Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Random Musings

Wonder Woman 223
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Tonight Jim and I got to do something we hadn't done for years- we went to a laundromat to do our laundry. Our dryer broke right before we left for the holidays, and we can't get a new one delivered before December 16. What an experience it was doing communal laundry! Jim and I stuck close together and kept a big eye on our stuff for fear that someone might steal our coveted Green Arrow and Green Lantern t-shirts!

At any rate, we made it home alive, and started to look at a few new comics. Here are some thoughts.

The new Wonder Woman #223 was an action packed fight fest from beginning to end. The Amazons are in their most dire peril and it doesn't look to end anytime soon or end well. I loved it and give it a "high five".

I also looked at New Avengers #13 and found out who Ronin is. I am not surprised at all, as the identity fits Bendis' M.O. of keeping it in the family so to speak. I also enjoyed the interaction between Spider-Woman and Captain America. It should make for great story telling down the road.

I looked at Adventures of Superman #646 and found another major spoiler- the identity of Ruin! What a week for reveals, huh? What did you all think about the character behind it?

I haven't had much of a chance to glance at anything else but am hell-bent to do so tonight. With my surgery being Friday a.m. I am running short on time.

For those that asked, I will go ahead and just spill it- I am having an abdominal hysterectomy. Fun, huh? Hopefully it will go well, and I will be back soon enough. It is hard to believe that I am still young but having this procedure, but those are the breaks!

Take care and have a wonderful new comics day!

Monday, November 28, 2005

New Comics for November 30

Generation M 1
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Hey there! I am back from my many travels and ready to get back blogging- at least until Friday when I have my surgery! Until then, let's start off with a list of this week's comics.

Revelations #4 (of 6)
Adventures of Superman #646
Batman #647
JLA Classified #14
Legion of Super Heroes #12
Wonder Woman #223
Black Panther #10
Exiles #73
Generation M #1 (see pic at right)
Sentry #3 (of 6)
Ultimate Fantastic Four #25
Wolverine #36
X-Men #178
Cannon Hawke #3

Take care and have a great week!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving... already?

Hey there! I don't mean to finish my list and run, but Jim and I are taking the next week off the computer to catch up around the house and then visit with family during the holiday. Because of that, there will be a week long void in posting here. I will probably be going through withdrawals, but we have some major cleaning and renovation plans that need to take priority.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! Jim and my thoughts are with you!

Up and Coming Females #1: Batgirl

Batgirl 25
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From the first moment the Bat books brought Cassandra Cain into the fold, I have been a believer. Born to a father that raised her to be a killer, Cassandra has overcome her extensive training and taken up a life of fighting crime. As Batgirl, Cassandra can walk the walk while refraining from doing the very thing she was meant for- killing.

In current issues of Batgirl, Cassandra is on a search to learn the identity of her mother. Lady Shiva and Nyssa Al Ghul are two suspects, and as we get closer to finding out that identity, Cassandra is going through a journey of sorts. She is methodically working through issues in her life, and has found the den of the League of Assasins. Because of her extraordinary fighting skills, she can hold her own in any situation. In that respect, she rivals Batman and the other great fighters of the DCU.

As part of the Bat family, Cassandra's role is that of a surrogate sister. She and Tim Drake, the current Robin, don't agree on much, but there is a mutual respect. Cassandra is one of the few to have Batman's full consent and approval in what she does, and their relationship is at times like that of a father and daughter. I really enjoy her relationship with Barbara Gordon, the first Batgirl. They have a bond that not many people achieve because of a mutual quest for justice, and a "been there" attitude. Though Barbara and Cassandra have had their differences, they will always like each other.

If you have avoided Batgirl out of respect to Barbara Gordon, don't worry about it anymore. Cassandra has her full approval, and she brings a great new energy to the Bat titles. I have really enjoyed her series, and am looking forward to growing with her as a character. Of course, if Crisis screws things up, I spoke too soon, but I am hoping for a relatively pain free ride there.

For her fighting spirit and her incredible skills, Batgirl is number one on my list of up and coming females.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Up and Coming Females #2: X-23

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A young, female Wolverine may seem cliche to some, but to me the new character X-23 is extremely fascinating. Born in Weapon X as the product of a cloning process, Laura is an enigma of sorts. Her "mother" was a scientist who was only allowed limited contact with her and later regretted it.

Stuck in the Weapon X facility, and forced to go on suicidal killing missions, X-23 really didn't have a childhood. She is relatively devoid of a conscience so far, and is as lethal as Wolverine in all respects but his experience level. Her instincts are incredible, and her personality is an enigma. There is so much left as a mystery to the X-23 character, that one can't help but be fascinated.

X-23 is evidently going to be a member of the New X-Men team. From issue 20 of that series, it seems that there is a surprise in store for readers with regard to X-23. She has been putting on an act of sorts to throw her fellow mutants of her trail but evidently Wolverine is wise to her. I can't wait to see where this story line goes.

I love the potential in X-23. She can go a whole different direction then Wolverine in the fact that she is aware of her origins. She is a stone cold killer, and it seems to me that she has unfinished business. For that alone, X-23 is number two on my list of up and coming females.

Up and Coming Females #3: Red Sonja

Red Sonja
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Back in the day, Red Sonja was one of the original "bad girls". Armored in a metal bikini, Sonja fought off the most vicious of barbarians using only her sword and her wits. Completely unaware of the hubbub her appearance might cause, Sonja was a mercenary to the core. There was a small soft spot, but a woman on her own in the dark ages was a rarity, so Red Sonja couldn't leave much room for weakness to be sure.

With Dynamite Entertainment's revival of Red Sonja, new readers are getting an opportunity to give the sword wielding she-devil a try. So far, the series has been late, which has caused some problems, but the overall content has been pretty good. Mel Rubi's art concentrates on the ferocity underneath the hot bod. Her intentions seem slightly noble, but her solitary ways are well in place.

Biggest complaint: multiple variant covers that are irritating because of the transparent marketing gimmick. Look, it's a hot chick on the cover- let's buy one of each! Argh!! I hate that.

Otherwise, I am happy to see Red Sonja back in the present. I first encountered her back in the 1970's as part of "The Superhero Women" trade paperback by Marvel. From that moment on, Red Sonja was cool to me. I even kind of liked the Brigitte Nielson movie, for God's sake.

Red Sonja rates on my list of up and comers for being back and as bad-ass as ever. She may be all bad girl on the outside, but she is sheer survivor on the inside. You gotta like that- she's a crowd pleaser.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Up and Coming Females #4: Magdelena

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Magdelena is a great character for the simple fact that the entire history of the Catholic church is at her disposal. There is a certain sense of the ancient and the ways of mysticism that comes with Magdelena that is undeniable. Her outfit is pretty racy, but her quest for justice on behalf of the Lord is unmistakable.

Magdelena first showed up in The Darkness to fight Jackie Estracado and rid him and the planet of his existence. Back then, it was a different woman in the outfit then in the current books she is being seen in. The first Magdelena that was seen was roundly defeated by The Darkness, and unfortunately, killed by Vampires.

Our new Magdelena is a young girl named Patience. Coming from the closely held genetics that make the Magdelena a truth revealer, Patience is rebelling against the church at this time. She doesn't follow blindly, but chooses her own cases, guided by a priest who is also a friend.

Magdelena is a character with incredible potential. I would love to see a series of minis that highlight the history of the character through out the ages, and her role in historic events. I am not real thrilled about her whore/nun outfit, but like the concept of this heroine and her genetic background.

For potential and a sense of the otherworldy, I vote Magdelena as #4 on my list of up and coming females.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Up and Coming Females #5: Aspen from Fathom

Aspen from Fathom
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My dark horse on the list is Aspen from Fathom. The reason I am including her is that I have always felt she is a great character whose appearance has overshadowed her potential.

Imagine having a character that is raised believing she is a normal girl, only to find that she is the product of two rival underwater races. Throw in the fact that she has unlimited power but isn't sure of how to harness it. Aspen has a college degree in marine biology and studies, so she is a intelligent lady with an academic background to boot.

All the potential is there in Aspen. She has a great back story and incredible depth to explore. I am waiting to see where her current series takes her. It is nice in a way that someone other then "superstar" artist and creator Michael Turner is drawing her so that the focus can be put on the tale being told rather then hyping the art. No offense to Turner, but there is always so much focus put on the character's appearance that sometimes the tale being told doesn't mesh because it isn't the priority. Aspen is a character whose story deserves top billing.

Her first adventures were published by Top Cow. The series lasted around 14 issues and then Turner took his creation and started his own company. Her adventures there have totaled three issues so far, and I am anxiously awaiting the fourth as things are really getting interesting.

If you haven't gotten past the art or the sexy appearance of Aspen, now is your chance to reevaluate the character on her back story. Take the time and see if you come up with a new appreciation.

Aspen deserves a spot on my list for future payoff. I am crossing my fingers that her company thinks so too. After all, she is their namesake.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Up and Coming Females #6: Zephyr Noble

Noble Causes 13
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In Noble Causes, Zephyr Noble has been through the ringer. She was a slutty, irresponsible girl who got pregnant by her brother's best friend's dad, for God's sake! Zephyr survived the birth, but thinks she has lost her baby, forcing her to retreat into the shadows and grow up. In the most recent issue, Zephyr is showing signs of becoming the kind of female character that I would name an up and comer!

Zephyr is one of a high profiled, super powered family. Her father is a genius inventor and her mother has elemental powers. Her brother Rusty was critically injured and maintains a robotic body, while his ex-wife Celeste fooled around with bad half brother Frost. Celeste is currently in a woman to woman relationship that is still top secret and could cause problems down the road. The only seemingly normal sibling is Race, who married a "regular" wife, Liz Donnelly.

Noble Causes is a fun, gossipy comic book. It recalls the old school soap operas, like Dynasty and Dallas. Creator Jay Faerber is at the top of his game on this book, as you can tell he loves the characters.

I have to vote for Zephyr as #6 on my list for no other reason then her sheer potential. She is turning from a cookie cutter shrew into a three dimensional character with feelings and a sense of maturity. Two thumbs up!

New Comics for November 16

All Star Superman 1
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Hey there! It's another Monday and I lived to tell the tale! I hope you all had a good day, and are ready to go through the list of this week's comics I am picking up!

Here we go!

All Star Superman #1
Birds of Prey #88
Fables #43
Green Arrow #56
Hellblazer #214
Manhunter #16
Supergirl #3
Top Ten Beyond The Farthest Precinct #4 (of 5)
Wonder Woman Mini Statue!!
PVP #20- check out #9 up and coming female Jade Fontaine!!
Fantastic Four #532
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20
Mutopia #5 (of 5)
Runaways #10
Thing #1
X-Men #177- the carnage from House of M continues!

Take care all! I will try and keep up my list of females and not get behind as well!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Up and Coming Females #7: Atom Eve

Atom Eve
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One of the saddest moments of the great Image series Invincible isn't when the title character and his dad have a throw down, even though it does rank. It isn't even when Mark has to clean up after his mom in her grief. One of the saddest moments for me is when Atom Eve decided to quit the super hero business and do missionary work. Say it isn't so, Robert Kirkman.

Atom Eve is one of those female characters who resonates right away. Eve is a down to earth girl who welcomes Mark as Invincible when he makes his heroic debut. When he finds that she attends his school, they further build an actual freaking friendship. Since both have other romantic interests, the readers get to know Eve as the uneasy heroine who is so spectacular, but so ill at ease in her own skin. When her boyfriend cheats on her, our hearts break right there with her.

I know that Invincible is in the middle of another series changing story arc, so it may be awhile before Kirkman gets back to Eve, but my hope is that he does. Atom Eve is a great character who has been sorely underused as of late. I would even push so far as to see a mini-series for this great female.

Atom Eve is a character with oodles of potential. Let's hope that we can learn more about her then the brief origin story that was told in issue #25.

You heard it hear loudly and proudly: Bring back Atom Eve!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Up and Coming Females #8: New Retro Girl (Calista)

Calista, the little girl who captivated readers in the first Powers story arc "Who Killed Retro Girl", has become a super hero herself. Due to some bizarre kind of reincarnation, Calista now has powers and skills similar to the original Retro Girl. Though it concerns Detective Christian Walker, who has taken on a father/protector type of role, Calista is determined to bring Retro Girl to life through her abilities.

Powers is an interesting comic book. In it's origins is the fact that there are several heroes who are immortal and have lived throughout the ages. Some have retained their memories throughout time, and others have had their memories fade as time goes by. Christian is one such individual. He can remember his life for a couple of normal lifetimes, but can remember no further back.

With Calista, she was a normal 9 year old who has grown into a 14 year old with powers like those of Retro Girl. Because super heroes are not allowed in current society, she faces a challenge like no other. Her instincts are good, but her maturity is not up to par with where Christian wants it to be. She also has foggy memories of how to use her gifts, but not a specific cue. For cute little smart ass Calista, life has become very confusing. She is being as courageous as possible and trying to be the best hero she can be.

I would like to see creator Brian Michael Bendis put the spotlight on Calista in an upcoming story arc in Powers. I think there is a great deal of untapped potential that could take her very far and make her as popular a character as Christian or Detective Deena Pilgrim. It does remain to be seen.

Unfortunately, my scanner is on the fritz and I couldn't find a good picture of Calista as Retro Girl on the internet. If you get a chance, take a look at issues 1, 2, or 3 of Volume two of Powers that is being published by Marvel and you will see what I mean.

Calista definitely gets my vote as an up and comer simply for the potential she has to be such a great character.

Up and Coming Females #9: Jade Fontaine

Jade Fontaine
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PVP is one of the funniest up and coming comic books out there, so it is only fitting that Jade Fontaine, the lead female character be included in my up and coming females list.

The female staffer amongst a group of males, Jade is a writer for PVP, a gaming magazine. She is the ultimate girl geek, hopelessly hot but into gaming as much as any hardcore guy. Dubiously, she dates Brent Sienna, one of her fellow employees.

Creator Scott Kurtz brings a great sense of humor amongst realistic situations. His portrayal of Jade is both flattering and true. I especially like that Jade's reactions mirror mine many times. She is given a persona that female readers can relate to and empathise with.

I see great things ahead for Jade. She is one of the female characters to watch. If you haven't checked out PVP yet, give it a look. Amongst the RPG's and newest video game releases there is a sense of humanity. Kurtz has nailed it, and his way with the readers only serves to enhance my opinion of the book.

Jade definitely is a character to watch.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Up and Coming Females #10: Toybox from Top 10

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From the mind of Alan Moore and his ABC Comics imprint is one of the most compelling new characters around. Her name is Robyn Slinger, but she is also known as Toybox. A second generation hero, she has taken her father's army of mechanical toys and is now a member of the city's police department squad "Top Ten".

Robyn has the dubious honor of being a friend and former partner to Smax, the department's grouch. Robyn accompanied Smax to his home planet and discovered the truth behind his oddness and distant behavior in the "Smax" Mini-seres. Robyn also gained experience and confidence in herself during this time.

Robyn has gotten to know her fellow team members and doesn't seem to carry any beefs. She is professional and mature beyond her years. In the first Top Ten maxi-series, Robyn proved her prowess with her army of toys and common sense approach to the strangest of events. Of all the characters in the Top Ten world, Robyn stands out and brings a common thread to the reader because of her inherent normalcy. She also deals with her father's alzheimers, and cares for him when she gets home at night.

In the current Top Ten mini-series "Beyond the Farthest Precinct", Robyn has a boyfriend that we don't know much about, and she isn't partnered with Smax anymore. Robyn also brought her father to the Top Ten picnic, and seems more comfortable with his illness. What the rest of the mini stands to bring to the Toybox character, I can only guess, but can hardly wait to find out.

If you had been curious about Top Ten but hadn't picked it up, grab the trade if you have a chance. Alan Moore and original artist Gene Ha bring a vivid picture of the fantastic, mixing the mundane with the extraordinary. Toybox is a great character, and I hope that the current creative team maintains her "every woman" essence while continuing her growth.

For her grace under pressure and outstanding sense of edgy fashion, Robyn Slinger is my #10 Up and Comer!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

How Pretentious Should Blogging Be?

Sitting at my desk today during lunch, I took a spin around the blogosphere to see what the latest thoughts were. I was struck that one of my fellow bloggers felt the need to comment on the low quality of reviews and musings done by other blogs. My first thought was this: since when is blogging being judged on quality of content? In my opinion, a blog was a place a person could be free to express their thoughts and opinions in any way they damn well feel like it. This isn’t a contest or a profession. To most bloggers, I believe it is a labor of love- nothing less and nothing more.

As someone who has done reviews for a “comic book review site”, I do realize that there is a difference between composition and free flow. When I have prepared my reviews for the review site, I have gone more in depth and made sure to comment on the book’s creators. Here at my blog I sometimes do prior composition on Word, but other times I just want to point out a cool book. I hope I am not judged on my wording and superior grasp of the English language. I always just assumed that as fellow comic bloggers we are trying to give a heads up, not impress the crap out of each other with our grammar.

Enough of that rant. What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Infinite Crisis #2 Arrives In Stores Tomorrow!

Infinite Crisis 2
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Issue #2 of Infinite Crisis is finally here, and with it some insight into the last page of issue one and the origins of Power Girl. Also on tap is war on Paradise Island and more Donna Troy. I can hardly wait!

On a personal note, today is the first anniversary of Jim's blog, The Comic Asylum, so if you get a chance, go over and check it out!

Not as much bad news today, as the biggest event was my assistant resigning. I am sad about this because it makes me stressed about who will handle my work during my surgery, but there isn't much I can do but role with the punches!

Take care and have a great evening! I am going to sit in front of the television tonight and rot my brain watching "The Biggest Loser", "My Name is Earl", and "The Office". It won't solve my problems, but it will give me some escape!

I really do promise I am trying to get back on track and do my up and coming female character list before the week is out!

Monday, November 07, 2005

New Comics for November 7

Hawkman 46
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You know that old saying "if it wasn't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all?". Jim and I are having it in spades. Not to go into details, we are waiting for something good to happen, because we are dreadfully sick of bad news.

The positive is that there are new comics coming out this week. Here is a sampling of what I am planning to pick up.

100 Bullets #66
Aquaman #36
Gotham Central #37
Hawkman #46 (pictured at right)
Infinite Crisis #2 (of 7)
JLA #122
Nightwing #114
Teen Titans #29
Y The Last Man #39
Exiles #72
Fantastic Four Wedding Special
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2
Ghost Rider #3 (of 6)
Marvel Knights 4 #24
New Excalbur #1
Pulse #12

Taking a hit this week due to financial constraints is:

Action Comics #833
Majestic #11
Vice #2
Cable Deadpool #22
Incredible Hulk #88
New Thunderbolts #15

That's the breaks!!

Have a great week!! Take care!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hot Book of the Week: Seven Soldiers Bulleteer #1

Seven Soldiers Bulleteer 1
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Grant Morrison hits it out of the park once again as the ambitious Seven Soldiers project takes aim at a fresh take on a classic character. Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1 is intriguing- it is a mystery wrapped in a noir blanket. What is even more ironic is that of all the Seven Soldiers mini-series, I had the lowest expectations for a book that has captured my attention in a big way.

If you haven't been following Morrison's epic event, don't worry about trying to catch up. Bulleteer stands on it's own, as Morrison and DC promised at the beginning of this project.

Personally, I have bought and read each issue of the Seven Soldiers saga with mixed emotions. My favorite has been the Shining Knight mini-series, while Guardian left me a bit cold. Klarion The Witch Boy just ended, and I loved Morrison's take on him. Disapointingly, the Zatanna mini is running seriously late, so it has lost a great deal of luster in my eyes.

At any rate, if you have a spare $2.99, go out and grab a copy of Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1. It is definitely the book of the week for me.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Big Payoff??

House of M 8
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Today House of M #8 came out, and in it, many things in the Marvel Universe are radically different. What remains to be seen in if the changes will be lasting, or if some other event will come in and rip this new reality to hell. Only time will tell, but the odds aren't on it.

In the Meeley house reality, so many things have happened in the last two weeks that it feels like we are living out a movie. Twists and turns galore, I want my boring existence back!!

Thank you for all the great comments, by the way. I have been piss poor at responding for reasons beyond my control, but am trying to claw my way back as we speak.

Take care and have a lovely evening!