Monday, August 09, 2004

Viva Las Vegas

I have only had this blog a couple of weeks and I am already an infrequent poster. There is a legitimate reason to this- my company is traveling to Las Vegas for our 20th Year Anniversary celebration. In preparing for this big event, I have been furiously working on a 287,435 KB power point 20 year photo retrospective. Saturday a friend came over and we taught ourselves how to splice wav files and make them work semi-decently in the presentation. Whew, quite the cool thing to know!

Otherwise, it is prep time for go. My hubby is stuck at home while I am off to many hours of meetings and probably too many cocktails.

Sadly, I won't be home to see my new comics until late Sunday night :-( This is the one down side other then having to leave Jim at home.

Take care!

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