Monday, November 29, 2004

New Comics for December 1

I just got the weekly print out of new comics from Diamond online. It isn't as ugly as some of the past weeks, but there are some gems in there.

My stash is as follows:

Deadshot #1 (the preview looked hilarious)
Fallen Angel #18
Outsiders #18
Superman Batman #15 (totally excellent storyline)
Swamp Thing #10
Y The Last Man #29
Darkness #17
PVP #12
Exiles #55 (this is make or break for me- I haven't enjoyed Bedard's stuff here at all)
New Avengers #1 (out of curiosity)
Rogue #5
Ultimates Vol 2 #1 (this is a leap of faith for me- I hated how behind the book was last run)
Uncanny X-Men #453

Wednesday can't come soon enough!

Have a great day!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Invincible Review up at 4 Color Review

Hey, I just did a review on the great series Invincible over at 4 Color. If you are so inclined, give her a look.

Have a great Saturday night! Jim and I rented White Chicks and Elf, so tonight if the night for lame humor at our house!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Powers- a little downer?

I just got done reading Powers #6 and was expecting to see Deena kick major butt. Instead, what I got was vague flashbacks. I am a little disappointed, but also am hoping that the vagueness is as much for our benefit as it is for Deena's co-workers. Having her manifest at the end of issue #5 was a huge shocker, so the ramifications are sure to be far reaching.

Sorry I have been out for a few days- I swear that having a vacation means catching up on all the things a person doesn't normally have time for! It has been hectic, and now vacation is almost over.

I am off to read the rest of my week's stash. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Jim and I spent the day going through the last year and a half of my new comics organizing it to go into my collection. Whew, what a job that was! It is 4 long boxes and 4 short boxes.

Take care all!

Monday, November 22, 2004

New Comics for November 24

I just printed out the Diamond Shipping list for November 24, and it is another exciting week. Thank god for my paycheck!

Adam Strange #3
Authority Revolution #2
Batgirl #58
Batman #634
Flash #216
Green Lantern Rebirth #2
Razors Edge Warblade #2
Superman #211
Witching #6
Invincible #17
Amazing Spider-man #514
Black Widow #3
Daredevil #67
Excalibur #7
Powers #6
Supreme Powers #13
Ultimate Elektra #4
Ultimate Fantastic Four #13
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #29

Should be a great week for reading, now if I could only get last week's stuff read!

Things I'm Thankful For Part II

I can hardly believe how lucky and blessed Jim and I are. Today we both received gift certificates to Safeway from our bosses for Thanksgiving. We were able to go and get a great dinner for Thursday and also get our groceries for the week. How wonderful is that? We are both very thankful and appreciative.

Seeing that it is Thanksgiving week, I thought I would revisit my post of things I am thankful for by adding some new ones.

1. I am thankful to be gainfully employed for 15 years at a place I have been able to thrive. In today's society it is rare to be able to make a career out of a job, but I have been lucky enough to do so at mine. Don't get me wrong, I work my ass off and am very loyal and dependable, so it is partially by my efforts, but still- to have a reciprocal relationship at a place of employment like that is a valuable thing. Because of my job security and efforts I can pay our mortgage and have some of the things I want. For this, I am very thankful.

2. I have a close knit group of relatives. On both sides of my family, I am the first grandchild, so I have always been surrounded by loved ones on holidays and major events in my life. From my grandparents to my cousins, I have always felt loved and supported. To this day my family on both sides get together for the holidays and go to each other's events. Even though Jim and I don't live close, we still go and visit and spend quality time with family. If I could wish one thing, it would be that we lived closer to Jim's family so we could do the same thing with them.

3. I am thankful to live in America. Nuff said.

Take care all and have a great evening!

P.S. Jim and I just found out his sister had a baby girl named Carly, so we are especially blessed.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

New Review at 4CR

I just did a review of Wonder Woman #210 at 4 Color Review. It is a great issue that will surely have repercussions for a long time in the title.

Hopefully I will have quick shots up all during this week. Jim and I have the week off work, so we are going to try and get some stuff done around the house and then catch up on our blogs.

Take care all!

Working out is Good for you!

After a sporadic couple of months working out, I was finally able to go get a two hour workout yesterday. Man, nothing makes me less irritable then two hours of getting my aggressions out in the gym.

The thing that sucks is that today I am sore as hell. Normally I don't get very sore after a workout because I have been doing it consistently all my life, but from being sick last month to the drama I have had a work recently, I haven't worked out at a normal pace. That changes as of now.

So as to not seem like a vain person, the biggest reasons I work out are:

1. To get out my aggressions so I am not homicidal.
2. To fight my genetic disposition of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.

It the end result is a slimmer, healthier body, then that is good for me. I really encourage everyone to get some form of exercise at least three times a week even if it is just going for a walk. Don't overdo it either, just find a happy medium.

At any rate, it was nice to get back to working out. I have got to keep the osteoporosis at bay with weight lifting, and keep the pounds off with aerobic activity. It is a never ending cycle. When I see obese people, the first thing I want to do is help them find a happy medium in their life. It is so easy in our society to get fatter and fatter, with all the great food there is to eat, and the high stress level so many of us live our lives under. That is where self control and exercise come in.

I don't claim to be thin, but I do claim to be much happier and saner when I am working out and thinner then when I am heavier. I am a life long yo-yo dieter who has to watch every bite they put in their mouths, so I understand the struggle.

Now that I went and got up on my soap box, I will now take a bow and get the hell off it.

Happy Sunday all!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

New Stuff for November 17

I had another massive comic book week this week. God help my wallet!

Here is a taste:

Wonder Woman #210
Ultra #4
Teen Titans #18
Robin #132 - War Games aftermath? Identity Crisis aftermath?
The Pulse #6 - Secret War tie-in
Superman/Batman #14
She-Hulk #9
Ultimate X-Men #53
X-Men #164
Woverine #22 - part 3 of Enemy of the State
Fantastic Four #520
Birds of Prey #76
Ultimate Spider-Man #69
Captain America #1
Catwoman #37
Adventures of Superman #634
Batman Gotham Knights #59 - more War Games fallout
JLA #108
Hawkman #34
Manhunter #4
JSA Strange Adventures #4
Terra Obscura Vol. 2 #4
The Punisher #14
Conan #10

Whew! What a list! I am off to do some serious reading. I hope to have some quick shot reviews for you tomorrow. Take care!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

New Artist Alert

I forgot to mention in my convention report that there was a great new emerging artist at the Seattle event. His name is Greg Scott Bailey and he has his own concept in a comic called Mocktales. If you get a chance, check out his website at

He did an excellent Kyle Rayner sketch for my hubby last con, and at this one he did an incredible Batman sketch for my hubby's friend. I will figure out how to insert art next week and show it off.

Greg is a nice guy, and very congenial. He has a professional attitude and a friendly smile. I hope to see more of his work in the future.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Seattle Comicard Show Round up

My husband Jim and I arrived at the Seattle Con around 8:30 a.m. expecting to get in line to see the Aspen Comics crew. To our surprise, we were first in line. We were sure there was going to be a crush of people that had gotten there early to see comic artist demi-god Michael Turner in the flesh. No such deal. Even luckier, one of our friends was there as a retailer, so we were allowed to go in early and hang out with them. We kept an eye out for a line, and it really didn't start to build until around 9:30. It really wasn't a much bigger line then we have seen in the past.

As people started filtering in, the Aspen creators, accompanied by their business manager/VP Frank set up shop. By the time Turner and company started signing it was approximately 9:20. The line was long, and full of signing whores (definition: people with more then 40 books). Much to Jim and my disgust, we waited a good 45 minutes and we were pretty far up in the line! I couldn't believe the amount of comic books these people wanted signed. I told Jim if we looked on ebay Monday, there would probably be a glut. A specific guy had around 50 copies of Darkchylde comics that he had Jason Gorder sign. To top it off, he had another 50 for Turner and Peter Steigerwald. He bragged to anyone who would listen that he would have to make at least another two to three trips in line to get all the books he had brought signed. I really loathe people like that!

As we swallowed our irritation, we were given the opportunity to look at signed prints and original art. The prints were $40 for one, $60 for two, and four for $100. Yikes! Lest that be distressing, the original art started at $100, and that was for a Wally West Flash head shot. One customer bought a sketch of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman for $9500. It was a sketch mind you, nothing special. All I could think was that I could pay my mortgage for more then a year with that kind of dough! No wonder the Aspen guys could afford to stay at the Edgewater Inn and bring their business guy.

At any rate, we got our three books apiece signed and moved on quickly since the line was so long. I asked Turner what he had coming down the pipeline and he said he plans to focus on Soulfire for the time being, but is in negotiations with both Marvel and DC for future possible projects. Sounds like Turner, Gorder and Steigerwald won't be looking for work any time soon, as the opportunites are plenty. They were all nice and very polite, with Steigerwald giving his standard brag about his drinking ability. I believe you Peter!

Meanwhile, the line for Turner stayed incredibly long until about 2 p.m. when things just kind of died. Since we left before the end of the show, I don't know if things picked up or not. It was definitely a good crowd for book signing, but not a great buying crowd.

After the thrill of getting books signed, it was time for some serious shopping. I picked up Justice League of America issues. I got the following from the first series: 11, 30, 37, 49, and 56. This filled several holes for me, and I was especially pleased with their condition. Jim and I spent most of our money at Richard and John's booth again. They are easily the most intelligent business guys in the place, starting with fair prices and a good attitude. Most of the other dealers there started at double guide, which is really condescending.

Otherwise, I bought all the Strangers In Paradise issues that weren't in the trade paperbacks, and got a few Liberty Meadows back issues. Jim bought me a Superman Family and an Adventure Comics book featuring Supergirl. I can hardly wait to sit down and read them all!

Here is the scoop of the day. We were able to talk to Jim Demonakos, who runs the Emerald City Con, and he didn't deny the rumors that Wizard World is in talks to buy out the con. In fact, in my opinion, next year, it will be Wizard World Northwest. Good for Jim for bringing such a spotlight on the fantastic show he created! I know that my hubby and I fully intend to be at the 2005 Emerald City Con in full force on February 5 & 6, 2005.

It was a nice day, other then parts of the drive back over the mountains being a bit treacherous. We really enjoy being able to go over the night before and relax. We were able to go to our favorite comic book shop The Dreaming over on University Way. I got a couple of Wildcats trades and some Alan Moore Swamp Things. Very cool.

I don't know yet when the next Seattle Comicard show will be, but chances are that I will be there with bells on. Steve Miner puts on a great show for fans and collectors. I was able to get a picture of him and the Aspen Comics crew. If I can ever take time to figure out how to insert pictures I will be sure to put it up here.

I would give the show itself a 7 out of 10, the creators a 6 1/2 out of 10, and the comics we picked up an 8 out of 10. Being able to spend the day with my handsome husband didn't hurt either.

Back from Seattle Comicard!

Jim and I both tried to blog last night when we got back from the Seattle Comicard Convention, but things in cyberspace were not cooperating, so we are going to attempt a full report after work tonight.

Stay tuned for a full report and a little juicy gossip about the Emerald City Comicon!

Happy Monday All!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Seattle Comicard Show TOMORROW!

Just a reminder that the Seattle show is tomorrow, November 14 at the Seattle Center. Jim and I will be there with bells on to meet the Aspen Comics crew, including Michael Turner.

I will be wearing my 4 Color Review shirt and Jim will be sporting a Kyle Rayner GL shirt. If you see us, come by and say "hi". We will be the slightly middle aged but not too homely folks running around there.

Take care all!

Iron Man Money Concerns

Last night I read Iron Man #1 written by Warren Ellis. I have got to say it was definitely an Ellis story, complete with the quirks that make his writing so compelling. From Tony's weird behavior, to a creepy new storyline, the book is firing on all cylinders. I will pick up issue two for sure.

I have just one question. In Avengers Finale, Tony was too poor as a result of the events in Disassembled to fund the team anymore, correct? Why in his own title is he living like the richest man on earth? He has his private jet, and the money to transport his fancy "sports car" around, but he can't afford to build a new headquarters?

I understand the stock market and it's ramifications. I also understand that most corporations are top heavy, paying their top executives crazy amounts of money. I can see the points of both titles. I just don't see a sense of continuity.

Any opinions?

Friday, November 12, 2004

Tomb Raider Review on 4 Color

Happy Friday! I just did a full review of Tomb Raider #47 over at 4 Color Review. If you have a chance give it a look!

Have a great evening!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Quick Shot Reviews

Identity Crisis #6 (of 7): Well, we find out who the killer is in this issue. Somehow the way it goes down is startlingly anticlimatic, so I am really hoping for issue 7 to slam things home. I have read Brad Meltzer's novels and think he is an excellent writer, so I am keeping the faith that he is going to pull out all the stops for us readers. Also, he is a longtime JLA fan, so I am taking into consideration that he won't beat the crap out of continuity. As to why the person who is taking lives did this, God only knows.

JSA #67: An Identity Crisis tie in that finds Mr. Terrific and Doctor Midnite doing Sue Dibny's autopsy while the rest of the team reflects on their personal lives. I especially enjoyed the Power Girl-Superman interlude. I have to give Geoff Johns a great deal of credit for rejuvenating the Justice Society while holding them true to their roots. This is a must read book month after month for me.

Avengers Finale: This issue took the sting out of Avengers #503 for me. I was pissed last week after reading it, and this book gave me a sense of closure. Though I am not thrilled with the deaths of Hawkeye and Antman, and am iritated by Scarlet Witch's transformation, I am willing to try and trust Brian Michael Bendis to make things interesting. I wouldn't be as open to the idea of rebooting the team if Bendis wasn't on board.

Nightwing #99: Dick Grayson learns the end results of War Games and is less then thrilled to say the least. The high emotional tone of the issue keeps it from becoming just another recap. I am really looking forward to issue 100 to see resolution of the Tarantula/Nightwing relationship. I am also crossing my fingers that Dick doesn't bite it somehow in Identity Crisis or his 100th issue so I can continue to follow his adventures for years to come.

Those are the comics I have read twice. I hope to reread several more tonight so I can come back with more reviews. Have a great night!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Things I Am Thankful For - Part 1

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I think now is a good time to reflect on the things we should be thankful for. I know that there are many things I take for granted that are wonderful blessings in my life, and I am sure you could think of a few things as well. Here are a few things I am thankful for to start my list.

1. Good health and the use of all my body parts
My grandma had polio in the 1950's and is in a wheelchair. She has overcome a great deal of adversity in her life, and has maintained a positive Christian attitude. How lucky am I to be able to walk across the room to get a soda? How easy is it for me to go walk four miles and have energy for more? For this I am very thankful.

2. I still have a full set of Grandparents
I am 38 years old and still have both my grandpa and grandma around to share time with. Though they have some days that are better then others, the joy I get from their company is unparalleled. I was able to sit next to my grandfather Sunday for lunch, and it was some of the best quality conversation I have had for a long time. My grandparents are not only incredible people, but also set an example for me. They have been married 60 years and are going strong. One piece of advice they have given me is that fighting with your spouse is better then ignoring them. That way the problems couples encounter can come to the surface and be dealt with. For this advice, and many more things they have shared with me, I am very thankful.

3. I have a happy marriage
My husband Jim and I have an enviable marriage. Our love has deepened and matured into a wonderful union. We have respect for each other and communicate as much as possible. We also have a lot of common interests, including comic books. I like to spend time with Jim and treasure the days we can stay home together. I know he feels the same way about me as I feel about him and we tell each other we love the other several times a day- we can't help it. For my happy marriage, I am thankful.

This is a start to the list of things I am thankful for. There are so many things to be happy about, and it bothers me that so many people get stuck in the muck rather then enjoying what they have. I subscribe to the "pay it forward" theory of doing good deeds for others, even if it is just a matter of letting them pull out before me in a parking lot.

Sorry to be sappy, but I believe it is good to revisit the positive things rather then focus on the negative. Life is filled with enough adversity as it is.

Our Newest Blogger- My Husband!

Hey there, just wanted to let you all know that my very handsome husband Jim has started his own blog as of yesterday. It is called The Comic Asylum, and is his take on comics, being a retailer, and the industry in general. Jim is a very passionate guy so it should be hypnotic.

Here is a link:

It's pretty cool to have the whole husband and wife blogs going. It reminds me of when we both did reviews at 4 Color. I can hardly wait to see what he has to say!

Monday, November 08, 2004

New Comics This Week

Here is a smattering of the comics I am breathlessly awaiting arrival of this Wednesday, November 10.

100 Bullets #55
Action Comics #821
Angeltown #1 - New Vertigo series I am checking out
Aquaman #24
Fables #31- One of the coolest titles out there
Gotham Central #25- aftermath for GCPD from War Games
Green Arrow #44- Mia with HIV, probably more fallout
Identity Crisis #6 - Woo hoo!
JSA #67 - Identity Crisis tie-in
Nightwing #99
The Gift #8 - now at Image!
Avengers Finale #1
District X #7
Emma Frost #17
Marvel Knights 4 #12
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #8
New Thunderbolts #1
X-Men The End #5

It's going to be a mixed bag for sure! To top it off, Jim and I are going to have an Identity Crisis round table discussion at his friend's shop Friday night.

Happy Comics!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Blog World technical difficulties

Jeez, I haven't been able to get in here since Tuesday night for whatever technical reason! Finally this morning, the Gods of Blogworld saw fit to let me in. In the meantime, we have retained our president, got another week's worth of comics, and just generally made it through the work week.

To make matters more thrilling, I will be away from my computer for a couple of days. My nephews are having their joint birthday party, so Jim and I want to spend time with them as much as possible this weekend. Brooks just turned 11 and Brandon just turned 8. They are the coolest, best looking guys this side of the Rockies for sure! I am crossing my fingers we are able to take them to see The Incredibles, as I think it looks like a great movie for their age group.

Comic books wise, I have a review of Detective Comics 800 that will be up Sunday night at 4 Color Review. I also just wanted to say how much I love the Supergirl cover of Superman/Batman #13. I bought an extra copy for Michael Turner to sign at next weekend's Seattle Comicard Convention.

Because my mother said not to say anything about someone if you can't say anything nice, I won't bring up Avengers #503. I also won't say a thing about The Intimates #1.

Take care all and have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting today

Today is the big day FINALLY. After watching advertisements on television until I was blue in the face, it is now time to go exercise our constitutional rights to vote!

Since I am on the West Coast, Jim and I are just now going out to vote. We consider it one of the most important things we can do. I hope all of you were able to get out there as well. No matter who you vote for, it is your right.

In a lighter note, tomorrow is new comic book day, so that is worth waking up for.

Take care all!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Wizard Avengers Cock-up

I read Wizard last Wednesday and accidently stumbled upon the Avengers spoilers. It was hard to miss, in my defense, since it was the first major story in the new issue.

At any rate, now when Avengers #503 comes out this Wednesday, there won't be any big surprise so I am bummed. I don't know if it is Marvel coming out a week late, or Wizard's exuberance to reveal the next big Bendis scoop, but it completely sucks.

That's my two cents.

Comics for November 6

This week brings a shorter list then last week, which is good for my pocket book. There are a lot of goodies coming our way. Some titles I am planning to pick up:

Catwoman When In Rome #2
Detective Comics #800 - fall out of War Games
Fallen Angel #17
Intimates #1 - to check out for review purposes if nothing else
JLA Classified #1- Grant Morrison rocks my world
Superman Batman #13- Finally! My hubby says he'll believe it when he sees it!
Swamp Thing #9
Rising Stars #22- I can't even remember the story- guess what I'll be pulling out of my long box tonight?
Witchblade #80- Ron Marz comes on board and there are three incredible covers!
Astonishing X-Men #6- the end of the first incredible story arc
Avengers #503- already spoiled for me, thanks Wizard
Hulk & Thing Hard Knocks #3- love Jae Lee's art!
The Punisher #13
Ultimate Fantastic Four #12
Ultimate Spider-Man #68
Uncanny X-Men #452- loving Alan Davis' art!

What a great week this is going to be!

Seattle Con Reminder

Hey, anyone who is going to be in the Seattle area on November 14, the Seattle Comicard Convention will be held at the Northwest Rooms in the Seattle Center. Special guests are the Aspen Crew- Michael Turner, Peter Steigerwald, and Jason Gorder. It starts at 10 a.m and ends at 5 p.m.

Jim and I are planning to attend, so let me know if you are going to be there. Maybe we can meet and wait in line together!!