Thursday, August 19, 2004

Back From Vegas!

Wow, five days in Vegas takes a lot out of a girl! I just finally am reading last week's comics, and got another big stack from yesterday I need to dig into! I can tell you what I will be doing this weekend- having bliss just reading and relaxing with Jim!

Vegas is a fun city, definitely 24 hours a day fun. We stayed at New York New York, which was quite nice. The first night we went to Coyote Ugly, where I realized that the chicks that work there put me to shame with their expert swearing! Man, between their hardcore dancing and belittling the men there, it damn near looks like a dream job. Those women have abs of steel!

Every night we went out somewhere after full days of meetings, but it was worth it, even with being tired this week. A special highlight was going to the Frontier Casino and making fun of the guys watching bikini bull riding at Gilleys. Too hilarious! Also, breakfast at the Monte Carlo, with four great friends was a hoot.

It is good to be home now, especially to have quality time with the hubby- him I missed! Unfortunately I have been short staffed at work this week, and it has made it tough to blog, or even recover from the booze and full schedule. Thank God tomorrow's Friday!!

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