Friday, February 29, 2008

On The Road...

The story of my life!
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Sorry for the lack of blogging. My trade show was the last two days and now I am traveling to Eastern Oregon for a funeral. I hope to be back here safe and sound with errands done and life caught up by Sunday night.

Have a good weekend and take care.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catching up on News: Rucka Checks Out From Checkmate

Checkmate #25
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Tonight I was checking the internet for news and stumbled upon an article on Newsarama confirming that Greg Rucka is leaving Checkmate with issue 25. This really hits me hard because in my mind, Rucka has really redefined the espionage portion of the DCU with this series. I love the fact that super heroes are interacting with "non-powered" folks to safeguard the world against super threats. Other then Queen & Country, I felt this has been some of Rucka's best work.

It appears now that Rucka is going to go play in the Marvel sandbox. In another article, it stated that he and Ed Brubaker are going to take a run at Daredevil. While this should be fantastic work, it will still be bittersweet because I can't picture anyone else writing Checkmate.

What have you thought about Checkmate?

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Comics for February 27

She-Hulk 2 #26
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Thank you so much for all the well-wishes last night and today. My family and I are doing pretty well, and your kind words are greatly appreciated. Logistically I am trying to figure out how to be in about three places at once this weekend!

Quick question: Is anyone from the "East Side" of Washington State going to the Seattle Comicard show this weekend? If you are, would you e-mail me or leave me a comment here. I am looking to possibly carpool or make some kind of arrangement!

Looking at the cover I chose for this week, it is taking all I have got not to scream "Is this Gratuitous". I am going through serious withdrawals. LOL. I kinda like the expression on Shulkie's face and know of a certain fan of hers who will love this cover, so I am just going to reserve judgement at this time.

In the "not succeeding" in dropping books department, here is my list of books for the week!

Action Comics #862
All Star Batman and Robin #9
Army@Love #12- final issue of season
Countdown #9
Crime Bible The Five Lessons of Blood #5 (of 5) - another 'Final"
Deathblow #9- yet another "Final"
Fables #70
Justice Society of America #13
Teen Titans #56
Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #6 (of 8)
Captain America #35
She-Hulk 2 #26
Ultimate Spider-Man #119
X-Men Legacy #208
Dan Dare #4 (of 7)

That is the list. The good news is that three of the books are "final" issues, whether it be mini-series or series. Also, I am debating about dropping Teen Titans, so that is up in the air.

Have a nice evening! I will see you here tomorrow!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random Thoughts and Get In Shape: Week 6

It has been a rough weekend here at Comics Fairplay. We had a loss in our family that has shaken us quite a bit. Also, I still haven't recovered 100% from being dehydrated. I also found out that we are on the waiting list for a booth, not actual booth recipients, at the Emerald City Show, so that is about the icing on the crap cake.

The good news is that I lost two more pounds and am staying on my diet during this stressful time. Also, my company's yearly trade show is next week so that is a bit disconcerting. Hopefully I can stay on my game and do a good job at work this week.

This is short and sweet tonight. Let me just say this: if you have a chance to be with loved ones, do so when they are around. Don't wait until it is too late.

Take care and have a good night!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jodi Picoult's Run on Wonder Woman: Where It Went Wrong

The Wonder Woman comic book is on a pretty even keel these days. Gail Simone is doing a fine job of writing, and Aaron Lopresti is coming on board to do the art. The last story arc introduced characters previously not known and redefined Diana for the upcoming run. Until the next crossover comes along and takes things in an entirely diferent direction, things are looking up.

The more I think about this, the more it disturbs me when I consider how best-selling author Jodi Picoult was utilized on the book. In different circumstances, it should have been a natural fit, and it should have been amazing. As Simone has been able to use her strengths to focus the story being told, it would have been only fair to do the same for Picoult, knowing her background.

Why wasn't it done that way? Why wasn't a different writer brought in to write the "Amazons Attack" storyline while Picoult was set to write a mini-series or been brought in to do a tale during a different period of the book's tenure?

Let's first discuss Picoult and her book writing success. Where Picoult has struck readers and been able to maintain a fanbase is in her ability to amaze while carrying a complex tale to it's finish. She is a master at bringing in strong emotion and sustaining it, whether it be heartbreak at a social injustice or the surge of pure love. Picoult delicately weaves a tale that is both compelling and touching. She has written books that deal with child abuse, sexual abuse, mistaken identity, and heartwrenching issues of the same ilk. Clearly her strength is in the storytelling and the power of justice.

Why then was this incredibly talented woman brought in to write a crossover of sorts about a character with whom she was previously pretty unfamiliar? Why was Picoult given a story she could not possibly please the readers with? What an incredible waste.

Having Picoult play dice with the DCU characters while interacting with "Amazons Attack" writer Will Pfeifer and the powers to be at DC editorial was a poor decision. Picoult should have been put on a much different tale. How much of this went wrong was affected by Allan Heinberg's inability to hit a deadline is beyond me, but it just makes absolutely no sense.

Done correctly, Picoult should have been brought in to do a stand-alone story arc that took Wonder Woman to a small town. Following up on a tip, DEO agent Prince heads to Smithtown looking to fnd a metahuman in hiding. Suspected person "John Doe" is hiding there to avoid facing rape/abuse charges and it is Diana's mission to track him down. While there, she encounters layers of mystery that lead her to reconsider the man's guilt. We could also throw in a bit of a love story angle and make it unrequited. I can picture the whole story in my mind, and Picoult would have knocked it out of the park.

So I sit here today wondering where the hell it all went so wrong. This would have been a great opportunity for an interlude, a smaller story if you will, after the events of Heinberg's arc. Picoult could have taken the opportunity to let Diana consider her new lot in life while still kicking butt. Then Pfeifer could have come in and written the "Amazons Attack" arc and it would have been much better.

To this day, I don't blame Picoult for the horror that happened. I point my finger towards DC editorial for misutilizing a phenomenol talent who will most likely not revisit the industry. Why should she? The readers weren't happy, and I would imagine it wasn't her cup of tea either.

This has really been on my mind lately. With Simone doing what needs to be done on the book and getting praise as a female writer, it really bothers me that Picoult didn't get the same courtesy.

What do you think?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Confessions of a Gym Rat

After six weeks of complete and total body devastation, I am simply going to sum it up by saying this:

Every fiber of my being is tired or aches.


I have been working out twice a day six times a week with a clean up work out on Sundays. This means that for an hour from 5:45 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. I do cardio and abs. Then I come back for two or more hours after work and lift weights with a bit more cardio after. This is a lot harder then it sounds, truly.

What is killing me is that my blog and the time I am spending with Jim is suffering. The good news is that I am getting in great shape and will have a long, hopefully healthy life. The bad news is that I am mentally and physically tired.

Even more amazing is that I have to force myself to eat the way I need to. Twice today I had to make myself eat to keep on the schedule I have. This is very scary for me as I normally eat way too much and gain weight easily. What it shows me is that I am just that fatigued.

Now I am not saying this as a pity party. It is par for the course and I only have six weeks left until I am done. Halfway there and all that, you know? What I want to communicate is that I am tired so my blog is suffering. I feel bad, and really appreciate you hanging in with me on this sometimes insanely cool and sometimes insanely nuts journey.

It is going to be so worth it. I know it. I have lost the body fat, inches, and weight that prove it. The downside is the sheer physical exhaustion and trying to let my body recover. Stick with me as I navigate this tricky game! It may even be a bit inspirational. :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Emerald City Comicon: Making a Special Request!

Hey there! I hope you all are having a wonderful evening on this glorious hump day! I have a special request as convention season starts anew.

I would like to have a booth at Emerald City Comicon this year with my hubby. We are going to promote Comics Fairplay again. Here is the problem. I can't afford a whole booth on my own as I am not a profit making entity. Is there anyone out there who would like to share a booth?

I know it is a bit odd to make an "internet wide" request, but I am open to suggestions. The ECCC is May 10 and 11 in Seattle, WA. As the website will fill you in, it is a fantastic experience. There are outstanding special guests and promotions. The folks that make the show are the fans, and the incredible organization by the people who put it together.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at I would appreciate any suggestions and/or interest. I will be able to give you specifics and we can have a dialogue. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Killer Cover Alert: Batman Confidential #17

Why doesn't Kevin Maguire draw everything? Why isn't he a superstar of insane proportions? The man is talented to say the least.

The cover for Batman Confidential #17 knocks my socks off. When I went to check out DC solicitations for May, my eyes kept coming back to this. Between the slanted background and the expression on Batgirl's face, I was blown away. Maguire gives the readers an interesting cover without going "bad girl" on us. Nice.

What do you think?

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Comics for February 20

PVP #38
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What a day. I got up early and exercised and then worked a nine hour day. After that, I went and did another two hours at the gym. Hence, I am a tired old lady tonight. Let me keep it brief as I go through my list of new comics for the week!

Birds of Prey #115
Brave & the Bold #10
Catwoman #76
Checkmate #23
Countdown #10
Death of the New Gods #6 (of 8)
Ex Machina #34
Flash #237
Justice League of America #18
Shadowpact #22
Wonder Girl #6 (of 6)
Invincible #48
Madame Mirage #5
PVP #38 - pictured!
Mighty Avengers #9
Ulimate Human #2 (of 4)
Ultimate X-Men #91
Wolverine Origins #22

Crap. The list is big again. What that means is that it is time to go the well and drop the books I like least as I have been doing. I will check back with you later in the week and see how I do.

Have a great night! Take care!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Cover Revealed: Wonder Woman #20

Wonder Woman #20
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While perusing Newsarama and the advance solicits for DC, I stumbled upon the cover and information for Wonder Woman #20. If I might say so myself, this cover is brilliant. I love the warrior feel to it, and can't wait to see how it relates to the story being told.

Here is the information:

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti & Matt Ryan
Cover by Lopresti
Barbarians at the gate — and a new artist! Aaron Lopresti (Incredible Hulk, Planet Hulk) joins the WONDER WOMAN creative team as the new monthly penciller just as that red-eyed invader of Diana Prince's apartment from issue #16 returns! But which old (and we mean "old"!) DC hero is he, and what could he want from Wonder Woman?
On sale May 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US"

Yay! I have more Wonder Woman greatness to look forward to. Thank Athena!

Get In Shape: Week Five

Last night should have been when I posted this but I got caught up in bill paying and calling my cable internet provider, so here I am today! It is amazing to me how many folks in this town are closing their businesses this weekend or off doing something fun because of the President's Day holiday on Monday. As someone with a regular work schedule without the extra holidays, it is hard to get very excited. Mostly I get irritable because I am tired and have to work while so many people get to sleep in!

This week was a decent week in working out. My team and I got with a personal trainer on Thursday night (yes Valentine's Day) to get some new, harder stuff thrown into our workout. Mainly it comprised of doing stuff "off balance". For example, I would do my bicep curls, but on one leg. Yikes. We also worked on ab planks and other fun core stuff so it was hardcore. At least we are pretty sure it will help.

That being said, here is my tally for the week.

This week's weight loss: 2 lbs.

Total weight loss: 13 lbs.

Not bad, but a pound off my three pounds a week goal. Bummer!

On that note, I am going to go spend a couple of hours in the gym this afternoon and call it good. Have a great day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Musings: Where Have All the Great Comic Book Couples Gone?

Sensation Comics #97
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Happy Valentine's Day! I sincerely hope you and your significant other have had a joyous day filled with love and happiness. Here at Comics Fairplay we are putting off the celebration until this weekend, when we will both be home to enjoy it.

Lately comic book couples have been coming apart at the seams, either by editorial mandate or because of a logical story thread ending. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think of some of the great comic book romances and their untimely endings.

In good news though, I still have Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, and his lovely wife Joan. Through many years of adversity and a great deal of story progression, this couple has stayed together, and more importantly, grown old together. There were no hasty break-ups that I can account for, and when the plot is driven anywhere, it goes towards the strength of their relationship rather then focusing on the weaknesses. Bless Jay and Joan. May they live happily ever after. Did you hear that DC?

As pictured in Sensation Comics #97 at right, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor had a wonderful relationship that transcended death and adversity. Unfortunately, the first crisis and a new volume of the Wonder Woman series put an end to that. I miss Diana saving Steve's butt and I miss his bravery and masculinity. It is rare to find a non-hero male portrayed that way anymore and I miss it.

Unfortunately over at Marvel there has been an epidemic of break-ups, whether by death, magic, or irreconcilable differences. Poor Jean Gray died so that Scott could take up with Emma and lead the X-Men into a new era. Peter and Mary Jane's marriage was retconned out of existence. Luke and Jessica are on the outs. Reed and Sue had a close call. Danny and Misty haven't been together in like forever, you know? It really sucks.

Over at DC, the marriages have been a bit more stable, but characters have taken their hits. Aquaman lost Mera to his super hero career and the shattering of their lives by the death of their son. Garth and Dolphin almost broke up over his commitment to the Titans and now they are presumed dead. Hal and Carol just couldn't make it work with him turning into Parallax and her becoming Star Sapphire. Now Hal has taken up with "Cowgirl" and seemingly left Carol in the dust. Granted, she was a few women ago, but he is portrayed as a "playa".

What has been most fascinating is that we as readers have become so attached to these relationships. As much as I love Grant Morrison, I am still pissed that he killed off Jean. I may never forgive Marvel for the Peter/Mary Jane debacle and they are probably very gleeful about that. I got righteously pissed when I thought Reed and Sue were going to break up, fangirl that I am.

Isn't that amazing? Through the years, these characters and their relationships have affected me enough to care. Keep on going, Jay and Joan, as you give me hope for the future.

Happy Valentine's Day All!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Review: Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #17

From the astounding cover to the deeply felt battle contained therein, the finale of "The Circle" was a resounding success in my book. Writer Gail Simone brings home her point of origin for Wonder Woman with the big reveal and lots of butt kicking. Terry and Rachel Dodson's gorgeous art (along with Ron Randall) was the icing on the cake to this tale.

Because I have been so unhappy with this current volume of Wonder Woman, it made me very cynical that things would turn around. Thank goodness Simone took the reins and brought some sanity to the proceedings. Like any well orchestrated book, the end of the story was worth waiting for and shed new light on Wonder Woman and her cast of characters.

Simone has given the readers some great characters in the "old school" Amazon guard. Alkyone, Philomena, Myrto, and Charis redefined the savagery and loyalty of the nation with their ill fated decision, and the lack of salvation taken was fitting given their personas. These women are characters that I would like to see again, if for no other reason then to learn more of their back story.

I also appreciated seeing some resolution to Hippolyta's dangling storyline, which was left over from "Amazons Attack" and most recently seen in "Countdown". Where this storyline fit into continuity is a bit unsure at this point, but I am assuming it is before "Athena" and her "furies in training" came back to the island. Thoughts?

Simone gave the book a sense of emotion about the Amazon's inability to reproduce. As a woman who has experienced problems with her female organs, it really hit home to me. For some of the women in that tribe it had been centuries since they had been afforded an opportunity to be around children. Imagining their longings and their hesitancy to unlock that particular Pandora's box really resonated with me.

Wonder Woman is a series that is back on track. Simone has made the book a great read again. I am so pleased to have her on the book and hope she stays for the duration. I enjoyed the Dodson's work here, and hope they have great success as they move to their next book. The next few issues have fill in art and then Aaron Lopresti moves in with Simone to give the creative team a bit of cohesiveness. In my mind that will make the book even more successful.

Cynics and critics out there: it is time to give Wonder Woman another shot. The book is back on schedule and it is a fantastic read. My hopes are that a year from now, I can come back and have the same feelings of completeness and happiness that I do right now.

Just like Wonder Woman, the eternal optimist, so do I feel good about the future here. Now if we could just get Simone back on Birds of Prey....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My New Favorite Show- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

As a fan who has revered the Terminator trilogy of movies, the thought of a television show that seemed to interfere with that destiny seemed reprehensible. "It will be bad", I thought to myself. "It will ruin the saga for me", ran through my head.

"Oh well, there's nothing else on" won the day.

My hubby and I proceeded to turn on the television to see what was going to happen to the amazingly resilient Sarah Connor and her son John, the future leader of the battle for humanity's future.

Surprisingly, we found ourselves sucked into this new show. Sarah as portrayed by Lena Headey is a revelation. While I thought Linda Hamilton was irreplaceable, Headey has proven me wrong. Dazzled by her performance in 300, I am even more impressed with her acting here. Headey is tough and agressive, yet vulnerable. Her love for her son and her ache for human contact is palpable. In a world she must always be vigilant in, this Sarah Connor is silk over steel.

The "friendly ally" terminator-type in this show is named Cameron, and she is ably portrayed by Summer Glau. In an interview I once read, Arnold Schwartzenegger revealed that showing no emotions was much harder then not. After watching this show, I believe it. Glau gets to kick major butt while protecting a 15 year old John Connor, and her confusion at human behavior is fascinating and impressive.

Thomas Dekker plays John on this show and he brings a sense of teenage angst that fits with my vision of the character. Struggling with his destiny, John desperately wishes he could fit in. His longing for Cameron, his robotic protector is heart wrenching.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles takes place after T2, with Sarah taking a new taktic against the terminators that have inundated her life with terror. She and John take a shot at a normal life, only to be discovered by threats from the future. Cameron disguises herself as a student at John's school to protect him, but must reveal herself when a terminator finds him.

Through a great deal of crazy adventure. the three main characters find themselves in the future. The horror of watching the terminator regrow himself while a sense of uncertainty fills John and Sarah's lives is unnerving. Watching this week's episode and seeing the extreme danger and action made me really root for this family of characters.

Incredible, isn't it? A show that I was initially thinking would be awful has become my new favorite. I guess I should be happy that the writer's strike made me look for something new, because I feel like I have discovered a goldmine here. If you are a comic book and/or action fan, you must tune into this show.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Gone Too Soon: Stever Gerber Passes Away

Howard the Duck #12
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It is with great sadness that I have just learned that comic book legend Steve Gerber has passed away after fighting pulmonary fibrosis. He was just 60 years old.

Having recently been enjoying the "Countdown to Mystery" mini-series at DC, and really looking forward to a "Dr. Fate" series courtesy of Gerber, it makes the news seem unreal. The creator of Howard the Duck and Omega the Unknown can't really be gone, right?

Words just can't express enough what a talent Gerber was. Dancing to his own tune, the man was unique and clever, keeping the readers on their toes. Losing him is so unfair.

Head over to Newsarama to check out the article there. Thank you to my good friend John for letting me know. John's tribute is a beautiful testament to a great talent.

New Comics for February 13

X-Factor #28
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I am sorry to be a bit uneven in my blogging lately. As you may have seen here, I am in the full throes of a "Get in Shape" contest and the hours I am spending at the gym are insane. Tonight I got home at 8 p.m after logging an hour this morning and two and a half hours tonight. It will be like this until April 3 or 4 when I weigh out.

With that in mind, I want to send a shout out to my patient husband, who is having to spend a great deal of time not seeing me. He has been holding down the fort at home while I do cardio and lots of weight lifting and I really appreciate it.

This week's comics are not too bad. I am thinking of cutting a few more, but at present here is the list.

100 Bullets #88
American Virgin #23- Final issue!
Booster Gold #0
Countdown #11
Green Arrow Black Canary #5
Green Lantern Corps #21
Salvation Run #4 (of 7)
Suicide Squad Raise the Flag #6 (of 8)
Wonder Woman #17
Sword #5
Black Panther #34- possibly on the chopping block
Fantastic Four #554- also on said chopping block
New Avengers #38
Punisher War Journal #16- on chopping block
Ultimate Iron Man II #3 (of 4)
Wolverine #62- may not pick up; depends...
X-Factor #28 - see killer cover at right!
X-Force #1- maybe!

That is the list. I have three limited series in there that I am planning to not replace new books with and four books on the chopping block. My goal is to get my comic book bill under $20 a week. Crazy, huh? I still am trying very hard.

Have a wonderful evening! I will see you here tomorrow!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Random Thoughts: Comic News This Week

DC Universe Zero
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What a week it has become for comic book announcements. After a great deal of speculation, and the inevitable "Wizard" cover appearance, the lid is coming off with respect to Final Crisis and DC's upcoming weekly series. It appears from reading over at Newsarama that DC's Dan Didio is quite giddy with himself. It must be nice to have that kind of chutzpah, right? Quesada has nothing on Didio.

The one bit of news I did greet with a great deal of excitement is learning that James Robinson is returning to comics after his magnificent Starman series. Robinson will replace Kurt Busiek on the Superman title starting with issue #676 in June. This will be a must read for fans of Robinson's work. My main reaction to this is "Yay!".

"Trinity" will be the name of the upcoming weekly series from DC. Starting in June, the book will have two different stories. One will feature Busiek and Mark Bagley and follow Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The other story will feature both stand-alone and continuing stories crafted by Busiek and a rotating gallery of artists. After being disenchanted with "Countdown", finding that the new focus will give a more focused approach is comforting. This is a series I would be willing to try based on the strength of both the characters involved and the creative team.

DC Universe #1, which is pictured, is a 24 page issue that will sell for 50 cents. Set up as a bridge between "Countdown to Final Crisis" and "Final Crisis", the book will be written by Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison and feature several artists. From the basic description of it, DC is betting on bringing in readers with a great set up for the DC universe of the coming years.

DC also revealed "Rann/Thanagar: Holy War" and "Reign in Hell" as two events of the coming year. Both mini-series will have six issues and will have a similar feel to the "Countdown" mini-series of the last year. Featured as a continuation of the momentum started there, these books will bring "science heroes" and "devilish villains" to the forefront.

In horrible news, Sean McKeever is ALREADY leaving "Birds of Prey". Utility writer Tony Bedard will take the book back over as regular writer. Not to be a killjoy, but this just takes the wind out of my sails. The book had lost quite a bit of it's luster for me when Gail Simone left, and this just almost kills it for me. I wasn't given a good taste of what McKeever could offer, and I am not a fan of Bedard's so I have a bad feeling I will be dropping this book before Summer ends.

In other comic news, Marvel is starting to heat up the "Secret Invasion" in several titles and the mutants are left in turmoil after the events in those books. I am feeling very disenchanted here as well. Very honestly, I am not a fan of the Skrulls or books relating to them, so I am already burned out. I have been dropping several Marvel titles and focusing more on the "stand alone" books like Punisher Max and the ilk. Time will tell where the boat will travel to in the Marvel universe.

What do you think of the latest news coming out of the comics world? It has been quite the week, huh? Have a great afternoon, and I will be back later to catch up!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Get In Shape: Week Four

What a week. Work has been busy and I have spent a ton of time at the gym again. The good news is that things are going well. The bad news is that I still have eight more weeks of this working out to do. It has been hard on my hubby and I. I don't get to see him as much as I would like, and he is busy taking care of the home front.

That being said, I did have a good week for weight loss.

This week's weight loss: 3 lbs.

Total weight loss: 11 lbs.

That is good news. The bad is how tired I am. I may try to spend more time at home tomorrow rather then at the gym and let my body heal. I also want to do a post I have been ruminating on, so that is a priority. Lots of stuff is going on and I have to get my head thinking about Emerald City Comicon a bit as well.

See you back here tomorrow. Have a great night!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

Because comics didn't show up until today, I have purposely stayed away from the blogosphere. For some reason (call it a gut feeling), I wanted to check on Lisa at Sequentially Speaking, so I did break my rule a bit. Come to find out she is snowed in! Poor lady. I am crossing my fingers she and her hubby are able to dig out soon.

The rest of you, please don't take it personally. It isn't that I think you are going to spoil something, but I am really trying to not have stuff revealed inadvertantly. Trust me when I say I will be taking a spin tonight and tomorrow to catch up!

I finally got around to posting about the first look piece of DC art by Mark Bagley. It is fantastic! I can't wait to see more of Bagley's work there. His interpretation of the big three is insanely well done, and I stand by him as a creator. I appreciate his ability to hit a deadline while maintaining his distinctive style.

My workouts are taking a bit of a toll and I am tired tonight so I am once again cutting it short. Once again, it seems something has got to give and it has been my blogging. Hopefully I can figure it all out again and get back on track soon!

Have a wonderful evening and Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

No Comics... But Lots of Know-it-alls!

The weather continues to haunt us this week. Comics will not be in until tomorrow. Once again, I am not upset because it is simply not worth it. When the weather is bad, it is bad. Trucks can't get through, and things are slow. It also isn't as painful this week because there wasn't any one book I HAD to have immediately. Last week with Y The Last Man was a toughie.

At the gym this last week my workout partner and I have had to endure several other folks trying to tell us how to workout. What these people don't know is that my partner and I have a plan, and it is a well-researched one. When we tell them that, they get a bit uppity, so we have to name drop. Kerry and I went through the Arnold Schwartzenegger Encyclopedia of Body Building. It is 800 pages of everything a person could ever want to know about the modern day way of lifting. Kerry and I also have been following the Clean Eating Diet very closely, packing our coolers full of food each day with a great deal of consideration.

Basically, I think these people are well meaning, but with all due respect, we don't need their help. Last year my partner put on 20 pounds of muscle and I put on over 10 pounds of the lean stuff. We worked very hard and we change things up. We have also made it a point of never telling someone else what to do. We think it is a big no-no at the gym, unless you are an employee of said establishment and the person is going to hurt themselves. Otherwise, it is simply an intrusion.

What is frustrating for Kerry and I is that we have made great results and we really don't want to change what we are doing. We don't know why we are being targeted. My cynical side thinks some of these people want to sabotage us while my happy side thinks it is just well-intentioned but naive on these people's part.

Help me out here. How would you explain to a person in a pleasant manner that you don't need their help? We have been smiling a lot and saying "thanks but no thanks" but it isn't working very well. I am open to ideas.

On that note, have a great night. I am off to eat a turkey patty and relax. Take care!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Locker Room Revisited: I'm Not That Type of Girl!

After a week and a half to recover and reflect on the locker room conversations I had with two different women with regards to their disdain/inappropriate response to my love of comics, I have come to a few conclusions. Let me share them and hope I don't ramble.

In viewing these women for the last week, I have noticed that both are quite obsessed with their self image. Every evening, these ladies come into the locker room, put on their yoga togs, and do either a step aerobics or "body pump" or "body flow" class. After said hour, they proceed to wander aimlessly, sometimes with weights in hand, and gossip. I don't know what all they discuss because it nauseated me so much I had to walk away, but I caught a few choice tidbits.


"I can't believe so-and-so let her daughter act so snippy. My son/daughter would never act like that."

"Did you see so-and-so in class? They must have gained 10 pounds."

"Ohmigod, look at her!" (referencing various things)

"We are going to Jamaica for a week for spring break. Where are you going?"

It goes on and on, People. These women spend so much time gossiping and tearing others down that I just couldn't stomach anymore.

The bottom line is that I really feel that these women want to have the illusion of perfection so in order to achieve it they make themselves feel superior to others by putting them down. That is no way to live and I just can't respect that.

Don't get me wrong though. I see many folks at the gym working hard and being supportive of each other. I also see men behaving badly in the weight room, so I don't want it to seem like I am just picking on other women. It just hit the mark with me that these people must have pretty bad self esteem to be so cruel about others.

I comfort myself with the fact that I tell people how I feel to their face and that I try and be gentle but honest. The folks I work out with are a good support system, and I have made several great friends. It is just that everywhere I go I know there will be that minority of jerks.

Guess what? I found some at the gym, and now I know who to avoid!


Monday, February 04, 2008

New Comics for February 6

Wildstorm: Revelations #3
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It was a long day today. I went and worked out at 6 a.m. and then again tonight at 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. I really can't complain though, as it really feels good in the long run. I feel like I am in a battle against my fat and I am not going to let it win. LOL.

The Super Bowl yesterday was incredible. It has been a long time since I have been so entranced by a game. Talk about good television- the second half of the game dang near knocked my socks off. I didn't have a clear favorite going into the fame, but by the end I was cheering for the Giants. What did you think of the game?

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, so you local folks should be having fun. (John, I am sorry to hear you have to work!) One of my goals is to get down to Mardi Gras in the next couple of years and experience it firsthand.

My comics list is getting smaller so I am quite happy. Here it is for the week.

Countdown #12
Detective Comics #841
Fables #69
Justice Society of America #12
Nightwing #141- still on hit list
Teen Titans Year One #2 (of 6)
Wildstorm Revelations #3 (of 6)
Darkness #2
Witchblade #115
Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures #8 (of 12)
Ms. Marvel #24
Uncanny X-Men #495
The Boys #15

I was pleased to see that three of the books I am getting are limited. I don't know how to define Countdown. Hopefully I can continue to cut back more to the point that I am down to five books a week. That is the goal.

Have a wonderful evening! I am off to take a shower and then watch Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles. I have really enjoyed that show!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings: The "Y" Edition

Y: The Last Man
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In very good news, we got our comic books. The first book I read was Y: The Last Man #60 of course. What a fantastic series this has been. Let me try and be spoiler free in talking about it.

I was very happy that the rumored "this whole thing has been a Dallas style dream" was not correct in form or function. That would have been a downer to say the least. The flashbacks and the "full circle" feel of this issue made me feel like I had completed the journey.... but it also left a few windows open for specials and spin-offs. That was a nice touch.

The most surprising thing for me was the Hero-Beth connection. It was a bit unexpected, but it was also a warm fuzzy. Seeing many of the characters and learning their fates really sealed the deal. Now if I can just sit down and read it from start to finish in the next week or so. That will feel like a treat. Thanks to Vaughan, Guerra, Marzan Jr., and the rest for a brilliant ride.

As many of you know, I have been reading Witchblade since issue one. There have been some great stuff and there has been some real crap, but since the First Born storyline, I have felt an injection of sincerity and reality in relation to this series that had not been present before. Sara's newfound motherhood and Danni's growing awareness of herself have made this a book I really enjoy reading. Yes, it surprises me too.

Dude, Bucky's Cap now! Heh. After being completely spoiled by every dang website and newspaper in the country, I took no joy in the recent issue. But whoa, he has a gun, right? Nah. Readers who have been in on this since issue one knew that Bucky was the badass right? I want the old shirt back. Buzzkill.

I was a bit disappointed with the way the limited Black Adam series ended. Tomorrow or the next day I will give it a new read. The issue does dovetail into Countdown, so continuity is fixed for about two minutes.

I got too tired to read the rest of my stack. Working out three to four hours a day exhausts me and I have to go to bed early like the old broad I am. The good news is that I feel strong and aware physically. The bad news is that I don't get my comics read in a very coherent state because I am so tired. Oh well. Only nine more weeks of this and then I will take a week off and change my routine completely. I really want to wear tanks and shorts all summer without any embarrassment.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and I have no clear favorite. After the Seahawks got taken out, I felt partial to the Green Bay team, but with their presence not requested, I don't have any real loyalty to either the Giants or the Patriots. That being said, I will focus on hoping to see a good game and check out the new commercials, including the Iron Man trailer. Groovy.

Have a wonderful day! I am off to do my second workout of the day, which includes working my legs until they barely work. Nice.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Get In Shape: Week Three

It has been another hectic week at the gym. I have been continuing my two-a-days and lifting weights like crazy. My workout partner and I went and got body comps done to see how our body fat was and see if we were losing any inches. I was really excited to find that I have lost three inches off my waist already. It was also good news that I have really toned up my thighs, losing and inch and a quarter there. Every measurement showed loss, which always makes my day.

The weight loss has slowed a bit, but I am not panicking about that as I think that I am gaining muscle that is replacing the fat. Also, my pants are getting loose, which is always a great thing. I figure that if I lose 10 more pounds I will be wearing my "skinny jeans". Yay! The figures are as follows:

This week's loss: 2 lbs.

Total weight loss: 8 lbs.

In happy news, one of the daughters of a woman I have befriended at the club came over and said "hi". She proceeded to also give me a diet pepsi and tell me I was doing good. That really made my day after all the horrors of last Saturday. Karma was going overtime, and I felt happy.

That is it for tonight. I hope you have a wonderful evening, and I will be back tomorrow. We got our comic books in, so it is time to read up!