Saturday, September 30, 2006

Catching Up With QEW Publishing

QEW Publishing is very busy these days. With multiple top secret and more known ongoing projects in the works, QEW is one of the up and coming businesses in the comic book industry. Owner and creator Quenton Shaw has a number of news bits he is allowing me to disclose here, so you have indeed heard it here first!

QEW has two new writers working on projects. Richard Bensam and Chris Holly are the newest members of the QEW family. Each has an assignment that they are working on, and I look forward to hearing more about them in the future. Congratulations!

QEW has a new project called VOID XANADU in the works. It currently has a talented and enthusiastic artist working on it, while a prospective candidate is beig considered as writer. Conceived by Shaw, the story takes place in the far future in the crowing glory of a city, Centron. A large city with a population of 25.3 million people, Centron is the gleaming of achievement of the human advances in technology. Unfortuntely, it also has a disastrous problem: the city is in the throes of a bio-tech plague known as the Surge.

The Surge "symbolizes a tremendous hi-tech, evolutionary leap in the future’s war on drugs", according to Shaw's synopsis. A futuristic fight to the end between the Psychadelic Posse, whose mission and lifestyle are to control the Surge, and the DSD-9, a special police task force designed to fight the posse and the far reaching effects of the product. Captain Kat Garza head one such task force, but also finds herself with a deadly secret that may just tear her apart.

This is the real deal. I can hardly wait to watch as production of VOID XANADU brings it to the reader's hands. I am betting this book is going to be a four star hit.

QEW Publishing is also announcing production on a comic called HFC: HERO FANTASY CLUB. I saw some initial art and a brief synopsis on it, and it is amazing. Imagine this: five 12-year olds meet each day after school in a tree house and trade fantastic stories about the super heroes they have invented in their own imaginations. Clever and creative, this is another book I am eager to see. I envision this as a book my nephews would really like, and see it as a fresh part of a new genre more aimed at younger readers.

Last but not least, QEW Publishing will be out in full force at the Seattle Comicard Show on Sunday, October 15 at the Seattle Center in the Rainier Room. Please come by and say "hi" and meet the crew from QEW. Jim and I will be there lurking around, hoping to get sneek peeks at the great work these guys and gals are doing.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Robert Downey Jr. to Portray Iron Man!!

Robert Downey Jr.
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In surprising, and somewhat confounding news, the Hollywood Reporter has an article that reveals actor Robert Downey Jr. will play Iron Man in a new feature film being directed by Jon Favreau of Swingers fame. Paramount Pictures is the studio behind the movie, and the budget is set to be 100 million dollars plus.

Iron Man "will be set in today's geopolitical climate" according to the article. Marvel's Kevin Feige and Avi Arid are producing the flick. Supporting roles are being cast now, and the movie will start filming in February 2007.


Downey Jr. is an interesting choice for me. I really appreciate his body of film work, but never in a million years would have pictured him as Tony Stark. To muse over this, let's make a list of pluses and minuses.

Plus Side!

Downey Jr. was amazing as the title character in Chaplin. He has a great presence and truly is a wonderful actor.

As a wild card, Downey Jr. might be able to pull a few tricks out of his sleeve. With the event being set in the present, maybe he can amp up the empathy angle.

Downey Jr. has dark hair like Tony Stark.


Is Downey Jr. able to pull of the physicality needed for the role? I never have pictured him as athletic.

His history of problems with substances makes him a wild card. Stay on that wagon, Robert!

I have always felt that Tony Stark was quite the lover boy. Will Downey Jr. be able to channel his inner playboy as he did before in Chaplin?

So many questions, and it was just announced today! I am will keep an eye on this story as it unfolds. I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but I am still really surprised at this casting choice.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Great Hera! Can I Read Maxim and Still Be a Feminist?

As long as I can remember, I have considered myself a feminist. I believe in much of the basic values that put me in that category, and I have always walked the walk instead of just talking the talk. On the other hand though, I have always firmly felt that much of the natural power of the universe rests in a female’s hand. We have the gift of childbirth and nurturing, and in many instances, we hold the key to sexual power.

My question is this: Where is the line drawn in feminism?

Let me explain. Last night, I was sitting down, looking at a stack of magazines in my living room. Among the pile were issues of Maxim and Stuff. I had purchased and heartily read these magazines, and hadn’t once thought about the implications of it. As an avid reader, it isn’t odd to find men’s magazines in our house. I read a vast array, ranging from Vogue and Vanity Fair- glossy, picture-filled affairs, to news and fitness magazines. There isn’t a “taste” or “favorite” I seem to hold.

When I look at Maxim magazine, I glance at the cover featuring a scantily clad female. I don’t usually dwell too long, unless I am really hypnotized by the amount of air brushing that has been done. I usually am quite eager to peruse the articles, which vary a great deal. I will start with the monthly reviews and releases and work my way through page by page. I have learned everything from how to keep a nice lawn to how to install 5.1 speakers for my DVD. I have also read hard hitting articles that explore true crime and mystery, but I also like the funny articles that help fellas snag a lady, or play a prank. The actual interviews with aforementioned scantily clad celeb usually amuse me, as I can hardly believe how hard these babes are trying to sell their new projects. Part of me if filled with admiration at their ability to market themselves, but then I become ashamed because this kind of selling isn’t part of my basic feminist doctrine.

But I digress.

I have another shameful secret. I love “R” rated schlock comedies. From an early age, I remember watching Animal House with my dad and thinking it was the funniest movie I had ever seen. To this day I can still watch it over and over and get a laugh. I have pretty much memorized the dialogue, and my favorite part is when the guys head over to the women’s college and pull of a prank of the highest order. The problem is this: the movie features female nudity and male humiliation. I know that it is not cool to objectify women and make them appear to be the lesser sex, but I have always felt a sense of power in the fact that in many respects, the man in question has had to embarrass or objectify himself in a sense to make said female nudity happen. When John Belushi spies on the sorority women changing, my thought is that he is the pathetic one. My mind never dwelt on the fact that he was getting an eyeful; I have always loved the fact that he gets his in the end, by falling off the ladder.

Other movies I enjoy are Sorority Boys, EuroTrip, Booty Call, and Wedding Crashers. I love movies that are low brow. I can’t help it. I am not sure if it is a love of the genre as much as I appreciate not having to over think my entertainment.

What this boils down to, is that I have many characteristics that make me a feminist, while exhibiting suspicious traits that may say otherwise. Are there any of you other ladies out there that know what I mean?

Let’s simplify this to a list of traits that do and don’t make the cut.


1. I believe in equal pay for equal work.

2.I think that women can do anything they put their minds to, through hard work and talent.

3. I can take care of myself without having to rely on someone else for support.

4. I can change a flat tire and check my car’s oil and filters.

5. I really hate the fact that there are men out there that are physically abusive and that at this moment yet another woman is being raped. It makes me mad as hell, and I want to castrate the men that are like that.

6. It makes me uncomfortable and upset to see men recklessly devalue our femininity through glorification of the sex kitten image or by literal means.

7. I think that women are the “better” and “fairer” sex.

8. I have an equal or greater say in my financial decisions then my husband.

9. I have no problem speaking my mind, whether it be a delicate matter at work, or a frank discussion with my husband, family, or friends.

10. I am happy to see a more equal ratio of female comic book readers, and love the fact that there are so many different, but unique women out there with blogs.


1. I read magazines like Stuff and Maxim without a second thought.

2. I watch “R” rated movies with no thought of consequence.

3. I really like it when my husband hugs me and holds me, making me feel more secure.

4. Sometimes I don’t want to make the decisions. I just want my husband to take the lead, or my father to advise me. I appreciate their input, especially in figuring out where to go eat!

5. I read Lost Girls and forgot it was, indeed, porn. I think it is an incredibly important piece of work.

6. I have no problem letting my husband win an argument. Next time it will be my turn. Some things aren’t worth going to bed mad. But watch out next time!

7. I prefer male company to female company for the most part. I was raised in a predominantly male environment and feel comfortable in that setting.

8. I like to go to the restroom with other women and have an awesome gossip session, only to return and leave the men at the table guessing.

9. I really like the art of Jim Balent, Frank Cho, and Adam Hughes.


I like to think that I am a free-thinking, self-reliant woman. I truly believe in a woman’s power. I know that if we wanted to, someday we could rule the world; we have just been too busy raising the next generation of men to do so. In my mind this and many other qualities make me a feminist.

What do you ladies out there think? Do any of you have qualities that make you second guess yourself? Do you revel in your true self, or sometimes question the basic nature of things? I am interested in thoughts from all of you.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Batman #657- A New Kind of Dynamic Duo!

Batman 657
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Batman #657 has sealed the deal for me. Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, and Jesse Delperdang have worked their magic and I am transfixed. This comic book read sweetly and smoothly, and I was captivated by each panel.

Do not read further if you don't want the story ruined.
I really love the fact that Morrison has utilized the son of Talia Al Ghul and Batman in his opening story arc. Damian is the perfect little assasin from minute one. Arrogant, brash, and superior-minded, this young fella would be his grandfather's dream come true. Watching Batman have to truly be a father to Damian is classic. I laughed and squirmed reading this issue as I watched the dialogue between the two. Adding Robin to the mix only makes things that much more tangled and rough.

The fight between Robin and Damian was excellent. Both are trained fighters- one by the Dark Knight; the other by the League of Asssasins. The only real difference that comes to light is that one fights dirty, and doesn't care about human life, while the other has seen so much loss, it is a miracle he cares to preserve it. I can hardly wait to see what happens next between these two- that is, if Robin is up for it. Also, what's up with Alfred? Here is to hoping he is okay.


Batman #657 truly won me over. Next issue is the last chapter of this arc, and I can hardly wait to see what happens. The writing is wonderful and the art is beautiful. High quality production and intelligent story telling combine to make an unbeatable tale.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Boys #3- Delayed for Naughty Content?

The Boys 3
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According to comic book gossip guru Rich Johnston over at Lying In The Gutters, Wildstorm's irreverent new series The Boys may have been delayed for this very reason:

"The Boys" from Wildstorm has been a rather aggressive book so far. Extreme gore, use of the c-word (that's 'c**t' by the way), extreme superhero hate, Simon Pegg, all that's missing is the sex.

I'm told that at San Diego months ago, Wildstorm staffers were talking up the completed art for "The Boys" #3, which featured a Teen Titans-esque team in an orgy complete with a rather explicit oral image…

"The Boys" #3 has just been delayed. I wonder why?"

Finding out that this book has been delayed, even for naughty content, really bums me out. I have really been enjoying Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's irreverent and dead funny look at fellas and a lady that form a team of sorts to take out the super heroes in their world. Showcasing a sense of humor that can only be Ennis-style, this book is wicked genius.

If you are an adult type reader and you have been looking for an excuse to try this book, do so, if for no other reason then to enjoy the dark and amusing stylings of Ennis and Robertson. They are the new team supreme.

DISCLAIMER: If you don't like naughty, Vertigo-style humor, you will not enjoy this. Buy DC's fantastic series Manhunter instead.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Book of Fate: A Fantastic Reading Experience

The Book of Fate
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The Book of Fate
By Brad Meltzer

Have you been looking for the chance to take your love of reading to the next level? Have you enjoyed Brad Meltzer’s work on Identity Crisis, Green Arrow, and now Justice League of America? Do you want to read more of Meltzer’s work but are not sure if you want to spend the extra money? Are you just plain curious to see what kind of a writer Meltzer is, and how he translates into novel format? Or do you just want to read The Book of Fate, but are not sure if you will like it?

I can help you a bit with some answers to the above questions, as I just got done reading said book. As an alumnus and a fan of Meltzer’s work, buying the book was a sure bet for me. In fact, I was hoping Meltzer would use all his practical comic book writing experience and take it up a notch, so to speak.

I was not disappointed.

The Book of Fate reads so smoothly and easily that it is darn near impossible to put down. Meltzer used a formula of many short chapters to switch focus on characters while keeping the reader focused and in the moment. I appreciate the fact that the shorter chapters also gave me an opportunity to put the book down for bathroom breaks and dinner breaks. Practical, but true. The only problem with short chapters is that I kept thinking to myself “one more before bed”, until I had stayed up well past my bed time. The book reads that well.

The book focuses on Wes Holloway, a presidential aide who finds himself in a horrible nightmare during an assassination attempt. He sees coworker Ron Boyle die, only to spot him 8 years later in mysterious circumstances. How this could be and the deeper mysteries of Freemasonry and a secret pact lead Wes down a dangerous and intriguing road. He has no idea who his allies are, and must navigate a treacherous path that brings back and clarifies a moment of terror that changed him forever.


The Book of Fate is dynamite, plain and simple. Meltzer’s gift of writing realistic dialogue, and his ability to bring detailed and clarifying facts into the tale in a without confusing the reader really bring the book together. His style was very reminiscent of John Grisham in The Pelican Brief or The Firm. Contagious and brilliant, the book is a fast-paced thrill ride. It topped the best sellers list for a good reason; it is fantastic reading.

I would recommend The Book of Fate to fans of Meltzer’s comic books who want to make the leap to his novels. With the preview of this book in Justice League of America #1, several of you may have already started reading it anyway. Why not follow through and have some quality reading time? The book scores a definite 3 ½ stars out of 4 for me.

New Comics for September 27

Invincible 35
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After a couple of lighter weeks, this week is an ugly one. I don't know what it is about the last week of the month that makes the list so heavy, but I guess I won't question getting a whole mess of goodies in.

Here is the list!

52 Week 21
Action Comics #843
American Virgin #7
Batman #657
Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit #5 (of 5)
Blue Beetle #7
Hawkgirl #56 - the deciding issue for me.
Jack of Fables #3
JSA Classified #17
Justice League of America #2
Loveless #11
Secret Six #11
Supergirl #10
Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #22
Teen Titans #39
Trials of Shazam #2
Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #3 (of 8)
Invincible #35- pictured!
Lions Tigers & Bears Vol 2 #3 (of 4)- Mike Bullock's excellent book!
Amazing Spider-Man #535
Black Panther #20
Captain America #22
Daredevil #89
Eternals #4 (of 6)
Punisher #38
She-Hulk 2 #12
Ultimate Spider-Man #100
Ultimates 2 #12
X-Men #191
Wizard #181- yes, I am lame and read Wizard.
Snakewoman #3

Yikes! I guess this means that I will have a lot to read, and possibly a great deal to say!

Thank you for the comments, by the way. I enjoy the dialogue.

Take care and have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Computer Disaster

Our motherboard is dying, so I don't dare stay on too long. Suffice to say, Jim and I find ourselves in the position of either trying to fix our 3 1/2 year old computer or get a new one. We are trying to decide as I write this.

In other news, I finished reading Brad Meltzer's The Book Of Fate today, and very much want to review it. If I can get to a friend's house, or get a working computer, I will be back with said review before the end of the day. Otherwise, I will be back tomorrow. Maybe my boss will let me blog after work.

Take care!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Civil War Contemplations

Civil War 4
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Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to get issue 4. That is indeed correct. Well, after a big round table discussion of the issue, and a general "group" reading done by hubby and his friends, I have decided that there are points that need to expressed.

1. IRON MAN: Could we hate this character any more? While Tony Stark has always been an egotistical, driven man riddled with countless flaws, there have always been redeeming qualities. Here, there are none. Tony is merciless, crushing those who don't bend to his grand design. There isn't any middle ground with the character. He is cruel and devious, qualities more associated with a super villain then a hero. After reading Iron Man #12, and seeing the plot developments here, I truly wonder if that may not be the set up.
CONCLUSION: Has crossed the point of no return

2. CAPTAIN AMERICA: Steve Rogers has always stood for the "little guy" and the American Dream. Seeing his actions here make me wonder if he has forgotten his core values. I appreciate his intentions, but am surprised that he seems to teeter on the edge of delusions of grandeur. Standing tall in the face of opposition is one thing; wantonly throwing he and his allies into the mouth of utter destruction is quite another. I miss Cap like I miss my Grandma's apple pie.
CONCLUSION: Battered but not beaten

3. REED RICHARDS: What the hell is this about? Reed has always been measured not only by his brilliance, but by his commitment to his family. While sometimes obtuse, Reed has never forgotten the love and stability his wife and family bring. To see him so cold and distant is extremely jarring. One can only hope he comes to his senses before it is too late.
CONCLUSION: Booted from the Fantastic Four, but still allowed access to his family.

4. SUE RICHARDS: I think that Sue acted in character by her actions. She is a level headed, strong woman. She knows that what Reed is doing is wrong, and calls him on it by doing the most drastic thing she can, and doing what she thinks is right. The letter was in character with Sue. It was like "Reed, get your head pulled out of your butt and back to what matters. Fix things and we'll all be a family again". The only thing that really feels wrong to me is Sue's abandonment of Franklin and Valeria. Never in a million years did I think that would happen, and I think it is really out of character.
CONCLUSION: Sue comes home to her family but keeps Reed at arm's length.

THOR: Cloning the God of Thunder???!! What a load of hooey this is! I absolutely hate this with a passion. I always wanted Thor (THE REAL THOR) to come back and make things right. In my vision, he is looking in a scrying pool at Valhalla and sees a great injustice. Hence Thor comes back. But back to the subject at hand, even a clone of Thor wouldn't wantonly commit murder if it was indeed a true match. Thor was always honorable above all else. The actions of this Thor are anything but.
CONCLUSION: Clone Thor must expire and Genuine Thor must step in to clean up the mess.

SPIDER-MAN: In issue 4, Peter starts to feel remorse for his previous decisions. Worse, Iron Man can tell. This doesn't bode well for Peter down the road, especially concerning his family. Imagine all his major villains with chip implants, being sent to kill Peter and all his loved ones. Whether he suffers a tragedy at the hands of Iron Man or not, being publicly exposed have changed things irrevocably in a way that bodes ill for the future of the character. I am sure this is Marvel's plan all along- they want him single and fresh, though many fans would disagree with that.
CONCLUSION: Expect personal tragedies and a return to outcast status greater then before.

Marvel has used Civil War to grab a lot of media attention and generate major buzz, which has hopefully been in an effort to gain new readers and bring old ones back to the fold of the classic Marvel Universe. HOWEVER, looking at the landscape that is being created from this event, I can't help but wonder if Joe Quesada and company truly believe that this is the Marvel Universe the masses actually want.

BOTTOM LINE: Civil War is a bit too ambitious for the believers in the status quo. I believe it will ultimately alienate much more then it will enhance.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Making Wonder Woman Monthly: Voice Your Opinion

Wonder Woman Magic Change
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In my last blog entry, I was pretty concerned and frustrated about the inability of DC Comics and the creators on Wonder Woman to get the product into our hands in a timely manner. Ragnell had a comment suggesting a letter writing campaign. I think this is a great idea. Thank you to Ragnell for the thought!

Write to DC and tell them that the lateness of the book and their inability to do a monthly isn't cutting it for you. Demand a monthly Wonder Woman book. Tell them that you want to support one of the DC "trinity" but that you need to be able to buy the book to do so.

Or just tell them whatever you want. Heh.

Just tell them.

I am going to compose and send my letter tonight. If you want to see the Wonder Woman Comic book on a regular basis, let them know.

How to do so:

E-mail your letter to:
or (not 100% sure about this one- can anyone verify his e-mail address for me?? DC made it harder then Fort Knox to find an individual e-mail address. I am guessing they are trying to keep annoying fans like myself from bothering them!)

or send the letter to:

DC Comics
ATTN: Matt Idelson
Wonder Woman Editor
1700 Broadway
New York, New York 10018

Thank you for all the support you can give! It makes a diehard Wonder Woman fan smile.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Shipping Date Changes Affects Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman
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I was looking at the shipping date changes posted on Newsarama and came across the latest date for the next issue of Wonder Woman, which is issue 3.

Last Set Shipping date: 10/11/06

NEW Set Shipping date: 11/08/06

What this means for issue 4 that is being solicited in December's Previews is anyone's guess.

In other older news, (also according to stalwarts Newsarama), author Jodi Picoult's run on Wonder Woman will only last five issues, which will take the series up to issue 10. This means five from Allan Heinberg and five from Picoult - not exactly runs.

I am frustrated with this, but also acknowledge that in this instance lateness isn't going to make me drop the book. I have been collecting Wonder Woman since 1974, and love the character. I have no plans to drop her title. In fact, if I couldn't afford to buy comics any longer, it would be the last book I would drop. Hopefully I could panhandle $2.99- forget eating.

With that being said, I am prepared to be frustrated and irritated, but am also not using my dollars to complain, so it is a catch-22.

If and when I hear more news, you will see it here!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wow! Preview Cover for Manhunter #26

Manhunter 26
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Look at the incredible cover for Manhunter #26! The always fabulous artist Arthur Adams has outdone himself this time!

Seeing this cover and knowing that Manhunter is coming back in December make me so happy. Manhunter is one of my top ten favorite titles, and I have found myself already in withdrawals. Kate Spencer and Chase are such well written female characters, and their male counterparts are excellent foils without taking the spotlight away. Every time this book comes out, it hits the top of my stack without fail. I can see that in December it will be no different. In fact, I may not even get out of the store before I have to look at it!

Having Wonder Woman as a guest star seems like such a good fit. Both Kate and Diana are tough women with strong convictions, so I am really looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

My day is officially a good one after seeing this spectacular cover.

Monday, September 18, 2006

New Comics for September 20

Once again the month has gone by so quickly that it is unbelievable. It seems like August just ended, but we are already full throttle into Fall. I am enjoying the weather right now, and am sad to know that soon it will be cold outside.

I am really excited about comics this week. 100 Bullets heralds the start of the "what has been going on with Dizzy and the boys" storyline I have been dying for! Astonishing X-Men is hitting the stands. I am also really looking forward to my favorite X-title, X-factor, hitting the stands. Making things even more interesting is that both Birds of Prey and Catwoman are shipping this week.

Without further ado, here is my list!

Conan #32
100 Bullets #76
52 Week 20
Birds of Prey #98
Catwoman #59
Checkmate #6
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #4
Hellblazer #224
Ion #6 (of 12)
Robin #154
Shadowpact #5
Superman #656
Wetworks #1
Occult Crimes Taskforce #2 (of 4)
Wtichblade #101
Astonishing X-Men #17
Exiles #86
Iron Man #12
Runaways #20
Ultimate Fantastic Four #34
Union Jack #1 (of 4)
Wolverine #46
X-Factor #11
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #2 (of 4)
Strangers in Paradise #84

What a great week ! I didn't mention the Civil War tie-ins, because at this point, it really isn't on my radar.

Here's to a happy Monday evening to all of you and best regards for a happy week!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Review: Virgin Comics' Devi Inspires!

Devi #3 page 4
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From the first page summary of the Indian mythology of Devi, my attention was captured. The simplicity of the brief summation immediately endeared me to writers Siddharth Kotian and Samit Basu. The characters are incredible, and the action perfectly paced. I also appreciate the art by Mukesh Singh, along with the gorgeous colors of Nanjan J. The production value is amazing, and the book itself has great depth.

Before I gush too much, let me give a brief back story. In the second century of mankind’s arrival on Earth, there is a great war in which the Gods of Light must fight one of their own. The dark god Bala feeds off the forced worship of men, and his power is so great that the Gods cannot win the battle. They each put a portion of their power into a powerful hero named Devi.

The first issue of Devi opens with said warrior woman leading the Gods and their troops into a final battle. Devi is a sure witted warrior, whose battle skills are second to none. Ensconced in a glorious light, she is merciless in her goal to eradicate Bala forever. Perfectly paced, the final fight is shown to glorious effect. In modern times, we are also introduced to nemesis and contract killer Kratha.

Issue two takes readers into the modern day with alcoholic cop Inspector Rahul Singh. A brave man, used to dealing with the bizarre, Rahul has a careworn, jaded appearance. An ace cop with a mysterious past and a complex personality, Rahul’s back story is something I am very interested in finding out about.

In this issue we find out more about Kratha and the people paying her. We also meet the modern day Devi, even though she isn’t aware of yet herself. Tara is a beautiful young lady who knows that there is more to life then her current grind of clubbing at her boyfriend’s establishment. We are also introduced to the secret element of Devi, as the Durapaysa tip their hand.

Issue three brings more mystery into the book with the complexity of the characters starting to show through. Nothing is what it seems, and time is of the essence. Watching Tara’s soul journey makes the reader feel as if they are there with her. As the other characters gather to make their presence known, the danger is at an all time high.

I love the fact that I didn’t feel lost as I read the first three issues of Devi. I felt like the book has been well paced, and that the writing is on point. The dialogue drives the story, and never feels forced. I was further impressed that the third issue was written by Samit Basu rather then Kotian but that I didn’t get lost by different styles. The cohesiveness of the story being told is intact, which really impressed me.

The art by Singh is well polished. Ultra detailed with crisp line work, the art mirrors the current “must-have” style seen in today’s top selling titles. Trendy, but significantly individual, Singh does a nice job of panel work, keeping the story moving at just the right pace.

Order a copy of Shekhar Kapur’s Devi from your local comic book shop or online. Give new talent and a new company support so that we can continue to see high quality work like this being created. It might not be American-made, but it still very worthy of our support. A comic being produced in a timely fashion by true professionals is where I want to throw my support.

Virgin Comics Overview: A New Age Cometh

Ramayan Reborn 1
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Virgin Comics is the newest “mid-scale” comic book company to enter the industry. Having the financial means and great creative minds in place, this imprint is set to revolutionize the comic book industry. Unlike Cross-Gen, whose back to school approach worked initially but failed under weight of egos and business management, Virgin brings an independent approach and the unlimited funds that only Sir Richard Branson could provide.

According to their website, “Virgin Comics and Virgin Animation is the creative collaboration of writer Deepak Chopra, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, and maverick Sir Richard Branson.

Based in Bangalore, India, the company currently houses 50 artists and writers in a creative studio and is focused on two areas of development:

1. The creation of original stories and character properties that tap into the vast library of mythology and re-invent the rich indigenous narratives of Asia in a unique, compelling, and entertaining way.

2. Collaborating with creative talent from around the world - from filmmakers, to writers, to musicians, and other artists - to craft original stories and character properties initially in the form of comics and graphic novels subsequently to be developed into films, television, animation, gaming, wireless content, online, merchandise and more.

Envisioned as a creative exchange, Virgin Comics and Virgin Animation is also leading the transition of India as an outsourcer to a source of innovative and dynamic creations and creators. With an eye on the rapidly evolving entertainment market (550 million kids under the age of 20 in the next 10 years in India alone), Virgin Comics will strive to create properties infused with a mythic sensibility that resonate with readers and audiences around the world. Utilizing the powerful and bold Virgin brand, Virgin comics is positioned to carve out a unique space in the powerful character branded entertainment arena and create a new wave of global comic entertainment.”

It is really exciting for me as a reader to see this unique approach to the industry, unfettered by the old business model. Not confined to super heroes, Virgin Comics can be whatever it wants to be. Interestingly, because this business is not a United States based one, there isn’t a focus on entertaining just one country; instead there is a focus on the world that is unprecedented. Though DC and Marvel have been successful globally, Virgin Comics isn’t confined to the age old mentality of over six decades of inconsistent continuity.

The biggest struggle I see with Virgin Comics is entrance to local comic book shops. The Virgin Comics sampler was an excellent start, but already I am seeing resistance in my town’s retailer. In their minds, DC and Marvel are safe bets, but anything new is still very scary. With that in mind, I plan to order copies of all the Virgin Comics titles available. I realize that as one person, I am not in any position to change minds, but I at least want to show my support in the best way I can- with my dollars.

Titles from Virgin Comics are: Devi, The Sadhu, Snakewoman, Ramayan Reborn, and the upcoming 7 Brothers from Garth Ennis and John Woo. If you see any of these titles on the shelf and want to try something new, please get a copy and see what you think. The comics are high quality productions, with topnotch art and skillful writing.

I am thrilled to be at the ground floor of Virgin Comics’ offerings. I am even more pleased with the fact that the company is being treated like a business, and being backed by some of the greatest creative minds of this age. If you don’t believe me, go out and take a look for yourself.

Bad Computer!

Well, I got up today with every intention of doing a review of Virgin Comics' Devi #1, 2, and 3. I read them last night, and was pretty excited.

Then Murphy's Law hit.

We had major power outages in town that caused the computer at my workplace to cease proper functioning. Being the unfortunate, very amateurish IT person, I got to come in.

So here I sit, doing an IPL and praying the system will come back up. Curses!

My hopes are that the rest of you are having a much nicer day, and are not stuck at work.

Take care!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Enjoying The Beautiful Weather!

Yesterday after work, I made a vow to myself to spend some time away from the computer and the television. So far, I have done pretty well, other then wanting to check in and post today.

It felt nice to work in the yard, take a nice, leisurely drive, and soak up some rays. With the last glints of Summer fading, I wanted to take advantage of it. It was also something different then my normal schedule, which felt very rebellious.

Tonight we are going to go either to a movie or watch a DVD, so I am looking forward to that. Tomorrow it will be back to business as usual, as the housework and the laundry don't appear to be magically going away!

If you get the chance to enjoy some time in the nice weather before it fades away, I highly reccomend it. With cold days ahead, it may be one of the last opportunities to get some really good rays.

Have a wonderful Saturday night! Take care, and do something fun!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Random Musings: Short and Sweet!

I am pleading exhaustion tonight as my reason for barely blogging. All I want to do tonight is eat some dinner, watch the new Survivor, and go to bed. With that in mind, here are some random thoughts.

I am very pleased to say that I now have the first three issues of Devi from Virgin Comics. I have been waiting for my comic book shop to get issue one in before I read #2. Reading that and Snakewoman are high on my priority list for the weekend. I want to support this new comic book company, so I have done orders for most of their books.

Tonight I am severely pissed off at yet another two people who parked in handicapped spots, only to walk very well into the grocery store. It wouldn't kill you to walk the extra 20 feet, People!! As someone who has a loved one who is disabled, I say leave the handicapped spots for the true purpose: people who actually need them!

It started getting cold here today, so Fall is banging on our door. When I got home from work tonight, it was raining steadily. Goodbye Summer!

Not much more to tell. I am tired tonight, and have no intellectual inclinations.

Have a great evening and a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One of the Signs of the Apocalypse: Whitney and Bobby break up!

Bobby and Whitney
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
In shocking news, Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from Bobby Brown. Married in 1992, this was always one of those couples I thought would last forever. Their union was too weird to not stand the test of time, you know? The reality television show Being Bobby Brown only enhanced the fact that these two were meant to be together. Whitney screaming "kiss my ass" to Bobby is still a classic moment in viewing history.

So in my great sadness and shock, I am taking the rest of the day off and reflecting on this tear-inducing news.

Let's all have a moment of silence, okay?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Updating My Links!

Let me direct your attention to my sidebar, please! I have added a few new links and want to apprise you of what they are.

The Comics Podcast Network is THE place to go to hear great podcasting about comic books and the industry.

John Layman should somehow turn his blog into a comic book. He is sarcastic and bitingly funny and has a fondness for the felines.

Lady, That's My Skull is one of the most cleverly written blogs around. Sleestak goes for variety, and never misses the point.

QEW Publishing is home to Quenton Shaw and his crew of creative talents. This group is up and coming in the industry, so see it hear first.

Technogreek is the blog of Jim Demonakos, the man behind the Emerald City Comicon and Image Comic's PR man. He is funny and sweet. I enjoy his insights and his tales. This is a busy man who makes the time to check in.

Take a look at these new links. I hope you enjoy these places as much as I do!

Monday, September 11, 2006

New Comics For September 13

Girls 17
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
It's Monday again, which means it is time for my list of new comics for the week. Once again, time is flying by, and before we know it, Fall will be in full effect.

52 Week 19
Aquaman Sword of Atlantis #44
Ex Machina #23
Fables #53
Firestorm the Nuclear Man #29
Green Arrow #66
Green Lantern #13
Green Lantern Corps #4
JLA Classified #27
Man Called Kev #3 (of 5)
Martian Manhunter #2 (of 8)
Girls #17- cover pictured!
Captain America #21
Claws #2 (of 3)
Ms Marvel #7
New Excalibur #11
New X-Men #30
Thunderbolts #106
Ultimate X-Men #74
Wolverine Origins #6
Devi #3

Whew! There is more Marvel this week then I thought, which will bring this week's total up. I can see that it is time to cut back on my comic book list again... and soon!

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Reversal of Fortunes! Next Seattle Comicard Show is October 15!

Rising from the ashes of the cancelled Portland Show, I have just been told that the next Seattle Comicard show is going to be held on October 15. There is a God and he is shining down on me!

Here is the information so far on the show. It is being held on Sunday, October 15 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. It is being held at the Seattle Center Rainier Room. Admission is $4 or $3 with a can of food. Donations benefit Northwest Harvest.

Jim and I will be there hanging out with our good friend Quenton and the gang from QEW Publishing. If you aren't familiar with the QEW Family, go check out their website. Quenton is a true professional with a lot of integrity, and I think you will find that it extends from his personality to his company's products.

I am so thrilled that there is a local show this fall! I hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tears of Aphrodite! Portland Comic Book Show Cancelled!

It is with great sadness that I report that the October 8 offering of the bi-annual Portland Comics Book Show has been cancelled. The official announcement reads as so:

"To our Fans, Exhibitors, and Creators:

Due to scheduling difficulties, we find it necessary to cancel our October 8th Portland Comic Book Show.

We hope everyone that looks forward to our show will forgive us for canceling an advertised show.
This is our first show cancellation in 28 years and hopefully our last.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next show on February 18th, 2007 in the Exhibit Hall of the Memorial Coliseum at the Rose Quarter.

Confirmed guests thus far:

Karl Kesel
Fantastic Four writer/artist

Michael Eury
Writer/Editor Back Issue Magazine

Andy Mangels
Novel Writer: Star Trek, Star Wars, Roswell
DVD Special Features Writer

David Hahn
Bite Club artist"

What makes this announcement even sadder is that George Perez was scheduled to be at the October show, and we were also hoping to see Kirk and Pamela Jarvinen.

Now Jim and I will just have to save our pennies for the Emerald City Comicon coming in 2007. That is a long time to go between shows though- I hope we don't go into withdrawals!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Product Lust! New Wonder Woman Statue Is Amazing!

Wonder Woman Statue
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Check out this gorgeous new Wonder Woman statue, based on Lynda Carter as the character in the 1970's televison series. It is an incredible likeness, and I wish to God I could afford to get it.

Unfortunately, the statue is $195 which is too much money for my strapped behind to afford. I am going to have to hope that someday a smaller version of this comes out, so I can pick it up.

Here is the description of the statue from DC Direct:

"No one embodies the spirit and beauty of Wonder Woman more than Lynda Carter, the actress who portrayed her on the beloved television series! She will forever be the vision forged in a generation's memory as the quintessential Wonder Woman. For the first time ever, DC Direct has teamed up with Lynda Carter to bring you a must-have piece to every fan's Wonder Woman collection. This limited edition, hand-painted cold-cast porcelain statue is packaged in a four-color box, includes a four-color Certificate of Authenticity and measures approximately 13" high x 7.5" wide x 7.5" deep. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind collectible! "

Sigh. This is one of those times when I would really like to win the lottery! This statue is absolutely breathtaking, and as a huge Wonder Woman fan, it would be an excellent addtion to my collection.

Oh well, at least I got to see the picture of it!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Comics For September 7

Detective Comics 823
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Because of the Labor Day weekend, and the fact that I live on the West Coast, I am calling Thursday comic day this week. The good news is that my list is a bit smaller then normal, so I can get caught up on old stuff. The bad news is that my list is smaller then normal, so there isn't as much excitement.

At any rate, here is my list for this week!

52 Week 18
All New Atom #3- deciding issue for me
Detective Comics #823- see beautiful cover pictured
Jonah Hex #11
Mystery In Space #1 (of 8)
Nightwing #124
Outsiders #40
Y The Last Man #49
Noble Causes #23
Punisher #37
Uncanny X-Men #478
X-Men Phoenix Warsong #1 (of 5)
Red Sonja #14
Snakewoman #2 (if my shop gets it!)

I really noticed this week that the Marvel drought is beginning. That is good news for my pocket book, and may give me a chance to try something new from an independent publisher. I am really looking forward to it.

In other news, today I received my copy of Lost Girls in the mail from I am planning on spending this evening perusing the self-proclaimed "porn" courtesy of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie. Finally I will see what the hype is about!

Have a great evening! Depending on how long it takes me to read said huge three volume set, you will have an opinion before the end of the week.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Random Musings

Today is the calm before the storm. An extra day to reflect, and to get all those little things done that I have been so desperate to do. It has been so long since I have just surfed the internet, that it was pretty interesting to check out what is going on.

The poor Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin has died. My heart goes out to his family.

Moment of silence.

The movie Crank is amazing. It is a hilarious thrill ride. If you are over 17, go check it out. Jim and I went and saw it and we couldn't believe how much the audience as a whole was into it. Amazing.

Rockstar Supernova is my latest obsession. As a longtime metal fan, I haven't been able to tear my eyes away from it. Motley Crue, Guns 'n' Roses, and Metallica still fill up my iPod. My early favorite was Dilanna, but now I am realizing that her lack of songwriting experience may tank her. Toby and Storm are my current favorites, with Lukas ever being the "easy choice". If you haven't been tuning in, go over to the link and check it out.

Not much more to tell today. It is laundry and grocery shopping time for the hubby and me, so I am off!

Have a wonderful Labor Day, and a great week!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Y The Last Man Theories: Who Killed All The Men??

Y The Last Man #1
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Have you been reading Y The Last Man from Vertigo? If not, here is the premise. All man and woman kind is having a regular day when all of a sudden, all the men on the planet die... with the exception of one. Yorick Brown is left sparred, and his journey of discovery begins at that moment. He goes to Washington D.C. where he meets with his mother, who is a congresswoman. She sends him and special agent 355 on a mission to find Dr. Mann and get to the bottom of things. Their journey is wrought with danger, as the world as women know it has been turned on it's access. The value of a man, and the women he encounters is as intriguing as it is surprising.

I don't want to spoil the various adventures, so I will summarize by saying that there are many interested parties who have a stake in discovering the fault so that the cure may be given. Issue 50 promises to reveal the reason of the death of all men, and issue 60 will be the final issue. Since issue 49 is coming out next week, I wanted to take the opportunity to guess at some possiible reasons for the demise of men.

1. Dr. Mann's father was a brilliant geneticist. Maybe he is still alive and is the cause.

2. Dr. Mann's father had a mistress. Maybe she is the cause. She is also a well known scientist with unknown ulterior motives and a spy in Yorick's midst.

3. Dr. Mann tried to clone herself. Maybe she released some kind of toxin into the environment while trying to give birth.

4. The amulet of Helene is a well known piece of mysticism. It is rumored that if it were to leave it's homeland that carnage and death would ensue. Well, it definitely left Israel, so it could be a cause. Unfortunately, the amulet was destroyed.

5. The Israel government could have something to do with it all. The most dangerous women soldiers hail from that area, and they seem to be hiding something.

6. The monkeys on the planet that have been experimented on may have something to do with it. Maybe something in their bloodstream was released, or was meant to be a carrier for the cure. Since Yorick has a monkey, it could be that Ampersand was a cure from day one.

7. It could be something that I haven't even guessed!

I am really interested to see what happens in issue 50, as Y The Last Man has been a very intense, addicting read for me, and all signs point to one of the above. My money is on the Mistress at this point, but I am prepared to be surprised.

Any theories I missed?

Friday, September 01, 2006

"Super Hero" Ends on an Emotional Note

Feedback picture
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Last night's finale of "Who Wants To Be A Super Hero" was incredible. From the first moment, watching Fat Momma and Feedback work in tandem in the kitchen, to the final announcement which saw Feedback take the prize, the entire episode was an A+.

Stan Lee has proven to be the perfect host for this show. No one on earth could come across as more sincere or caring. Stan treated the contestants with a seriousness that was touching. He never looked down on them or ridiculed them. I loved that Stan guided the group with love and respect. He was definitely the hub that made the show solid.

Fat Momma and Feedback are decent, caring people who deserved to make it to the end. I believe that either would have made a great winner, but that Feedback had that little something extra that made him really stand out. His love of comic books, and the fact that he was such a fan of the Peter Parker character growing up was really touching.

I am really thrilled with how this show turned out and would love to see another season. I plan to watch the movie that Feedback gets to be in, and I want to get the comic book that is coming out from Dark Horse. If Matt Haley and Stan Lee are teaming up, it is a sure winner.

What an emotional high to end on. I can hardly wait for the DVD so I can relive the moments that made me such a fan.