Thursday, April 09, 2009


Why is it that when I learned to type on high school I couldn't look at the keyboard because points were taken off but now I find I have to look to type on my iPhone?

I know in school it was not allowed because we were to look at the material we were typing in but I am forever messed up now. I never look at the keyboard when I type but now must do so to send messages.

No wonder I am so slow!


-- Post From My iPhone


Lisa said...

It's the teeny, tiny keyboard on the phone. Plus it's flat, not raised keys like a standard keyboard. I'm the same way with my Instinct phone.

Ragtime said...

I don't have an iPhone, but my typing has actually been sped up by following my high school guidelines.

Now, I don't look at the screen when I type -- so, of course, I make a lot of typos -- by the automatic correction feature on Word fixes 95% of them before I turn back to the screen, so I end up with fast and accurate typing by not looking at the screen.