Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Comics for December 28

Batman #672
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After a wonderful Christmas, I had a decent day back at work today. I wore the new festive jacket my mom gave me and worked to get caught up. I am really spoiled this week as tomorrow is my Friday. I won't go back to work until January 2. I can't wait!!

I am working on my "best" and "worst" lists and hope to have them presented here this weekend. It has been such a crazy year that it is hard to remember it all. I plan to comb my previous entries and surf the 'net a bit to bring it all back!

This week's comics are killer. It is a DC heavy week once again. Hopefully I won't cry when I see the bill!

Here is the list:

52 Aftermath the Four Horsemen #5 (of 6)
Action Comics #860
Authority Prime #3 (of 6)
Batman #672- pictured!
Blue Beetle #22
Brave and the Bold #9
Countdown Arena #4
Countdown to Adventure #5 (of 8)
Countdown #18
Crime Bible The Five Lessons of Blood #3 (of 5)
Death of the New Gods #4 (of 8)
Flash #235
Green Lantern #26
JSA Classified #33
Legion of Super Heroes #37- to check out Jim Shooter's work
Teen Titans #54
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #4 (of 8)
Witchblade #112
Avengers Initiative #8
Black Panther #33
Captain America #33
Daredevil #103
New Warriors #7
Punisher #53
Ultimate Spider-Man #117
X-Men #206
Dan Dare #2 (of 7)
Devi #16

That is it... except the list is so large that it seems like a misnomer to say that. Thank God for Christmas money!

Have a wonderful rest of the week! Check back for my lists- hopefully it will be both informative and entertaining.


Swinebread said...

woah, that is a big list

Carl said...

Hmmmm, welp, it was a weird day back at TRU. I had gotten so used to being used and abused by the management, the other employees and especially the customers, it was like being back on the battlefield, but the war was all but over. Yep, there was the "day after" sales but that was this morning and everything from that was almost gone. And the night crew had apparently done some good restocking 'cause last year at this time, the store looked like it had been looted with barely any product on the shelves. It really felt weird, the place not crowded to fire code stretching and down to half the staff we usually have. Guess the big season layoffs are here. Oh well, most of the people I knew quit back in Sept. and I didn't get to know much seasonal help.
Hmmmm, on the comics front, I haven't bought much, just some back issues of the new Metamorpho mini-series, JSA #11 and Buffy TVS #9. I have to say, I've stopped buying anything with any kind of 'buzz word' in the title like crisis, aftermath, civil war, countdown, special and of course, the most offensive word to me in comics right now: MARVEL...

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread, indeed it is. I am scared to go to the comic shop tomorrow!!

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, this is why I worship at your feet, my friend. I appreciate your commitment to boycott Marvel, even at the expense of Punisher books. I wish I had that kind of balls. Truly.

It sounds like the day after Christmas was rough. I am glad you made it through in one piece! Thank God that day only comes once a year, right?

Take care, Carl!