Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Comics For May 31/June 1

Queen & Country 30
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I am not sure if we are getting comics on Wednesday or Thursday, hence the dual dates. Being out here in the Northwest, one never knows.

The goods news is that I have a lot of cool stuff coming in this week. It is as follows.

52 Week 4
Action Comics #839
Crisis Aftermath The Spectre #1 (of 3)
Ion #2 (of 12)
JLA Classified #21
Superman Batman #26
Wraithborn #6 (of 6)
Age of Bronze #23
Liberty Meadows #37
Amazing Spider-Man #532
Runaways #16
Son of M #6 (of 6)
Storm #4 (of 6)
Thing #7
Ultimate Extinction #5 (of 5)
Ultimate Fantastic Four #30
Ultimate Spider-Man #95
Ultimates 2 #12
Queen & Country #30 (pictured at right)
Red Sonja #10
Soulfire #7
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #38

Whew! What a list. It should mean a great weekend of good reading.

Take care and have a wonderful short week!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Paying Respects on Memorial Day

Just a quick line to all of you out there. Jim and I are paying our respects for lost loved ones today, by thought and deed. To all of you out there who have recently lost a loved one, our hearts and prayers are with you.

If you do nothing else but have a happy memory of a dearly departed, especially one that served in the armed forces, remember what they stood for, and remember the joy of their presence.

Today is a day to honor those who have kept us safe. It is also a day to remember those who we cherished. They linger on in our hearts and our minds.

Take care.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blatant Story Stretching Salute: New Avengers 17-19

New Avengers 19
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It has been a long time since I have seen as blatant an attempt at story stretching as I am witnessing in the current New Avengers storyline. There is something in play in this arc that will have some kind of repercussions down the road, but for whatever reason, it has to stalled out for continuity or story telling, or whatever lame reason to be revealed later.

Issue 17 had so many double paged spreads that it was ridiculous. Issue 18 had a long, drawn out battle full of uneasy banter. Now in issue 19, we are getting to the point, but it still can't be resolved. This means I have to pick up issue 20 to figure out what in my mind could have been encapsulated into one or two issues.

Normally scripter Brian Michael Bendis has reasons for this kind of behavior, but I can find no such redeeming merits here. To say I am disapointed is putting it mildly. My hubby was smart and dropped the book after 17, but I had to stick with it to make a point. What an idiot I feel like now.

Sadly, I will pick up #20 to get to the bottom of things. After that, Marvel can take this gratuitous piece of crap and shove it.

How is that for not belaboring the point?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fantastic Four: A Death in the Family- A Rant!

FF One Shot
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Man, what a pisser it is to buy a comic book and find out that it isn't remotely what you thought it would be. That is what happened to me with Fantastic Four: A Death in the Family one-shot.

From what the preview said, I thought this issue fit into current continuity. I even thought that it might tie in to Civil War. What an idiot I am!!!

FF: Death is a new story and a reprint of Fantastic Four #245, so it isn't even all new. That just makes me feel dumber. Great.

In FF: Death, Johnny makes an error that costs Sue her life. He decides to try and fix what he did. Okay, that is really fricking original... not. The art by Lee Weeks was old school, which was cool, and the story by Karl Kesel was even kinda poignant.

The problem is that I was duped by false advertising, and didn't even get all new stuff for my $3.99. I am pissed about this!

Bottom Line: I want to alert you that this story isn't what you may think. It is okay, but not earth shattering. Don't go buy it thinking that it fits into the current storyline. Don't be misled.

Monday, May 22, 2006

New Comics For May 24

Black Panther 16
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Well, I made it through the goat show in one piece. I even ended up showing a couple. It was fascinating. Even better was having my nephew, sister, and father all here with me for the weekend. It was heaven.

I have quite the list of comic books this week. It goes like this:

52 Week 3
Batman #653
BIrds of Prey #94
Blue Beetle #3
Catwoman #55
Checkmate #2
Hawkgirl #52
JSA Classified #220
Loveless #7
Secret Six #1 (of 6)
Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #18
Teen Titans #36
PVP #26
Witchblade #98
Black Panther #16 (pictured)
Daredevil #85
Exiles #81
Fantastic Four: A Death In The Family One shot
New Avengers #19
New Excalibur #7
Powers #18
She-Hulk 2 #8
Squadron Supreme #3
Wolverine #42
X-Factor #7

It should be a good week for comics, and knowing that this weekend is Memorial Day just pumps up the excitement level.

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Going to a Goat Show!

Boer goats
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My nephew and his Uncle are in town this weekend for a big Boer Goat show, so Jim and I are going to be spending the weekend there. Evidently Boer Goats are very popular, expensive critters. They are coveted because of their meat producing abilities and because they are cute as hell.

Jim just got a new job, so he will be working part of the time, but I will be there with bells on. It isn't often my nephew comes to town, and to be able to spend time with him is the ultimate. He is a neat kid, and I just love him to pieces. To top it off, my sister is coming to town today so I get to spend time with her as well. Too cool.

Have a great day, and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Still Waiting for Greatness... But Getting Better: 52 Week 2

52 week 2
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Well, I just got done taking a gander at 52 Week 2. Each character is starting to get some plot lines going, which is going to up the momentum of the book. I am still a bit underwhelmed, but hope that once we get a few more weeks into it that it will get to be a nail biter.

The ultimate challenge DC has in 52 is that we already know where several characters have ended up, and we are following them "One Year Later". Making the time in between Infinite Crisis and that period is going to be tough for sure. That is probably why the focus is on more minor characters who don't have a solo book spotlight. This enables the creators to "play" and make mysteries out of storylines that may otherwise have been resolved.

I am extremely interested in the Ralph Digby and Renee Montoya storylines, and have pinned a lot of interest there. Hopefully one of the other characters will step up and surprise me, which would be a bonus.

The most jarring thing thus far for me is Booster Gold's robotic friend Skeets. He reminds me of Jar Jar Binks, and not in a good way. Here's hoping that it is short lived.

52 shows promise. It will take a bit to build momentum, and I have patience for that, as I have already pre-ordered it for three months at my local comic shop. I just hope it makes a splash, and really entertains us before it is all said and done.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blogger Suffers Meltdown Upon Finding Out Manhunter and The Thing are Cancelled!

Manhunter 1
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I just got done reading on Newsarama (see link at right) that both Manhunter from DC and The Thing from Marvel are being cancelled. What a travesty! Both books are high quality work being done by great creative teams. I look forward to reading them both, and am completely overwrought upon finding out that they are done.

The final issue of The Thing will be #8, which is scheduled to ship in June. Manhunter's curtain call will be issue #25, which is scheduled to ship in July.

What the heck is going on here, People? A great book like Manhunter gets the axe while totally crappy books get to stay (think of certain X-books and other series of note). My faith in my fellow fans is devastated- at least for the rest of the day.

Now I will never know what heights of greatness both books may have scaled. I was especially excited at the future of the Manhunter title, so this is particularly irritating. I just got my hubby reading and enjoying it though, so I guess that is par for the course.

Any other mourners care to join me? Cocktails are being served at 7 p.m. sharp!

Monday, May 15, 2006

New Comics For May 17

Shadowpact 1
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Things are much better today then they have been. Jim has potentially good news, and my company got through our first day with a new phone system! I also am finally starting to feel better from my crappy bronchitis, so maybe my doctor will release me to work out soon! All in all, it is pretty positive.

Comics-wise, this is definitely a DC dominated week. I am enjoying a lot of the product DC is putting out, so it has become my top company for pulls. Interesting, huh?

Without further ado, here is my list:

Conan #28
100 Bullets #72
52 Week 2
All Star Batman and Robin #4
Aquaman Sword of Atlantis #42
Bite Club Vampire Unit #2 (of 5)
Green Arrow #62
Manhunter #22
Robin #150
Shadowpact #1 (pictured at right)
Superman/Batman #25- I don't know why I am getting this; I don't remember what the hell the story is about.
Captain America #18
Ms. Marvel #3
Ultimate X-Men #70
Wolverine Origins #2
X-Men #186
Fallen Angel #5

That is all she wrote! It should be a good one.

Have a wonderful week all!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


A Happy Mother's Day to all of you who apply out there! What a wonderful gift you have given!

I am going to call my mother today and wish her the best. She is a pistol- brilliant and funny, and I am lucky to have her. I wish we lived closer so I could see her more often.

I am going to spend my day recuperating from bronchitis and another six day work week. It is officially lazy recovery day here at Casa Meeley!

Take care and have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Well, it is truly a hellish week in the sense that I have crappy bronchitis but find that I cannot miss work! There are too many things going on, and on top of that, our phone system finally died a screaming, horrible death. Did I mention that tomorrow is also inventory? Oy vay.

At any rate, I took a gander at 52 Week 1 last night. I was really underwhelmed. From what I can figure, this first one was mostly a set-up issue, so things are bound to pick up. I am still reeling a bit from Infinite Crisis 7 and the fact that there seems to be huge changes coming for Wonder Woman. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. 52 series-wise, I am in for the long haul, as I have ordered well ahead. Hopefully it will be magnificent.

Sorry I have been so terrible since I have been back. I only seem to have enough energy to get through a ten hour day at work and then I go home and collapse. Two six day work weeks in a row is quite the challenge when a person is sick.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! I will probably be back to whine some more soon!

Monday, May 08, 2006

New Comics For May 10

52 #1
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Well, here I am back from Idaho! Unfortunately, I brought back a nasty case of bronchitis with me. Having never had it before, I had no idea how nasty the crap is. Yikes.

At any rate, here is my list of books for the week!

52 Week 1
American Virgin #3
Captain Atom Armageddon #8 (0f 9)
Crisis Aftermath The Battle for Bludhaven #3 (of 6)
Ex Machina #20
Fables #49
Firestorm The Nuclear Man #25
Jonah Hex #7
Nightwing #120
Superman #652
Wildcats Nemesis #9 (of 9)
Girls #13
New X-Men #26
She-Hulk 2 #7
Uncanny X-Men #473
X-Men The 198 #5 (of 5)

That's it for the week. I hope to feel better by the end of the week and talk about IC #7. Interesting stuff. Even more ironic was that Marvel threw down their gauntlet with Civil War #1 the same week. Hmmmm...

Take care! Have a great week!

Monday, May 01, 2006

New Comics For May 3

Y The Last Man 45
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Well, it is another week, so it is time for the new comic book list. Just my luck, I won't be here all week, so I will miss out on IC 7 until Sunday. How will I stand the suspense?? Heh heh.

Here is my list:

Action Comics #838
Detective Comics #819
Infinite Crisis #7 (of 7)
JSA #85
Outsiders #36
Supergirl #6
Teen Titans #35
Y The Last Man #45
Necromancer #5
Civil War #1 (of 7)
Exiles #80
Punisher #33
Ultimate Spider-Man #94
X-Men The End #5 (of 6)

That's it for the week. I am going down to Jerome, ID for the rest of the week to take inventory and some meetings. I am leaving the hubby solo, so hopefully he doesn't have too many parties!

Have a great week! See you Sunday!