert Downey Jr. has been replaced with a considerable amount of excitement. I am also very interested to see Heath Ledger’s Joker face off with Christian Bales’ Batman. This should be fun.

10. New series by Terry Moore: I just got done looking at the March solicitation for Moore’s new endeavor after Strangers in Paradise, and it is safe to say I am on board for the duration. Titled “Echo”, Moore takes an entirely different approach then before and that really captures my interest.

11. More Franklin Richards one-shots: In a year filled with multiple crossovers and major character changes, the Franklin Richards specials by Chris Eliopoulos were always a breath of fresh air. I am crossing my fingers for many more of these.

12. New Zorro series from Dynamite Entertainment: Written by Matt Wagner, this new book from D.E. looks like a good read. If previous D.E. offerings are any indication, Zorro will be a solid hit.

That is it for the list. I am sure there are things I have missed, but those were in the forefront of my mind. The one thing I am dreading is more crossovers, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. In the meantime, let me once again wish you a Happy New Year and great success in the upcoming year!