Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Liefeld on Titans?

Wizard #164 reports that Rob Liefeld is drawing two issues of Teen Titans. I am so completely horrified and angered by this that I am seeing red. My first impulse is to not buy those issues, but part of my anal retentive personality screams for completeness in my run.

Why am I so fired up? I think that Liefeld is a big part of some of the problems we have in the industry today. He can't keep a schedule and NEVER finishes what he starts. He was one of the original "Make Cash Fast" dicks that made all those early 1990's comics so valuable... what do you mean it's only worth 10 cents, Mr. Retailer?

Don't even get me started on his craptastic art.

Normally I am a very positive person, and try to make light of things, but this news has me fuming. When are we going to decide that the tenth time we take it up the ass is enough? Hire someone who's hungry and wants to work, not a proven non-starter!

That's my take on it, sorry if you don't agree. Thank God for the Constitution!


Carl said...

OMG! I was drinking my drink with lunch and about choked reading this! Ha ha! Should have had a warning, "DO NOT READ WHILE EATING OR DRINKING!!!" As much as I hate the loathsome toad Lie-feld and can't believe DC would turn over one of it's best books to person whose picture is in the dictionary behind the word 'hack'. But your comments were pure angry justified comic fan gold! Why, why are they doing this?! Did he get pictures of DC/Marvel/Image folks/etc. with sheep or in drag or something? It's just stunning, it's like this guy is universally loathed by everyone I know from coast to coast, yet, he still keeps getting work! I guess film has Woody Allen, comics has the odious no-talent Lie-feld. Hmmmm, I wonder if some of the TT characters will suddenly have padded helmets, giant blasters and can fire 3 or more arrows from a bow?

Heidi Meeley said...

Sorry about the choking fit! I was so mad when I read about Liefeld that I almost screamed! I decided to channel my anger into a healthy place by sharing it!

I agree, why do they keep giving him work? It has to be the dirty pics!!

I expect to see Superboy and Robin in full armor!