Monday, July 31, 2006

New Comics For August 2

Ex Machina 22
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
It's another week already, and the comic book list is a bit smaller with there being five Wednesdays this month. It is a mental assist, even though I know I will be spending the same amount of money.

Here is my list:

52 Week 13
All New Atom #2
Detective Comics #822
Ex Machina #22
Jonah Hex #10
Outsiders #39
Y The Last Man #48
Invincible #34
Noble Causes #22
Fantastic Four #539- the train wreck that finds Sue and Reed splitting
New Excalibur #10
Punisher #36
Ulitmate Spider-Man #98
Uncanny X-Men #477

That's it! Have a great week, and I will check back with you soon!

Sunday, July 30, 2006


I was very lucky to have people who I considered to be the best comic bloggers around respond to my poll. It was an oddly humbling, but incredible experience.

The basic conclusion here is that we are all looking for something very personal with our blogs. Whether it be a place to get things off our chest or just a place to have some fun, blogging is a part of our lives. It may not carry the same weight as family, friends, and our work, but it is as ingrained as the rest. Most importantly, we are all here by CHOICE.

Keeping up our writing chops is a reason frequently given. Having something unique to say is another. It is compelling to see how many of us started for one reason and have seen it evolve to another purpose. That shows that intent was part of the puzzle, but that it may not be the key to longevity.

What makes a blog interesting? It seems like being topical and thought provoking leads the pack. Having original thoughts and being able to state them is a gift. Having the same interests as others helps as well.

Everyone involved seems to have a passion for blogging. Whether it be given tongue-in-cheek, or to the point, we all seem to care. Whether we allow it to take precedent in our lives or not, it is something we want to do.

Thank you for all your help in making this Poll an amazing success for me. Though I didn't have a great amount of numbers, my respondents made up for it with intelligence and class. Thank you again!


Now we are on to the general questions that were asked. I have quoted the responses given, and provided links where possible. Because the results here were so varied, I am letting the participant's quotes stand on their own. General analysis and thoughts will be Part three of this sucker! On to the results:

General questions

Do you work a full time job? Do they let you use the computer for personal use during office hours? During breaks?

Full time job question: Yes 11, No 5
Personal use question: Yes 2, No 5
During breaks: see comments

Comments given:

“Yes, I work a full time job, and no we’re not supposed to use our PC’s for non-work acitivities. Which doesn’t mean we don’t. I consider checking library blogs as part of my job as a librarian, ditto other blogs about the internet, info sources, books, publishing, etc”

“I use the computer for work, but can post sometimes”

“I do work a full-time job. Technically, I’m not supposed to use the computer for personal stuff, but everyone does, and it’s pretty much an accepted, unspoken fact. I don’t have breaks, really, my job isn’t like that. I work the overnight shift at a radio station and it’s pretty low-stress, so if I blog, I do it when I’m not doing anything else.”

“I’m currently a stay-at-home mom and, in theory at least, fairly flexible in terms of scheduling. My computer use is entirely at my own discretion. That said, I can’t be stupid about it.”

“Yes. My workload varies a lot so I spend a lot of time doing personal stuff online at work (plus I don’t have a net connection at home anymore and need to rely on the local net cafĂ©).”

“I do work full-time plus (usually 60 hours a week, give or take). We can use our computers for personal use, though that’s coming to an end soon. I don’t blog from work, unless I have my laptop with me during lunch.”

“Yes, but I’m an academic with a flexible schedule and ready access to technology.”

I decided to blog because: ??

Comments given:

“I was curious and it turned out to be fun.”

“Because it helps me vent and move past stuff that drives me nuts.”

“On a whim, really. I liked Ragnell’s and Marionette’s and Yours and other blogs and decided I wanted in.”

“I originally thought I had a unique perspective as a female and librarian; but now I have found many women in comics blogs. Now I think being a librarian and running my own comicon gives me a different voice.”

“Chris coerced me into it, via a great bribe too”

“I guess I kind of stumbled upon the comics blog community and wanted to plug myself into it. I don’t have a lot of comic-reading friends off the net, so blogs and message boards are really the only places I get to talk about comics.”

“I had discovered the world of comic blogs and no one was talking about the particular things I wanted to talk about (comics and kids, although I don’t stick solely to that topic).”

“I was invited by friends.”

“Write down some of the thoughts so I wouldn’t drive my co-workers crazy.”

“Mainly because I recently moved overseas and it’s an easy way to let others keep in touch. Plus I’m a writer so there’s a little bit of “self-publishing” going on.”

”I had wanted to do a comic book/medical website for two years, but couldn’t figure out the best way to do it. When I discovered blogging, it all clicked into place.”

“I enjoy the process of writing, mostly. Blogging forces me to write, which keeps my mind sharp.”

“I wanted to interact with others with similar interests.”

“To keep my writing chops up initially, and then because I like it so much.”

“I wanted to talk about my love of comics and blogging wasn’t too technical, so it really felt like my best option.”

Do other blogs inspire you? If so, which ones?

“Posts I see on other blogs inspire me, but I can’t recall specifics”

“Pretty, Fizzy Paradise”

“See above. It’s really hard to pick out the most inspirational ones.”

Redhead Fangirl blogroll; tons more on the Comic Book Legion site”

“Not really, though I was fascinated with the World Cup blogs I viewed. A couple do actually, and usually not in a good way, but not off the top of my head”

“Too many blogs inspire me to name. Whenever I feel like I’m full of crap, I go over to Alan Doane’s blog to get a taste of someone who doesn’t pull any punches. I think Chris Allen is perhaps one of the best comics bloggers, simply in terms of writing skill.”

When Fangirls Attack is always my first stop. I also particularly enjoy Pretty, Fizzy Paradise, Ragnell’s Written World, and many more that I can’t think of right off the top of my head. (There are 91 feeds on my Bloglines roll, not all are favorites but all have something interesting to say on occasion, and many do regularly”

Yours, Dan Simmons, Orson Scott Card, David Gerrold, too many to recall”

“Everyone I read”

“Some. I like Heidi’s The Beat and Dan Rezni’s How Was Your Day Dan. I like blogs that are more personal really.”

“I wish I could be funnier, like Dave (Longbox) and Chris (Invincible). I wish I had as much comic book knowledge as Mike (Progressive Ruin) and Scipio (Absorbascon). I wish I had the communications skills and phrase-ology of Johanna (CWR) and Chris (Comics 212). I wish I had access to the Eye of Agametto like Neil (alieN).”

The Absorbascon, Blockade Boy and Project Rooftop, Progressive Ruin, Pretty, Fizzy Paradise
You, Ragnell, and Kalinara were actually my first readers and comenters”


Heidi MacDonald’s Beat, Newsarama, and Comic Book Resources for news ideas”

When Fangirls Attack”

"Dr. Scott's Polite Dissent rules!"

My ultimate goal with blogging is: ______________

“None. I just have fun doing it and I think it’s cool that other people want to read what I have to say.”

“I don’t think I have one.”

“To build up a power base to take over the world! Or more likely just to have fun and talk to folks with similar interests.”

“Sharing the comic and graphic novel community; writing exercise in a bite-sized way.”

“Become the governor of a state and annex Cuba. Or the Baja.”

“My ultimate goal with blogging is just to be engaged in dialogue with other people, and maybe getting some free review copies. (smily face).”

“Hm. I probably don’t have one, really- I suppose to some extent I’m just thinking aloud. It’s nice to have contact with other comic fans, as I don’t know any in RL. And it’s nice to hear other’s perspectives, learn about different books I or my daughters might enjoy. But that’s all more to do with reading other folks’ blogs. For my own blog? Clarifiying my thoughts. Entertaining myself. Maybe being interesting to someone else once in a blue moon. (smiley face).”

“To keep up with friends real life and online, keep up with comics books, politics, and so on. I also use it to vent a lot…”

“To build discipline as a writer.” “To foster the belief that everything I say is hugely important and needs to be read by the millions on the ‘net … well, that and letting me blow off some steam.”

“World domination.”

“To rule the world! Bwahahahaha! Okay, probably not. I don’t think I have an ultimate goal: it’s fun, so as long as it continues to be fun, I’m good.”

“To be read and be a part of the wider conversation about comics and the arts online.”

“To get an independent say on how I feel about the world of comics during a time of flux in the industry.”

“To piss people off… Not. To have my say in what I feel is important.”

This hereby ends the results portion of our program. Conclusions and random thoughts to follow in the "wrap up".


I would like to start by thanking all of you who participated in the bloggers poll! It means a great deal to me, and my appreciation knows no bounds.

I got a total of 16 responses, which came from a broad cross range of bloggers in the comic book genre. It was definitely interesting to find that there are more similarities then disparities. The results for the multiple choice questions are as follows:

1. I usually blog:
a. Morning 2
b. Lunch
c. Night 10
d. During Work 4
e. Other- explain please 1-middle of the day, 1-anytime can squeeze in 1- all day, off and on

Results showed that night was the most chosen time to blog.

2. I spend ______ a day blogging and checking out the internet.
a. Less then an hour
b. 1 to 2 hours 3
c. 2-4 hours 5
d. More then 4 hours 7
e. Other 1

The internet and blogging time spent showed that the majority spent over 2 hours. This definitely means that bloggers are reaching different parts of the internet to find news and enjoyment.

3. Where do I get my ideas for blogging for the most part
a. Comics I read 4
b. Other internet sites
c. Random realizations 3
d. All of the above 11
e. None of the above- specify

There are more then 16 responses because more then one response was permitted. It definitely sounds like inspiration is found from many places. Some comments made were as follows:
“Comics I read- try to stick to reviews and some add ins of “hot topic” tie ins like movies or comicons”

“All of the above. We only get comics once a month, so if I stuck to books in hand I’d rarely post”
“I’m usually inspired by comics I read, and thoughts/realizations connected to what I am reading (books or magazines).”

4. Blogging gets priority over other activities
a. Not often 4
b. Sometimes 10
c. A great deal of the time 2
d. All the time

This one surprised me. As someone who feels like she makes blogging too much of a priority, I was shocked to find that others didn’t necessarily feel that way. I am glad in a way to hear that though.

Some comments given:
“sometimes, depends on the activity ”
“sometimes. Strange how much a part of my life it is after one year.”
“It seems like I’m thinking about blogging a lot of the time. Though I don’t have the energy or time to post what I am thinking about right away.”

That is part one. I will come back and post part two before the end of the day. Thank you again!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Houston, We Have a POWER Problem...

I was going to total and post the blogger results today, but we have had multiple power outages and flickers of more possible ones, so I am blogging this very quickly to let you know it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I am really sorry about this. Please bear with me! I guess this also means that if you didn't get to send in your results, we have until tomorrow!! Heh.

Have a wonderful evening!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Last Day for Blogging Poll- Please Help

Once again, a big thank you to all of you wonderful people who have commented or e-mailed me! If you haven't had a chance, please take my blogging poll. I would like to tally the results tomorrow and post them!

Thank you again!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Celebrating TWO Years of Blogging Bliss!

Spider-Man Cake
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Today is the two year anniversary of my lovely blog! I can hardly believe it has already been that long. It just goes to show that when a person is having fun, it goes way faster then a bad time.

My blog inspiration is a bit odd, but I am sure that is not surprising. I had been a reviewer for 4 Color Review since the summer of 2000 (according to my hubby), and had quite a bit of time in there. Then the incredibly cool owner of 4CR decided to take the format to a blog type.

I was horrified. What the hell is a blog??!! Would I be able to figure out how to do that? Once Steve explained it to me, I was fine, and happily did reviews for quite some time.

Then one day it hit me. Why not do my own blog? That way I could take it "Heidi style" so to speak. It wasn't that I was dissatisfied with 4CR, it was just that I had my own ideas.

So two years ago, I went to and made it happen. The name is basically to be blunt about the fact that I want to give everyone and everything a fair shake. I always hated the "snarky" type sites and wanted to try and find the positive in as much as I could while judging fairly whatever it was I was reading or viewing.

With that basic premise in hand, I started doing my thing. If I saw something of interest in pop culture, I would take a look. If a movie was cool, I reviewed it. Of course, comics have always been the main focus, but there weren't any limits imposed. To be fair, there weren't any limits with 4CR, but there were other people on board who were doing some of the things I wanted to do, but didn't want to duplicate. Having my own blog basically freed things up.

Today I sit here with a smile on my face. I know I haven't changed the world. I know that there are way more people who don't know this site exists then do. That is okay. I don't have to be world famous. I just want to have a fair chance to say what I want and be judged fairly. That is what Comics Fairplay it all about.

It isn't "walk all over Heidi", it is "give everything a shot until it completely pisses Heidi off". Heh.

At any rate, I love this and hope to continue for a long time to come. I hope that you have had some fun as well. There are so many of you out there that I admire and respect. I hope that the same can be said for myself- at least in the respect department! I read your sites and am impressed on a daily basis. Sometimes it is a "why didn't I think of that" vibe. Other days, I am just plain blown away. Thank you for that.

Here's to many more posts and opportunities! Thank you.

Blogging Poll Still Open!

To all of you who have participated in the blogger poll here at Comics Fairplay, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! For those of you who still want can, please do! I will keep the poll open until Friday night, July 28, with results to follow on Saturday.

Thank you all again for helping me with such an important endeavor!

New Comics for July 26

Red Sonja 12
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
A day late, but definitely not a dollar short, this week's comic list is a hefty one. It is as follows:

52 Week 12 - can you believe 3 months have passed??
Action Comics #841
Astro City Samaritan Special
Batman #655
Birds of Prey #96
Blue Beetle #5
Crisis Aftermath Special The Spectre #3 (of 3)
Hawkgirl #54 - possibly my last issue due to severe suckage
JLA Classified #25
JSA Classified #14
Loveless #9
Nightwing #122
Supergirl #8
Sidekick #2 (of 5)
Amazing Spider-Man #534
Black Panther #18- the wedding issue. God, I love weddings!
Captain America #20
Civil War Front Line #4 (of 10)
Civil War Young Avengers and Runaways #1 (of 4)
Daredevil #87
Exiles #84
Powers #19
Storm #6 (of 6)
Wolverine #44
X-men #189
WIzard #179 - I can't help it!
Red Sonja #12 - three covers pictured
Strangers in Paradise #83

That's it- quite the list!

Have a great week!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Women of the DCU: Batgirl - HOW DAMN COOL IS THAT??

Women of the DCU Batgirl
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
I was browsing looking at new swag from the San Diego Comicon, and this gorgeous, perfect, unreal mini bust of Batgirl caught my eye. How insanely cool is this, People? I officially have to sign up for one of those the minute I can. I keep visualizing how incredible she would look sandwiched in between Power Girl and Zatanna on my female heroes shelf in my cabinet.

This is a must have!

(Many thanks to the wonderful people at for the borrowing of the photo shown.)

In other news, I can't post about new comics for the week because Diamond doesn't have them up. Look for the list tomorrow night.

If nothing else, this Batgirl bust is cooler then any comic book list.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blogging Poll- Please help! ALSO, It's Too Hot To Think

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the blogging poll so far. I have received a few e-mails and comments, and I really appreciate it!

It is 107 degrees again, and I can't take it! I have been sitting here today in the house, watching the temperature inside climb steadily to 82 degrees. Jim and I are trying to stay as still as possible to prevent too much sweating.

My birthday was pretty much perfect. We went to dinner at Black Angus and ate WAY too much good food. Then we went and saw Clerks 2, which was outstanding! Jim, Brant, and I laughed our guts out. I will never feel the same way about "Pillowpants" ever again, and "Kinky Kelly and the Sexy Stud" are forever entrenched in my brain. If you have love for Kevin Smith go check it out.

We wrapped up the evening with my friends Jeff and Mendi picking us up and taking us out for drinks. Mendi and I split four pitchers of beer, as Jeff and Jim watched with amusement. Can you say ibuprofen?? I took three before I went to bed, thank God.

Today has been the day of lots of naps and complaining about the weather. I am praying desperately that it cools down by next weekend, which it looks like it is on track to do.

No comics read today. Just checked out Vogue and Maxim to get my fix in what is going on in the world of both women and men. Now we are going to attempt to view some Comedy Central before calling it a sweltering night.

Please take my poll! To those of you that already have, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Great American Blogging Poll... Kinda! Please Help!

As a blogger who works 50-60 hour weeks at a job while trying to maintain a fitness regimen and a healthy family life, I sometimes wonder how my fellow bloggers do it. Because I am curious, I am looking to do a brief survey of blogging habits to try and figure out how to be successful in all of the above. If you are a blogger, and have a moment, please help me out here. I will publish the results next weekend.

I usually blog:
During Work
Other- explain please

I spend ______ a day blogging and checking out the internet.
Less then an hour
1 to 2 hours
2-4 hours
More then 4 hours

Where do I get my ideas for blogging for the most part
Comics I read
Other internet sites
Random realizations
All of the above
None of the above- specify

Blogging gets priority over other activities
Not often
A great deal of the time
All the time

General questions

Do you work a full time job? Do they let you use the computer for personal use during office hours? During breaks?

I decided to blog because: ??

Do other blogs inspire you? If so, which ones?

My ultimate goal with blogging is: ______________

Please help me out here. If you don’t want to answer all the questions, don’t feel like it is required. You can also choose to be anonymous, and I will include your results but not identity. You can answer via my comments or e-mail me at
I want to compile this as a way to get help in my blog and possibly help others as well. Let me know if you have any questions, or feel free to comment here! Thank you!

Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

Well, here I am. I woke up this morning as a 40 year old.

I sure don't feel any differently. My workout was great, and I ran errands like normal. It doesn't seem like anything has changed.

This is good news!

The bad news is that it is 107 degrees out. I HATE this! I am sitting here in the house as much as possible until this afternoon, as that is when the house really seems to heat up. We don't have central air, just a window unit and a swamp cooler. It does an excellent job of keeping things cool when the outside temperature is in the 90's, but when it goes over 100, it really pushes it. Poor air conditioner.

As soon as Jim gets off work, we are going to go get big juicy steaks for birthday dinner, hopefully somewhere nice and air conditioned. Then we are going to try and go see Clerks 2. After that, we are winging it. I am hoping for a nice big cocktail before the evening is over as well!

It should definitely be a good afternoon, especially if we can escape the worst part of the heat.

Tomorrow is another hot one, as is Monday. Tuesday it starts to cool down, hopefully, so I am looking forward to that.

At any rate, being 40 doesn't feel any different then 39 did. I am happy to be sitting here feeling good physically, being fit and healthy. I have a good husband, a semi-successful career, and good friends and family. Not to mention my beloved blog!

Life is good.

Friday, July 21, 2006

More Random Musings and some 52 Opinions.

I really had every intention of putting up some reviews, but even on vacation I can't seem to get my comics read. I am really torn because I want to read Phantoms, but I also would like to do some reviews. Oh what to do!

Jim is home with me now. He is exhausted from a warm, busy day at work. It is 100 degrees with no mercy in sight. Yuck.

I was a bit late to my meeting today- circumstances beyond my control. It lasted longer then I thought, but I enjoyed it.

Comic reading wise, I did check out 52 Week 11. The Batwoman doesn't do anything for me either way yet. I am not interested so much in her sexual orientation as I am in her battle against crime. It doesn't matter to me what her race, preference, or religious belief is. I just want good story telling. So far my opinion is neutral. As the story progresses, then I will make my decision.

My favorite part of 52 so far is Ralph Dibny and the Cult of Kon-El storyline. I am really thrilled with the storyline, and with the way Ralph is being portrayed. Having his master detective aspect brought to the forefront is a welcome addition. I also like the beard, and the more serious nature he is displaying.

I like the Question/Montoya interaction very much. It reminds me of the old ganster movies when two buddies would plot and plan and then take out the baddies. Montoya is slowly losing some of her bitterness and becoming reinvigorated by having a new adventure. Where it goes is still a mystery, but having some Greg Rucka villains from Batman pop up surely upped the ante.

Black Adam's story is not what I thought it would be. Next week seems to be a deciding factor in this, if the upcoming cover gives any indication. I am also fascinated by the interaction between the creator of the Metal Men and the incarcerated creator of Amazo. I think that this subplot is going to become huge very soon.

Still hating Booster at this point, but not as much. I am getting a bit of a sympathy towards him, so maybe the tide is turning. It will be interesting to see where his tale leads.

Overall, I am enjoying 52 quite a bit. One thing DC has done with this weekly series is spoil us as readers. It is a fast food mentality- I don't have to wait to get my fix. I am already wondering what to do when it is over! Hopefully DC stays on schedule and continues to make this event the real deal.

Have a wonderful evening! Stay cool in the nasty heat!

Random Musings for Friday

What a day already! I started it out by taking Jim to work and then going to the Athletic Club for an hour. That always gets the ole' blood pumping. I have been watering the lawn, and took my SECOND shower of the day. I have to go to a meeting at 10:30 a.m. even though it is my day off- I am looking forward to it, other then putting on something other then shorts and tank top!

The Good: Clerks 2 and My Super Ex-Girlfriend hit theatres today.

The San Diego con is already a horrendous mess of people, so it is making me not so sad to be at home. I would love to go to it someday, but I hate crowds with a passion, so it is hard to reconcile myself with this.

After my meeting, I don't have to work, so I am thinking about going to come back home and work on reading the new Terry Goodkind novel, Phantoms.

The Bad: It is supposed to be in record hot temperatures all weekend here. Example: today it is supposed to be 105 degrees, tomorrow and Sunday 107. Damn I hate it when it is too hot. I get miserable and bitchy. Feel sorry for my husband.

My 40th birthday is tomorrow.

Frank Cho is going to draw a monthly book for Marvel, which clinches the fact that I will never see another issue of Liberty Meadows again.

Did I mention the record temperatures??

The News: On July 25, my blog is two years old. Man, time has flown.

In conclusion: I am crossing my fingers for a fun, productive weekend. Hopefully there will be interesting news coming out of SDCC, and hopefully I will get to have a wonderful, air-conditioned evening!!

Back later!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random Musings.. and where is Wonder Woman?

It appears that by viewing the October DC solicitations that Wonder Woman is definitely behind schedule. There is no book scheduled for that month as of now. I don't know the reason why, as I never heard back from DC.

My gut tells me it has something to do with Allan Heinberg being so busy being successful in Television. Normally Terry and Rachel Dodson can hold a schedule, especially one that has been advance solicited.

Any thoughts on that?

It has been a surreal week of sorts for me. I have been on vacation since Tuesday, but am finding it hard to relax. I don't know how much is my upcoming birthday and how much is just plain being concerned about falling behind at work. I am trying to keep busy with stuff around the house to keep myself occupied, therefore I have defeated the purpose of taking days off.

Either that, or I just don't want to think about turning 40.

Conundrum of the week: To follow the serious news in the Middle East or chase down the San Diego Comicon gossip... hmmm, that is a tough one. I am very concerned with world issues, but also curious about SDCC news. I guess I just have to listen to my gut for that one.

We went and saw Nacho Libre last night. It was cute, but not nearly as funny as I had expected. It didn't suck, but it wasn't great. Impressive conclusion, huh?

I am going to go attempt to make some lunch and relax now. There are DVD's just sitting there waiting for a viewing, so hopefully that should work out, BUT I really need to mow the lawn too!

Decisions, decisions.

Girl Wonder... NOT!! Help Please!

I signed up to post over at Girl Wonder on June 28. Due to some glitch, I never got my sign-up confirmation. I e-mailed the general box there on July 5 and again on July 12, and haven't heard back from anyone.

Does anyone know who I can contact to get this all sorted out? I would really appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stykman #2 Is Here!

Stykman 2
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
For those of you that haven't heard of Stykman, it is an insanely funny, sardonic comic book being put out by Jonnie Allan at AKA Comics.

Jonnie is a good guy to the highest level. Jim and I had the privilege of meeting him at Emerald City Comicon this year. We are really rooting for Jonnie and Stykiman, because it is quality work, and he is a quality person.

If you go to San Diego Comicon, he has a booth there. It is #2201, and chances are, he will be accompanied by his very nice wife.

Tell him Jim and Heidi sent you!

Matt Haley's New Blog- Who Want's To Be A Superhero!

I just got a message from Matt Haley that has some exciting news. Here it goes:

"Just wanted to let you know I'm the creative consultant for Stan
Lee's "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" for the SciFi Channel. I know, I
know, but it's actually kind of fun, as I'm also providing the art
for the show, turning our contestants into comic-book panels. We'll
be premiering the first episode at SDCC on Friday at 11:30am in room
6B. I'll be there, along with our exec. producer Scott Satin, and
four of our contestants."

Also, Matt has a blog that he will be keeping up as the show progresses. Go give it a look if you get a chance. He is a talented artist, and an all-around nice guy. I am very excited about his involvement in this!

This is great news!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Definitive Shi Volume #1- First Impressions

Definitive Shi Volume 1
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
I have been extremely eager to buy the Definitive Shi Volume #1, so today when it arrived in my Mile High order, I was ecstatic.

The good: It contains Shi: The Way of The Warrior in it's entirety. I could never find the issues at a reasonable price, so I have only read bits and pieces.

The cover is incredible. It is an eye-catcher of the highest order. Billy Tucci is a uniquely talented artist, with the ability to capture the delicate beauty of the lead character.

Also good is the interior art itself. Featuring Tucci and other guest artists, the book is eye candy.

The Bad: Reproduction of several pages is poor because converting the glorious color of the original issues has made a murky mess. Most of the pages are fine, but some are an eye sore.

I knew it was being reproduced in black and white with graytones, so it wasn't a buyer beware for me. It is simply a disapointment.

Conclusion: I will carefully read this tome before damning it. A little murkiness isn't going to kill it for me; it just makes me a bit sad.

Has anyone else gotten a copy of this? What are their thoughts?

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Comics for July 19

Checkmate 4
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
As the countdown to 40 continues, there is an abatement of anxiety in preparation for new comics this week. There are so many cool ones coming out, that it makes me very psyched for Wednesday.

Here is the list of goodies for this week!

Conan #30
52 Week 11
Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit #4 (of 5)
Catwoman #57
Checkmate #4 (very excellent book pictured)
Crisis Aftermath The Battle for Bludhaven #6 (of 6)
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #2
Ion #4 (of 12)
Justice League of America #0
Manhunter #24 (YAY!!)
Robin #152
Shadowpact #3
Supergirl & The Legion of Super Heroes #20
Superman Batman #28
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1 (of 8)
Girls #15
Civil War #3 (of 7)
Civil War X-Men #1 (of 4)
Eternals #2 (of 6)
New X-Men #28 (the best X-book you AREN'T reading)
Runaways #18 (the aftermath of a sudden death)
She-Hulk 2 #9
Ultimate X-Men #72
Uncanny X-Men #476
X-Factor #9 (the other BEST X-book)

That's it for the week of new comics. I have the rest of this week off and can't wait to get some reading done, as well as some much needed house cleaning.

Take care!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Countdown to 40: The Drama Begins

Next Saturday is a big day for me. I am going to turn 40. Yes, that's right. 40.

I don't feel that age, and it is a surreal feeling for me to know that it is an actual number. Between trying to exercise and lead a clean lifestyle, I am trying to fight the effects of aging. It doesn't hurt that the hubby is younger as well.

At any rate, as I prepare to turn 40, I am going to take two days off the computer and start my quest. It all begins with family. My wonderful parents, who had the courtesy to bring me into this world, are going to celebrate with me tomorrow. I also get to hang with my handsome nephews and wonderful sister. It will be nice.

We aren't really going anywhere exciting, but I am looking forward to it. The hubby has to hold down the fort, but we pretty much knew that the actual date was the day for us anyway.

BAD DEAL: I desperately wanted to go to Las Vegas for my 40th birthday. I even talked to Mike, Brian, Doctor Scott, and Robin about it at the Emerald City Comicon. Alas, between Jim's new work schedule and a fear of spending money, we are having to stay home. I am really bummed about this, as I really wanted to go, but know that Vegas isn't going anywhere, and I will get there eventually.

In anticipation of my big day, I am going to monitor my moods and probably contemplate life a great deal. Bear with me!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's Mr. Graves World- We Just Live In It!

100 Bullets #74
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
100 Bullets is THE TITLE I have to read immediately when it comes out. I am enraptured in the world that Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risson have created. 100 Bullets is smart, engaging reading material with an adult edge.

Issue #74 was no exception to the rule. Last night, it was the top of my reading pile, and has been read obsessively by me twice. I plan to read it again tonight. That is how much I love this book.

What would you do if you were given 100 untraceable bullets and a gun to match? Would you get revenge? Would you turn it on yourself? Would you shoot at random people for fun? What would you do?

100 Bullets gives a glimpse into that way of thinking. The elusive Mr. Graves has traveled everywhere handing out the fabulous Louis Vuitton attache to a wide cross range of people. His motives are becoming more visible, but it still isn't completely in range. His rebel group of Minutemen and their opposite number, The Trust are an ancient tradition dating back to the time of queens and kings.

100 Bullets is scheduled to be a 100 issue series, which is very fitting. The tale being told is a juicy mystery, with tiny pieces being put together with each storyline. Azzarello isn't making it easy for readers, and that is what makes the story so fascinating. He knows who his fanbase is, and writes to their intelligence instead of using cliches. As each Minuteman is revealed, the story becomes even more compelling. We find out just enough to be curious, and that is the fun of it.

This latest story arc featured the reveal of the final Minuteman. The story of two brothers, with many underlying subplots, kept me guessing until the final few pages. The motives and the end result are still a bit unclear, meaning that there are more layers to peel away before the story is done. That is exciting in itself.

I especially enjoy the dichotomy of the two female "lead" characters. First there is Dizzy, raised in the barrio and full of sorrow at the loss of her husband and son. She tried to fill the void with her new superior Mr. Shepherd, only to have her life become more tragic. She is the elusive rare bird that three men are desperate for, but until she can own herself, she is unattainable. Trained to be a Minuteman, Dizzy still has many layers that are yet to be revealed.

The other side of the coin is Megan Dietrich, a member of The Trust. Raised in wealth and privelege, Megan has a hard shell that has only been strengthened by recent circumstances. Egotistical and preening at the beginning, Megan has become a much more complex woman as this story has unfolded. She is the enemy, but she is terribly seductive, with so many nuances, that the readers can't help but be fascinated.

The Trust and The Minutemen. Two sides of the same coin. There is a mystery there. A bad thing happened, and the readers don't know what it is yet. We have seen random flashbacks, but are still in the dark. We know that there are two sides rapidly forming, but there is no clue as to who the winner will be.

If you haven't read 100 Bullets, give it a try. I would reccomend picking up the trades, as the story reads more cohesively in arcs then in single issues.

100 Bullets will not disapoint. It gives great mystery, sucking the reader in from page one. Azzarello and Risso are doing something special here, giving the readers an intelligent, compelling, fabulous ride.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wonder Woman Shipping Dates: The Mystery Deepens

Wonder Woman 3
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
You know, I really probably need to just get over this, but I am even more curious about the correct Wonder Woman shipping dates then I was before.

Go to:

and check out the shipping dates for Wonder Woman #3 and 4...



» 52 #19

What does it all mean?

I am going to send an e-mail to DC to try and get to the bottom of this. Do any of you know someone at DC that can help me?

It isn't keeping me awake at night, but it is making me very curious.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Speaking of Covers... Wonder Woman 184 is Spectacular!

Wonder Woman 184
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
While I was at it, I thought I would post the cover to Wonder Woman #184 from the second series. It has been one of my favorite all time covers from the minute I first saw it.

Adam Hughes went the extra mile to give this unique cover a classic feel, while keeping with the look of today's Wonder Woman. I see the old school look as a definite homage to Harry G. Peter's style, which gives an emotional tug at the heart strings of faithful WW fans.

The use of the original logo, and the worn look bring home the authenticity. Having the modern Wonder Woman "meet" her predecessor (Hyppolyta in this instance) was a stroke of genius.

Wonder Woman #184's cover is definitely special, and the creativity of it just enhances that fact.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Look Familiar?? Wonder Woman #105 Cover Inspires

Wonder Woman 105
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
All night it has been bugging me. The cover of Wonder Woman #2 from the new series has been reminding me of something I have seen before.

I finally couldn't stand it anymore, so I ran downstairs and pulled out my Wonder Woman long boxes. Sure enough, there it was.

The cover of Wonder Woman #2 (new series) reminds me A LOT of Wonder Woman #105 (second series). Anyone else notice this?

Wonder Woman #2 Delayed??

Wonder Woman 2
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
I just checked the DC Comics website and it shows that Wonder Woman #2 isn't going to ship until August 9. Has anyone heard what the delay is on this? The first issue shipped on June 7, so I am wondering what the large gap is.

This is a book I am watching closely, as Wonder Woman is my favorite female character. It is sad to see shipping issues so soon in the run.

Any light that could be shed on this would be appreciated!

New Comics for July 12

Well, it was a heck of a Monday at the office. I worked a ten hour day just because we were so damn busy. I am sitting here in a bit of a fog, so please excuse any potential spelling errors that may occur!

Here is my pull list for this week's comics!

100 Bullets #74

52 Week 10

American Virgin #5

Fables #51

Firestorm The Nuclear Man #27 (see beautiful cover pictured)

Green Arrow #64

Green Lantern #12

Green Lantern Corps #2

JLA Classified #24

Superman #654

Iron Man #10

Ms. Marvel #5

Squadron Supreme #5

Thunderbolts #104

Ultimate Fantastic Four #31

Ultimate Spider-Man #97

Wolverine Origins #4

X-Men #188

That's it! Have a great week!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Excellence Assured: Detective Comics #821

Detective Comics 821
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
I have been so thrilled about Grant Morrison's upcoming run on Batman that I seriously overlooked the fact that writer Paul Dini was taking over on Detective Comics. Shame on me. His work here rules.

Dini and artist J.H. Williams III have taken a new direction with a much covered subject. Their stories will be one issue reads instead of story arcs, giving a reader the opportunity to jump on board at any point in their run. In a fast food society, this is good news indeed. Maybe impatient consumers will find their niche here.

The best news about Detective Comics #821 is that the book is wonderful. The gritty, noir style combined with a sophisticated edge serves up a tasty bit of entertainment. I kept refocusing my eyes as I read the issue because I could not get over the fact that it was so fantastic, and was pretty well convinced I was dreaming.

Bruce Wayne makes a bit of a return in this tale of high-end citizens being targeted. The approach Dini uses is true to the character. Instead of using Batman as the true identity, the real skin of Wayne appears. His persona is not just a mask of opportunity, but part of the make up of the man as a whole. It is a refreshing, compelling change.

Dini has also focused on the detective aspect of Batman, making the book true to it's title. I appreciated his use of Robin and Alfred, as those characters resonated with a clarity that served to enhance the tale being told.

Quite simply, I highly reccomend anyone looking to get their money's worth. It is a winner from word "go".

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Six Years of Wedded Bliss

Wedding Day
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Today is my 6th Wedding Anniversary. Jim and I already pretty much celebrated last Saturday when we went to dinner and saw Carlos Mencia, but today is the official day.

I can hardly believe how fast time has gone. We have been together for 9 1/2 years, and it keeps getting better. We are brutally honest with each other, and have our bad days, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Jim is the other half of me, and it still astounds me some days how perfect we are for each other.

You know it's going to last when you can read each other's comic books. That is trust! Heh.

P.S. I must be the only bride on earth who is actually thinner now then on the day I got married. I have my dress in my closet, and it is still incredibly beautiful, but it is too big. Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about not being able to fit into it later on.

Here's to many more! I love you Jim.

Loathing My Fellow Mankind: A Rant

Every day this week, I have had at least one encounter with a hateful person. I don't know if it is because I am fast approaching 40, or just my luck, but all week I have had to deal with the worst elements in society, whether it be driving my car around town or at a local business. This makes me very angry and I don't know what to do about it other then taking the high road, because that is how I was raised.

Rules I was taught to live by:

1. Always say "please" and "thank you".

2. Always wait your turn. If someone was there before you, it is their right to be first.

3. Respect your elders. This one also has the caveat of especially being nice even when the said older individual is losing their mind, so they are mean as hell!

4. Treat other people as you want to be treated.

5. Be respectful of other's employment. Being in the service industry is an especially unforgiving job, so be extra polite.

What I have encountered this week: (THE REALITY)

1. A lady at the pharmacy screaming bloody murder at the tech because her prescriptions were not ready. Well, getting to the bottom of it, said angry woman called in and asked for "every prescription" on file to be filled. Two were expired and it was a Saturday, so her wish was not met. It was obviously no one at the pharmacy's fault, but that didn't stop this woman from being ugly and horrible to the tech. Horrendous.

2. At Borders, I was in line, with three people behind me. A woman in her mid-60's came up and stepped to the front of the counter, saying she "just had a question" and only needed to buy "one book". Bitch!! Well, I only had one item as well, not to mention cash in hand. The young clerk helped this lady anyway, while the hag gave all of us dirty looks for protesting.

3. My grandparents are in ill health, and are not in good moods about it. Trying to be respectful and kind while being told hurtful things is a definite challenge. How my incredible mom has been so strong and sweet is beyond me. I feel horrible for my grandparents, because quite frankly, their bodies are betraying them, and they can do nothing. Awful.

4. Once again at the grocery store, there was an incident. I really wish I could quit going there, but Jim and I have to eat!! Pissed off lady yelling at the clerk for nothing that was his fault. I wasn't involved, but was tempted to punch pissed off lady for being so cruel. The way she treated that guy, I wouldn't have treated my dog. AND IT WAS ALL ABOUT DOUBLE VS SINGLE BAGGING.

5. I was at a local restaurant eating lunch when all of a sudden there was commotion at the counter. A guy took his plate to the lady there and smashed his burger on the register because it had onions. He stormed out, and lady was left to clean up the mess.

Last, but not least, I was once again flipped off for moving my car out of a parking space "too slowly". Damn.

In non-mankind related news, I also blew out my left back tire this morning. I took it to get fixed, and had to take it back to get corrected after a policeman STOPPED me, scaring the crap out of me, and told me my wheel was wobbling. Turns out the bearing had dusted too. $400 and three hours of patiently waiting over, and it was all better. I never once had to be mean to get what I needed done.

At any rate, I just absolutely want to wash my hands of most of my fellow man. As a society, we are deteriorating into cruel assholes and there is nothing I can think of that will stop it. I will continue to practice the rules I was taught, and pray to God everyday that I don't snap myself.

God give me strength.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Random Thoughts

The Lawn
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Tonight is all about mowing the lawn. Our yard, shown, is quite large so it is quite the undertaking. I love it when it looks nice, but it requires a lot of TLC and watering!

I really enjoyed Detective Comics #821 by Paul Dini and J.H. Williams III. I hope to have a review up in the next day.

I watched Rockstar: Supernova, and have decided to stay a viewer for the season. I loved last year's Rockstar: INXS, and hope this is as much fun.

I can tell I am stallling to mow, so I am going to pry myself away from the cool outdoors and get it done.

Have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh Sweet Irony! Power Girl Gets Her Own Bust!

Power Girl Mini Bust
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
I saw this Power Girl mini bust in last month's Previews, and have been trying to blog about it since then. Unfortunately, tasteful dialogue has escaped me.

Power Girl is one of my favorite characters, as you may know. Since All Star Comics #58 way back when, I have been rooting for Earth 2's Girl of Steel. Of course I had to order this. I just fear the glances and comments that will come my way when I go pick her up at the comic book shop. I may have to resort to violence and self deprecation just to make it through paying for her.

Seriously, the piece looks very cool. I love how Power Girl is doing the whole "biceps" pose. I consider it an excellent addition to my ever growing mantle of powerful females.

The biggest drawback: Her size. I'm not kidding.

I bought the Wonder Woman bust from this collection and was pissed at how it ended up looking way too similar to a Pez dispenser for my tastes.

Here are the specs:

"this limited edition, hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust measures approximately 5.625" tall x 4" wide and x 2.25" deep, and is packaged in a four-color box."

That isn't exactly big BUT I guess that is why it is called a "mini bust" and not something else!!

At any rate, the bust ships in Mid January 2007 so I have plenty of time to stew until then.

Did anyone else order this?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Random Musings

I am sure you all are ahead of me on this, but FYI: Heidi MacDonald has moved The Beat to a new URL. It is pretty cool, especially the new header. Check it out!

Speaking of the lovely and talented Heidi MacDonald, here is an interesting and true fact. I have been mistaken for the original Heidi M. more times then I care to remember. While it is extremely flattering, we are definitely two separate people. I don't know how many times when I was doing review for 4 Color Review (circa 1999 forward) that I would get e-mails from people going "Hey Heidi, I met you at such and such con, how are ya?" and I would have to explain to them that I was not the original model, but another woman who ironically had the same first name and last initial. Too funny.

In other exciting news events, Ragnell gives a Steve Trevor shout-out that is a blast from the past. Go take a gander.

Redhead Fangirl has some quick takes on recent books. I agree with her on most of them, and think she has good taste.

For more good taste, check out Kalinara's post on annuals- especially the picture. I love to go see what she is thinking, and today is no exception!

While I am giving shout outs to the ladies in the blogosphere, I can't forget Shelly's Comic Book Shelf. She is putting some insanely cool stuff on eBay. Go check it out!

Not to forget the men here, Devon over at Seven Hells has a great post on Red Tornado and his past sacrifices. Take a look- it is really insightful!

Gordon at Blog This Pal! has an indepth review of Superman Returns that makes some great points I hadn't thought of. I always really enjoy his stuff, and this is no exception!

Enough love today, go check out the above links for some quality posts that are sometimes fun, sometimes deep. I love to go check out my fellow bloggers- so many people have so many takes on the same subject. It is always fascinating to see what they are.

Have a wonderful evening!

The Best Part of CIVIL WAR: Wolverine 43

Wolverine 43
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Of all the different books involved in Civil War and all the drama herein, my absolute favorite has got to be Wolverine. I am really enjoying writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Humberto Ramos' take on the character, and I think his reactions are the truest to the situation of any "hero" involved. Wolverine is in character, and it is a nice change of pace from the other books (hint, hint: Sue and Reed).

In this Civil War arc, Wolverine decides to get to the root of the problem. He has made it his mission to hunt down Nitro, whose blast killed so many civilians, including many school children. Of course, the government and Tony Stark aren't going to make it easy on him, but that is par for the course. Does anything ever go swimmingly for Marvel's favorite Mutant?

I didn't think I would be thrilled with Ramos' work on the book, but I love it. Ramos isn't afraid to make Wolverine short and stocky, as he was originally intended. He also really brings out the action portion of the story, with broad strokes and great emotion. Overall, Ramos is a great fit for the title, albeit an unlikely one.

Through all the dreck I have waded through in pursuit of a good story, Wolverine #43 is the best I have come up with. I don't know if that is good or bad, but it is the gospel truth.

Has anyone else been following the whole "event"?? Speaking of "event": why is it that rather then a limited series with tie-ins? What is the distinction? Does calling it an "event" make it a whole lot cooler then DC and their "random" maxi and mini-series? Just a thought!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Batman 654 -Spoiler Ridden Post!

Batman 654 page
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Oh my God. I can't believe how emotional I felt when I read the last three pages of Batman #654. I got honest-to-God tears in my eyes, and reading it a third time hasn't diminished it.

Sure I have heard that this issue is an anti-climatic ending of the eight part Two-Face story, and to some degree it may be, but what Bruce does for Tim is absolutely incredible.

To some effect, I have been expecting this, but how it played out in this issue written by James Robinson and drawn by Don Kramer, I could never have anticipated.


With this being said, I can hardly wait to see where this story goes- If Bruce truly does adopt Tim, what are all the ramifications? How will new writers Grant Morrison and Paul Dini write this? How will it affect Robin's title, and the Teen Titans?

Talk about an upcoming emotional roller coaster!

My Gut Reactions To Salem Falls: A Novel by Jodi Picoult

Salem Falls
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
WIth the word all over the street about best selling author Jodi Picoult taking over the reigns as Wonder Woman writer with issue 6, I decided to run to Borders yesterday and pick up a book by said author to get a taste of her style. Since I had initially posted that I would, I felt compelled to follow through.

I looked through her books and picked the one I found most compelling based on the description on the back jacket. To be honest, most of the jacket descriptions were off-putting to me as they were pretty much a set up for what appeared to be a depressing read. Many of the books appeared to be with dealing with the aftermath of a social injustice or a tragedy, and it didn't fit the mood I was hoping to experience on the 4th of July.

I finally found Salem Falls. The book jacket read as follows:

"A handsome stranger comes to the sleepy New England town of Salem Falls in hopes of burying his past: once a teacher at a girl's prep school, Jack St. Bride was destroyed when a student's crush sparked a powder keg of accusation. Now, washing dishes for Addie Peabody at the Do-Or Diner, he slips quietly into his new routine and Addie finds this unassuming man fitting easily inside her heart. But amid the rustic calm of Salem Falls, a quartet of teenage girls harbor dark secrets-and they maliciously target Jack with a shattering allegation. Now, at the center of a modern-day witch hunt, Jack is forced once again to proclaim his innocence: to a town searching for answers, to a justice system where truth becomes a slppery concept written in shades of gray, and to the woman who has come to love him."

Damn. Now this looked compelling.

I started reading the book last night a 8 p.m. and wasn't able to put it down until 1a.m., due to sheer exhaustion. I picked it up again around 2 p.m today and finished it about fifteen minutes ago. I am a fast reader, and will probably read it again before the day is over, or the week is done, just to confirm my gut reactions.

Salem Falls is a compelling, credible read. I fell in love with the characters immediately and felt transformed into their world. The writing was not over polished, making it easy to follow; yet the descriptions were so detailed that I never lost my way. The lead female character Addie was strong in every way without being over-tough. She had struggled with immense tragedy and come through scathed but wisened. Jack St. Bride, the male who the book centers around, is careworn but resigned. Their scars show in many invisible ways, and the way in which Picoult weaves their lives together is true to life.

The thing that was great about Salem Falls was that there were always small secrets that would creep into the corners of each page, easing themselves into a reveal when the time was most ripe. I felt like I had a personal stake in getting these characters to the safest resolution, which was a satiating feeling.

Picoult kept the most startling reveal for the end; but when the reader was let in on it, the subtleness and the softness with which is was told made the impact that much more jarring.

Standing in Borders reading the book jackets, I thought I was going to hate Picoult's work. Sitting here today at my computer, I have completely reversed my opinion.

Of course, it is one book, and one example of her style, so I can't predict the future that is Wonder Woman. I can only guess that Picoult will use the sensitivity she brought to Addie to serve the Amazon better. The biggest drawback I see is that the hard, heroic side of Wonder Woman will be lost to all soft edges and corners.

I read the post that included Picoult's interview. Readers are rightfully concerned at her unfamiliarity with Wonder Woman and the fact that she is relying on her young son for character help. Hopefully the Picoult that writes this comic book will also be the author who so carefully researched Salem Falls before turning it into a stunning piece of work.

After reading Salem Falls, I will venture into Borders later this week to try another one of her books. I will not be so skeptical with book number two, but there is a definite fear in my bones that I will be disapointed. I will keep you posted.

Monday, July 03, 2006

New Comics for July 5 OR 6

Devi 1
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
It should be an interesting week in new comics this week. Virgin Comics' first offering Devi #1 (at right) ships, giving readers a chance to see what the sampler gave hints of last week. Otherwise, it is a relatively light week, which makes my pocketbook happy.

Here is my list!

52 Week 9
All New Atom #1
Detective Comics #821
Jonah Hex #9
JSA #87 - Final issue of this run
Omac #1 (of 8)
Outsiders #38
Secret Six #2 (of 6) -really looking forward to this one
Supergirl #7 -what was this story about? I forget....
Teen Titans #37
Y The Last Man #47
Franklin Richards Son of a Genius Super Summer Spectacular
New Excalibur #9
Punisher #35
Thing #8 - Final Issue also!
Uncanny X-Men #475- "magnificent bastard "Brubaker takes the reigns!!
Devi #1

It should be a fun week- I can't wait to get my hands on this stack of goodness!

New Wonder Woman Writer: Best Selling Author: Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
According to Rich Johnston's Lying in the Gutters column, the new writer on Wonder Woman after Allan Heinberg's run will be best selling author Jodi Picoult. Her latest book The Tenth Circle debuted at number 2 on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

I haven't read any of her stuff, but tonight after work I am going to Borders in search of a soft cover "anything" by her to get a taste.

It is interesting that a woman who is my peer in age will be taking over the book. It is an exciting moment, and one I fully endorse.

Have any of you read her stuff? What is it like? I am really psyched to find our more about her work.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Carlos Mencia Provides A HOT Time

Yesterday for an early anniversary present, Jim and I went and saw Carlos Mencia at the Legends Casino. The good news is that it was a fantastic show. The bad news was that it took place outside in 90-something degree weather.

Jim is a big fan of Mind of Mencia, and I have always enjoyed the bluntness that Mencia employs. It isn't humor for everyone, in fact when entering there is a disclaimer sign that it is adult humor and that it is racist and inflammatory. It offers people their money back before entering, which is a great idea. For whatever reason, people get tickets to his show and don't realize what kind of comedy he does, and then try to sue later for being offended. Nice.

At any rate, I am sitting here a bit numb from such prolonged heat exposure. We got in line a 5 p.m. and the show ended around 9 p.m. so that was a lot of sunshine for my 3/4 german, 1/4 swedish skin to deal with.

This being the case, I am going to go drink lots of fluids and continue to recover before preparing for work tomorrow. Yes, work. Since Jim had to work, I figured I might as well also. Our anniversary is this upcoming Saturday, so I would want him to be available then.

Take care and have a great, lazy Sunday!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sue and Reed: The Drama Continues to Build in FF 538

Fantastic Four 538
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
As I discussed in an earlier post, it is my firm belief that Sue and Reed are being set up to split. Evidence gained in Fantastic Four only seeks to heighten my gut feeling.


At the hospital where Johnny is in a coma, Sue and Reed proceeded to have the most contrived fight I have ever seen. It was like a bad soap opera. As someone who has had fights with her spouse, and knows the drill, it was especially unbelievable.

In my mind, there is no way that Sue did not know that Reed was going to his secret meetings. As husband and wife, there are no secrets. I know that when someone tells me a confidence, I am very upfront that I tell my spouse everything, so why should this be any different? Even if Reed tried to keep it quiet, Sue knows him very well. She would have figured something fishy was up. Having this be a new issue just doesn't feel authentic.

At any rate, Fantastic Four 538 only seals my feelings about this impending split. I expect that by next issue Sue will have gone rogue, as much as a mother of two can, and have joined Captain America's side in this Civil War.

Bringing back Thor in the FF title has served to project smoke and mirrors on the relationship problems, but it doesn't fool me. As much as I eagerly await Thor's return, I boil with rage about Reed and Sue.

What are your thoughts?