Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blast From The Past: the Supersons!

When I first started collecting comics back in 1973 to 1974, I was really into the "100 page spectaculars" which were my entry into reading. One of the first books I picked up was an issue of Worlds Finest that featured the "supersons". The whole concept there was that Batman and Superman would watch "missions" of possible future sons and ponder what might be. Groovy, huh?

Indeed it was groovy as the supersons were certified hotties with the 1970's style hair complete with sideburns. Did I also mention that the boys were a bit horny? As an eight year old, much of that escaped me, but today when I read the back issues, it makes me laugh. God, those were innocent times. Beside that TMI tidbit, what really fascinated me was being able to see the legacy continue and watching the sons grow and learn as they went through missions together.

One thing I loved pondering was who their mom(s) could be. I always secretly hoped that Selina Kyle was Batman Junior's mom while wishing that Lois was Superman Junior's mother. I would also consider that Wonder Woman could be the mother of either as both boys had black hair. The fantasy aspect of it all really increased my curiosity.

What made me bring this whole thing up is that there is a new collection coming out this week called "Batman/Superman: Saga of the Supersons".I have most of the back issues somewhere in my basement, but the opportunity to pick them up in one collection fills me with joy. Further increasing my wonderment is the fact that Dick Dillin, who is one of my favorite artists of all time, pencilled many of the adventures. How the heck he did this and kept up on Justice League of America monthly is one of the things that makes me appreciate him that much more.

Here are the specs on it:

"Written by Bob Haney; Art by Dick Dillin, Murphy Anderson, Vince Colletta and others; Cover by Nick Cardy

For the first time, the complete saga of the Super Sons is collected in one volume! Features stories from the pages of WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #215-216, 221-222, 224, 228, 230, 231, 233, 238, 242, 263 and ELSEWORLDS 80-PAGE GIANT #1!

DC Universe 256pg. Color Softcover $19.99 US"

If you are a fan of the old school World's Finest comics and have an appreciation for the work of the gentlemen listed above, this is a "must have". I would also like to point out that the boys are quite cute, so it is an equal opportunity for the ladies to have some beefcake. Since Christmas is coming up, why not pick this up as a present for the Superman and Batman fans in your family?


Vaklam said...

Well, I know what I'm picking up. Those 100-pagers were my first comics, too. Along with those really big ones. DC had some wacky formats in the '70s.

Anonymous said...

1973 or 74? Hey, that's about the same time I started collecting comics! We must be close to the same age!

Yeah, I'm a big fan of those cheesy Bob Haney stories. The guy was a master of the surreal (whether he was aware of how surreal he was or not). I've got a couple of the original issues of the Super-Sons series, and they're a ball.

Carl said...

Welp, I've got a few years on you, but of course, none of my earliest books (unless I went back and bought them again) survived. But I really liked those WF books, first, the Robin/Jimmy Olsen team-ups (where they seemed to be killed every issue) and then "The Supersons", which since I didn't see the first few issues, I wondered, where the hell they came from and of course, 'future' stories or part of the Imaginary Tales DC would do now and again. And it also drove me nuts that they would never say who was the moms either. I will have to pick this collection up, this really makes me miss the lost era of the DCU...

Unknown said...

Gotta love that zany-Haney-verse!

I owned a couple of those World's Finest 100 Page Super-Spectaculars myself, and I do have memories of Superman and Batman Jr., although I was also around 8 at the time and missed the "horniness". Those stories weren't bad, at least not at that age. No idea how they'll hold up, but it's Haney, so if nothing else it should be a fun ride.

Heidi Meeley said...

Vaklam- Good Man! Those 100 page comics still send a thrill through me as I remember how much impact they have had on me. Those books were the coolest thing ever!

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, that is so cool! I am 41 now and I was 7/8 when I started reading comics. My uncle brought a stack over and I fell in love! What started you?

Bob Haney is the master of awesome 1970's style tales. It just doesn't get groovier then that, you know? :-) I can't wait to see the Superson tales all in one book!

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, you love the same stuff that I am still to this day fascinated with! I love going to a con and picking up reader copies of old World's Finest issues. That book was just fantastic to me! I really miss that concept, but know that it can't be revived in the same fashion it was originally done in. The era is different, so it would be like trying to catch lightning in a bottle!

I can't wait to see this book!

Heidi Meeley said...

Randy, it sounds like you got a great deal of enjoyment out of those stories, just like I did! Those old World's Finest are the best!

I didn't realize how randy the Supersons were at the time, but when I check out the stories now, I realize that they were definitely single and ready to mingle. It really cracks me up!!

Anonymous said...

"Mark, that is so cool! I am 41 now and I was 7/8 when I started reading comics. My uncle brought a stack over and I fell in love! What started you?"

A neighbor of mine got huge boxes of comics from (I think) a cousin of theirs, and that's all she wrote. I was hopelessly hooked from that point on. Of course, the comics and my Grandma's house were the initial hook, but that Avalanche of Awesome at my neighbor's house...THAT'S what got me.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, that sounds so awesome! It is one of those "tell your kids" stories. :-) Comics books are a treasure of discovery, to put it mildly!