Monday, January 29, 2007

New Comics for January 31

Snakewoman 7
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It's a new week already! It seems that as my life has been stressful lately, time is going so quickly that I don't feel like I can manage it. We made a quick trip out of town Saturday, so yesterday was a panic, and now today seems like it should still be the weekend. Oh well- it was for a fun cause!

My comic list doesn't seem to be getting smaller, so I figured I would add a "drop" list to try and keep track of my purchases. Here is my first try.

Picking up:
52 Week 39
American Virgin #11
Blue Beetle #11
Deathblow #3
Ex Machina #26
Hawkgirl #6 - on the chopping block
Ion #10 (of 12) - almost over!
JSA Classified #22 - on the chopping block
Teen Titans #43- on the chopping block
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #7 (of 8) - almost over!
Hunter Killer #11 - on the chopping block
Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures #4 (of 12)
Black Panther #24
Daredevil #93
X-Men #195
Devi #7
Snakewoman #7 - Cover Pictured!
Strangers in Paradise #87

JLA Classified #33
Jack of Fables #7
Ultimate Fantastic Four #38

Yikes. I really didn't want to drop Jack of Fables, but it was a great stopping point. I don't like the direction Ultimate Fantastic Four is going, so that was an easy drop. JLA Classified really underwhelmed me last issue, so that has to go as well.

As you can see, there are a few other books on the chopping block depending on how I feel after reading this issue. It sucks to have to do this, but there is no other choice. It is either quit reading comics all together or cut back.

On that note, have a great week and a wonderful night!


Anonymous said...

I've recently dropped a bunch of titles, and I've found that doing that has had a "force multiplier" effect. What I mean by that is, when I cut down on the number of titles, and I'm faced with going into the comic shop to pick up one medicre book that's still hanging by a fingernail...guess what? Right....that title falls by the wayside as well.

Not that I'm sad about that. Far from fact, I've been pushing more money into back issue purchases on eBay, and filling in parts of my collection that truly bring me joy....unlike so many of the overpriced and shiny "empty calories" on the stands lately.

John Holland said...

I dropped Strangers In Paradise awhile back. I used to really like it and than one day I didn't. I kept on for awhile, but never really got back into it.

Carl said...

I know this is blasphemy and don't let your dealers/artists/writers that are friends hear this butttttttt....

When I can't afford to keep up with a title and it's one that's not in danger of disappearing (like Superman, Batman or Spider-Man) you can sometimes find them.... in collections in the....
library. There, I've said it. Not everything is there, but a surprising amount of graphic novels and collections are in the library. You can access our system online and when you put in graphic novel for a search, it comes up with over 2000 titles. I've checked out everything from Marvel Essential collections to an Invincible set that had just been published at the time. Yeah, I know loads of people will scream at this idea but if you start a series and it's story arc ends at say, issue 12 and you quit it at issue 7, you can finish that story without it costing a dime. Matter of fact, you have a right to this book since your taxes make these books available. Hell, some of the branches actually have the individual issues just sitting there with the graphic novels. And how times have changed, I remember as a kid having to smuggle my comics into any library, school or public 'cause the librarians and teachers thought that comics were the lowest form of reading somehow. And now, thanks to our public schools, we have a population of yout's that barely read at all and if they do, it's comics! HA! I guess they showed us how bad comics were and now we have "The Great Functionally Illiterate Society"...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm constantly getting graphic novels from the library. In fact, I've read the whole runs of Y: The Last Man, Fables, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Top 10 and Invincible using the library system (it helps to have an internet reserve system...makes it easy as pie. Mmmm. Pie.)

Chris Arndt said...

I cannot believe Ultimate Fantastic Four has lasted more than three years.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, that is a good way to do it. I am hoping that in the near future, I am able to do better on my purchases. I love supporting my local retailer, but I know they would be happier to keep me smaller and keep me long term then to see me not be able to buy what I order.

As for back issues- I have reached a really odd point in my collecting where there is NOTHING I am looking for other then old Wonder Woman and Justice League issues that I can't afford. I confounds me, but I have no desire to check the back issue bins right now. Odd.

Thank you for the tip!

Heidi Meeley said...

John, I am pretty much in that boat. I have lost a lot of my love for SIP. I don't know exactly what it is, but my heart isn't in it anymore. I have been getting the last few issues to have them all.


I loved SIP for so long, that it is really depressing to feel so numb.

Oh well, I still have my 100 Bullets!

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, I had never thought of that. It sounds like both you and Mark make good use of your local libraries.

Embarassingly, I have never been in our local library. Jim and I talk about it, and then we flake out. That is a wonderful idea!

Heidi Meeley said...

Chris, after reading the last few issues, neither can I. I am relieved to be dropping it!!