Friday, March 31, 2006

Tomorrow is the DAY!

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Emerald City Comicon starts tomorrow! It is being held at Qwest Center by Seahawks Stadium in Seattle. If you have a chance, stop by!

I will be in the exhibitor's section talking about this lovely blog and hanging out. Come by and introduce yourself! Jim will be there with me selling some original art and meeting up with old friends. We are very excited!

If you have to make a journey, be safe. We will see you there!

Get In Shape: Week 10

My two hour workouts paid off this week and I am very relieved. With the Emerald City Comicon tomorrow, I definitely needed to step it up. Of course, I am so sore that I think I added ten years to my body, but that is beside the point.

This week's loss: 2 lbs.

Total weight loss: 16 lbs.

Yay! I am getting closer to the 20 lb. mark, which makes me really happy. Once I get there, it will be time to re-evaluate and see where the next mark is.

Take care!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Checking In

This week has been filled with two hour workouts as I enter the final two weeks of my "Get In Shape" contest. It will continue that way until this weekend when Jim and I go to the Emerald City Comicon. Hopefully while I am there, I won't be too tired at night to get my cardio in. Also, I have to keep on my restricted diet somehow in a place that isn't health food friendly, so I will be bringing a lot of my own food.

I find it ironic that I am going to be at an event where working out is considered geeky. Hee hee.

Take care tonight! I will check in tomorrow or Friday with my week's results, and as a reminder that I am having a booth at the con in the exhibitor's section. Come by and say "hi"!

Monday, March 27, 2006

New Comics for March 29

Invincible 30
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It's here- the last week of March 2006! How did that happen? As I get closer to the countdown of turning 40, time just seems to speed up more and more!

Here is my thankfully smaller list of comics for this week.

Action Comics #837
All Star Superman #3
Blue Beetle #1
JLA Classified #19
Superman Batman #24
Invincible #30 (pictured)
Fantastic Four #536
Iron Man #6
New Avengers Illuminati Special
Sentry #7 (of 8)
Thing #5
Ultimate Spider-Man #92
Uncanny X-Men #471
X-Statix Presents Dead Girl #3 (of 5)
Wizard Magazine.... ho hum...
Tarot WOTBR #37

That is it kids! Have a great week! I am off to eat some pineapple and watch The Apprentice.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

One Year Later: Weeks Three and Four

Green Arrow 60
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I have very mixed feelings about "One Year Later" titles from DC once again. There are definitely some books to watch, and others that failed to walk the fine line between mysterious and compelling. Here then is a rundown of my takes on the latest batch.

Birds of Prey #92: It is good to have the ladies intact for the most part. The addition of "Jade Canary" is puzzling, but is something I already have theories about based on the final issue of Batgirl. The most stand out thing for me is the "journey" that our old school favorite Black Canary seems to be on. Where this goes remains to be seen. Grade: C+

Green Arrow #60: This one had me hooked from page one. With the horrific events leading up to "One Year Later", it is no surprise that things in Star City are at their most dire. Since I am such a diehard original Justice League of America and Green Lantern/Green Arrow fan, I remember the first time Ollie ran for mayor. Seeing it come to fruition here sent a chill down my spine. That keeps me here for the duration. Grade: A.

Superman #650: For whatever reason, I didn't feel any surprise or jolt at the new status quo in Metropolis. Seeing Clark and Lois along with Jimmy and Perry felt like a high school reunion with the popular kids. This one is sure to be a hit out the gate, but for me it was just alright. Grade: B.

Nightwing #118: I know Dick Grayson has always had a bit of a rep as a male 'ho', but this issue left me cold for that reason if no other. The best part is the dueling Nightwings. The worst is Dick being his own cliche. Grade: C-.

Hawkgirl #50: Somewhere in the "One Year Later" Kendra has lost her "balls" and I don't like it. The new premise has promise, but something very bad has obviously happened here that needs to be gotten to the bottom of- STAT. The art made me drool, so the grade here is: B.

Batman #651: This really worked for me. Having been built up to over in Detective's OYL, the follow through is great. I am still so insanely happy that James Robinson is back on a book that I can hardly see straight! Grade: A.

Catwoman #53: Now this book gave me the chills for real. The art was perfection, and the events reminiscent of the Earth 2 family in ways I don't want to spoil. I can hardly wait to see what happens next, and to get to the bottom of what made the blessed event occur! Grade: A.

Manhunter #20: Just when I thought Catwoman would be my favorite OYL title, Manhunter jumped out and surprised me with the best concept so far. This title has really grown on me, so I was really worried about what would happen. I shouldn't have given it a second thought. If you haven't read this book yet, go pick it up! Grade: A.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #16: Insubordination and rebellion are still the mainstays here. Though given credibility by the UP, the kids are still alright. What Supergirl's presence will add is beyond me, but it is a fascinating concept. Grade: C+.

That is it for now- what a crazy ride it's been already! Look back here for more after the ECCC.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Get In Shape: Week 9

It was a tough week in workouts, but I think I got myself back on the weight loss track. Now if I can only remember to eat a very pre-planned regimen of food at the comicon next weekend, things will really be firing on all cylinders. My weigh-out in the "Get In Shape" contest is April 13, so it is really looming large.

This week's loss: 1 1/2 lb.s

Total Weight loss: 14 lbs.

For better or worse, that is where I am. I am happy that I am wearing a size smaller shirt, and am about ready to go down a second size in pants. If nothing else, that is something I am very happy about.

Jim and I are busy putting the final touches on some different things for the comicon, so it should be a busy evening. Take care and have a wonderful night!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Emerald City or Bust!

It is almost time for the fourth annual Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. The show is Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2 at the Qwest Events Center by Seahawk Stadium.

The reason I am so thrilled is that Jim and I will be there with an exhibitor's booth. I will be there to talk comics and represent this blog of mine. I will have some goodies there, and will have some printed excerpts of my past posts. Jim will have some art and other stuff there as well.

If you are coming to the show, come find us. We are excited to meet our fellow bloggers and fellow comic book fans. It will be fun to have a booth to get an insider's perspective, and also as a place to store our stuff!!

Are any of you going to attend?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Teen Titans Annual: **SPOILER** Rant

Teen Titans Annual
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If you haven't read Teen Titans Annual, come no further, fair readers! I don't want to SPOIL the tale.

If you have, come on in!!

Did Cassie and Connor do what I think they did? Are they old enough and mature enough to handle it? Did they practice safe super hero sex? What the hell is going on here?

As a mature adult, I am no prude when it comes to comic books. I read Preacher and Invisibles with a lot of love. As an adult, I can draw my own conclusions.

My question is this: What about some unsuspecting teen reading this who is on the fence about giving it up? I know that sounds far fetched, but I am really wondering what kind of message it sends. If I would have read this when I was 16, I might have been horrified, or went back to my room and secretly fantasized- I don't know at this point.

Good for DC for leaving it up to the readers, but bad for DC for taking it as far as they did. Having Connor take off his shirt is one thing, but to have Cassie do the same? Hmmm... They did wake up with pants on, so who knows...

My point here is that I am honestly very surprised at this step in the relationship, though I guess I probably shouldn't be. The ramifications may be the main point. Case in point: Connor dies and Cassie is left with a bun in the oven. Other scenario: Connor and Cassie are weird afterwards and break up. There are hundreds of futures possible, for sure.

LET ME ASK YOU: What did you think? I am very curious about your opinions, and am dying to know them! Any takers?

Monday, March 20, 2006

New Comics for March 22

Hawkgirl 50
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Here it is, Monday again, and it is time for this week's list of comics. There are several DC books coming out that will be "One Year Later" so that should be interesting, and give me a lot to praise or cry about this weekend!

Without further ado, here is the list!

Batman #651
Catwoman #53
Hawkgirl #50 (pictured)
JSA Classified #10
Loveless #5
Manhunter #20
Robin #148
Supergirl & The Legion of Super Heroes #16
Noble Causes #18
Amazing Spider-Man #530
Black Panther #14- the beginning of the bride saga
Captain America #16
Daredevil #83
Exiles #78
New Avengers #17
She-Hulk 2 #6
Squadron Supreme #1
Storm #2 (of 6)
Supreme Power Hyperion #5 (of 5) - just in the nick of time!!
Ultimate Fantastic Four #28
Wolverine #40
X-Factor #5
X-Men #184
Fathom #8
Red Sonja #8

That's it, folks! Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

One Year Later: The First Two Weeks

Detective Comics 817
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After the first two weeks of "One Year Later", my feelings are mixed. Some titles are hitting it out of the park, while others leave me cold. Here is a brief summary of my opinions so far on the first two weeks offerings.

Outsiders #34: The first book I read, and the worst in my eyes. The Outsiders are now a political book?? There was a definite chill in the air about the characters that didn't resonate well with me. Nothing gelled here, and maybe it is the fact that I have no idea what transpired in that year that ruins it, but it definitely didn't score here. Grade: D+

Detective Comics #817: It is nice to have James Robinson back on a comic book, and the book has a welcoming feel. The art by Leonard Kirk and Andy Clarke is amazing- I had to look twice to make sure who the art team was, because I was so impressed. Lots of mysteries here to solve, so for now I stay on board. Grade: B+

JSA #83: I didn't notice a great deal of changes on this title, though there seemed to be a new tenseness. The Gentlemen Ghost story kicks off, and since it was referred to in the previous issue, it wasn't "shocking" in any respect. Rags' art was gorgeous, and Paul Levitz knows his way around a story so I look forward to the next issue. Grade: B

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40: Considering the names on the cover (Kurt Busiek and Butch Guice), I was expecting brilliance and greatness. What I got was lukewarm mystery. I just don't think I can go backwards with Aquaman this time- the thought of dealing with the Arthur Curry persona and rebooting it all is too much to bear. Grade: D

Firestorm The Nuclear Man #23: Much to my shock, I really liked this issue. The persons being merged were a bit of a shock, and where the story is heading was intriguing. The book has the advantage of not having a lot of baggage, so this was an easy call. Grade: B

I will have more on this week's One Year Later books coming soon. What are your thoughts on the this new crop?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Get In Shape Weigh In: Week 8

It wasn't exactly another banner week weight loss wise, but I feel like mentally I have my head back in the game better. I did an hour and a half on the tread mill today just to make sure. Both mentally and physically, it was an A+, so I am very pleased.

Weight loss for the week: 1/2 lb

Total Weight loss: 12 1/2 lb.

That's the lame scoop for now. We are off to pick up the rest of our comics.

Take care

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Missing A Box...

Our local comics shop is missing a box of comics so we got shorted on several items today. Sigh.

Infinite Crisis Secret Files is one of those books. Also we are missing Nightwing, Girls, Generation M, and Ultimate X-Men off the top of my head...

Oh well, at least we got part of them, which is better then last week's late brigade!

Take care and have a great night!

Monday, March 13, 2006

New Comics for March 15

Birds of Prey 92
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Well, it is another week already! I am glad to have made it through Monday. My hubby had to have more cavities filled, so I am home early tonight. He is doing well, just still numb.

Here is my list of new comics for the week.

Conan #26
100 Bullets #70
Birds of Prey #92 (pictured at right)
Green Arrow #60
Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006
JLA Classified #18
Nightwing #118
Seven Soldiers Bulleteer #4 (of 4)
Superman #650
Teen Titans Annual #1
Girls #11
PVP #24
Witchblade #96
Four #28
Generation M #5 (of 5)
Punisher Vs. Bullseye #5 (of 5)
Spider-Woman Origin #4 (of 5)
Ultimate Extinction #3 (of 5)
Ultimate X-Men #68
Fathom #7

It is yet another ugly week, but Jim and I are working to get our comic book orders lower each month, so it should start showing soon.

Take care and have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Get In Shape Weigh In: Week 7

It was another weird week at the Meeley house. It went too fast, and I was oddly depressed. The highlight was definitely Friday night when we went and saw Ultraviolet at the local movie theatre. Even though the critics panned it, we enjoyed it immensely.

My weekly weigh in was nothing to write home about, but here it is.

This week's loss: 1lb.

Total weight loss: 12 lbs.

Oh well, at least it didn't go the other way. It just seemed that for as hard as I pushed this week, it would have been 2!

We didn't get our comic books until Thursday, so I am behind on those as well. We shall see if I can get caught up this week.

Take care!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Sad Farewell to Jessica Jones and The Pulse

The Pulse 14
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Jessica Jones is my favorite Marvel character and they just pulled the plug again. I faithfully read each issue of Alias, savoring the moment, and have continued being engrossed in the PG world of The Pulse.

Now that Jessica and Luke Cage have had their baby, it is time to say goodbye again. I guess I can console myself knowing that she is making a starring appearance in New Avengers Annual, but it just isn't quite the same.

Marvel, don't forget about Jessica Jones. Keep her in a book so I can continue to enjoy her evolution for years to come.


Monday, March 06, 2006

New Comics for March 8

American Virgin 1
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Well it's another Monday! I had a crapper day that I won't bother to go into here, suffice to say. I hope you all weathered the Monday's and are on to bigger, better things!

Here is my list of new books for the week.

American Virgin #1 (pictured)
Fables #47
Seven Soldiers Frankenstein #3 (of 4)
Seven Soldiers Mister Miracle #4 (of 4)
Teen Titans #33
Wildcats Nemesis #7 (of 9)
Invincible #29
New X-Men #24
Powers #17
Pulse #14
Son of M #4 (of 6)
Thunderbolts #100
X-Men The 198 #3 (of 5)

I am glad to report it is a lighter week then last week. Jim and I are working on cutting our comics list way back. The next Previews we turn in is not going to make our local shop happy, but we have to get things back in line!

Take care and have a great week!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Get In Shape Weigh In: Week 6

Well here it is. I am at the half way mark at my gym's "Get In Shape" contest. The event runs 12 weeks and my initial weight loss goal was 2 lbs a week for a total of 24 lbs of weight loss. I also wanted to build muscle mass during this time and decrease my body fat by a minimum of 10%.

Here is where I am in the program.

This week's weight loss: 2 lbs

Total weight loss: 11 lbs

This is a good week in that I lost my goal amount, but it means I am one pound behind my ultimate goal. What this means is that I need to maintain the intensity and keep on track, hoping that my body will compensate before the end.

One thing I know I don't want to do is to resort to fasting or colon cleansing to get the job done. While either of these would help me to make up the weight loss, I really feel they are short term fixes and I am out for a long term health benefit.

Take care today!

Friday, March 03, 2006


I was going to post my weigh in like usual, but in the endorphin rush of Body Pump, I forgot to go downstairs and weigh myself. I will be back tomorrow with the weekly results.

Jim and I aren't feeling super good, so it is a good excuse to take the night off and try to heal.

Take care all!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thing #4 is Perfection!

Thing 4
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It is official. I have fallen hard for a comic book. Thing #4 was one of the best issues I have read in a long while. A fulfilling life lesson wrapped in fun and pretty paper, this issue had it all. From Franklin's ageless wisdom to Lockjaw's dilemma, there was such a great blend of all the right ingredients that I can only describe the issue as perfect.

If you find a copy, grab it and enjoy. It is fantastic!!