Saturday, March 19, 2011

So That's Why There Was a Redesign...

When the Wonder Woman comic book series turned 600 and Diana got a new costume, I turned to Jim and told him that it must be because of a movie or television show. He agreed, we both got a giggle, and forgot about it. Yesterday, photos surfaced of actress Adrianne Palicki dressed in the new version with a few twists.

Yet again, the internet goes wild with controversy. LOL.
I am the first to admit that because of my age, I am prone to always think of Lynda Carter as "my" Wonder Woman. That being said, I am going to give the television series a chance. I want to support the character and see where the show goes.
I am not thrilled with how shiny and powder blue colored the pants are, and I am praying her sense of Wonder Gravity keeps her bosom in check. I also want to know where the jacket is. The boots have heels and the top doesn't have the straps that the comic book character has, but otherwise it pretty much looks like Jim Lee's sketch.
Now given validation that my offhand comment about the costume was on the money, I am fascinated to see how much of this series takes cues from the comic book versus using creative license not seen in the printed material.
Much like the rest of the geek world, I will be watching and waiting. :)
(Thanks to for the picture grab.)


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

from the second i saw the first production photos of this show i was all but sure it was doomed.
however, at least we still have the lovely Amanda Waller. Heidi, it seems you were a reader of Checkmate for a while but how about the Suicide Squad?

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