Thursday, July 29, 2004

Happy Anniversary & Infinity Inc?

My parent's 4oth wedding anniversary is this weekend, so I wish them love, respect, and my undying appreciation of all they have done to raise me as a sane adult.

Alas, this means I will be away from the computer while running around taking care of business. I know the blog is not even a week old, and the timing is bad, but this is a big event.

In the meantime check out a kick-ass post that James Schee did on his blog about Infinity Inc. It is insightful and dead on the money.

Take care! I am outta here!

Dawn Three Tiers #4

I love Joseph Michael Linsner's art so much that he could probably just draw scribbles all day and I would be intrigued. Thank God the man does much more then that in his Dawn limited series. Each page is lovingly crafted, and incredibly detailed. The story is compelling too, with our hero Darrian Ashoka being tempted with lust in one panel while wreaking carnage in the next.

Fans who consider Dawn a bad girl book need to revisit this series. The story revolves around Darrian and his adventures, with Dawn being the woman he can't escape, almost a secondary figure. As Darrian must deal with one hopeless situation after another, it is his strength of will and self-esteem that carry him through the day. As Dawn's lover Death in some incarnations, the man is unbeatable; in the flesh, he is extremely dangerous, but vulnerable. In short, Darrian is a great hero with feet of clay.

Give Dawn a try sometime if nothing else then for the pretty pictures. I dare you.

New Review at 4CR- Astonishing X-Men 3

Hey Kids, reviews!

I just put a review of Astonishing X-Men #3 up at 4 Color Review, my home away from home.

Take a look if you have a chance! Thank you and good day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Comics Night

Just wanted to report that I am currently in comic book heaven. I have a huge stack of stuff this week, and so far have been intrigued by what I have read.

Powers #2 started my reading experience, and was so good I had to read it twice, including the back inside cover of what Bendis calls personal ads to get you laid. Too awesome for words.

Next I looked at Avengers #500. They weren't kidding when they said things get ugly fast. I haven't made up my mind about how I feel about the whole dissembled thing yet, but this issue gives me an indication that it isn't going to be pretty.

I also looked at Dawn: Three Tiers #4 and Ultimate Fantastic Four, both of which were about the way I thought they would be. Now it's back to the stack to check out the rest of my goodies.

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Cool Show- American Chopper

My favorite guilty pleasure television show is American Chopper on the Discovery Channel. I know it might seem odd that a woman loves a show about building custom choppers, but I am hopelessly addicted. Watching Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. and their dynamics when fighting or just plain disagreeing is always a sight to behold.  I especially enjoy that it reminds me of the good old days on the farm, spending hours with mostly men and participating with them in trying to improve and perfect the machinery we had to work with.

Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. aren't the only reason to watch the show though. The supporting team at Orange County Choppers are pretty compelling as well, and fit into their own category of sorts:

Mikey- comedy relief
Vinnie- level headed, hard worker
Campos- artistic and more then meets the eye
Rick- intense and committed.
Cody- up for anything- loves to help

I know this is far more in depth then a normal appreciation of a show, but I can't help it. Not only do I get to see a lot of testosterone heavy interaction, but something is created along the way. I can't ask for more then that!

My husband, bless his heart, lets me watch American Chopper whenever it's on, even if it's a rerun.  Between the two of us, we enjoy watching the Discovery Channel and the History Channel anyway, so we can console ourselves with the fact that it's slightly educational!

Monday, July 26, 2004

New Comics of Interest on the Diamond List

Being an anal retentive type of gal, every Monday I go to the Diamond web site and print the list of new stuff. I am glad I do, so I can mentally prepare myself for the sizable check I will end up writing.

Cool stuff coming out this week:

Green Lantern #179- the throw-down between Kyle and John Stewart!
Superman: Birthright #12- Finally!!
Dawn Three Tiers #4- Finally times two- I LOVE Linsner's stuff, like most red-blooded, full-bodied females.
Witchblade #77- part two of a great story written by Common Grounds' Troy Hickman.
Astonishing X-Men #3- intriguing story so far.
Fantastic Four #516, Marvel Knights 4 #8, AND Ultimate FF #9 - time for an FF geekasm!
Powers #2- My favorite edgy cop series ever! Deena rules, and Walker ain't half bad either.
Rogue #1- I have a guilty pleasure love for the character.
The Gift #7- you will get sick of hearing this from me, but Tyler Kirkham is the MAN!

There is lots of other cool stuff coming out this week, but those are the ones that get my mouth watering with anticipation. Cheers!

Wonder Woman #178-180 (first series)

I am re-reading my Wonder Woman collection, and I just got done paging through issue 178 of the first series. It is a landmark issue in that Diana Prince, the Army chick, drops her "dumpy" ways and gets a hip new look. Of course this is an issue from Sept.-Oct. 1968, so this means that she gets groovy new threads.

Let me bring you up to speed on what goes down before I get into the op-ed part of this.

Diana must clear Steve Trevor's name after he is framed for murder. On the stand as Wonder Woman, she can't prove his innocence, so he goes to jail. Steve now hates Wonder Woman, so Diana Prince must step in and get an alibi for her honey. The only way to do so is to become hip and blend in with the hippy crowd.  Of course, Diana gets the job done, and all is well in happy town with the Amazon Princess and her man... Or is it?

The end of the issue finds Wonder Woman and Steve cuddling on the couch, while Steve muses that he should ask Diana out. Ohhkayyy?? Rather then be pissed and want to know why he would even suggest such a thing, our favorite Amazon wonders what she will have to do to maintain his interest.  What's next, lingerie shopping?

I realize that this issue is 36 years old, and we hadn't burned our bras yet, so I cut the ending some slack.  What I think is interesting is that the Wonder Woman of 2004 would be horrified by this whole scenario. Granted she doesn't have a secret identity, and the Steve Trevor of current continuity is married to Etta Candy, but I just can't imagine a subservient Wonder Woman in this day and age. I would imagine Greg Rucka, enlightened type that he is, couldn't either.

The greater irony of this ending is in the next two issues of the series. In issue 179, Diana must renounce her Amazon powers and cut ties with Paradise Island, as they are off to renew their mystical powers. She picks Steve over her family in essence. That's not even the worst part. In issue 180, Steve actually dies. Diana must start over in every sense of the word.

To add insult to injury for the longtime reader, in issue 181, Diana meets a new dude and is checking him out. By this time she is learning at the knee of her new mentor, the aged and wise I-Ching, so maybe her breathing and third eye exercises have chilled her beyond giving a damn.

If nothing else, Diana has been given a continuity reboot in these issues to make her hipper and more appealing to younger readers of that time period. In the meantime, 36 years later,  I sit here intrigued, but puzzled to a point. I love the character in all her incarnations, based simply on the notion of HER. To go "back in time" and revisit her is always as much of a journey for me as I am sure it is for her. I just can't say I agree with the notion of a woman jealous of herself. It works for the time, but not for being timeless.

If you ever read these issues, you will have to let me know what you think. I am continuing on my quest to read my run on my favorite character, which extends from a mish-mash of issues starting at 98 to a run starting at 167 of the first series. Funnily enough, I own my age in consecutive years of issues, and I would be hard pressed to trade these old treasures for just about anything else anyone could ever offer me. (Unless you have a couple of million dollars you want to trade- then e-mail me

Bourne Supremacy

Jim and I went to see The Bourne Supremacy this weekend and both thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie was fast-paced and kept the mystery going until the end. My only quibble is that so much of the film was done by handheld cameras that from time to time it would give audience goers a twinge of nausea.

Otherwise, the movie was worth every penny of the matinee price, and I would consider getting it on DVD when it comes out. I am glad we chose to go see it over Catwoman, which I have a pretty iffy vibe about.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

New Review up at 4CR

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new review up at 4 Color Review for Justice League Elite #1. Give it a look!

Also, Steve our beloved webmaster, went to the San Diego Con, and provided many pictures for cool viewing. Take a look at these as well!

Vogue August 2004

Has anyone seen the latest issue of Vogue? It has Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie, and her daughter Danielle Riley on the cover. It also features the Bush twins in their first major article.

I like to read Vogue as a palette cleanser after reading comics. We all have our fantasy worlds, and for me, Vogue is one as well.  :-)

Living in a smaller place, with less access to style then say, New York, Los Angeles, or Seattle, I have to find my current fashions where I can get them, so I elect Vogue as my monthly ambassador.

At any rate, I really enjoyed the new August issue, and was especially intrigued with the cover story. Those Presley women are not to be trifled with, that is for sure. My guy friends tell me they are real eye candy as well! :-)

This Week's Stash

This was an expensive comic book week for me and my husband Jim. After we gasped at our total, paid the bill and came home, we sighed with relief that there was a lot of good stuff there. Here is a smattering of this week's stash.

Wonder Woman #206- After almost losing my mind when writer Greg Rucka made my favorite character a vegetarian, I am starting to forgive him, and this current storyline has a lot to do with it. Sneaky Greek Gods plotting, Medousa getting her head back, and Vanessa in mortal peril - all at the same time. Rucka is putting Diana through her paces, with no room to breathe, and I am thriving on it as much as our favorite Amazon is. I did a double take as Diana spent part of the issue in low rider jeans and a modern type- when did she start watching Britney Spears videos?

Emma Frost #13- It is a damn shame this book is being cancelled, as it has done a kick ass job of showing why this tarted up White Queen is as diabolical as it comes. Issue 13 starts a new arc, with Miss Frost starting her college education at Empire State. There are surprises galore as Emma finds herself having growing pains of several kinds. 

Stryke Force #4- Artist Tyler Kirkham is my pick for best new artist of the year. The kid can draw, and he gets it done on time. I also am impressed to see Jay Faerber finding his way with much better scripting then I had seen from him before.  Great art + cool story = a must read!

Outsiders #14- I am having a love-hate relationship with this book. I love the characterization, especially with Roy Harper, but the battle scenes leave me cold. I figure this is foreshadowing, and that things are going to get way worse before they get better, but after 14 issues, I want it to cut to the chase already!

New X-Men Academy #3- I really hate the fact that this book got rebooted and renamed. It was fine as New Mutants to me, but Marvel just had to go and mess with it to fit the Reloaded theme. At any rate, the characters here are intriguing, so I am staying put for the time being.

Daredevil #62- The Black Widow is back messing with Matt's head, and it feels great. Matt has really been put through his paces thanks to Bendis and Alex Maleev. I do wish they would let him catch his breath and reassess for a few issues before they throw him back in the blender, but knowing this creative team, it won't happen soon.

Captain Marvel #25- Final issue. I really hated the ending. For a huge Peter David fan like myself, that is saying something. Read it and let me know what you think. I just feel really let down right now. I will probably put some distance on it and see if I can pick it up again with a fresh look.

Wolverine #17- I love this story line. Having a chick Wolverine rules, and I am not talking about the one that is showing up in Uncanny X-Men in October. I am sorry to see Rucka leaving the title.

I also got but haven't read Seaguy #3, Shi Ju-nen #1, and DC Comics Presents Green Lantern #1.  Hopefully there is some cool stuff in those titles as well.


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