Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sin City

Friday night Jim and I went to see Sin City. We absolutely loved it. I don't know how much of it was crowd reaction and how much was my joy at seeing it work out so gorgeously on screen, but it was a revelation.

The crowd went crazy for Marv, played amazingly by Mickey Rourke. The sequences with him were incredible, and Frank Miller's dialogue worked well. The men in the audience all gasped when Lucille, played by Carla Gugino, came on screen. She did the nudity required as done exactly by Miller, and I could feel the men falling in love.

I would like to wait a few weeks and go see it again. It was worth every penny!

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Carl said...

I have seen twice already. 2 times in like 12 or so hours. Thought about going a 3rd time but both times got out so late, my head would be throbbing by the time I got home (usually around 3am). Here's my review I posted at Templeton Gate and my Maninblack44 xanga site:

Sin City (2005) (Spoiler warning)

Sin City is a series of comics and graphic novels that are Frank Miller's version of the bleak and grim world of film noir, pulp fiction and hardboiled crime stories. Filled with damaged and burnt-out heroes and over-the-top cruel villains, power-mad sickos and serial killers. This world is based in Basin City, USA, a fusion of cities, New York, L.A., Chicago, Las Vegas; any place that shows a glittery side with a hidden hard underbelly. It's know as "thetown without pity".
The movie adapts 3 of the Sin City stories, "The Hard Goodbye", "That Yellow Bastard" and "The Big, Fat Kill". The film's narration moves
between two of the stories but for the most part, follows the stories (save for "That Yellow Bastard") from beginning to end. And this has to be the best adaptations I have ever seen, the scenes are blocked right out of the comic pages and the lines are directly from the original text. It is indeed the comic brought to life.
The movie begins with a seemingly romantic scene that ends with a jolt. Then moves into "That Yellow Bastard", Detective Haritgan (Bruce Willis), who of course, is on his last day of before retirement, makes the mistake of rescuing a little girl from a serial killer. The killer is connected and Haritgan's
life is over, ruined and he is jailed. Years later, he is released and the story of vengeance is continued. Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Nich Stahl and Powers Boothe are outstanding, making the comic pages flesh in black and white with splashes of color.
Then, into my favorite Sin City, "The Hard Goodbye". Marv's tale of lost love and revenge. Marv is a damaged, seemingly indestructible street fighter on parole and low on his meds. He meets Goldie, a breathtakingly beautiful blonde, by the morning is dead in his bed. The police arrive without warning with a tac-squad and Marv's hard trail of finding out the truth and vengeance begins. Later on he says, "I been killing my way to the truth," and man is that
true! Marv blazes a trail from the dirty and gritty alleys of Old Town to the men that actually control Basin City and rule like kings or gods. As he tells
Wendy (Goldie's twin sister), "I fixed 'em, I fixed 'em good Goldie". Marv is played by Mickey Rourke and he is Marv 100 percent. Elijah Wood is the
simply eerie and uber-creepy Kevin, Frank Miller himself plays an evil priest and Rutger Hauer is Cardinal Roark, sickening evil incarnate.
Finally, the last arc, "The Big, Fat Kill" the second story with dark hero, Dwight (Clive Owen). The first (that hopefully will be made some day) was "A Dame To Kill For". The story is Dwight vs. a bunch of toughs lead by his new girlfriend's ex, Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro) Dwight, in a very memorable scene, runs Jackie Boy and his thugs off. He follows them to Old Town where they are looking for trouble, to hurt or kill someone.
They of course find it, since the girls of Old Town, in Dwight's words: "If you have the money and treat them right, they'll make your night heaven."
The other side of the coin is if you don't, they will kill you. And Jackie and his boys make the cut, the final one. And the shocker? They were cops.
The truce between the cops and Old Town is broken, unless this is covered up, war will begin. Well, Dwight and the Old Town Girls have a wild
night and final showdown is over-the-top; the last word in street justice.
Welp, if this is your first trip to Sin City, I hope it is not your last. A perfect adaptation and the best movie I can remember seeing in ages. And almost all the books are out in graphic novels available at reasonable prices. A perfect 10 and I will see this movie many times before its gone.
That's it. Oh yes, some of the guys and I will be in costume for the next Tampa Comic Con on April 17th. I, of course, will be Marv with my beloved Gladys. Will take many, many pictures and Scott (the owner of Read More Comics) is submitting the pictures to Wizard he says. Welp, that's it for now, later on...