Sunday, August 22, 2004

Image Title Round-up

Oh Happy Day! I just got my hands on some sweet new Image stuff, and I have had the time of my life reading this weekend. The following is a round up of both current and new titles I got a look at.

Invincible #14
Robert Kirkman’s jewel is my favorite work of his. The lead character Invicible is as human as they get, and lives up to the Spider-Man credo of great power and great responsibility. Recovering from the death of his father, and his mother’s bitterness, he is left to attend school as well as fight evil. The mess of his life makes for compelling reading.

Forsaken #1
This book gave me chills, it was so cool. Lead character Apollo Delk has obviously been through some bad stuff, and his latest endeavor takes him from the frying pan into the fire. Forsaken is a book that deserves good buzz- it is intense, edgy, and unforgiving.

Superpatriot: War On Terror #1
Kirkman’s writing this book too. Does the dude ever sleep? Superpatriot is an interesting title about a man that is more machine then organic, but who still has heart. Parts of it reminded me of the old Justice League America book, and the General Glory storyline.

Witchblade #78
Ian Edginton and Tony Daniel throw their two cents into the Witchblade well with the return of Tom Judge. I am glad to see some resolution on this character, and am cheering the fact that Ron Marz is coming on the title with issue 80 to restore order.

Sylvia Faust #1
Here is a new title by Jason Henderson and Greg Scott, with a great tale to tell. Sylvia Faust is a creepy, but cool new character, and I love Scott’s art. I especially am thrilled to see Leslie Ann Barkley’s colors give Scott the edge he need with some great colors.

Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort #1
Danny Byrd is back and in even deeper then last time. This time he is caught between neighboring resorts and the gangs who run them . There is sure to be carnage and mystery galore so strap yourselves in kiddies.

Bad Ideas
See title. They’re not kidding. Funny but extremely satirical. The villain’s name if Pussy Voodoo. Seriously.

Brit: Red, White, Black, & Blue
Written by Kirkman, the man who must never play video games. Brit is a bad ass to the end, and the way Captain America should be written.

Tales From the Bully Pulpit
Holy crap! It’s Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Edison, and they’re here to kick your ass. Throw in a surprise past president, and its mayhem all around. This book is the dark horse winner in my book. I read it three times and it still leaves me speechless.

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James Schee said...

I too like the Invincible series, I'll need to hunt up a trade of it at some point.