Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Comics for March 25

Holy Crap! It is new comic book day and I am just now posting about my comics for the week. What a slacker. LOL. Actually, once again work and family are taking priority over blogging, so my track record still sucks. Someday I hope to get my stress levels back to normal and get the blog back on a normal schedule. There are days I want to blog about something, but by the time I get home it is after 8 p.m. and I have to dash around and get stuff ready for the next day. My life is insane right now.

I have two new comics for this week, so I am pretty excited! They are:

Wonder Woman #30

Incredible Hercules #127 (pictured)

I am really excited about both of them! I also found out that my DCBS order shipped today, so that was icing on the cake. I will see the last month's books next Tuesday.

Comics I would get if I wasn't on such a tight budget are:

Justice League Of America #31- for mostly sentimental reasons.

Oracle #1 (of 3) - which I may still pick up off the rack.

Top 10 Special #1

Darkness #76- on the fence about this one.

Captain America #48- which I hope to afford again someday.

Daredevil #117- ditto.

On a side note, Jim is going for sure to be at the Emerald City Comicon next weekend. We are helping our friend Brian at the Hero Initiative booth, so please be sure to stop by and help out by purchasing some cool stuff. My presence there is up in the air because of family health concerns. I will keep you posted.

Have a wonderful evening! I hope to get a chance to tell you about my take on the new DVD release- Punisher War Zone. Awesome stuff!

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