Saturday, September 12, 2009

Marvel and DC Shake Things Up... Another Opinion

So Disney bought Marvel, huh? DC is now DC Entertainment and has a female chief? Interesting. Am I supposed to go into a cold sweat and panic now? That's just not going to happen.

God knows that sometimes things need a good shakeup. The fans and pundits have certainly said so numerous times. Here is the golden opportunity on a platter, right?

I work in animal health, and in the last 15 years there have been several shake ups and mergers. These changes affect the employees and some lose their jobs. It also makes things seem uncertain and gives the end user cause for pause. What inevitably happens is that the top sellers go along like clockwork while the slow selling products and antiquated thinkers take a hike.

For better or for worse.

These companies aren't always right. There are inevitably speed bumps. Some folks don't like the new status quo. It is always full of changes and adjustments. Getting used to having new management and ideas that aren't what fit with our own ideals can be the hardest part. Embracing change isn't easy.

That being said, do I think that comics will change? Not really. From everything I have read and seen, there is an awareness that people are in place that can handle the paper portion of the proceedings.

What fascinates me is the changes that will be visible to the non-comic book reader. Will we walk the aisles of our local stores and see even more merchandise? Will there be more presence on our smart phones? Will video games be a bigger factor? I say yes to all the above.

At this point as an old school fan, I want to embrace change and take the ride. I challenge the new powers involved in these endeavors to give me a reason to be excited and joyful. It would be a nice feeling.

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