Sunday, January 28, 2007

Press Release: Blue Water Productions Moves to Atomic Pop ArtEntertainment

Tenth Muse
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For those of you who have been fans of Tenth Muse throughout her ventures to a couple of different comic book companies, great news is afoot. Blue Water Productions has found a new home at Atomic Pop Art Entertainment.

The press release reads as follows:

New Publishers Pairs with Production Studio to Keep the Awesome Coming!

Fort Smith, AR – January 26, 2007 – BlueWater Productions—the company behind such smash hits as 10th MUSE, VSS, and THE LEGEND OF ISIS—announced today that it has reached an agreement with Atomic Pop Art Entertainment to publish a series of fan-favorite graphic novels throughout 2007.

"This new arrangement will allow Atomic Pop Art to bring back some of our best work from our past with Image Comics and Alias Comics," said BlueWater Productions president and managing editor, Darren G. Davis. “APA couldn’t be happier with our graphic novel arrangement with Darren,” says APA publisher Shon C. Bury. “BlueWater books have very loyal fans—and we’re eager to get them fresh collections of all their favorites like 10th Muse, Legend of Isis, and Judo Girl.”

2007 GRAPHIC NOVELS FROM APA AND BLUEWATER (tentative release dates):

• 10th Muse Vol. #1: God War
Release: May 2007

• 10th Muse: Crossovers
Release: July 2007

• The Legend of Isis : Dogs of War
Release: July 2007

• Judo Girl: Vol 1
Release: August 2007

• 10th Muse: Vol #2
Release: August 2007

• 10th Muse: Vol #3
Release: September 2007

The future of POP has arrived!

Comic Shop Locator Service: 1.888.COMIC.BOOK"

Interesting stuff, huh?


Lisa said...

That is good news - as long as this publisher can get them out. The previous publisher was HORRIBLE at getting these on our shelves.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I agree. I dropped Tenth Muse last time because the book didn't ship regularly, and I wasn't impressed with the last publisher. I am hoping that Atomic Pop does better!

Shon_C_Bury said...


APA is going to be releasing all the previous 10th Muse books into 7 volumes of trades, w/ 1 trade focusing solely on all the Muse x-overs and 1 trade (the last volume) featuring all the "lost" issues not published through Alias.

Should be a great way to put all your 10th Muse-y goodness in one place.



Heidi Meeley said...

Shon, thank you for that information! It sounds like it is going to simplify becoming reacquainted with the character a great deal. This is very exciting news!

Shon_C_Bury said...

Yeah, it should be an easy way to get your 10th Muse on. The first vol ships in May, we skip June (June we're publishing Phantom Jack and my own Nox in what we must call Everyman Month), July we're back w/ all the 10th Muse x-overs (Shi, Ezra, Savage Dragon, et al), then we're back to the serialized books in Aug and beyond. 7 volumes in all.

That's a lot of bookshelf space dedicated to 10th Muse.

Oh, and YEAH...all new covers.


Heidi Meeley said...

Shon, you had me at "all new covers". :-)

That is wonderful news!