Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all of you! Jim and I are spending the day at home awaiting any trick or treaters, and getting caught up on our comic book reading. We are also really appreciating Daylights Savings Time and the extra hour of sleep we got last night.

Take care all and Happy Halloween!

Quick Shot Reviews

I read some titles that I wanted to point out this week.

Solo #1: Tim Sale
Man, what an incredible look at a great talent. The pricey book at $4.95 featured stories written by Jeph Loeb, Diana Schutz, and Brian Azzarello and illustrated by above mentioned Sale. The book is filled with touching tale after the other. If you want to treat yourself, go pick this up and give it a look.

Wonder Woman #209
The fight for the embassy between Medousa and Wonder Woman takes place in this issue. Greg Rucka has the meter turned up to gut wrenching here, and the main battle hasn't even went down yet. Next issue it's Medousa vs the Amazon Princess for all the peanuts.

Strangers in Paradise #69
A turning point issue, with focuses on Francine, Katchoo, and Casey. This book never ceases to touch me, no matter what mood I am when I pick it up. Here is my plea: If you have never read Strangers in Paradise, run out and grab a trade or a pocketbook edition. It is worth the price of admission and then some.

Catwoman #36 and Batman #633
The end of the War Games drama. Between the events here and over in Identity Crisis, I am fascinated to see what shakes out, especially with Tim Drake. The inevitable and unthinkable happens, as Batman sacrifices another member to the war against crime.

Birds of Prey #75
Heading off into a totally new direction after the events in said above War Games drama, the Birds have a new, more global agenda. How this will affect the book's popularity is anyone's guess.

The Flash #215
Holy Crap! It's an Identity Crisis tie in. Actually, this is a particularly compelling story, with Wally facing up to his Uncle Barry's actions. How this goes down next issue, is anyone's guess.

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1
I refuse to say anything about this issue, lest the HEATer's find me and make my life hell.

X-Men #163
This book is rudderless with Austen ending his run next issue. Larroca's art is the consistent piece of the puzzle.

I have several more titles to read this week, so I am off to go relax and catch up.

New Review at 4CR

I read an incredible new title called Razor's Edge: Warblade #1 this weekend. I have a review for it up at 4 Colorreview. Give it a look if you get a chance.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Halloween Party tonight

Tonight is my hubby and mine's annual Halloween Party. We invite over a dozen friends each year for a night of fun and scary movies. I am currently in the process of cooking hamburger and chicken for use in homemade nachos. Hopefully they will turn out great. We also all dress up, and usually end up playing some kind of trivia game.

This week's comics were exceptionally good, and I will have a report on some of my favorites tomorrow, unless I have too much fun. We are having strawberry margaritas and bahama mamas with the food! My husband doesn't drink, so he keeps track of people to make sure they are okay to drive home. Otherwise, he takes their keys and makes them sleep over.

Take care all and have a great Saturday night!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Halloween Party last night at the Comic shop

Last night the comic shop my husband works for, Ron's Coin & Book, held a comic book appreciation night with a costume contest. In past events they have had anywhere from 15 to 25 people, but last night was exceptional, as there were around 44 customers and friends that attended.

Artist Clayton Crain, who drew a story arc of Darkness, the Venom Vs. Carnage mini-series, and Top Cow's Tom Judge maxi-series Universe, was there. He was extremely gracious, spending time with fans talking and telling antecdotes. He also did a sketch that was given to the winner of the art contest. My husband's high point was that Clayton did a Kyle Rayner sketch for him, which I hope to post sometime in the next few days.

There were only six people that dressed up for the costume contest, and two were cute little girls who wore bunny suits. I was disapointed at the lack of participation, but am thinking that maybe people were worried they would be the only one. The winner wore a Kitty Pryde Shadowcat outfit that was outstanding. The really impressive thing is that she sewed it and put it together in one afternoon. Too cool. Her partner in crime came dressed as former Generation X member Chamber. Rounding out the group was myself dressed as "Super Wife" and Jim's buddy Corey dressed as Captain Kirk. He had it down pat, right to the boots!

It was a fun evening which I hope becomes an annual event. Any chance to get the comic fans in town together is always a blast. There was a trivia contest that my husband created, and there was a great art contest.

Do any of your local shops do anything like this?

Happy Friday All!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Halloween Excitement

This Saturday my hubby and I are throwing a Halloween party for our friends. (I am desperately hoping to feel better by then)

We like to dress up in costumes, eat good food, and drink a few beverages. I am planning on making nachos and margaritas to start. I also want to make an orange sherbert punch. Of course, there has to be desserts like cookies and pie!

Jim is going to dress up as a Girls Gone Wild cameraman and I am going to be a drunken college girl. Should be funny, except there won't be any flashing!!

What are all of you doing?

Comics for October 27

Man, what a list for this week! It will be a big one, but a good one as well. The following is my list of must-haves.

Adam Strange #2
Aquaman #23
Authority: Revolution #1
Batman #633 & Catwoman #36- end of War Games!
Birds of Prey #75 - Happy Anniversary!
Flash #215
Green Lantern Rebirth #1 - the book I am dreading for the repercussions of it all
JLA #107- Busiek's run starts here!
Outsiders #17
Superman #210- hopefully I start understanding the story soon...
WE3 #2- Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly genius
Wonder Woman #209- end of this story arc
Amazing Spider-Man #513- praying for a big payoff
Black Widow #2
Daredevil #66
Excalibur #6- praying for this to make sense
Strange #2
Ultimate Elektra #3
Wolverine #21
X-Men #163

I am STILL sick, and now have added a bladder infection to the deal. I am praying and crossing my fingers that this madness ends any time soon, as I hate being sick.

Take care All!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Identity Crisis Theories

Hey All, thank you for the get well wishes. I am finally to the stage in my bronchitis where everything is breaking up, so hopefully rest this weekend will get me there.

I sat and reread the five Identity Crisis issues that are out. I also had a great discussion last night with a friend on some theories. These are some guesses towards the conclusion.

Potential Spoilers- don't go further if you haven't read this!

1. Events of issues five and six send Batman over the edge and he quits. In his absence, Dick (Nightwing) must take over the Bat cape. This sends newly orphaned Tim and his mentor Batgirl to Bludhaven for intensive training while Dick does his best Batman impression.

2. Nightwing and/or Alfred bite it, so Batman loses it and kills, or quite possibly, goes crazy.

3. The Suicide Squad are sick and tired of being seen as underachievers that are used at the government's whim, so they decide to make a statement by killing the super heroes' loved ones. Using technology from Cassandra (Oracle's) tenure there, they are back dooring her system and honing in on the most powerful and the minor league heroes to throw things off.

4. Look back at the first part of issue one. Clark and his parents are featured, as is Dick and Starfire. Also featured is Black Lightning and Katana and Tim and his dad. This can't be coincidence. Tim has seen his father's fate, so who is to say that the other heroes featured aren't next?

5. The villains kill Clark's parents, sending Superman over the edge. This is a wildcard, but after seeing them featured so prominently throughout, this wouldn't be a coincidence.

Any one else have any theories? At one of our local comic shops, we are going to have Identity Crisis discussion groups each Friday after the issue comes out. Should be pretty fun.

Thank you again for the well wishes. I am feeling way better then I did last week at this time. Amazingly I didn't miss any work, but I am sure that didn't speed my recovery.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bronchitis = Bad

Hey there, just checking in. My lovely doctor told me I have bronchitis so I am laying low. I am trying to not work more then eight hours a day until I can get some relief.

That doesn't stop me, of course, from being very interested to see Identity Crisis #5 tomorrow. My hubby and I were talking about it last night, and we are thinking either Jack Drake or Nightwing gets it. We get this impression from looking at DC Comics previews for January online.

Any thoughts? I am off to lay on the couch and recuperate. Take care!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

She Hulk: Buy This Book

Anyone out there who hasn't been reading She Hulk, but has been even slightly curious needs to pick that sucker up. This title is funny, irreverent, and 100% She Hulk. The way the character has been portrayed in the past has left this poor girl a laughing stock for all the wrong reasons. This newest title puts Jen in on the joke, where she should have been all along.

Issue 8 just hit the stands on Wednesday. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy- it is worth the price of admission.

New Review at 4CR

I have a review of Ultra #3 over a 4 Color Review. What a cool book.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Powers "Shocker"

Has anyone else looked at Powers #5 yet? Holy Crap, what an ending. I don't want to spoil it, but it is apparent that Bendis is intent on keeping things fresh with one of the coolest spoilers I have seen in awhile.

I'm off to read the rest of my stash- Powers was on top as normal.

Happy reading!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Big week in comics for me

I printed the Diamond list for this week, and could hardly believe how many titles I am getting on Wednesday. Thank God I got paid last week!

Stuff I am getting:

100 Bullets 54
Action Comics 820
Astro City A Visitors Guide
Authority More Kev 4
Fables 30
Fallen Angel 16 BUY THIS BOOK!
Gotham Central 24
Green Arrow 43
Hawkman 33
JSA 66
Justice League Elite 4 (this is decision issue for me to keep getting)
Nightwing 99
Ultra 3
Bullseye Greatest Hits 2
District X 6
Emma Frost 16
Marvel Knights 4 11
Marvel Knights Spider-Man 7
Powers 5 (YAY)
Secret War Book Three
The Punisher 12
Ultimate Nightmare 3
Ultimate X-Men 52
X-Men The End 4

Holy Crap, my wallet hurts just thinking about it, and next week isn't much better.

Hopefully this weekend I will feel better and can get some reviews done. I am training a new assistant at work, so I am praying that she can help me get back to normal 8 or 9 hour days in the next six weeks. These are things to look forward to!

Have a great comic book week!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Busiek does local signing

I just got home from seeing Kurt Busiek at a local comic book shop where he was doing a signing. It was one of those experiences we have never had in our town to my knowledge. I have lived here 15 years and this is the first time we have had a comic book creator, other then local Clayton Crain, here for a signing.

My friend Mina's husband Ben owns Heroes For Sale, and that is where the signing took place. Awkwardly, my husband Jim works for the competitor, but the way I see it, any activity like this in our town needs support, so we eagerly went.

The signing started at 11 a.m. but we didn't go until 1, because I am feeling crappy with an bacterial infection. When we got there, it was a homey, casual feel. Kurt was answering questions from the local fans, and it went very well. After awhile, it dwindled down to a half dozen people, so the hubby and I were able to ask the burning questions we had.

Kurt was patient and witty, doing his best to humor us. He got some good cuts in on Jim, and we learned how to pronounce other creator's names. We also learned that Kurt's favorite comic book character is Hawkeye, and that while he is alright with the character's recent demise, there is always the artistic license available to bring him back.

As I speak, Kurt and our friends Ben and Mina are headed to Grants for dinner. It should be a relaxing, delicious way to end the day. I hope that we are able to have more creators in the town in the future, and am eagerly awaiting the upcoming 12 issue Astro City maxi-series.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Quick Takes on Today's Comics

I just got done looking through my stack for the week, and there is definitely a mixed bag. Here are some good reactions right out of the gate.

Pick of the Week: Conan and the Daughters of Midora. Wow, this is what comics are about. A great story with sensational art, and an emotional trigger for the reader. I am reeling from it.

Queen & Country #27 is the usual standard of excellence. It doesn't instantly attract the eye in the stores, but it is the gem in the jewelry box. Greg Rucka is at his best here, and his lead character Tara Chace is compelling as it gets.

Y The Last Man #27: A surprise twist in this one. I felt I should have seen it coming afterwards.

Exiles #53 & Captain America & the Falcon #8: I just couldn't get into them. These books are on the edge for me. I would love to keep getting both titles to support the creators, but it's been a miss for me this time around.

Wolverine #20: God I hate overhyped books. I mostly bought it for the John Romita Jr. art, but the story has a surprisingly good hook. Damn that Millar!

Nyx #5: Head hurts. Can't remember plot. Why the Hell did I buy this?

Ultimate Spider-Man #66: I laughed myself sick reading this. Was this the reaction Bendis was looking for? SPOILER: (Freaky Friday meets testosterone head on with comedic results!)

Teen Titans/The Legion Special: You say you need a new jumping on point for your Legion book? Hey, use the Titans- they could use a time travel story. Nuff said.

Detective Comics #799: War Games reaches a fever pitch. I am so into this that if the ending is cheesy I may just drop all the Bat titles out of sheer disapointment.

Uncanny X-Men #450: Love Alan Davis. Revere Claremont's old stuff. Have over 330 issues of continuity. Will probably continue to buy. Seriously, I am enjoying the synergy between Claremont and Davis. A definite B+ on this title right now.

Superman/Batman #12: I HATE late books. They irritate me to the point I can't fully enjoy them as much as I would if they were remotely timely. Great creators doing an incredible story that may not be finished until Christmas for all I know. Give me strength here to be patient!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

New Reviews at 4CR

I am engrossed in reading The Da Vinci Code, so I just did quick shot reviews this week. I hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Concert

Last night Jim and I went and saw Joan Jett at the Central Washington State Fair. We were totally jacked about it, especially after our long work week. After battling traffic and inept parking attendents for a half hour, we finally got into the fairgrounds and grabbed a bite before getting our reserved seats. The crowd was an eclectic mix of cowboys, goth types, lesbians, and middle class yokels.

Joan and her band came on after the song "Won't be Fooled Again" by The Who played. Dressed in black leather, with her hair dyed black again, Joan was all business. Her band, which included a mix of young guys and the more seasoned and legendary Kenny Laguna, was tight as a drum. Every song drilled itself into my ears, as the band played with relentless agility.

Joan and the guys debuted several songs from their upcoming album Naked, due out next year. My favorite was the title track, which featured Joan at her nasty best. Her guitar chops are incredible, and her lead guitarist Dougie Needles complimented her perfectly. Dougie is young, skinny, and cute in that brooding rocker way. Needless to say, the girls in front of us were going insane for his sexy behind.

The show in itself was incredibly good. Joan and her band were in top form musically, and were worth every penny. I had never seen Joan live before, and was thrilled at the opportunity. I would gladly go see her again, and am going to go check on her website periodically for release dates of the new album. Favorite moment of the concert: Joan sang "Fetish" and a mom with two kids went running out. Call me sadistic, but I can't help wondering why you would take your young kids to see Joan? Hello People, this isn't Celine Dion - it's Joan Jett, the female Chuck Berry!

The downside: The most boring bunch of assholes on earth in the reserved seats. I was embarrassed to be a local at this concert. There were a good sized group of people who had come to dance and party, but the rest made me sad. Joan and Dougie asked a few times for the crowd to get up and rock, and there were people who wouldn't do it. They sat there poker-faced and wouldn't do more then clap at the end of songs. I get mad just thinking about it.

Low point of the concert: I was asked by security to sit down because the people behind me couldn't see. Two problems with that. 1. The chicks in front of me were standing up, which was fine with me, but I needed to stand as well to see. 2. I wanted to stand because I was there to get my freakin' ya-ya's out. I was so pissed that I was shaking, but I complied. I turned around like an ass and glared at the people behind me to boot .

We sat for about five songs, which must have bewildered Joan and her band, but when "I Love Rock N Roll" came on, all bets were off. Jim got on top of his seat, and the whole audience stood up and rocked it with the exception of the four killjoys behind us. I am normally a sensitive, kind person, but for once I just didn't care. The music was so incredible that I couldn't just sit there. I consider concerts an interactive experience, and it was obvious these people just didn't get it.

I would give the concert four stars and the killjoys a negative 10. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts put on a killer show.

Jim and I are tired and deaf this morning, but also insanely happy because we finally were able to buy Joan's greatest hits album and some great t-shirts. Our town doesn't get many concerts, and certainly no rock acts. To have Joan in our local vicinity was a great treat to be sure.