Friday, June 30, 2006

The Art of Commerce: Why Comic Book Companies Don’t Care About Fanboys

After going to see Superman Returns Wednesday night, it dawned on me that comic books will never again be the primary focus of comic book companies like Marvel and DC. That’s not where the money is.

With comic book reader numbers dwindling, and the average age of readers continuing to rise, these companies have had to change their focus to survive financially. Why make up to a dollar on a comic book company when they can make $13 on a t-shirt, or better yet license the likenesses and pocket a big check? It all makes perfect sense to me now.

Before our level of technology increased to the level it is now, we were a captive audience for the publishers. Comic books were at dang near every grocery store or dime store a kid went to. There was profitability in number of books sold, and it bred a love in many readers that continues to this day. Now to get my hands on a comic book, I pretty much have to go to a specialty shop, or better yet, I can go to and read several issues. Why spend the money now?

For publishers to make the almighty dollar, they had to get creative. What better way to spread the story to the masses then a movie? Tie that in with apparel, breakfast cereal, and soda pop, and it is sure to be a festival of money. Screw trying to bring in the comic book! The fanboys are just going to bitch anyway, right? That is the mentality.

From an economic standpoint I can’t argue with them. I know that when my company brainstorms on how to increase profits, we try and go for the least cost option for the most financial gain without ruining our integrity. It only makes sense. Many consumers will happily buy and wear a Superman symbol shirt. It looks cool, and is socially acceptable. They can walk into a Sears, a Hot Topic, or a Wal-Mart and pick up the look without investing too much emotionally and it is financially solid gain for all involved.

The licensing is where the really big bucks can be. With the movie coming out, DC would get with, say Burger King or McDonalds and license the images. With the excitement level of kids wanting a bauble or action figure, it is sure to drive Happy Meal sales, right? Once again, the publisher gets the money up front and moves on, content in their financial gain. Imagine the possibilities! When I went to the grocery store on Tuesday, I saw the following items with Superman’s image: cereal, carbonated beverage, fruit roll-ups, soup, and coloring books. That is just what I remember off the top of my head!

It is the image of the hero that drives the licensing and pushes the sales of the products being sold. I can imagine my very sweet 9 year old nephew seeing Superman on his cereal and being pretty excited that he could grow up strong like this favorite character. It is solid marketing and I can’t fault it. Hell, I think Jim and I bought no less then two items with Superman on it this week, just picking up our normal goods.

At any rate, it is easy to see why a publisher wouldn’t focus on the readers. The money isn’t there for them like it is in other avenues. I don’t have to like it, but I sure can’t fault them. It is a solid business decision, and it keeps people employed. The only thing that really gives me pause it that some of that big money is going to some writer or artist who CAN’T make their deadlines, but you know I will always have a quibble with that!

Comic book companies are trying to make money and that is the American way. Now that I understand that I am not their primary target, I can almost breathe a sigh of relief. It isn’t about me any more. I am a pain in their collective asses. It is all about the profit and financial gain, not us.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Returns = Pleasant Surprise

To be very blunt, I did NOT want to go see Superman Returns. After reading so much press about it, and seeing how out of continuity it might be, especially the Lois with a kid hype, I didn't want to bother. I just KNEW I was going to be disapointed.

Well, my husband wasn't going to take "no" for an answer. He went and got tickets before I could protest further. Since I can't stand to waste money, it was a done deal. We went ahead and got in the car and drove to the theatre.

After sitting through three sh*tty trailers and a Spider-Man 3 one, it was time for the movie. When the Superman theme by John Williams started, I got a serious tingle up and down my spine. From there, things only looked up.

I am mad at myself for doubting Bryan Singer and his crew. Once I saw the name "Guy Dyas", the deal was sealed. Dyas was the production guru for X2, and I was fortunate enough to meet him back on the set there. I was very impressed by his work there, and even more impressed with what he did here. Singer has obviously assembled a great crew that knows how to entertain the viewing public.

Brandon Routh was a credible Superman to me. From his overall physical appearance to his general demeanor, I bought him as the man of Steel. I was also pleasantly surprised at his Clark Kent after reading several reviews that called him dorky. What he did worked for me.

Kate Bosworth was the actor I was most concerned about, but she pulled off Lois's swager with aplomb. I loved the inherent curiousness she applied to the character's nature. It worked very well. I felt Kate did Margo Kidder proud.

Campy Kevin Spacey and Quirky Parker Posey were great villains. I had also read about how they didn't pull it off in reviews, and I have to disagree. Spacey oozed Luthor from his pores. I could feel the sliminess all down the walls. I especially loved Parker's sassiness. She grows on me as an actress with each role she takes on.

I loved the one liners, and the audience with me did as well. The script was smart and polished, but not so much that it felt contrived. The actors said their lines with ease, which made the movie flow well.

Visually I really enjoyed the film. The set work by Dyas and his crew was impeccable. My biggest quibble was the CGI at times really horrified me with it's fakeness, but that is to be expected. If that is the biggest complaint I can find, then I can live with it.

James "Scott Summers" Marsden gave a great performance as Richard White. I can see why the X3 crew killed him off so quickly - they were pissed at how great he was going to be in this film. I also enjoyed the Jimmy Olsen and Perry White characters. Sam Huntington and Frank Langella, respectively, were great comedy relief, and held a sense of gravity about the movie.

I was very pleased with Superman Returns, and will definitely get the DVD. I am also thinking of trying to take my nephews to see it, since it was very kid friendly. There was no "sexual content" to speak of, and no really strong language. The most harsh thing I could object to, kid wise, was a beating taken midway through the picture. Otherwise, I was thrilled by the fact that I could take my nephews to it and relax, knowing they could enjoy it.

Have any of you seen it? Carl, what did you think of your two viewings? I am curious!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Going to the Movies

My husband just informed me he wants to go see Superman Returns tonight, so evidently that is the game plan. We shall see what the lines look like and if tickets are available. If not, it's Nacho Libre all the way!

Have a wonderful evening!

Gratuitous Hunk Shot

John Cassaday
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Ladies, check out this hottie! John Cassaday, artist on Astonishing X-Men and Planetary is quite stunning, isn't he?


Any reactions?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Creator Creep Squad #1- Mike Grell

Mike Grell
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This one is personal.

I was a huge fan of Mike Grell's work on Green Arrow. I collected each issue with great anticipation. I reread the run several times to get all the nuances of the characters and enjoy the whole package.

Grell was one of the creators I really wanted to meet someday.

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

Here is the story:

On three different occasions Grell was supposed to be a guest at the Seattle Comic and Card Show. My husband and I made the trek over the mountains in snow to get there twice. Grell didn't show the first two times, and we didn't realize it until we got there. Disapointed, I figured he would eventually be at one.

The third time we got there Steve Miner assured us Grell was going to show. Well, he was three hours late. When he finally got there, we all assembled in a medium size line and waited patiently. I was so excited- it was finally going to happen! I was going to meet Mike Grell!

With $100 in my pocket to get some art if possible, and approximately 10 comics to sign, I stood there. When my turn came, I nervously said "I am such a big fan of yours...."

Grell cut me off and said "you're not the biggest fan. The guy in front of you brought so many books he is getting back in line. He is that big of a fan. In fact he is going to buy some of my art later."


So I tried again- "I really enjoyed your take on Oliver Queen..."

The son of a bitch cut me off again. "Come back over here, Guy. I got something to show you. You can stand up here with me while I sign these books."

Never ONCE did Grell look up and acknowledge my presence. He sat and chit-chatted with the guy the entire time. I was so pissed I wanted to rip up my books then and there.

My last attempt at conversation was "are you selling any art today?". His reply was "this fella next to me has the first right to look at stuff. He'll probably buy a bunch, so probably not."

This clinched it for me. I was almost in tears, I was so pissed. I walked off, threw my comics into my husband's waiting hands and said "I will never buy another book Mike Grell writes or draws ever again".

And I haven't.

In comparing notes with my fellow fans in line, this happened quite a bit that day. Grell was rude and cold all day. In my mind, why bother to show up if you are going to be that big of a prick? I was FURIOUS, and I feel I had every right to be.

A couple of years later I was getting some books signed at the same comic and card show when I got into a conversation with another creator about Grell's behavior that day. Said anonymous creator said that Grell was probably having a "woman hating day" that day and not to take it personally. Too late.

At any rate, I haven't publicly told this story until now. My opinion is that when a creator is at a show, it is a business proposition. The creator needs to be professional, and polite. If he or she gets sick of the grind, they need to take a break. If it is a bad day, and said creator doesn't want to deal with fans, CANCEL instead of being an asshole. This is a business, people.

That is why Grell will always be my number one in the creep squad. I don't care what anyone else thinks about this. In my mind he had every opportunity to make a good impression and he chose not to, so screw him.

Creator Creep Squad #2- John Byrne

John Byrne
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I almost feel ashamed of myself for including John Byrne since he seems like such an easy mark these days, but I can't help including him in my list.

Having been the victim of a Byrne "burn", and having seen my husband get the same treatment, I can safely say the man is not winning fans over with his kindness.

The internet has hurt John Byrne. He is a creator that was better off having some mystique about him. What has happened since the old days of DC at AOL discussions is that his disdain for anyone with a different opinion has threatened to completely overpower his talent. It is a total shame.

The sad thing is that he doesn't care. It is his way or the highway. I am sure he thinks we are all a bunch of idiots not worthy of his time.

I miss the old days when I could go pick up a comic book and enjoy a creator on his merits, and Byrne is the best example of this I can think of. His comment about Jessica Alba not being able to pull off Sue Richards since she was hispanic and it would look trashy is just one small example of the alienation he brings to himself. Fans were hysterical, and he fed the fire.

The one good thing about John Byrne: 9 1/2 years ago, my husband and I met in one of his Wonder Woman chats. We will always know it was my love for the character and my husband's for Byrne that brought us together. Sigh.

Creator Creep Squad #3-Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen
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A couple of years ago, I used to really respect Erik Larsen and his commitment to his book Savage Dragon. He was really trying to make his product work, and I appreciated that.

Nowadays though, I want to stay as clear of Larsen as possible. Since taking over as the head honcho at Image, his ego has started showing. He has also become quite paranoid, which when combined with ego is a horrific combination.

Then there is that column. "One Fan's Opinion" over a Erik most definitely enjoys working the fanboys and fangirls into a lather with his columns there. I am still reeling from the drama caused by his costume column.

I miss the old school Erik, and would like to see him get back to basics. I know that is wishful thinking, but it would be nice.

Creator Creep Squad #4-Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld
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It is no secret that Rob Liefeld is never going to be a creator I appreciate. I don't dig his art, and his interviews make me cringe.

But that is just the surface of it all.

I really HATE that he doesn't finish what he starts. Books get solicited, or a title gets going, and it never gets done. If I had a dollar for every time a book got hyped and never appeared, I would be pretty well off.

My anal desire to see things finished is in complete disagreement with the way Liefeld does business. We will never see eye to eye, so why try?

Having never met Liefeld, there isn't a personal dislike at all, I want to make that clear. Plain and simple, I don't like his business practices and I don't like his style.

That's enough about that.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Creators I Would Like to Take To Dinner #1- Beau Smith

Beau Smith
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Beau Smith is the ultimate manly man in our industry. With a sure-fire level of confidence, and a certain way about him, Beau has made it clear that he understands that men should follow their forefathers in the path of manliness, and that women, while tough and equal, should still be treated like ladies.

From his greatest creation, Wynonna Earp, to a memorable run on Guy Gardner Warrior, Beau has been able to preach his message to the masses. He made Guy Gardner a hero that men appreciated and women liked. His Wynonna Earp is one of the greatest characters created in recent memory and I wish he would write more of her in the near future. She is fearless and gutsy, and though sometimes her clothes are a bit flimsy, she is worshipped and treated with respect by the men she interacts with. She isn't a "bad girl", she is a Western Hero and her brains are exactly where they should be.

Beau is able to interact with his fans in a way that I really respect. He answers his e-mails promptly and is very professional in every way while making the person feel pleased with themselves for getting a response. He gives props where they are due, but isn't afraid to call someone on the carpet for bad behavior. He has a way with a phrase that has never been duplicated, and never will be.

Beau is a man of the people. He acts like a grown up, and takes responsibility, which is the ultimate in my eyes. He has a great sense of humor that comes through to his readers. He is down to earth enough that he doesn't intimidate his fans, but makes them feel embraced. It is a rare quality to find these days.

I wish that one of these days Beau would come to the Pacific Northwest. My husband is also a huge fan, and we would love to meet him. It doesn't have to be dinner, I would settle for a conversation. I just want to shake his hand and maybe hug him, depending on what mood strikes, or if my hubby is nearby!!

For more on Beau, go to:

For more of me gushing about Beau go to:

Beau is a good guy, and if you check out his picture, definitely a manly one too. Can I say he's kinda hot and not seem too offensive? Beau is one in a million, so check out his stuff, including the Flying Fist Ranch for some wisdom.

Creators I Would Like to Take To Dinner #2- Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison
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Grant Morrison is one of the few creators I would love to meet that fill me with a bit of trepidation. I am fearful that if I met him I would faint or be rendered speechless. He is extraordinary in every way, and it frankly terrifies me, a woman who is not easily intimidated.

I lived for Grant's runs on The Invisibles and JLA. His New X-Men set a new standard for excellence. I am thrilled with All Star Superman, and have read all his Vertigo mini-series including Sea Guy. I am insane that he is going to work on Batman. That is just the icing on the cake though.

Grant let readers of Invisibles into his world through his letter pages. Learning about his thoughts and theories only made him more attractive to me. As he survived a horrific illness, he spurred readers on with reading suggestions and a frankness that only made him more intriguing.

In my mind, Grant is as close to a rock star as it gets in this industry. His sense of fashion is insanely glam and his appearance only serves to enhance his appeal. Too bad he's taken, but dinner would totally be okay, right?

Creators I Would Like to Take To Dinner #3- Frank Cho

Frank Cho
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A quick confession- I have been lucky enough to have dinner with the magnificent Frank Cho and it was one of the best creator experiences I have had, bar none. Frank is so cool it is hard to know where to start, so here's to diving in...

Frank is exceptionally talented. His artwork is glorious. His style is unique too. I can always tell a Frank Cho drawing from 100 paces. His women are sexy but pure- an anomaly not many other creators can duplicate. His male characters run the gamut between studly and spudly to full comic effect. As an artist, Frank is at the top of his game.

He is funny as hell to boot. What a great sense of humor, Frank has. From his great work on Liberty Meadows to his miss-nothing converation lines, he has a whip sharp wit that is unmistakible. I could talk to him for hours.

Frank is a wonderful husband and father. He has always placed family first and I respect that. His wife Carri seems like a great catch, and he really appreciates her. His daughters are gorgeous, and appear to be following in Dad's footsteps. I really respect Frank's commitment to his family because it is genuine, and he is honest about it.

If I ever get the chance to have dinner with Frank again, I would jump at it. Frank is Classy with a capital "C", but still manages to draw boobies in a non-threatening manner. That is skill!

Creators I Would Like to Take To Dinner #4- Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker
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Ed Brubaker is an example of someone I have been able to meet at a convention that I would like to have had more time to converse with. He has a razor sharp wit, and a snappy way of dressing that sets him apart from other creators. I believe my husband even called him a "magnificent bastard" because his work on Daredevil is so great he couldn't bring himself to drop the book.

Brubaker's work in both novels and comic books has been marked for his ability to draw out possibilities that haven't occurred to the reader. His style of writing enables him to up the ante without disapointing. It has been intriguing to watch him work his magic on Captain America and Daredevil. He has made the titles MUST READS each month. He has also set the bar exceptionally high for every creator that has to follow him. I wouldn't envy them.

For sheer style, grit, and wit, Ed Brubaker easily makes my list of creators to get dinner with.

Creators I Would Like to Take To Dinner #5- Brian Azzarello

Brian Azzarello
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Brian Azzarello is the brilliant mind behind 100 Bullets, Loveless, and a fantastic run on Hellblazer. His writing intrigues me to no end, because there are so many layers of story contained in it. It is the rare writer who can build upon a story and make it more exciting rather then confusing, but Azzarello pulls it off.

His work on 100 Bullets has got to be the best example of this so far. I am craving each issue like a person stranded in the desert craves water. That is how masterful it is. I can hardly stand to wait for each issue, my anticipation is go keen.

I would love to find out about Azzarello's back ground and interests. I am very interested in what makes him tick, so to speak. His work continues to mesmerize me, so I want to find out more about him.

I would love to have his talented wife Jill Thompson along for this one, to learn more about her as well. It would be incredible to have both available.

It is almost too much to hope for.

Creator I'd LIke to Take To Dinner #6- Terry Moore

Terry Moore
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Terry Moore is the creator and great mind behind Strangers In Paradise, one of my favorite comic book series. His portrayal of women and their roles in relationships has been spot-on from day one. His male characters are unforgettable to boot, from Freddie Femur to David, our hero.

Moore has a great head on his shoulders. From day one he has self published and been able to make a living at it. In my mind, that is an incredible achievement. Together with his wife, they have made a viable business entity from something they love. That is the ultimate achievement.

Moore is also a musician, so he infused his creations with great lyrics. I would love to ask him about his past in music and his future quests. With Strangers In Paradise ending soon, I would most certainly also want to ask him about his future plans.

I would love to take Terry Moore to dinner. His creative works say it all. He is a class act who has shown the way to other self publishers and fans in general.

New List: Creators I Would Eat Dinner With Versus Creators I find Completely Unappealing

Okay, here's the deal. After going through my list of comic book heroes who would be good or bad dates, I decided to take things one step further and talk about creators who would be good or bad dates. Then I re-thought it. As a married woman who is very happy in her current situation, calling out actual people for dates is over the line. How about making it a list of creators I would love to eat dinner with versus creators I would cross to the other side of a convention to avoid? This seemed more realistic and less embarrassing for the parties involved.

I don't know if all these gentlemen are married or single, so I would like to apologise beforehand to their wives and/or significant others. I in no way am endorsing that I am going to turn groupie and pursue your man. I just want to sit down and have some dinner and good conversation.

That is the scoop, so bear with me in knowing that it is all in good fun and might even make a point or two.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bad Comic Book Dates #1- The Punisher

The Punisher
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I am sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that The Punisher would be a bad date.

Poor guy lost his family in a gangland shooting and becomes a merciless killer. I feel for the guy, but his no mercy attitude probably means that our date would not be a priority.

Picture this: we are sitting in a diner eating a simple, nice meal. All of a sudden a news alert comes on that tells of some criminals who have done something heinous. Date over, because Frank has to go kill the bitches.

Not very promising romantically, that is for sure.

The man who is more interesting then causing death then getting some is not a good date. He probably doesn't care about your hair, or the fact that you wore your best dress. He is too busy thinking about murder.

Not that Frank would ask us out anyway, unless he was using us as bait.

Bad Comic Book Dates #2- The Darkness

The Darkness
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This is painful for me to admit as I think that Jackie Estacado is one of the hottest comic book characters ever drawn, but I think dating him would be a horrible mistake.

Jackie has a great sense of style, and is as darkly handsome as it gets He likes fine wines and good food. He drives a hot car and has a great pad.

The problems are greater then the good.

Jackie is a mafia hitman turned Don. That means if you piss him off, he will kill you or have you killed.

Oh yeah, there's also that problem of being The Darkness.

Jackie is imbued with a spirit called The Darkness. It passes on to the son in each generation of his family. This is not a good thing.

What it means is that if you have sex with him and become pregnant, he will die.

Not a good way to start a life together.

Bad Comic Book Dates #3- Namor

Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Namor the Sub-Mariner is a prick. He is a selfish, mean-spirited son of a bitch. He is obsessed with Sue Richards, and semi-stalks her.

The redeeming quality of having a nice swimmer's body does nothing to sugar coat the fact that Namor is a horrible person.

Bad attitude= bad in the sack.

That's the bottom line.

Bad Comic Book Dates #4- Green Arrow

Green Arrow
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I love Oliver Queen. He is a great character with a lot a great deal of passion. His love affair with Black Canary used to send me into swoons back in the late 1970's JLA days.

The sad thing about Ollie is this:

He can't keep it in his pants.

If Ollie gets hit on, he is done. He can never resist a pretty girl, and is she is the agressor, sooner or later he always falls. It doesn't help that he doesn't advertise the fact that he is in a relationship.

Ollie reminds me of those guys at the bar who put their wedding ring in their pocket when they see a pretty girl.

I love you Ollie, but I just can't live with you. I know that sooner or later you are going to go have sex with another girl. You are weak in the ways of the flesh and that makes me sad.

Bad Comic Book Dates #5- John Constantine

John Constantine
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John Constantine, Hellblazer isn't the kind of guy a girl could have a normal life with. Imbued with a strong magical connection, and able to piss off even the friendliest of spirits, John's "don't give a sh*t" attitude makes him a great one night stand, but a terrible boyfriend.

I think John would desperately like to have a lady who could stand by him, but unfortunately, the danger is so great that the lady in question would have to be extraordinarily gifted in the occult as to be able to protect herself. Zatanna is a good example of a woman who could date John, but was put off by his carousing, careless ways.

John is cute in a dangerous, British way, but in no way is he too hot to resist. When looking for an ideal date, don't walk- RUN the other way.

Bad Comic Book Dates #6- Iron Man

Iron Man
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Yes Tony Stark is rich. Yes he is hot as hell, with expensive taste to boot. Those are some good qualities for a girl to find in a guy.

So where does it go wrong?

Tony is a major playboy who has fidelity issues.

He drinks... too much. Like alcoholic amounts.

Tony is twitchy, and tends to switch loyalites like he changes his under pants.

Besides, beating off the skanks chasing him would wear a nice girl out.

Sorry Tony, you don't make the cut.

Bad Comic Book Dates #7- Daredevil

Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Girls who date Daredevil usually end up in two different categories. These are as follows:

Evil/Naughty/On The Lam


Not a good place to be.

These chicks start out normal enough, but something about being around Daredevil just makes things go to sh*t.

Avoid this super hero at all costs.

Bad Comic Book Dates #8- Captain Atom

Captain Atom
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Maybe Captain Atom is a nice guy. Maybe he would be thoughtful and caring and have a great sense of humor. Maybe he would be hung like a horse.

None of this matters.


Because the dude might explode and get thrown into the future or into a different dimension.

Not a good way to end a date.

Bad Comic Book Dates #9- Booster Gold

Booster Gold
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At one point, Booster was on my good dates list, but 52 Week Seven changed my mind completely.

What has happened to the good guy, who along with Blue Beetle, bumbled a bit but deserved a chance? It is that he saw his future, and it wasn't full of love and romance? Did he get bitter? What's up with this?

The whole corporate logo costume is a bit inspired, but also panders to the lowest common denominator. His heart has turned ice cold, and his fashion sense has as well. Too sad.

Booster, I miss the old you. Are you coming back any time soon?

Bad Comic Book Dates- 100 Bullets' Mr. Graves

100 Bullets Mr. Graves
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Here we go, onto bad dates.

Mr. Graves is a stone cold killer, with no redeeming qualities for dating that I can find. Sure he is whip smart, and sure he has access to money and power, but he doesn't look like he knows how to let his hair down.

Besides, if you make one wrong move, he will send one of the minutemen to kill your ass. Not a great sign.

So Mr. Graves, if there is even a remote chance you like the ladies, good luck and stick to paid ladies, because I don't think there is a lot of free love in your future.

A Quick Note!

You do know this is tongue in cheek, don't you? Please, no more e-mails asking me if I have lost my mind. Just sit back and enjoy, because I am just getting started!

Let's objectify just for fun, okay?

Hot Comic Book Dates #1- Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne
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Yeah, I know he is Batman, but so what? Bruce Wayne is hot as hell. He is richer then God, with looks that cause the ladies to swoon. The fact that he beats up bad guys every night just means that no one will ever successfully mess with you, because he will take them down.

Bruce has access to the latest gadgets, just like the Black Panther, but he also doesn't have the skank factor at such a high level. There is the weird deal with the younger male partners, but we can make that a positive if we think about their hotness factor as well. Eye candy central, here we come.

The secret weapon here is that we would have Alfred in our lives. Alfred is the bomb. He is smart, crafty, and makes a mean soufle. How hot is that?

Ultimately, Bruce Wayne is the hottest of all because he is the complete package. Nice ass, smart as hell, and complete with the coolest butler on earth. How can it get any better? We know how to ge Bruce over his angst, don't we ladies??

Hot Comic Book Dates #2-Black Panther

Black Panther
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Hey ladies, T'Challa is not only super hot; he is the king of a nation, for god's sake. That's right, you would be a QUEEN if he married you. (Or so Storm tells me).

T'Challa has access to the greatest technology available, so you would always have cable for free. To boot, you wouldn't have to worry about power outages or doing your own house work. T'Challa would take care of that for you.

The biggest problem we can find is that as King of the nation, there are a lot of skanks who want to get with your man. It would be full time high alert there. Even worse, two hot chicks are his bodyguards, trained from birth to protect and possibly marry him. Bady karma there.

For access to a crown, and a hot guy, Black Panther is the pinnacle.

Hot Comic Book Dates #3- Frank From Liberty Meadows

Frank From Liberty Meadows
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Poor Frank. He is a veterinarian at the Liberty Meadows Animal Sanctuary, and a heck of a nice guy. He harbors a secret crush for Brandy, the lovely female psychiatrist who works there, and his longing is poignant as heck.

Of course that doesn't stop Frank from being a boob man to the nth degree.

Oh well, we all have our flaws. Heh.

Frank is a good guy who would try hard to make his lady happy. He would be devoted until the end of the earth, and would be the guy who would throw his coat across the puddle to keep us from getting her feet wet. That's a good guy.

Let's give Frank a break. Even though I know Brandy is going to change her mind and get with Frank soon, right now he is swinging single, and ready to mingle.

Hot Comic Book Dates #4- Captain America

Captain America
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Talk about your hotties- Captain America is about as attractive as it gets. Blond hair, blue eyes, and a perfect body that could stop traffic all combine to make Captain America the ultimate American date.

Steve Rogers is a little old fashioned, coming from a period where ladies behaved, and being mysterious was a good thing. (Now that I think about it- it probably still is.) Steve is one of those guys who would pick you up, take you out, and make sure that you had a wonderful, PG rated time. He would also be polite to your parents, friends, and other assorted peripheral folks.

Dating Captain America would mean knowing that the USA comes first, but that would be a small sacrifice. Having the comfort that Steve was out there keeping the world safe for us common folks would just enhance his desirability. Besides, have you seen his abs? Whew!

Genetically gifted, and polite to boot, Captain America is a dreamy dating proposition.

Hot Comic Book Dates #5- Dr. Midnite

Dr. Midnite
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Look Ladies, it's a real doctor! Not only is he brilliant, Dr. Midnite could actually save your life in the operating room. That is devotion right?

Besides being a great surgeon, Dr. Midnite is also versed in the fine arts. He could order up a great cabernet, while being damn sure which meal would be perfect with it. Despite being visually challenged, he would also open up the door for you and make sure you were safely in the cab before shutting it.

The day Black Canary broke up with Dr. Midnite to get back with Ollie was one of the saddest days of my life. To go from Mr. Refined, to Mr. Dine and Dash was a sad commentary on where Dinah's head was at.

Dr. Midnite is handsome, sophisticated, and brilliant. He is also sensitive and caring. It doesn't get much better then that.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hot Comic Book Dates #6- Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner
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Kyle Rayner is the Green Lantern who puts the "S" in sensitive. Not a ladies man like Hal Jordan, but not blatant like his good friend Guy Gardner either, Kyle is the GL all the chicks want to date.

The one downside is that Kyle's girlfriend Alexandra was killed by Major Force, so he has stuck to super hero girl friends pretty much ever since.

I think we could convince him to date a civvie though. After all the turmoil in his life, I think normalcy would do him good.

Imagine Kyle on a date. He would take you to a nice restaurant and a show and top it off with a carriage ride around the neighborhood. He would also bring flowers and use his powerful imagination to give excellent jewelry. To even further impress us, he could conjure up a cleaning lady to do the heavy lifting.

Kyle is also very cute. His dark hair and beautiful green eyes are icing on the cake to his chiseled body. He isn't afraid to show it off in his costume, and the black shown at left very nicely accents his butt to the finest degree. Sigh. It may be a bit sexist to say, but Kyle is the total package, and the body just tops it off.

What do you say, Ladies?

Hot Comic Book Dates #7- Luke Cage

Luke Cage
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Ignore the outfit for a few moments and consider this. In the last couple of years Luke Cage has been transformed from a tiara wearing impenetrable soul brother into an ideal chick magnet.

How so, you may ask?

Luke likes to keep it honest, number one. When he was trying to help out Jessica Jones, he was always real with her. He didn't flinch from the truth, even if it sometimes wasn't something she wanted to hear.

Luke is also smart as a whip. He has street smarts and that is a credibility that is priceless. Luke knows what time it is, and is able to mediate the peace in the most painless way when possible.

Look at those shoulders. The man is positively a brick sh*t house. He obviously works out to keep that impenatrable body in shape. Nicely done.

Luke is also sensitive. You wouldn't know it by looking, but he is an all around good guy. No wonder he is in the Avengers.

Ladies of the world: for your consideration- Luke Cage.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Hot Comic Book Dates #8- Nightwing

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What a hottie this one is! Gorgeous from head to toe, Dick Grayson has got it going on. It also doesn't hurt that he is Bruce Wayne's heir, so he stands to be richer then sin.

Can you imagine having those hunky shoulders around you, ladies? Whew! That body is unreal, and those sensitive blue eyes are just waiting to take us away from it all.

Dick isn't afraid to wine and dine a girl, or to express his feelings. He isn't Batman-cold; in fact, his charisma has charmed the most un-gettable girls in several universes.

Too bad Dick tends to be a bit slutty, or he would be perfect.

That body may just about make up for his absense of morals though!

Great Comic Book Dates #9- Ralph Dibny

Ralph Dibny
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Poor Ralph just lost his longtime wife Sue. He is extremely sad and lonely, making him just the fixer upper we girls love.

WIth his sense of humor and giddiness, Ralph would soon have us in stitches. It doesn't hurt that he can also stretch certain "ahem" body parts the right way if you know what I mean.

Ralph would be an attentive suitor. We saw how loving and faithful he was to Sue. He was a model husband for sure. Some lucky girl may be the next in line for a life of adventure and fun with Ralph, our very own Elongated Man.

Get in line, Ladies.

Great Comic Book Dates #10- Wolverine

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Those claws, that healing ability, those shoulders, oh my!

Wolverine is quite the ladies man, and he isn't just whistling dixie. With an animal magnetism and a never quit attitude, the women swoon for his bad boy behavior.

The only problem is that there would be no normalcy.

At least you would know you were safe!

It doesn't hurt that uber-hottie Hugh Jackman played him in the X-Men films, making an intriguing character into the must date mutant in the bunch.

Move over Scott Summers. Put down the glass Angel. Go suck an ice cube, Iceman. Wolverine is the man for us!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Reading!

Nothing pressing tonight- it's all about reading comic books for the hubby and I this evening!

I have a new list coming out in the next day or few, so keep your eyes peeled here!

Have a wonderful evening and Happy Reading!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Matt Haley Rules!

Matt Haley Superman pull out
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If you were lucky enough to get a copy of USA Today's USA Weekend, you have probably gotten ahold of the Superman Returns pull out pictured at right. Talk about breathtaking!

Matt did a beautiful job of portraying the characters in an authentic manner. His sense of depth and detail are impecable. What a great piece.

If you can, grab a copy of Sunday's paper and get a copy of this. It is a great representation by a talented artist who also happens to be a stand up guy.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Cover to Detective Comics 359.....

Detective Comics 359
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The first appearance of Batgirl AKA Barbara Gordon.

Now continue to the next post...

Cover to Birds of Prey 98...

BOP 98
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Hmmmm, could it be Batwoman, our newest heroine, showing up to make the scene? What will Oracle think? Better yet, what do you think??

New Comics for June 21

All Star Superman 4
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To try and cleanse the palate, I will simply reflect on my list of new comics for the week. It is a long list, and hopefully filled with some great reads.

Without further ado, here it is:

Conan #29
52 Week 7 - Is it week 7 already? Wow.
All Star Superman #4 (pictured)
Birds of Prey #95
Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit #3 (of 5)
Ex Machina #21
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #1 - hopefully we figure out right away who it is!
JSA Classified #13
Justice #6 (of 12)
Manhunter #23 - BUY THIS BOOK- it kicks ass!
Robin #151
Shadowpact #2
Superman Batman #27
Girls #14
Noble Causes #21
Witchblade #99
Astonishing X-Men #15
Captain America #19
Eternals #1 (of 6)
Iron Man #9
New Avengers #20- to see the end of that god awful story!
New Excalibur #8
Ultimates 2 #11- what was this story about anyway???
Uncanny X-Men #474
Uncanny X-Men Annual #1
Red Sonja #11
Fallen Angel #6

What a list, huh? I can hardly wait for Wednesday at this rate!

Take care and have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Fantastic Four 541
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All week I have been stirred up about Peter Parker unmasking when all along I should have seen it as 'shock and awe" tactics played by Marvel to deflect from the other big news coming down the pipeline.

My opinion: Civil War is another excuse to break up the most sacred marriage in comics today: Reed and Sue Richards.

Think about it- ever since this whole secret Marvel meeting "cabal" or whatever they are calling it, has been meeting, Reed has been being portrayed as being secretive with Sue. Small things like this have been being hinted at so that we can't say we didn't see it coming.

I could be wrong, but it sure looks to me as if Marvel plans to break up the ultimate couple.

I lived through Scott and Jean's relationship dissolving, but I will not sit back quietly and watch Sue and Reed divorce. In my mind, much like the death of Uncle Ben, this marriage is a sacred institution, not to be retconned.

Besides, there are children to consider here. Franklin and Valeria have a tough enough life- don't make their mommy and daddy split up on top of it.

Oh the horror. I can't take it. If you need me, I will be injesting 3 ibuprofen and hiding in my living room.

Happy Father's Day!

It is Father's Day, and time for reflection on the men in our lives. I am lucky that I have a father that is to me one-in-a-million. My dad is a strong role model for my life, and has been since day one. He is very much the manly man, coming at a 6'1" and over 200 lbs. As a farmer, he has always had a lot of physical strength, but has always been sensitive enough to know how to relate to his girls.

Dad didn't have any boys, but he always made sure my sister and I knew that we could do whatever we wanted, regardless of what convention was. He made sure we could change our own tires, check our oil, do basic repair and maintenance, and take care of our homes. He also told us we could be girly, and made sure we were well versed in the basics of ettiquette and social graces. The bottom line is that Dad didn't want us to feel hemmed in by society's standards, but he also didn't want us to be outcasts. The sky was and is the limit.

Nowadays my dad has two grandsons to carry on the tradition, courtesy of my sister. It is special to watch him with the boys, knowing that he never once regretted having only girls back in the day. We were loved regardless of it all. He still is never happier then when we are all together, and we spend that precious time as a family.

How lucky am I?

To all of you dads out there, Happy Father's Day. May it be filled with love and happiness.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why Wonder Woman Is Destined To Be Alone

Wonder Woman 178
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It’s our fault, you know.

The readers of Wonder Woman are a supremely devoted lot. I know that I include myself among the faithful, and clamor eagerly each month to get my hands on new tales of the Amazon Princess. It has been that way since I was 8 and continues in the same comforting pace to this day.

DC is the supreme editorial being, and according to their dictates, Wonder Woman has customarily been alone since the first series ended. Here are my thoughts about why this is the way it must be in their eyes.

In the original Wonder Woman series, Princess Diana of the Amazons lays her eyes on Steve Trevor, a wounded pilot whose jet has crashed on her island. She is so overcome by him that she disguises herself to win the contest that determines who Wonder Woman will be. This is lore that I am sure we all are aware of.

Throughout the tenure of the book, Steve and Diana/Wonder Woman indulged in a game of cat and mouse. Steve loved Wonder Woman and she him, but there was always the irritation that he thought Diana Prince was kinda blah. This kept things spicy in the fact that readers hoped for eternal love, but were stuck with a woman who had vowed to banish all evil before settling down.

After awhile, this wore pretty thin. Around issue 178, Steve Trevor was killed and Wonder Woman was de-powered and lost her memories. She ran around fighting crime with I-Ching as her mentor. While I enjoyed this run immensely, evidently Gloria Steinem did not. For whatever reason, around issue 210 Wonder Woman was back in her star spangled tights doing 12 trials to get back into the Justice League. This is where the 8 year old in me picked up the title.

When Diana got her memories back and realized that Steve was dead, I figured that was it. DC had other plans. In a visit back to Paradise Island, Diana fought “men” and found that they were really a test of her goddesses with the exception of a Steve Trevor who had been brought back to life.

This relationship was rocky from the start. Steve knew Di’s secret identity, and she had changed. Perhaps DC sensed a bum deal, and once again Steve was killed. Not long after Diana went and became and astronaut and had a fling with some dude named Mike who turned out to be a baddy in the Royal Flush gang. Fed up with the bull crap, Diana went back to Paradise Island and her mother caused her to forget Steve AGAIN.

In another Hera Help Us moment, Steve was returned a third time. This time he came through transdimensionally and DC took him and Diana back to the basics. Etta Candy, General Darnell, and the military were back in the picture. Once again Diana was the ugly duckling, and Wonder Woman was Steve’s “angel”. Things definitely had come full circle. In issue 300, Diana met with her Earth Two counterpart, who in a happy twist of fate had married her Steve Trevor and had a daughter Lita (soon to be known as Fury, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!). Diana decided to kill off her alter ego Diana Prince so she and Steve could get married. Needless to say, it didn’t come off the way the fans had wanted, and Steve and Di remained close, but not man and wife.

The series ended in issue 329 as Crisis on Infinite Earths loomed. In this issue, Diana of Earth One married Steve Trevor and they lived happily ever after. DC had a planned reboot coming up to rejuvenate sales that was certain to shake things up.

It became obvious very soon in the second series that Diana was NOT meant to have a man in her life. Steve Trevor was much older, and was in love with Etta Candy this time. Diana remained virginal with the exception of a school girl crush on Superman.

The whole Superman thing is a great “Elseworlds” vibe. It creates huge sales and a great deal of interest. There is just one problem with the whole equation and her name is Lois Lane. She is the grounding force for Superman and a key element in his mythos so the Wonder Woman/ Superman relationship can never be. Other then the stupid crap about Supes being WW’s best friend, it is a done deal.

Not until writer Eric Luke came along was there a hint of a possible love life for Diana, and this wasn’t until the 140’s and 150’s of the second series. During “Godwar” Luke introduced Rama, a Hindu hero blessed by his gods, much like Diana. The two flirted and god knows what else, since there were only hints, but it never came to fruition after he manifested into some crazed Hindu God/Killer and was too ashamed to stay.

Writer/Artist Phil Jimenez took another stab at it with Trevor Barnes, a humanitarian who got Diana’s blood pumping simply by being smart, philanthropic, and “beautiful”. It got off to a bad start when at the end of their first date; Di and Trevor were whisked off to the Savage Land of all places. This stalled things considerably and then Di had to go rescue Vanessa and fight the Cheetahs. The last issue on Phil’s run was a great set up for the beginning of a great relationship that was not to be. Walt Simonson’s run from #189 to 194 killed Trevor off, albeit heroically.

This led into Greg Rucka’s run on the book which ended this series. Rucka had Diana doing many cool things; it is just that romance was not one of them.

Now we are starting the third series with a new number one. I don’t know where it is going, but I feel relatively certain that it doesn’t include Wonder Woman getting any.


I don’t think DC will allow Wonder Woman a steady. Based on the history she had, it was hard to keep the magic with Steve Trevor over a forty year time table. Rebooted, she was treated as a virginal warrior, and her crushes stayed pretty much just that- a crush.

I think the reason for this is that readers and DC alike want to keep Diana untouchable. Unlike her male counterparts, a love interest is not used to spur stories. She is portrayed as a perfect woman who recognizes the flaws in the life and constantly fixes them. The fact that she is unattainable is used as a tool to keep interest. Evidently it has worked so far, but I wish they would allow some loving in her life.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE (pipe dream central) is Diana go on multiple dates and get a sense of the type of men that are out there. Let’s see this untouchable goddess cringe a bit, or even swoon a bit. Even if the ultimate decision is made to stay single, I would at least like to see her get her feet wet.

WHAT I WOULDN’T LIKE is for the third reboot to have Steve Trevor be a love interest. In my mind that ship has sailed. Been there, done that so to speak. I will always have a great fondness for their history, but in my mind that is what it is. I also would like to not have to deal with more Superman/Batman crushes. They are the great trinity- can we leave it that way?

If Diana had to date a super hero, have it be out of left field. Have Diana take out Ralph Dibny for the hell of it, to give him some support. Maybe have her sweat Dick Grayson a bit- that would drive Bruce crazy. Heh. OR just to clear the palate, have her go out with Ollie to teach the old lech a lesson.

IN CONCLUSION, it doesn’t seem that the readership or DC wants to give Diana a love life that is steady, so why not have a bit of fun? The girl doesn’t have to go all ‘ho’ or anything, but let her at least have a date. As her own mother Hyppolyta told her “have some fun while you’re at it.

I can always hope.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Spider-Man Unmask Makes E!'s "Daily Ten"

Last night after posting here, I sat down to read and watch some television. Interestingly enough, at 7:30 p.m. on E! Channel's program "Daily 10", the "unmasking" was featured as Hot Item #5 for the day.

The report used scenes from the movies and some panels from the comic book. The business person in me was happy to see Marvel get something in their comic into the mainstream. The fangirl in me wonders if non readers will care. Only time will tell.

I think "Daily 10" did a nice job of reporting the story and making it interesting. I was spellbound just watching it.

Did anyone else see this?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Civil War Rant with SPOILERS

Do not read further if you do not want to spoil Civil War #2, even though half the news sources around already have....

I can hardly believe what a bunch of crap I got a load of while reading Civil War #2. Let me spout like a fanboy for a moment. Peter Parker would NEVER reveal to the world that he was Spider-Man. In the past it has caused him so much misery and hardship, that he has always been very hardened about keeping his name his own. I don't care how supportive Mary Jane and Aunt May are, the facts are simple. Peter Parker has been able to have a life because of his secret identity. By revealing his true name to the world, he is jeopardizing the core of his being.

Did Tony peer pressure him? Had he just had enough? Has living in the Avengers/Stark Tower gone to his head? What the hell is going on here?

Obviously Marvel has plans for us to find out, if the cover to issue 5 is any indication. (I will try and get the art up here soon) Peter's life is going to be sheer hell. Maybe this is partly to bring him back to bachelorhood as has been whispered. God I hope not. I am tired of May and Mary Jane being used as props just to be retconned by the next creative team that comes along.

I can just picture the Marvel editorial meeting: "Hey let's get rid of that zero Mary Jane so Peter can date hot chicks in slutty outfits and J. Scott Campbell can draw 'em." or "Damn, Mary Jane is cramping Peter's style. Let's out his identity and piss her off so he and Tony can have gratuitous panel shots of babes in their undies." Just picture that.

At any rate, I am sure Marvel will be happy with me being mad, because I am talking about it and publicizing it to their whims.

What are your opinions out there? Screw touchy feely week- let's rock.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Comics for June 14

Fables 50
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There was a glitch yesterday in Diamond's computer shipping list, so I am just now going over my list of comics for the week. There is some pretty cool stuff on it, so I am quite pleased.

Here is the damage!

100 Bullets #73
52 Week 6
American Virgin #4
Captain Atom Armageddon #9 (of 9)
Checkmate #3
Fables #50
Firestorm The Nuclear Man #26
Green Arrow #63
JLA Classified #22
Nightwing #121
Superman #653
Civil War #2 (of 7)
Exiles #82
Four #30
Ms Marvel #4
Squadron Supreme #4
Thunderbolts #103
Ultimate X-Men #71
Wolverine Origins #3

That's it folks! Have a wonderful evening!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Pay It Forward Week at Comics Fairplay!

In honor of the mean lady from Friday's post, I propose a week of DOING GOOD DEEDS for others, or paying it forward. I would encourage everyone to do something nice and to be semi-selfless, even if it is something small.

Here are some ideas:

Let someone pull out in front of you during rush hour traffic.

Stop at a crosswalk at the grocery store and let people pass.

Park part way down the parking lot so that people with small children and the elderly can get a better spot for once.

Offer to help carry someone's groceries.

Buy a 12" sub and share half of it with a co-worker or friend. OR buy lunch for a homeless person.

Compliment a stranger on a job well done - example: tell the checker at the grocery store or the teller at the bank you appreciate their efforts.

Let someone ahead of you in line if time permits.

Buy a new comic book for a friend or for a child you know.

If nothing else, just think kind thoughts.

Thank you for your efforts! I can tell it is going to be a great week!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Giving Myself A Time Out!!

Today at the grocery store, it took every ounce of sanity I had to not punch another woman in the face for being an ignorant witch. This is a scary sign to me that I need to go sit quietly for awhile.

Normally I am a very nice, laid back person, but for whatever reason today, I am at my wits end. For reasons I can't discuss, the last eight months have been sheer health for me stress-wise. I think it is finally getting to me. Either that, or I am finally sick of the rednecks, white trash, and other assorted idiots that live in my town. I am not sure the exact verdict.

Said woman was not in a line I could tell and was talking on her cell phone. I had six items, so I proceeded to the 9 items or less line. She got off her phone and got pissy with me that she was in line. I told her a really bad word and went and got in another line to keep from beating her up. She was so nasty and ugly, with an attitude, that she pretty much deserved an ass kicking. Only the fact that I would get arrested stopped me.

The good part of the story is that the line I moved to was faster then my original line, so I left while she was still waiting.

Any way, I am going to give myself a time out and go sit quietly. Hopefully this will make it all better. Cross your fingers.

Have a good night to the all of you- do not catch what I have! Think love.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wonder Woman #1- A Good Start

Wonder Woman 1
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Without giving away any spoilers, let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised by a book I was dreading. I hate continuity reboots, and this was going to be no exception... until I actually read the damn thing.

Wonder Woman herself wasn't a surprise in that her identity was that of a person I thought was too easy of an expectation. It all made perfect sense, and is going to give the creative team at '52' and this book a great back story to tell. To top it off, the last page was a blast from the past that will hopefully live up to the hype.

The art was so fantastic that my eyes are still in shock. I have always been a fan of Terry and Rachel Dodson, especially their work on Harley Quinn. To see how they have upped the ante is a thrill in itself. Incredible.

As a diehard, picky, pain-in-the-ass comic geek, this was the book to hate. Imagine my insane joy in picking it up and finding that Wonder Woman is going in a great creative direction with enough suspense and plotting to keep me entranced for a good long time.

Amen and Praise Athena!

Monday, June 05, 2006

New Comics for June 7

Noble Causes 20
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Here it is, the first week in June already! That means it is time for the newest Wonder Woman series, which fills me full of trepidation. She is my sacred cow so to speak, so I am crossing my fingers for the best . I guess I have to look at it this way- I have already lived through one reboot after the 1980's style Crisis, so I can live through this.

At any rate, here is my list of this week's stuff!

52 Week 5
Detective Comics #820
Jonah Hex #8
JSA #86
Outsiders #37
Wonder Woman #1
Y The Last Man #46
Invincible #32
Noble Causes #20 (see picture at right)
Civil War Frontline #1 (of 10)
New X-Men #27 (truly one of the best Marvel books being produced)
Punisher #34
X-Men The End Men and X-Men #6 (of 6)

No indy stuff this week- I guess it doesn't matter. My local shop has me special order every non-DC and Marvel book pretty much anyway.

Take care and have a wonderful week!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Entertainment Weekly Lists Top 10 Franchise Characters- Wolverine Rules!

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
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This week's issue of Entertainmnent Weekly (with Entourage stars on cover) has a story which lists the top ten franchise characters as of now. In an interesting turn of events, Wolverine tops Harry Potter as the number one entity on the list. This is in anticipation of the Wolverine solo flick and based on the current box office success of X3.

I think that it isn't just Wolverine, but also the man who plays him to perfection that deserves that bow. Hugh Jackman from minute one has understood the character and his demeanor, making him THE charater you can't take your eyes off in any of the three films. Having seen Jackman in person, and seeing the ease with which he carries himself, it is no surprise.

To make things more interesting/exciting, Spider-Man ranks third on the list of the top ten. Superman and Batman are put in the "Rising" category as well.

What does this mean? It means that comic book movies are firmly entrenched in our culture. Comic books are at that mainstream level of recognition. This is good news for the industry, with the exception of the fact that more comics aren't being sold as a result. We still haven't figured out how to make that happen.

The double edged sword part of this for me is that as a well-known comic book fan with my friends, family, and business associates, every time a comic book based movie comes out, they want to know if I am "super excited" and if I am going to go wait in line to be the first person. That does get old, because it is the stereotyping that I really loathe.

I guess the bottom line is that comic book movies have not only arrived- they have become dominant. Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. Let's cross promote the product and get the non-comic book consumers netted in.

What do you think?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh Sweet Irony, Thy Name Is Tara Chace!

Well, this just figures. I highlighted Queen & Country #30 as my pick of the week, and was excited as hell to go pick it up today only to find that my local comic shop didn't order it for me. I am bummed to the max. They are re-ordering it tomorrow when she can call Diamond, but it just strikes me as ironic. It makes me wonder what would have happened if I wouldn't have shown off the great cover art. Would it have been there after all?

In other comic book shop news, as I was picking up my hubby and my books today, a guy came over and randomly pulled an issue of Liberty Meadows #37 off my stack and took off to the register with it. I had to go slow him down and let him know that he had just nicked my book. Rather then apologising and handing it back, he got rather peeved and wanted to know why I needed two copies. "One for me and one for my hubby", I replied.

He looked at me blankly for a moment, and then asked me if I could live with just one copy. I said "no" and was prepared to kick his motley ass if the occasion arose. Luckily, the nice lady at the shop intervened and informed him that Liberty Meadows was special order only and that I had patiently waited for the book for over a year. He still wanted to argue. She was even firmer that he needed to special order it. I finally got my book!

At any rate, to top it off, we received no copies of Tarot either, so it was a barn burner today. Damn.

ALSO.. it was the first week in over a year that I went to the comic book shop without my loving husband. If he would have been with me, maybe my luck would have improved, or he would have scared the guy with more success then I did.

Oh Sweet Irony.