Wednesday, March 30, 2005

DC Countdown to... Nausea?

I just read DC Countdown. Sat down in my chair, dove in, and read it. My reaction: Aaaarrgghhhh!

The central character wasn't served justly here. I feel numb.

I am going to go let this set in whilst reading the other offerings I picked up this week and then give it another look tomorrow. Maybe my perspective will change. Maybe the magnitude of the story was too much to wrap my poor little head around. I have a rule about reading something twice before I feel I can make a rational opinion, so I will wait.

Any opinions? Carl, you weren't kidding that this could cause a dog fight at the local comic book shop. Let the madness ensue!

Monday, March 28, 2005

New Comics for March 30

What a day today! It was my month-end at work, so we things were hectic. Also I worried about my sister who had her gall bladder out today. I am happy to report she is already home from the hospital and doing fine!

Here is a list of comics I am picking up this week.

Batgirl #62
Batman #638
DC Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1
Flash #220
Legion of Super Heroes #4
Otherworld #1
Outsiders #22
Rex Mundi #13
Astonishing X-Men #9
Doctor Spectrum #6
Fantastic Four #524
Marvel Spider-Man #12
Pulse #8
Secret War Book Four
Ultimate Secret #1
X-23 #4
X-Men Age of Apocolypse #5
X-Men Phoenix #4
Wizard Magazine (but God knows why as it irritates me more then entertains me anymore)

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you! Jim and I are staying home today and eating roast beef and relaxing together. We also called our families and wished them a wonderful day.

I posted quick take reviews at 4 Color. If you get a chance, check them out.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

No Seattle Con this Spring?

I have been asking every one I know if there has been any word on if there is going to be a Seattle Comicon this Spring. I haven't heard word one, and the fact that Steve Miner was supposed to be at the Portland Con with fliers but didn't show worries me to no end.

The Seattle Con is a smaller, but just as enjoyable con as the Emerald City Con for totally different reasons. I like the fact that it is more intimate and that the vendors there are ready to sell. It is a lot of fun for both Jim and I, and gives us an excuse to go to the big city for the weekend.

Has anyone heard anything? Just curious.

Happy Easter to all!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Donna Troy returns in a big way!

I just got done paging through Previews and the absolute highlight for me has got to be the comic book that is bringing back Donna Troy. Titled the "EZ" book for secrecy purposes, and to highlight the fact that all three creators last names end with an "ez", this book has been a long time coming in my book. To see Phil Jimenez, George Perez, and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez all on a book together is truly this fangirl's dream come true.

Normally when comic characters die, I hope they stay that way, but this is my exception to the rule. Donna, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Power Girl are my favorite heroines, and I always try and support books they are in on.

I have hopes of getting through Previews proper this weekend and seeing what else is coming up in the Summer. It is nice to see DC really working to reinvest the reader's interest in their characters.

Have a great TGIF tomorrow!

Monday, March 21, 2005

New Comics for March 23

Here is the thrilling list of stuff I am picking up!

Conan #14
100 Bullets #59
Authority Revolutions #6 (I kinda miss the old Millar/Quietly days.. snif)
Batman Gotham Knights #63
Books of Magick Life During Wartime #9 - this is picking up and starting to be a good book!
Hawkman #38
Hellblazer #206
JLA Classified #5
Nightwing #106- finale of the year one story
Robin #136
Seven Soldiers Guardian #1 (of 4)
Amazing Spider-Man #518- really not enjoying this story arc
Daredevil #71
Excalibur #11
New Avengers #4
Rogue #9
Spellbinders #1 - just to try!
X-Men #168 - please God let this story make more sense!
X-Men Age of Apocalypse #4 (of 6)

Next week: The so0n to be infamous DC Countdown#1!!

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Musings on a Rainy Sunday

I am finally feeling better today, and getting caught up on some reviews. I hope you enjoy the stuff I put up as much as I enjoyed reading the books themselves.

I am hoping to get my hands on as many of the Alias Enterprises books as possible, as well as the Atomeka titles. I have also been fascinated by the Wachowski Brother's comics being published by Burlyman. I am crossing my fingers that I filled out Previews correctly so that I will have the opportunity soon.

I bought The Incredibles on DVD and am hoping to get to watch it today. Jim and I haven't seen it yet. For whatever reason, we just never made it.

We did go see Hostage with Bruce Willis last night, and it was worth the $7.75 a ticket we paid to get admission. Lots of drama and action, and Bruce Willis still has a certain charisma that charms the crap out of me!

Have a great Sunday all!

Portland Comicon Book Reviews

Portland Comicon Special Comic Review

The following three comic books are titles I picked up at the Portland Comicon on March 6. Thanks to Matt Haley for his preview copy, and to the unsuspecting crew at Alias Enterprises who had a nosy reviewer wandering around their booth for a spell, eyeballing all their bounty, without having a clue about it.

G.I Spy “Eyes Only” Preview
Atomeka Comics
Writer: Andrew Cosby
Art: Matt Haley
Colors: Matt Nelson & Pamela Rambo
Letters: John Workman & Ed Dukeshire
Price: $1.99

Rating: 3 stars

G.I. Spy is a comic book that takes concepts from True Lies, Indiana Jones, and the History Channel, throws them in the blender and puts a new twist on them. It doesn’t hurt that Matt Haley’s art is more eye-popping then ever to take a good concept and make it great. The lead character Jack Hunter is immensely likable, and his female opposite number Kaitlin Shepherd is beautiful, but without the usual have to kick the lead man’s ass quality that I loathe.

Andrew Cosby’s script is spare and lean, giving Haley a chance to let his art tell the story where possible. I especially enjoyed the narration by Hunter, which allowed the readers to see that he wasn’t completely egotistical, just charismatic and easy going, with a new career that is sure to test his limits. It is hard to tell from a preview how the character is going to connect with readers long-term, but I get a good vibe based on what I have read here.

Haley’s art is able aided by colorists Matt Nelson and Pamela Rambo, who enhance the delicate parts of his line art rather then overpowering it. I was especially impressed with Haley’s panel work, as it paced the storytelling in a positive way, and gave him room to showcase his abilities in full page spreads.

I enjoyed the preview of G.I. Spy immensely, and am awaiting word of when the first issue will hit the stands so I can make sure and order it through my local retailer. I have heard it will be this summer that the issue will see the light of day and look forward to seeing more of the quality I enjoyed here.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears #2 (of 4)
Image Comics/Runemaster Studios
Writer: Mike Bullock
Artist: Jack Lawrence
Letters: Dave Lanphear
Price: $2.90
Rating: 4 stars

Lions, Tigers, and Bears is the coolest new title out there you haven’t read yet. The concept is unique and the art is some of the most original style I have seen in a long time. I can’t believe this book hasn’t gotten more hype then it has, considering that for once it is justified. When I picked this book up the only thing I knew was that it was something different, and by the time I finished reading the first issue, I was a believer. Issue two does nothing but solidify my opinion.

Joey, a young boy whose mother is moving him away from his Grandma and familiar surroundings to secure a new job, is scared and unsure of how he will get by in a completely new environment. His grandma, sensing his fears, gifts him with a box of stuffed animals called the Night Pride. From minute one, Joey feels a sense of security and closeness to the animals, not just for the comfort of his grandma’s sense of love, but for the way he is instinctively protected by their presence. Imagine his surprise when he goes to bed the first night and finds that his Night Pride is all too real and that he is a key in many ways to future safety and security of children like him everywhere.

The concept by writer Mike Bullock is one that many readers can relate to, having been small children once, whether it is a few years or several. We can all remember going to bed and being frightened by noises and the sheer terror of the dark. The fact that he has tapped into this is incredibly cool, and I could kick myself that I didn’t think of it first! The way Bullock presents the Night Pride as individual, with distinctive personalities is another facet to the puzzle that makes the book interesting. I enjoyed the dialogue and the way the story is moving along at a fun and engrossing pace.

The secret weapon here is artist Jack Lawrence. His art is breathtaking in its originality and quality. When I first opened the first issue, I could scarcely believe my eyes. There is a slightly manga feel, but mostly a whimsical one. Lawrence’s detail work in the characterization in the soul of the book, and his collaboration with Bullock is a winning combination to say the least.

If you haven’t picked up this book yet, go find it and give it a try. It is distinctive and charismatic, and you can share it with younger readers. Joey is a universal character, and his interactions tap something within all of us. I can hardly believe I have such affection for a new comic book, but everything works here. Give it a try, and pass it on to new fans like my husband and I plan to do with our 8 and 11 year old nephews.

Lullaby: Wisdom Seeker #1
Image Comics/ Alias Enterprises
Created by: Hector Sevilla
Writers: Mike S. Miller & Ben Avery
Art: Hector Sevilla
Colors: Simon Bork, David Curiel, and Ulises Arreola
Letters; Bill Tortolini
Price: $2.95
Rating: 3 stars

Imagine that something in your life happens that is tragic and unforeseen, and you find yourself living in a world that encompasses fantasy but also pulls at the heart strings of your worst nightmares, and you will find yourself in Lullaby land. As Alice finds herself through the looking glass, all is not as it seems. From her entrance to this new world from her ascent to First Hand to the Queen of Hearts, Alice knows something is missing, but isn’t quite sure what it is, beginning a journey to get to the bottom of things. Jim Hawkins is her opposite number, a young man with a heart of gold and the mind of a pirate.

From the first page of this book, it is apparent it is not your mother or brother’s fantasy world, but something so twisted it seems too perfect. It has a completely different vibe then Fables in the Vertigo line, as the characters are more alluded to then named. The lead character is not called by her given name at all in the first issue, and the reader is left to use their imagination to find her place. Part of what makes this book so intriguing is what is not said, rather then what is.

Hector Sevilla has created a world that for some would be the ultimate fantasy, but for others would be a total hell. Four sets of cards and two sets of board pieces fight for supremacy in a world where Alice is a fierce warrior and the Queen of Hearts is not an incomparable beauty but a warped version of what we see on the cards we play with. From Alice’s peaceful reality to this new world she must inhabit, there is a gross dichotomy that shows fantasy is not always the best thing to aspire for. The old adage “be careful what you wish for” is more a warning then a premonition.

Writers Mike S. Miller and Ben Avery maintain the mystery by letting Sevilla’s artwork take center stage. As Alice and her cast of characters take shape, the reader is left to draw their own conclusions rather then be told what is happening. It works well here and leaves the readers with a sense of being in charge of the characters destiny rather then the other way around.

Monday, March 14, 2005

New Comics for March 16

I am finally feeling better so here is a list of comics I am picking up March 16!

Adventures of Superman #638
Angeltown #5
Birds of Prey #80
Catwoman #41
JLA #112
Manhunter #8
Teen Titans #22
Wonder Woman #214
Invincible #21
Lions Tigers and Bears #2 - one of the coolest new concepts out there!
Noble Causes #8
PVP #15
Ultra #8
Black Panther #2
Captain America #4
Exiles #61
Fantastic Four Foes #3
Incredible Hulk #79
Marvel Knights 4 #16
Ultimate Spider-Man #74
Ultimate X-Men #57
Ultimates 2 #4
Uncanny X-Men #457
Wolverine #26
Young Avengers #2

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Trying to Bounce Back

My God, I have been sick with a capital 'S'. Every night I went to bed at like 6:30 at night so I could make it through the day at work, and I still am coming out of it. This is a mix of flu and head cold so you can't breathe through your nose, but you have no appetite and feel nauseous and dizzy. It really sucks, and I feel much better, though not 100%.

What's been up lately? My sister and I threw my mom a surprise 60th birthday party last weekend on March 5th that went over well. Then Jim and I went to the Portland Comicon on our way back to Yakima on the 6th. Matt Haley was super cool and gave me a copy of his book "G.I. Spy" to review that I am going to do this next weekend. Also we picked up a couple of books at the Alias Enterprise book to look at. We spent a little money and got back to town, where I proceeded to have a miserable week.

The good news is that since I was so sick I lost more weight, bringing my total loss to 26 pounds. The even better news is that I look normal sized, not heavy anymore and that my clothes fit better. I have five more weeks left on my "Get In Shape" Contest and I have to hustle to make up for being sick this week if I want to win it.

Never a dull moment, huh? I also posted some quick take reviews over at 4 Color Review if you have an extra second. I am off to pay our bills and try and catch up on e-mail since I haven't checked it for over a week. Wish me luck!

Take care all!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Sorry I haven't posted. Jim and I were out of town, and since I have been back I have been sick. There is no pull list this week, as I can't focus on reading yet!!

Sorry for the bad blogging, I hope to be feeling better soon!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New Comics for March 3

My gosh, time flies so fast! I can't believe it's already March!! My Mom is turning 60 on the 7th, and there is no way she seems that age at all. I pray I have inherited her youthfulness!

On that note, here is a list of new comics I am picking up this week!

Deadshot #4
Detective Comics #804
Fallen Angel #19
Lex Luthor Man of Steel #1
Razors Edge Warblade #5
Swamp Thing #13
Twilight Experiment #2
Darkness #19
Rising Stars #24 -FINALLY!!!
Doctor Spectrum #5
Shanna the She Devil #2
Ultimate Iron Man #1
Ultimate Spider-Man #73

Sounds like a good one! Take care all and have a great week! Carl, I hope you are recovering from Megacon!