Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Thoughts and Musings

I just read at Newsarama that The Boys: Herogasm will be starting in May. This should be good fun for fans of the core book. Aping the crossovers of the 1990's, Herogasm will show what occurs during and after big team ups of the Voight teams. I am looking forward to this and plan to hold a spot in my comic book pull list for it.

One thing I appreciate about the "Boys" saga is that I already know it is 60 issues and will have some random mini-series. As a reader, it helps me plan a little better financially, and tricks me into buying everything as I already know the series is finite. Anyone else planning to pick this up?

We haven't been to see Watchmen yet. I have been tired from running around working and working out, so we will probably wait another week. Part of my friends that have seen the movie report being disturbed by the naked blue guy. LOL. It is funny to me, as someone who has read the series many times, to hear about the movie from someone that has never done so. I can't tell if it is going to taint my perspective or not.

The fangirls are looking for new blood to run the site. I have to just stop here and remember trying to volunteer when the site first opened. I think that the folks that ran it then were looking for new ground and didn't need help. Now when the site is up for grabs, I just don't have time and interest. Ironic, huh? Much luck to the new team, whoever they may be.

I bought season two of Heroes on DVD. Borders had a 40% off coupon, so I decided to spend a tiny bit of tax refund and get both it and season two of The Tudors on DVD. I tried to pick up season one, and it was not there.

Hero Initiative outreach commercial here. I wholeheatedly support Hero Initiative, and think Jim McLauchlin has done a wonderful job running the show.

I hope you have a wonderful evening! I am tired from weeks of running so I plan to take more naps and sleep!

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